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  1. Bora is now got a MOT and 12 months tax, ready to resume delivery work. For its MOT it had discs and pads all round, lower balljoint front left, track rod end front right, rear axle bush right, small hole in right sill patched, rear numberplate screwed on, two used tyres on the front. The tyres are a temporary fix, it's two 15" wheels I had on a skoda fabia that were lying in my lockup. They have falken tyres one size narrower as well as 15" instead of 16", but will do for now until I save up for two new tyres. I will need to wait and see what the hilux costs for MOT repairs before I buy tyre
  2. The bora is now ready for its retest, which should be tomorrow. The garage that is trying to get the power steering pipes for the hilux did the garage bits and I had a set of alloys with two decent tyres so they went on. The garage is going to see if the local shipyard can make up hydraulic pipes that can be used instead of the steel pipes that are there. Hopefully they can do so I can get it tested and then it's going for sale Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  3. Bora failed its MOT today. One tyre below 1.6mm, expected, front left lower balljoint worn, expected, both CV boots split, rear axle bush worn, and a hole on the offside sill. Not really a lot then, hopefully sorted out and retested in a couple of days. Graeme,the tester remarked how sound the car is for 16 years old and 245000 miles. The hole in the sill is localised, about the size of a pound coin, and not a sign that the car is rotten, it is solid underneath. As well as changing the brakes yesterday I attacked the yellowed headlights with the orbital sander, 240 grit, then 400, then 1200
  4. I'm loving the Yeti, but it is too good to wreck doing deliveries in, and the rover is not good for me, being too low for me getting in and out of. The MOT for the hilux was booked for tomorrow, but it's being problematic getting parts for it. Now waiting on the correct power steering pipes to arrive. The garage has been sent the wrong ones twice. So today, I made an executive decision and decided to get the bora mot ready. So new discs and pads all round and a new track rod end fitted. I dont think there will be much else, it will get an advisory for one tyre, and for a cracked door mirror. I
  5. I must not like either I definitely should not bid Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  6. Heres the only 3 pics I took of the yeti when I picked it up. It was going to be delivered but there was a change of plan. The transport to the garage, 19 miles distant from home can just be seen in the second pic, my daughters seat leon estate in blue. I used it for my deliveries on Saturday night, did over 100 miles. It's a lovely thing to drive, feels quite a bit quicker than my old Leon 1.6tdi. I can certainly feel the extra 400cc and 35bhp. It's just had about a grand worth of work, a service, timing belt and waterpump, two new tyres, new discs and pads all round, dash oil and filter chan
  7. I would think that vag pd motors would do well there too Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  8. Where in North Scotland are you? I'm in Macduff and any golf, bora or fabia 1.9pd in reasonable nick will do well in this part of the world Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  9. Any vehicle with a pd engine in it gets good money in the north east corner of scotland where I am. I'm missing having my pd130 bora on the road just now, it's very similar to that golf and absolutely brilliant. I could have sold it two days after getting it home for twice what I paid for it. However it was bought to use and is only off the road just now as it's been too cold for me to change the discs and pads.I would think that CC one in yellow and a new test would get well over a grand up here. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  10. The leon was an incredibly boring car, but just did what it was supposed to, and I owned it over two years, which is longer than most cars .I have ever owned. I'm hoping that the yeti is just as boring so I can keep it over 2 years again. Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  11. I may have done a buyage. It's not really an autoshite car being a 6 year old VAG group car to replace the departed Leon. Skoda Yeti elegance 2.0tdi dsg gearbox. Coming from a skoda dealer done 53000 miles and just had a very major service consisting of service, timing belt and waterpump, dsg fluid changed, haldex fluid changed and discs and pads all round. And the dreaded xenon headlights which nearly put me off it. But there isn't many 2.0tdi dsg for sale in the entire country, there is plenty 1.2tsi dsg about, but to my mind a 1.2tsi is not a strong enough engine for a car the size of a Yet
  12. I shall bear that in mind. I do like it, but it would need standard springs for it to like me! Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  13. The rover really is not much use to me. I still have not got the hilux back with a MOT, so only have the rover running just now. Its comfy enough in the seats and driving position, but the suspension totally runs it for me. It's too low for my bad back getting in and out of it, and every bump in the road sends a massive jolt up my back. I think the idea of leaving the bora on sorn to delay its MOT is now going to get shelved. Due to the snow drifts here two of our drivers who live in the country couldn't get in, so I worked 2 extra evenings, which I am not fit for. Had I been using a comfier,
  14. If the condition of the Xantia I bought from a third party who bought it from Zel is anything to go by this bx will be well sorted out. Although the third party was a renowned citroen enthusiast the mechanical condition of said xantia was brilliant, although she was cosmetically challenged. It did 20000 miles with me in a year with nothing more than one weld patch in a rear door shut and 2 oil changes and tyres. It was in need of a clutch, heater matrix, fuel pump and had a hydraulic leak when she went to meet her maker at around 250K, but was brilliant for the year I had it. Sent from my SM-
  15. Yes. I was stopped by the cops a few years ago going to work. My windows were clear but about 1/2 inch on the roof. I wasnt charged just told off and asked to clear it as if I had to brake suddenly then I could be blind and cause an accident. Since then every drop of snow is cleaned off my car before it moves. Dont know how I would have stood, as I was driving buses at the time, if there was 2 inches of snow on the roof of a coach about 6 feet above your head! Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
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