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  1. Yeah I’ve been feeling a bit like that recently too, I loved his stuff at first but it’s all a bit same-y.
  2. Nah I’ve been working on the Fox this week. Can’t tackle two head off jobs at once!
  3. Cheap 14” wheel trims, especially if you’re in Kent and can arrange collection https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/wheel-trims-14inch-set-of-4-over-100-available-4-PER-BOX/173830409846?hash=item2879198e76:g:GtwAAOSwq5dchRm0
  4. Finished up the cleaning, refitted the seats and started thinking about the HG job. Should be tearing it down reasonably shortly I think.
  5. Cheap nut splitters are awful - you’d have been better off with an angle grinder Wouldn’t feel bad about that shopping list - it’s all consumables that any car could want.
  6. There's no way I'm even going to think about sorting out the OMGHGF on this before it's at least clean enough to be habitable. Time for the mountain of mould to do one!
  7. An E53 (2001-on) has a lot in common with an E39 5 series
  8. Is this the same system as you’d find in an E53 X5?
  9. You picked it up two weeks ago right? Mustn’t anger the movement police. I do like an Astra G.
  10. That seems much more agreeable price wise. I wonder if I can find the filters somewhere on their own.
  11. I don’t think it’s faired that badly - it doesn’t overheat and the heater still works etc if you keep the water topped up. Only really the sniff test result that makes me think it actually has OMGHGF rather than a leak - I drove it back from Birmingham-ish no problem.
  12. Nice. Seems a bit salty though - is CVT oil really expensive or are the filters unobtanium? Still - I’ll definitely do it when everything else is sorted!
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