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  1. I've had a crush on 206 RGs for ages now. I did actually consider buying that one before my Xantia appeared.
  2. I've started setting my sights on some French Dinky stuff this evening, surely the cheaper end of the scale will one day appreciate? Also, @Sudsprint, my current Solido lineup is something like this Citroen LN Mercedes W123 Peugeot 604 Matra Rancho Citroen Visa Peugeot 305, Police boxed and Orange unboxed. Renault Super 5, unbelievably crude. Lancia Beta Coupe. Berliet Stradair Citroen SM early issue Renault 17 Renault 25 Peugeot 205 T16 Peugeot 504 Rally, someone has pulled the decals off and left a ton of residue sadly. I'm sure it can be cleaned up... Not a huge amount, I've got a load on my hitlist so to speak but I can't really spend reems of money on diecasts for a little while...
  3. bramz7

    BX Roll Call

    Probably just the accumulator sphere doing it's thing. I've not driven one that doesn't make a noise, yet. They're not bad old things. My third ever car was a BX14 that had done 170k. So loud, and rusty. And really reluctant to start in the cold snap. Burnt out an ignition coil and wiring that was that. Sold it on, god knows where it is now.
  4. All this wildlife vehicle interface talk obviously did something as I saw a van obliterate a pheasant on the A303 today, stupid thing walked right in front as they always do. I'd never seen anything (bar trains and countless pigeons) hit an animal for real before!
  5. Oh god, won a boxed Berliet Stradair yesterday ....this Solido fetish is getting too much.
  6. Nicely done. I love these things, but I do keep forgetting I own one half of one....really need to get it sorted out. I wouldn't worry too much about the HGF esque staining, by design the coolant seems to gunk up and I've not had any issues with one just yet. I still quite fancy a diesel one but I guess these days a Saxo would be easier to come across.
  7. Got this yesterday. A bit battered but solid and I think it's running a tuning box. Still one of the cheapest Xantias I've got.
  8. Other half surprised me with this today. How much better does it look!
  9. Three days after I passed my test I drove 450 miles to Scotland, and then back again 5 days later. Hadn't ever driven on a motorway before until that point. Was driving with only sidelights on for ages as well, whoops.
  10. Got a reasonably epic holiday coming up in just under a month. London to Paris to Turin in one day...all trains booked and hotel in Turin near the car museum and gigantic mall (former Fiat factory as featured in the Italian job) reserved. Train down to Bari for three nights there, then train down to Lecce for three nights. Train back up to Bologna for one night, then maybe Turin again, and then back to Paris for one night and then Eurostar back home again. As I work for a TOC, we can get free travel coupons for European travel, with the only cost being a seat reservation supplement on the train. 9 nights of hotels booked so far, coming in at approx £35 per person per night...and these aren't dive hotels either. Quite pleased with that.
  11. Great debut spots. Good photos too, nice one.
  12. Some recent highlights. The mint unboxed 305 came with a 205 and 504 in a small job lot, which cost £5. The Passat is an old Schuco, the first in my collection. The SM is a very early (1970?) issue, with different coloured headrests to the rest of the interior, a known quirk of this era Solido. Cost me £25, possibly a record for a Solido...
  13. Er....nope. I could predict what I'd own next year but I can't predict what I'll own tomorrow so....
  14. Ace! I wonder how these drive with the auto box?
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