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  1. Kiltox

    K11 Micra

    Tart up the steelies using a rattle can and sandpaper. If keeping it means it’s gonna keep living on the street in Edmonton, judging by the state of the i10’s bumpers I wouldn’t spend money on body work! if you can garage it or whatever then sure, real clean and tidy ones must be pretty few and far between!
  2. I live on a private, non adopted road. I pay for its maintenance shared with three other houses. I don’t own the road, but I have written permission from the landowner to park on it If you could kindly fuck off from parking there it would be greatly appreciated, everyone else. Kthx.
  3. You still need to interview usually, however much of a formality it is.
  4. Someone at work has outdone my X5 spectacularly - a 550i in metallic gold in SE spec. Holy fuck. Need to get a photo and see what interior it has if I see it again!
  5. That Felicia is ace, they all are. Woefully shit in most ways apart from being utterly dependable transport. They’ve been bangers for so long too, most of them look as fucked as that one.
  6. Ah. That might complicate matters. They could pull the health and safety card *rolls eyes*
  7. If it’s tested it’s tested unless the insurer is declining to cover it - unless you can find a direct DVSA source that says otherwise
  8. Who says it needs MOT early? I drove my Cat C van for almost a year before the first MoT
  9. Have you had anyone look over your CV? Fresh pair of eyes can make a world of difference. I’m not a recruiter / HR person but do change job relatively often, happy to have a look if you like.
  10. I’m guessing you’re pretty good at what you do though, else you wouldn’t have managed to last 20 years at it without getting caught out. Have you been at the same place for a long time? Been a while since you had to endure the utter fuckery that is recruitment?
  11. What do you do for a living?
  12. I enjoyed it. Also felt better about not having the most knackered Boxster in the world
  13. This prick. Aparrently it’s fine to use someone’s doorstep as a bin unless someone’s watching you (you can’t hear me use the intercom to tell him to pick it up, not sure why it doesn’t record that) 9A474F89-0508-45B4-A793-98C36B23F59B.mp4
  14. Get a dehumidifier in there if poss, great for drying out an interior edit - more of an overnight thing mind
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