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  1. I'm feeling a touch guilty about this... 😧
  2. I'd say it looks a bit Fiat 127ish.
  3. When I was going north to Scotland to sort my mum's estate out in 2009, I'd set out at about 8pm on a Friday evening. On one of these circa~240 mile journeys, I used the brakes 6 times, and the first time was at the Dunglass roundabout on the A82... Edit: perhaps I should mention that this was about 10 miles from the end of the journey, and I'd been really, really lucky on the junctions to the A1 (M) and the timing of the traffic lights at Scotch Corner and at the A66/M6 junction.
  4. CC is ace, but I've never owned a car that had it, just pool cars or vans. I love being able to speed up or slow down with a few clicks of a button (the Insignia I drove with it you could switch it off to slow down and then switch it on again to speed up.) However I did find myself on the approach to the M62/M1 interchange switching it off and saying, "Holly, give me manual!"
  5. @Jim Bell you said that I looked like I'd been in a fight when you arrived, and I replied that I'd been wrestling the 15" wheels out from behind the shed... ...it wasn't until you'd left, I'd retrieved the leather gloves and the gardening loppers & I went back indoors that I truly understood: the amount of briars and brambles - up to 20mm thick! - that I had to clear had marked me greatly, I'm still finding scratches and wounds!
  6. That's one of the reasons I used to go to the Peat & Diesel gig in Manchester back in February, it was blowing an absolute hoolie but the Cavalier was planted, whereas the 106 would've been, erm, less so!
  7. Finally, wur Tea. The dishwasher isn't full so we're onto the charity shop/camping crockery. For a vegan, @Lacquer Peel has chosen a superb butcher to buy my stuff from, it's all superb and not too fat-laden. Thank you!
  8. It was a pleasure to meet both yourself, @Jim Bell, and @Lacquer Peel.
  9. Meat products - ethnic meat products - have been delivered!
  10. I'm only just catching up with this thread, it's a damned good read! That's a tidy wee motor indeed, @davidfowler2000, beings back memories of my 205 TD Sceptre. I'm a bit shocked however to see that yours has solid discs, because mine had vented discs (and power steering).
  11. Can anyone identify the car in this photo, please?
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