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  1. Oh I wouldn't daily this. Wouldn't be able to anyway as my everyday insurers are very peculiar about stuff over 25 years old.
  2. hngggg. It has cruise too. Wonder if it works? I can't help but feel I will be owning one of these diesels soon.
  3. Usually I'd be more than happy to help but my two safe spaces for cars are occupied, plus I'm at work that day. Sorry.
  4. I remember getting Auto Express on a religious basis during that doom time for MGR and really wanting them to somehow get through it. Dunno why, I was only 13/14 at the time! I remember the facelift cars being released, and the Streetwise. I even had a neighbour with a brand new blue Streetwise, and he liked* it so much he put it up for sale almost right away. Sad it went the way it did but ultimately I don't think they would have lasted either way.
  5. I had a Dedra 1.6 8v and it sounded amazing, but was so slow for what it was, much like the early 1.4 injection Tipo I had. Sadly the Lancia was really rather broken as well. I also think the Streetwise was a bit ahead of its time, but it wasn't alone in that. The C3 XTR and CrossPolo were very much the same faux off roader style. I think Subaru would do well with another incarnation of a proper Justy, with AWD and all, but that is very unlikely to happen now.
  6. 1976 Ford Cortina 2000 XL. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr 1979 Ford Cortina 1300 L. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr 1980 Ford Cortina 1.6 GL. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr 1981 Ford Cortina MKV 2.0 GL Estate. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr 1980 Ford Cortina 1.6 L Estate. by Sam Osbon, on Flickr Some other Cortinas I have seen over the years. Sadly that lovely green MKV was stolen and never found.
  7. That Toledo has gone down about £800 since initial listing, not long to wait until it's sensible money!
  8. I am trying my best to revisit the slightly to the east bits of London currently. A lot of them are a touch stabby at times (it used to be a case 'sun is out, it's fine no doubt' but now not so) but my little traipse around Hackney today was actually very pleasant. I wouldn't necessarily go into Walthamstow or Stratford though. This is what I saw. A lot of these cars will be subject to a daily charge from October 2021, although not all. Tidy Anniversary No trim level, so Base. One owner. Is it just me or do the early ones not rot out quite as much? Two mainstays of old London, both in long term ownership. Yikes. I have seen this car before, but it didn't look too smart way back in 2012. Same owner for 32 years. R series? No idea why this is here. It's not to my tastes! All three of these live quite close together. The Orion and 21 seldom move by the look of the tidemarks. Still a few MK3 Golfs, although I miss seeing sunbleached poverty spec ones. Yuck One thing that never seems to die is the old Volvo population. A lot less in use as handyman vans though. More or less perfect. Find myself hankering after a Carina E a lot now. Awful spy shot. Nice. The LEZ and ULEZ already cleared out a lot of old vans within London, so anything this age is quite unusual now. Remember when JC got one, banger raced it on a field and then flattened it with a car crusher? This was when they were brand new. A lot of class still in these. Not so much these. I prefer these to Figaros, which are actually quite scarce compared to a decade ago, when they were everywhere. One an 8v, the other a VR6. All within 150 metres of one another. Bloody lovely. Yet more Volvo. Definitely thinning out. I actually quite like LTs. Insert joke about awful automatic gearbox here Parked down the same road. Early 'roccos look phenomenal these days. And lastly, this wonder! Rarely do I see such fantastic timewarp pieces like this gem now. I have seen photos of it before but until now, had never seen it myself. Funny to think that this thing won't actually be illegal when the ULEZ widens, and will probably stay as is. Same owner since 1985. And they haven't even tax or MOT exempted it yet. Two hours and I got that lot, and a couple more for futures sake. I will be heading back to this area soon! FIN
  9. Who reckons that history on that Vectra ended the moment it left the POLIS? You know, FB marketplace has one advantage, and that is you can see the fuds profile, whereas on eBay the only clue is an insane username.
  10. Well when it's cold, the entire gear range sounds like crap. Engine braking makes it sound like lorry screeching to a halt. When it warms up, it goes away completely. But there is an ominous rumbling feel up front, which you can feel through the front of the car.
  11. I enquired on Facebook as to what a noise I keep hearing from the Rover is. It's been diagnosed as gearbox bearings. This is an issue as I don't really want to spend money on it, I decided early on this would be a run til dead car. However, I'm assuming this could be a random FTP in which case, which is a big issue! I was hoping for more of a gradual decline, not a sudden one.
  12. Every single one of my fleet at the moment freezes on the inside. Rover letting in water at the back window. Volvo has a perished door seal Subaru has those wonderful* pillarless doors which have no doubt had their body mounted window seals perish. Great fun scraping this morning.
  13. Pretty sure the MAF is causing slow running on the 45. It's dreadful up to certain revs currently. Would I be right in assuming that the MAF is plugged in right in front of the air filter?
  14. Cor that Cavalier is fit. Might have to bid on that. That blue velour is incredibly tasty.
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