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  1. Having passed my car driving test before 1997, I am entitled to drive all sorts of cool things. Not that I ever do, mind: I plan to get my CE entitlement at some point within the next 12 months. Not planning to get my A1, A2, D or DE entitlements any time soon, although a 'full house' would be pretty cool
  2. What a pity! At least it will help keep the other on the road for a bit longer. I have a real soft spot for Fodens, which initially stemmed from the young me finding the company's logo, the styling of the company's 1970s and 1980s models, and the way that the name Foden sounds when spoken to all be quite lovely. FODEN. FODEN. FODEN. 😃 I get a real thrill if I see one when I'm on the road, still doing what it does best. I'd love to have a drive in one, if only to say that I have
  3. I've had a Halfords Advanced 1/2" drive Metric/Imperial socket set since 2001 and although it's been well-used, it's still in full working order
  4. Had an interview and driving assessment with a local haulage company subbing for DB Schenker this morning, and drove a 2016 DAF LF identical to this one. It felt like a limo compared to the M-B Ategos I've been driving lately: The upshot is that I start my new driving job next Thursday
  5. Many drivers have told me that Iveco trucks are hapless devices. I've yet to drive one myself. Best truck I've driven so far is a 1997 Volvo FL7 flatbed. An oldie, but a goodie ^^
  6. I do like a nice DAF. I passed my test in a CF
  7. I love the sound of a M-B truck engine, especially at high revs in a low gear
  8. Over 500,000 km, but I might be wrong.
  9. They must have been amazing when they were new. My biggest complaint about them is the fact that quite often it's impossible to select any of the gears, particularly if you're in a hurry. I imagine that advanced age and high mileage are big causation factors. I look forward to the day when I'm behind the wheel of a newer truck, preferably a Volvo or a Scania.
  10. The mingebag company I currently drive for has a fleet of M-B Atego 18 tonners with demountable fridge boxes and manual transmissions, the youngest one being ten years old, the oldest being eighteen years old. All of them are filthy inside and out and are close to being end of life vehicles due to being hammered relentlessly by many different drivers over the years. Here are the ones I drove this week: More shit than shite, if you ask me! If nothing else, they are good vehicles to gain driving experience with. I hope that I won't have to drive them for much longer, as I have an interview/driving assessment with a well-known general haulier on Tuesday
  11. Just finished reading my copy of the magazine. Particularly impressed by the Reader's Cars section. I think I'll submit a photo of The Volvo and a few lines of gibberish about it in time for the next issue Pawnote: does anyone else remember Craig Cheetham writing a Staff Car Saga for Practical Classics in the late 1990s when he was on work experience at the magazine? He was a serial Allegro owner back then
  12. Bagged the only copy in the Southend branch of Smith's. Enjoying it so far, so I think I'm going to buy it regularly.
  13. Amongst other interesting old motors I see daily when I'm out and about doing truck stuff, I saw a dark red late model Lynx Eventer (Jaguar XJS estate car/shooting brake, for those who don't know) with some very nasty and very recent front end damage being hauled onto a recovery truck on the southbound A2 just past the Blackwall Tunnel a couple of days ago. What a shame
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