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  1. I discovered the Autoshite.com website in 2006, some years before I joined the forum. Back then, The Volvo was my daily driver
  2. I passed my driving test on this day 25 years ago. The first car I drove after passing was my parents' 1988 Ford Fiesta Festival 2, which looked a lot a like this one: Nice car, shame about the rust... I'm going to celebrate the milestone by not driving anywhere today
  3. Today is the 30th anniversary of The Volvo's first registration. It was supplied by Lex Brooklands in Colindale, north west London, which is still trading, albeit under a different name. I was going to drive the car back there today, but it seemed like an awfully decadent thing to do, given the current circumstances. Also, its battery is flat. Once I've given it a jump, I might drive to Basildon and back this evening. I would have loved to have seen the car on that day. I bet that it looked amazing. Pity that it doesn't look so great nowadays; its paintwork is so thin in places that I dar
  4. Apart from having to drop the sump last year in order to clean it and the oil pick up strainer due to the well-documented sludging issues that the four cylinder petrol 9-5s suffer from, I can't fault mine. I envisage that I'll be driving it for some time yet
  5. What is there not to love? Best £995 I've ever spent ^^
  6. The Manta 'B' (not to mention the Cavalier Coupe and Sportshatch) is a truly wonderful car. I had the privilege of inspecting the very last one made at the Opel museum in Russelsheim in 2003. Its panel gaps were inconsistent, to say the least!
  7. Cat Automotive is another blast from the past. So many Dover-based (and Deal-based, for that matter) car places are now long-gone
  8. That's excellent! The Austin dealer on Townwall Street/Woolcomber Street ultimately became the Ford dealer Thompson's of Dover. My father bought a 1988 fiesta from them in 1990 (£4595 for a Mercury Grey 1.1 Festival 2 made during Ford's 'rusty' period). It's now lost to the new St. James development.
  9. I hope that the Acclaim gets some proper bodywork attention at some point. After all, it represents a very important chapter in the history of the British car industry.
  10. Derek's vocal mannerisms are excellent and I often find myself using them in conversations or when talking to myself on the road. In one of his earlier videos he says "German Shepherds and needle-nosed pliers" when working on a project. No idea what the context was, but I thought it was pretty cool
  11. As Derek Bieri from Vice Grip Garage says: "I'll be dipped!"
  12. I can't imagine that there are many Olau stickers in existence any more, sadly.
  13. How about an Olau Line sticker? Perfect for any pre-1994 car: I lament the demise of the Sheerness-Vlissingen ferry service, If it was still in existence, it would save me a heck of a lot of time when I visit my very good Dutch friend Ed who lives in the Brabant region of the Netherlands.
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