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  1. @DodgyBastard are you attending FOTU or can you not stand the cost of multiple car transporters to take your entire fleet there? 😂
  2. Planning on meeting with some folks at Colsterworth Truck Stop at ~0900-0930, it’s about 10 mins away from the venue if anyone’s keen?
  3. I fucking love having a unit. It’s cripplingly expensive but avoiding this BS is worth it. I’m surrounded by people who do car stuff for a living so they just leave me to it (and probably laugh at how inept I am)
  4. 2.0 8v HDi will be just behind the K11 Micra in the apocalypse.
  5. Well impressed by how you’re motoring through this revival, fair play.
  6. Oh I do like a Felicia. Have owned three - a 1.9D estate and two 1.3s (estate and hatch). Woefully miserable but by god I love them.
  7. Why does every piece of work I try to do to a car turn into a complete fuck on? Coolant change on Astra turned into a new radiator thanks to the outlet crumbling away as I removed the hose. Installing the new radiator today I realised the electrical connector on the fan was completely mullered - I think it took a knock when it was sitting around. No hope of repairing it so I’ll be replacing the fan too 🤦‍♂️ 🤞 it’ll make it to FOTU - I’ve bled the coolant and it’s running fine . New fan *should* arrive on Friday.
  8. Replacement fan should be here on Friday 🤞
  9. I’m hoping this is going to make an appearance (not the i3) It doesn’t currently have a radiator fan though, which is sub-optimal.
  10. Get him told to get right to fuck, what an absolute fucking roaster
  11. I do grow weary of these cunts after the 8473737th “omg China” comment
  12. Little bit behind schedule but behold! The new channel is GO!
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