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  1. Italy definitely got the 1.5 V4, as this one below is:
  2. Most recent purchases. The Mini cost about double the 500, but I'd been after them both for a while. Innocenti Mini next hopefully. I've also bought something highly unusual, but it's being shipped from Italy. So I'll have it eventually.
  3. GLX is a good spec on these early 406s, even with reasonably not in the way front arm rests. And those alloys are lovely. I've only ever had 2.1TD examples, what's the 1.9 like? Coventry plate too so OBVIOUSLY FORMER PEUGEOT UK CAR £££ not.
  4. Yes maybe, but it's the only money I'll get for it at the moment. Plus it's really not okay. The suspension is like jelly the way it's oscillating. And it's slow. So slow. I managed to get it to start and I'm now waiting for Redcorn.
  5. Meant to have Omega scrapped today Omega battery dead. Forgot the bonnet release is knackered. Manage to destroy my hand attempting to get it open with a tyre lever. Still not starting. Problem is it took a ton of cranking to get going anyway. Scrappy then goes to wrong address 20 miles away. Now I've got eleven hours at work!
  6. Three years ago I owned this similar specced car. For that reason I'd happily take two randoms.
  7. Oh definitely interested in the Laguna....bagsy #7 and at least several randoms!
  8. Pickup arranged in a week? Yeah fucking right you dreamer. It's nice enough but the filler wadded rear door shuts are a bit much for me.
  9. Potentially interested in Maestro, happy to wait behind those who had dibs though. I just want to try one out, as there was a lot of them in my family (well one aunt seemed to have half a dozen). Again, can't get anything until a sense of 'normality' returns. Looks really good!
  10. Realised today I hadn't started the 3 series in about a month. Bugger. Central locking worked as it should, and then it fired first turn. A slight misfire at cold (almost a slight hunt perhaps?), but it got better when it warmed up. Even the handbrake hadn't welded itself on. Shame it still sounds like a fart down a blunderbuss but that can wait a few months/weeks/whatever.
  11. Interestingly, eBay is definitely quieter than it was. But Gumtree is busier than ever and the shit being advertised is worse than normal.
  12. @bunglebus Yes I had one! For some reason, a tennis or badminton related school visit ended up with us all being handed those, although I can't remember if they were boxed or not. Made the Direct Line jingle too. This would have been nearly twenty years ago. Really not sure why we were given them.
  13. Took it on the motorway today. Yeah it's boring. It's quite alright around town though. Boring is good I guess. Shame it doesn't have cruise though. 45mpg out of a petrol!!?!! Outstanding recall according to the DVLA. Curious.
  14. Ah it's not been bought from someone on here but someone on here is looking after it for me after getting it on my behalf. It is French.
  15. Yeah I had one of those (and would again) and they had the beefier 16v front suspension fitted as standard due to the weight of the engine. I was incredibly impressed with how it could be chucked round bends with its squat feeling front end. Incredibly coarse and gruff sounding but in an endearing way. Didn't VAG put a really powerful TDI in the Ibiza? Something like 160hp?!
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