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  1. Not really a long distance, but I did a 60-mile-round trip from Eastry to Ashford and back in my dad's 1988 Fiesta Festival 2 the day after I passed my driving test in 1995, as I wanted to experience motorway driving for the first time, and the M20 was the nearest motorway to where I lived at the time
  2. The Volvo had an electric aerial from new (part of the SE spec), but it was replaced with a fixed mast job long before I bought it. I'd like to go electric again at some point, but I'm not very good with car wiring, Theoretically, it should be plug-and-play, but as the car has had various non-Volvo head units with ISO connections for many years, I expect that some kind of wiring surgery will be needed to get an electric aerial to operate; having it go up/down when the ignition's switched on/off would work for me, as the radio's invariably on when I drive the car and I don't use automatic car washes.
  3. ^ Incredibly, that was the official line from Volvo's head of styling
  4. The rear door window frames of the Volvo 200 Series estate car: The black paint on the later models makes the shape of the frames less obvious, but even so...
  5. Started to learn to drive in December 1994 in a Nissan Sunny 'Spray' special edition: Did most of my lessons in it, before it was replaced on August 1st 1995 with a Sunny 'Sequel', in which I passed my test in late September of that year: That had a separate single-DIN CD player, which I imagine was part of the special edition package. Music Box by Mariah Carey sounded really good played on it I passed my HGV test in November 2017 in a 2010 DAF CF rigid box van, which I suspect was a former Hovis truck, on account of its body style and its bright yellow paintwork ^^
  6. Discharged from hospital at 1500. Signed off sick for two weeks from today. Fun times. I'm glad that I have The Volvo handy, as I have no real desire to operate a clutch pedal for at least a few days.
  7. Interesting day today. Went to my local A&E department with a painfully swollen left foot just before dawn and ended up being operated on in the afternoon under general anaesthetic in order to drain and clean a nasty abscess which had been caused by goodness knows what. Hopefully, I'll be discharged tomorrow.
  8. Shep Shepherd

    TV cars

    DJH 180K, the yellow 1972 Volvo 145 De Luxe from The Good Life. The same car featured in the first series of Survivors, as it was owned by a member of the BBC's production team who worked on both series
  9. Woke up The Volvo this evening in order to drive it to Argos. After almost sixteen years of owning it, I still love seeing the car's reflection in plate glass windows. This photo is as close as I'll probably ever come to a selfie
  10. I've always liked the styling of the Polonez, as it appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities. Indeed, there was a time in my early teens that I really, really wanted a Prima as my first car; I thought that the white Weller wheels really set off the car
  11. That hat! 😃 I use OEM oil filters exclusively on The Volvo (anti-drain valve as standard) and anything that isn't a Fram filter on The Aero e.g. Halfords, Crosland, Mann, Champion, Bosch et al. I was told many years ago that Fram filters were bad news, and this video only reinforces this perception.
  12. The Jalopy Generation I'm 42 in November.
  13. I paid £995 for mine in 2016, which I considered to be an absolute steal for an Aero HOT with good provenance
  14. Looks like an easy restoration. Please keep us up to date with its progress
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