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  1. Weren't these a re-badged Aermacchi?
  2. I suspect that the "GLF" tag is, in reality, fiction.
  3. Tonight, I saw the vrm 8112R, on an 18-year-old Vauxhall Agila.
  4. It's a Nissan Juke. QED.
  5. I took the passenger door trim off of my first mk2 Cav to transport a freebie kitchen worktop from Birmingham to Yorkshire. I had to remove the gearknob if I needed reverse gear...
  6. As seen on another thread, don't bother with insurance...🤬
  7. Great stuff, but <sigh> I was hoping the "unobtanium" tag meant you'd got a Lonsdale!
  8. Yes, the had the tendancy to bend under an NCAP test.
  9. IIRC the Bini was made in Longbridge and the 75 in Cowley - when Rover was sold off, the two production lines were swapped over.
  10. Is there a proper thread for keeping an eye out for stolen gear? The company that I've just started with had their trailer stolen from Brighouse on Sunday night. No doubt it will be in some miscreant's lockup getting the decals removed, but if not, it looks like this.
  11. If you fit metro diesel engine mounts it'll take most of Peugeot's TU family of engines, I'd imagine.
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