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  1. That is fantastic. I think there is one still parked up in a slightly wonky shed on my uncles farm, and it is most probably the same one my grandfather owned and used 'back in the day'. I might see if I can sweet talk someone to let me see it next week....
  2. Anything not mechanical I will happily do myself, but I think I really need to start doing it myself now. It does get really expensive.....
  3. There is a considerable list of things the Tempra needs doing to it though, which are below: -Find and fix PAS leak. I suspect its the rack. Having just taken it for a drive, it feels like all of the fluid has leaked out. The steering isn't actually that bad though. -Get the cambelt and waterpump done. -Thorough servicing. -New wipers, and fix rear wiper. -Look at possible replacement clutch. It's not buggered or even slipping, but it would probably benefit. -Find some Fiat mats -Figure out why the header tank is disgustingly filthy. -Eventually get the paint sorted out, unlikely to happen tbh. Ugh edit: -Try and get someone to fix the broken steering wheel rake adjustment, which means the steering column moves up and down like no tomorrow when parking etc) -Get the damn oil pressure sensor sorted so the light goes out -Attempt to tidy up the bodwork underneath.... It's surprisingly useable for its age and the fact its an old Fiat, but I think running it as a daily would end up killing it.
  4. Indeed, I'd happily put away a 523i now I've finally ticked the box. E39s seem to handle like bigger E34s, the steering weight is just right. Shame the seats are typical German and ergonomic beyond reams of cushion, but they'll do.
  5. Okay just to recind what I said earlier, Tempra is fine. Just needs the key pressing in to start...whoops. I really need to sell a car. Xantia up for grabs, or alternatively the BMW when I've used it for Scotland. £400 each, anyone interested? Subject to me being indecisive, but three is absolute maximum. Four is untenable.
  6. Rule one with anything Italian and old. Never heap praise, gratitude or any positivity on it at all. Doesn't matter if you say it or think it, just don't do it. Unfortunately I did the above with the Tempra, and it's now not turning at all. Just a click. Central locking works, dash lights up etc.... Bastard thing. BMW now much cleaner inside, but I've lost part of my portable hoover and the wire for the proper one won't reach, so that'll have to wait. Boot liner pongs like no tomorrow. Grim. I've removed it now but don't know what to do with it. Leave it out for the rain?!
  7. That's probably the fourth or fifth time any of my cars have been spotted. Insert joke about not keeping them long enough here....
  8. There's a Datapost 1/64 as well, I still have a boxed one.
  9. Indeed, but there's no logic to what I do with cars.
  10. Go on then, I'll voice an interest. I'm so predictable.
  11. That's what I thought. I suspect the LHM level is low, but it's been sinking on and off since I got it. It's also sometimes been sinking when it's started, and then rising back up.
  12. Thing is, it doesn't feel baggy like most other high mileage cars I've owned, and when you hammer the throttle it does have quite a reasonable pace to it. Heated seats and AC also work! Here's a question for the resident LHM experts. Late Xantias aren't meant to sink nearly to the ground are they? One thing I've noticed with my one is that somedays it does, and some days it doesn't. But I'm pretty certain it's not meant to...
  13. Had to pick up a stand in car for the upcoming trip to Scotland, as the Xantia has a leak, a wheel vibration and doesn't seem happy enough for that sort of journey currently. Sadly no local garages responded to messages and the one I used in Basingstoke was full for a few weeks. I picked up this today, from 83C. First time I'd actually test driven a car before buying it for some time. That isn't a good thing is it? It's fine. Needs a clean and makes some slightly odd noises, but it's literally fine. Needs a bit of a prod to lay down all 161 horses but it does shift well enough when it wakes up. 208k, not out. Not bad. Wears the miles well. Not overcome with new car emotion for it either, I'll decide what way to go with it when I get back from Scotland. I've had to park this one round the corner. I've become that person who slowly parks cars all over their local area.
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