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  1. To be honest that's pretty good for an Alfa other than the brake pipes which have probably been degrading for ages. It can be a bit of a lottery at this end of the market with them and I've found out to my peril that. They're great when they work and I wish I had the money/working space to keep one permanently on fleet as I still lament selling my 156 V6 (and the 2.4 10v). Good luck with your decision!
  2. Thanks for all the tyre recommendations. I've decided to prioritise tyres over the exhaust so they'll get done first. I also think the exhaust leak is pre cat, as the post cat pipework looks incredibly shiny. I'll probably find out that the manifold to cat is NLA or something. Anyway the A4 is currently unavailable so I went up to Crewe this weekend (I bought some Staffs oatcakes too) and picked up a cheap A3. First PD130 I've ever driven and even at 200k it's an animal. I can see why people go nuts for them and remap them etc but if I'm honest the constant feathering of the throttle to get it do something other than tear your face off with torque is very tiring around town. Oh and the ride quality on those alloys! Jesus. Anyhow, it goes, stops when it should, and the tyres are all good so it'll do for a work hack. I've got another incomer tomorrow which is reward for a favour, I'm quite excited by it but finances may dictate it being for sale soon. I'm hoping I can just scrape by..... The seats look nice but the buckets are making my (slender) hips ache.
  3. Obvs I know what this is, good luck getting it, not that anything should go wrong....?
  4. This website is utterly superb (albeit a real throwback) and I could spend hours on it, but here is a highlight: http://www.auto-pub.net/ASL/page_Talbot_Horizon_Sherlock.htm Horizon Sherlock which had loads of cheap wood fittings and tweed seats, as well as Sherlock decals in the rear quarter. Mental.
  5. Just this minute got a response for a quote for a cat back Powerflow exhaust for the Laguna. £425. Which is happily exactly what I expected.
  6. So Laguna, time to spend some money! Exhaust blow needs sorting. I want this to get a stainless steel from the cat back, I assume it's going to be in the region of £400. I've asked for some quotes and am still waiting. Tyres. Now it's been ages since I've bought a full set of tyres, and I'm wondering what is the best way to go. I'm not spending nearly £95 a corner on Michelin's or Continentals, I've been recommended Hankook or Uniroyal. Does anyone else have suggestions? I also need to source and fit a Naples Red drivers side front wing. I'm not sure why this one has been rust eaten so badly. I've also then got to sort out my 205 which is still down in Brighton with everyone's favourite East Sussex shiter. I've also got to drop off and collect cars this weekend. Love being kept busy!
  7. bramz7

    Tipo returns!

    @Icom102 No sadly not. It's still around though. The current owner is a massive Fiat aficionado.
  8. I've been taking out the Laguna every so often lately and it's an utter joy to drive. I also managed to get the seat perfectly adjusted, which has made a ton of difference. The exhaust blow isn't getting any better so I've enquired for a quote on a stainless steel one. Next will have to be tyres, whilst the Michelin's grip well they certainly do not generate confidence in the way they've perished. In the mid 90s, CAR magazine used the Laguna as the family car yardstick for handling, which surprised me but it does handle and ride amazingly well.
  9. Original 300ZX I believe.
  10. Nissan Laurel C33 I think.
  11. I got to drive a mid 90s small car today. You know the ones, a VAG group product (but not a German brand) with an underpowered engine, and tons of blank buttons (but AC). I loved it. Real analogue feeling car after all my recent cars. The sort of car that loves to be ragged in all gears yet still feels oddly comfortable on fast A roads. And it was a joy to wrestle around sweeping bends. Genuinely put a smile on my face and was exactly what I needed. Also picking up cars for other people is a lot cheaper than buying them yourself.
  12. The only car I own to get an MOT extension was the one on SORN, so that didn't help. I wonder if all the car adverts with 'short MOT but likely to be extended' will now plummet in price? There's been some wacky asking prices for scrap lately.
  13. @mitsisigma01 nothing as I have two V6s at the moment. Really should find an ecobox before I buy anything else though.
  14. If I wasn't at absolute capacity I would bid on that. Three V6s would be great. If anyone wants to bid, bramz could help deliver.
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