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  1. *Vauxhall Viva taxi action
  2. Evening! As said yestreen in the News 24 thread, after a bit of a hectic weekend central to which was the wedding in the East of London of my only nephew, (it was a grand do), we managed to detour home and collect the Cavalier! No petrol station photo - I forgot! - and not much else to report. It's no where near as rapid as my mk2 1.8 GLi, but it still does that Cavalier thing of munching miles at 65+ mph with aplomb. I must admit though that I don't suit the SRi seats because of being a shortarsed-lardarse - I can hardly get my foot on the ground over the lip of the seat! - so if anyone has some non-sporty seats going that would be great... I still need to work out how to use the stereo and also burn a CD full of my current favourites*. Still, it's quite possibly the smartest car I've owned, Puma included, to sit outside M'coli Mansions. * Sketch, Peat & Diesel, Frightened Rabbit, Niteworks. Fucking brilliant stuff.
  3. I'm knackered after a bit of a hectic weekend central to which was the wedding in the East of London of my only nephew, it was a grand do! Today we managed to squeeze in some wrecklessly Cavalier behaviour, more of which tomorrow... 😉☺️
  4. Ok, no photo, but this morning on my commute to work I saw a W-reg mk1 Laguna in red with 3 or 4 burly blokes in it joining the A1 from the A64 - it looked in good nick, but also just looked fantastic.
  5. Dunlops are subtly different from Rostyles, but differrent enough to avoid copywrite/trademark issues.
  6. Valves from head no.1 suggest that they've already been out for a de-coke and lap-in at least once prior to this time, head no.0 not so much.
  7. You're entitled to think that, because in many ways it IS sick. However, it is prescient to recent discussions I've had with other occupants of the A63 single-occupancy lane on the way into/from Leeds in the morning/evening and we see cars fleeing past in the "2+" high-occupancy lane with seemingly just the one gadgey in the car, and it got me to thinking, "Do you have someone in the boot? Otherwise you're a cheating cunt.".
  8. Have we had this Cavalier yet? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk3-Vauxhall-Cavalier-1994-Alloys-Lowered-Suspension-Stainless-Steel-Exhaust/293207492330?hash=item44448746ea:g:Xj8AAOSwfvddaZWM Spacious boot on these...
  9. I'm struggling with the idea that a modern car with 90PS and, presumably, a 5 or 6 speed gearbox, is "unsuitable for motorways"? Just what exactly can it not do?
  10. Insurance issue! My current insurance won't touch it because it's too old! Lancaster wanted an arm and a leg!
  11. That'll probably have been Chumley-bumley in 2012. This photo's from Arley the year after, not actually at Arley, but the pub car park afterwards...
  12. Thank you, Rob! Thank you too, Burnside. I'll be looking at public transport timetables for this weekend. So there you go, a bidding war between two esteemed shiters for the delight* of owning this. Your problems are solved! Get your paws off, it's a CAVALIER!!!! HAHAHAHAA HAHAHA HAHA omg this is almost as good as sex!!!
  13. Botheration - it appears that neither of us can count...can I revoke number 7, please? I've just remembered that I've got 2 randoms anyway, but only paid for 1 previously - now I've paid for both of them! I think that's enough for the moment.
  14. Fuckit I'll have no. 7* please. Funds incoming when confirmed. *24 is on my normal numbers, which means that if I've won the lottery with 6 numbers then I can't also win the jackpot of a Cavalier...
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