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  1. I may have missed the boat here by being too late to the party, but would it be possible to have a calendar?
  2. Spotted this wee beauty in Harrogate today - looks like a one-owner-from-new car, with less than 44000 miles, and from the first 3 months of right-hand-drive production. Lovely.
  3. Not quite - but close. I need to reset in 35.2 miles or so to get the next best thing, roughly 98 miles later.
  4. I like a palindromic odometer reading! For bonus points, why should I have re-set the trip meter 654 miles ago?
  5. Nope, I've got two of them, both from 1994-5 cars... that said, the red one's tailgate is from a different model to what it's fitted to but the same model as the one on the right. There are however enough little differences between the older car and this one to make the distinction between them - but they're not there to change the car other than to make it more usable for RHD use or to save Peugeot a handful of centimes every time a component is fitted.
  6. On the left, a rear wiper motor for a ph.1 Peugeot 106, of c.1993 vintage. On the right, a rear wiper motor for a ph.1* Peugeot 106 c. 1994 vintage - but it's different enough that I can't swap it for the one on the left without butchery to the wiring. Fiddlesticks. * from now on, I'm calling it a ph. 1.5...
  7. This is great news, other than the missing bits. I sold my Avenger 10 years ago and I still miss it, it was very competent.
  8. I've had Paypal problems but am now paid up.
  9. This is an early mk.1, so look for the bonnet release on the passenger side, the tiny tiny door handles,and when the tailgate's open, having the heated rear window wires exit the frame of the tailgate in the top third of the frame. (Can you tell I've had a good look around @KruJoe's early diesel recently??!) look for rot in the front outriggers and chassis members. Then there's the rot in the rear floor:- https://autoshite.com/uploads/monthly_04_2015/post-3066-0-25002000-1428760944.jpg Which begat: And was fixed by this: Do not fash yirsel about the rear axle, I have a good 3-stud one here.
  10. That reg. number screams "registered in Anniesland" to me - I'm sure Hendry would have known.
  11. Have we had this Maestro diesel from Faceache marketplace yet? https://m.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2658072984205075/?ref=browse_tab Need work and an MOT.
  12. I'd say sack it off, fairly soon. Even if you get it to where Fiat intended it to be, I doubt it'll suddenly do 50+ mpg and you'll still be a bit "meh" with it but that picture tells a story and it certainly won't do your back any good!
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