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  1. Can anyone identify the car in this photo, please?
  2. This is a bonny wee thing (background vehicles are interesting too}. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1973-CIMATTI-SAGITTARIO-S6-MOPED-CAFE-RACER-FS1E-ERA-ULTRA-RARE-ITALIAN-BEAUTY/224004359162?hash=item3427b343fa:g:uuIAAOSwnaVetngN
  3. If you wear a particularly-coarse hair shirt, buy the 1360cc alloy-block. I had one in a Metro and it could be dangerous on certain hills, eg coming out of a hairpin bend at 20mph and then straight onto a fairly steep hill saw it bog down in second, and if you weren't quick at changing into 1st the car ended up stopping. Once into 1st it wasn't a long enough ratio to get it beyond 20-ish mph, so you sat there for however long it took for the hill to ease slightly with the engine bouncing off of the governor. 1st gear was slightly too short, and second slightly too long. The extra 169cc of the TUD5 doesn't sound like much but in my 106 it's enough to do that hill in second and accelerate, sorry, gather momentum, up it. It just makes the car so much more useable. There's very little difference between the 1.1 petrol engined version and the 1.5d, bar the increased cost of insurance for the diesel and the recompense of better fuel economy. The biggest difference is that both 1.5d engined cars that I've owned were quieter at motorway speeds than the 1.1 petrol. I do like the idea of an AX GTD, do tell us more - what suspension changes do you plan?
  4. Absolutely. They're really easy to look at. I remember when they started appearing in the work's car park and thought, "Aye, it's about time they looked that fine".
  5. Nae on-board cludgie? Ah'm oot!
  6. The mk2 Cavalier was available with the 1298cc engine, cambelt changes were a doddle. Austin Rover countered this opulence by offering the Montego with a 1275cc A-series engine strapped to a 4-speed gearbag. The farmer I worked for in the early 90s had one.
  7. That could also be due to the gearing, the 1.6 (especially the estate) had a lower back axle ratio than the 2.0.
  8. Thank you, @Tickman, for letting us know. I thoroughly enjoyed Richard's company whenever we mwt at various shitefests; knowledgeable, observant, with a wonderfully understated sarcasm. Here he is having some fun* with a recalcitrant stove on the Saturday morning of SF16:
  9. Shame I didn't think of this earlier - you said that a Jimny is out because it would not easily accommodate 4 to 5 people and their tools. What about TWO Jimnys...?
  10. ^^^^ A couple of brave* lads make it through flood water in North Yorkshire in a Peugeot 106: *"turbo-nutter", "reckless", and "mental" are all suitable synonyms, butthey do it with panache, so "gallus" is the best one! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2716191095167070&id=306728236113380
  11. There are a couple of Shiters near Hellburgh which is but 30 or so miles down the road - somewhatfoolish is in that neck of the woods, I believe, as is pauldoubleyou - edit, hadn't seen that you'd posted! Would the starter be accessible enough to use the old "clout with a plying hammer" trick?
  12. Someone's coming the cunt if they're selling hand-made panel patches for that price that are worse than you could knock up yourself! Get them telt, they're taking the piss.
  13. The Fiat 126 used the air feom the direct cooling of the engine to heat the cabin. Well, that was the idea but it didn't work on mine... So, the Fiat 126: independent suspension all round, 24 mighty* Italian cuddies to power it in 652cc form, so it should be quite dull but capable in the corners, yes? Only if you don't have to lift off the throttle or have a crest in the middle of the corner too - both cause the swing axle rear suspension to "tuck under" causing a LOT of positive camber on the rear wheels and a very sudden lack of grip/rotation event. Somehow I only spun it once, driving it was like "throwing a dart backwards". The 2mm head skim probably gave it closer to 30 bhp and combined with new rear shocks and spring clamps to lower the rear suspension (the front leaf spring had already de-cambered itself) and 155/70r12 tyres tamed it to such an extent that I got it to understeer on tarmac (at Canniesburn Toll if you're interested). Lethal wee shites of cars, but great fun when you're 19!
  14. There are traffic cameras around that part of the M8, perhaps they've not wiped the tapes yet - it should be easy enough to spot a dinged Corsa on them. https://trafficscotland.org/map/index.aspx?type=26
  15. ^^^ The 2E2 on the B2 Pished Rat we had was a bastard for suddenly dropping power like it had iced up, and the wax-stat idle speed controller was shite too, but at least that gave you cruise control in 4th gear in a 30-zone. Loving the Healy-Rae stories - here's some nonsense from about 5years ago:
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