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320Touring's Toledo FIN


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I spotted it in Aberfeldy last year, which was probably the last place in the UK I'd have expected to see one.


Top save.




Funny that,


Turns out I spotted it in June 2015, and left a note scrawled on a Tesco receipt on it.. The owner mentioned it. Freaky or whit?


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It was bloody confusing that these were hatchbacks when the shorter tailed Cordobas were saloons.


Great buy. Never knew these could come on steelies with hubcaps which make it look appeallingly grim and belies the fact that it's probably a sweet thing to drive.



Oh it is a sweet ride- 13" tyres see to that:)



That looks a lovely thing in all it's minegbag spec glory. Top shiteing!

FUN FACT; FATHA_RML nearly bought a Toledo before settling on a Renault 25 Executive some time in the late 90s.



Cheers Adrian- I reckon it'd outclass a legend;)



I thought these were saloons! Anything with steels and black bumpers is a big TEN-FOUR from me




That's nice, not seen one in years. Mate had a white one back in the day, really quick can't remember the model.

they did a 2.0 16v with 150bhp.. think it was a gti?

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Oooooooooh! It's on motherfucker.


See you at Crail.



Be rude not to. let me get an MOT on it first:)




My money's on the Toledo. Not much money, mind.



Exquisite taste!



Does the dashboard need welding or something?


nae idea- could be a pain to get aff

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