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  1. The idea of an MG Ambassador really appeals to me.
  2. In my opinion, the pre-1985 Federal Escort looks pretty rank, due to all of the chrome and its recessed headlights, but the 1985-1990 version is quite a good-looking car, a bit like a scaled-up mark 3.
  3. If you're careful and patient, the individual switches can be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled, thus restoring their operation Also, bending the dashboard illumination bulb holder's contacts slightly so that they bear down harder on the relevant areas of the PCB works wonders, as does cleaning said areas of the PCB.
  4. Like the Avantime, I love the Vel Satis simply because it exists. Last week, there was a silver one on the forecourt of the Renault specialist on the industrial estate opposite where I work in Chelmsford; I hadn't seen one for years until then. I presume that it was a customer's car, but it could very well have been a courtesy car. Great fun if you're lent it while your Clio 1.2 is in for servicing I got a 1996 Safrane 2.5 Executive as a courtesy car from a Volvo/Renault specialist who did some work on The Volvo in 2004, so anything's possible.
  5. The blue SE estate? That would make for a really good rolling restoration/preservation project.
  6. The Volvo's clean and tidy, structurally sound and in pretty good working order, but it will never be a show car, mainly due to the fact that the paint's buggered due to age and excessive polishing; if MAACO-type 'in & out' bodywork places existed here, it would have had a cheap and quick respray long ago. Looking at some of the lower priced 740s on that website, I reckon it would be a bargain at £805, however.
  7. I often wonder how much The Volvo is worth. I paid £805 for it in 2003, and I reckon that nowadays I could get at least that amount back if I sold it, which I have no intention of doing, not least because I've just spent £300 on a replacement catalytic convertor and lambda sensor in order to get the car through another MOT. Such are the bizarre economics of old Volvo ownership. An estate in a state, this evening: 13/10 WUD RECOMEND
  8. Your car has the cupholder centre armrest, which is/was a desirable accessory. I fitted one from a scrapped 960 to The Volvo back in the mid-2000s. A couple of years later, I sold it on eBay for quite a bit more than I paid for it
  9. 1988 Volvo 240 GL saloon; a falsely-described, terminally rotten and terminally neglected eBay purchase in late 2002. Good job I only paid £200 for it. Luckily, it didn't put me off Volvos.
  10. Haha! I too would very often select the wrong cassette due to the way they fitted into the holder. The arrangement was still better than having to store cassettes in the centre console box or in the glovebox like I had/have to do with The Volvo, though.
  11. The Volvo's acceleration is leisurely (more so due to it being an auto), and it's the sort of car in which you have to plan overtaking manoeuvres well in advance, even on the motorway, but it's a quiet and comfortable long distance cruiser. Not only that, it's a great car for moving big and heavy stuff around, although I wouldn't want to tow anything with it
  12. That's a cassette holder. I found it quite handy when I owned my 1994 214Si back in the early 2000s, but unless you are a total hipster, it's pretty useless nowadays.
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