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  1. I bought two part worn Michelin cross climate cash and carry for the bora I had. They were like new, and about 1/2 the price of new from costco. My local garage fits them for a tenner each, A wanted 15 each for fitting, so the local lad got the job. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  2. I went past a wee local tyre place who advertise on gumtree, I've used them before. Is that the place on great northern road that advertises as A? If so that's where the last two tyres I bought came from. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  3. That's good. Had it been not lowered and a higher driver seat I would have kept it. It would be great for my work. It feels far more airy and roomy than modern due to the large glass area and slim window pillars. That's progress I suppose, safety regulations to me means thicker window pillars which cuts down visibility, so aas far as I'm concerned are a double edged sword. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  4. Its possibly because I didn't really drive it much in the last month or so as it was on loan, but I didn't notice anything up with the driveshaft, either clonking or jerking. I hope that's all it needs, the car is basically sound and should be good for a good few miles yet. I'm very tempted to bid on the black princess on ebay now! I've even gone as far as checking flights to get it, and at today's prices I can get to Heathrow for £39! Very tempting, but I have an operation the get next month, and a 42 year old Princess would disintegrate in a winter up here living outside 400 yards from the
  5. That's lovely. Could be a fly drive, it's not far from Heathrow. I passed my driving test in a princess and love them. And have a space now the rover has gone. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  6. I was away to say I dont have an autoshite car any more, but then remembered the 205! I need to try harder to get a man who will weld it up. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  7. If I knew where you are at I could wave instead. Or I could just wave the length of the A90! Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  8. Well the new arrival above did not last long. It was the merc a class which worked its gearbox within two weeks of buying and arnold Clark gave me 600 quid for even though it did not meet their conditions of buyage. The fenlander will be leaving my custody on Saturday. I have made an executive decision to stop buying, running and selling elderly cars, I'm just not getting the fun out of it now because I am not able to do much fixing of them due to my health and it costs too much paying others to do the work. The pug 107 on my drive at the moment needs a clutch, it belongs to my sometimes erran
  9. Nothing better than a red car that is properly red with the black bits properly black. Lovely. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  10. Although the getting more than it was worth from Arnie was good, the best bit about this was the not having to put up with the hassle of selling a car with a borked gearbox for a few hundred quid. I got my money back from the car I bought to do my work with which turned out to be a bucket of shit. It's a lucky escape for me, leaving with my fingertips intact. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  11. I only bought the merc 6 weeks ago for £600 then the gearbox started playing up two weeks ago. I was surprised they did it to be honest lol That will probably be the young salesman getting a kick on the arse when the manager next sees him! Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  12. It was only going to be scrapped for £120. The guy at arnold Clark did take a quick spin in it, but it was always ok for about 5 minutes after starting it when it had sat an hour or so. Theres a retail park right across the road from the branch so I had a look around it for a while before crossing the road. Plus I had admitted that the eml was on intermittently. This seems like a great way to get rid of basically scrappers that are still road legal Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  13. I had in my possession a 56 plate merc a160cdi auto with a knackered gearbox but still 6 months MOT. It was worth basically scrap money, which here is only about £100 to £120. It was still driving but making noises and dropping into limp home mode with transmission fault visit workshop displayed on the dash. It was ok for about 5 minutes when started before it went limp home. I saw an advert on Faceache for Arnold Clark saying they would buy any car, email for a quote then use +500 and you get £500 added to the price. I filled in the form, being honest about it dropping into limp home and the
  14. The 1.6 auto came on steelies with 155/80x13on it which were soon replaced with genuine gti alloys shod in new falken 185/60x14. When I sold it the buyer didn't want the alloys and tyres so the original steelies went on. I drove it 45 miles to Aberdeen to deliver it to him. The first poor corner I came to I went into at the speed I always used on it with no problems and the car promptly lost grip and I was lucky to keep it on the road! Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  15. I have had 3 x 205s. The first was a basic 1100 5 door. It was a rusty end of life heap, bought for £100, with a few months mot, I got it welded and through an mot, ran it for a while then sold it for £250. It was a fun car to drive, lovely handling, but not the best roadholding on narrow 145 section tyres so immense fun at low speeds. I do not have pics of it. Then the son and I bought the 1.6gti. This is the one that went for welding then was lost for years and found a month ago. First 2 pics of it is from the ad we bought it from, next 2 pics are of as it sits at the moment, I havent manag
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