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  1. Took The Aero for a drive to Brentwood and back this evening (A127-M25-A12-A130-A127), which is the furthest it's been driven since the weekend before the so-called lockdown and the first time it's been over 40 mph since then. I'm sure that the car's running better as a result of the longish high speed run, not to mention the half tank of Super Unleaded I put in it on the way home. I'm certainly feeling better for the former
  2. More exclusive than any Tesla! I look forward to your progress with it
  3. OX14 1AU is a DHL depot these days. Alas, poor Abingdon, a town which has lost so much since 1980 (MG/BL, Morlands brewery, the railway branch line). Still a lovely place to visit, though.
  4. 9-5 Aero HOT estates are exceptional cars, especially in manual form
  5. Shep Shepherd

    Morris 1300

    I do. It looked like a decent car. I wonder if it still exists?
  6. I concur with your experience of red Volvo paint. The paint on The Volvo is pretty oxidised (albeit still shiny), but I'm afraid to polish it, as it's worn down to the primer in several places. I'd love to give it a respray, but short of a lottery win or a successful crowdfunding campaign, it won't happen. I wish that low cost paint shops such as MAACO and Earl Scheib existed in the UK.
  7. I totally agree. 700s and 900s look great in various shades of metallic green, blue and turquoise. They look pretty good in solid red as well, but I might be biased *wag*
  8. Mark 2 Escorts fitted with Zetec engines?
  9. Just discovered this thread. Volvo 700s and 900s are GR11 cars, as my long term ownership of The Volvo can attest to I was only made aware of the existence of the 940 Torslanda a couple of years ago when a friend bought one almost identical to yours. Apparently, it was part of the regular late 1990s Volvo 940 range and was the entry level model, as opposed to a fully loaded special edition like the Celebration LPT, a car which I'd dearly love to own one day. I removed the scuttle panel from The Volvo a couple of years ago in order to clean and rustproof hidden parts of the bulkhead and lubricate the wiper mechanism. It went back on without any drama or damage in a couple of minutes. I guess I must have been lucky. Here are some photos of what I found when I removed the scuttle panel: Not bad for a then 28 year old car; I was expecting widespread surface rust at best. All I encountered was dirt and cobwebs
  10. I imagine that if they sit for anywhere approaching that long, they are probably totally uneconomical to repair. I wonder how much such a car would be worth in bits?
  11. I believe so. It's no doubt quite a 'specialist' engine and therefore extremely expensive to repair or replace if it goes bang.
  12. Spotted this very sad-looking TVR Cerbera on an industrial estate near Chichester today. I wonder what its story is? According to the DVLA, the car's last MOT ran out in June 2008. Poor thing.
  13. The floor is really cool and definitely looks like something that Barry Bucknell would have approved of. Ever so contemporary!
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