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  1. A T4 that hasn’t been ruined in the name of “scene”?! U wot m8??
  2. F1 Autocentres do ditchfinders in that size for £25 each 👀 Probably the same super premium RoadX I’ve just bought for the Panda.
  3. It’ll grip better than the two different sized tyres currently on the back, neither of which match the front.
  4. Interestingly*, the budget ditchfinders in that size have no such indication.
  5. What’s the whole “spare / temp tyre” thing all about though?
  6. Is that the size from a space saver or something?
  7. Haha I don’t think it’ll be getting to the standard of that one McGrath are selling any time soon. Maybe if I spend £11,000 on it.
  8. Thanks! I don’t think any of the plethora of odd tyres I have are that size although there might be a 155/65 knocking around. I’m still going to go with the 155/80s as the cheapest way of having 4 matching legal tyres for now I think.
  9. Do we think I need to replace the fuel hose to the carb to make it longer? This one doesn’t seem to have the filter resting there, just a hose https://www.mcgrathitalian.co.uk/browse/cars/fiat-panda-30/
  10. Do we reckon I’ll get a phone call asking if I’m sure I have the right tyre size for my vehicle?
  11. Now has a OS mirror I’ll worry about the rust later. Changed the air filter and ignition leads today too. Think it starts a little easier now - before it was very clearly firing one cylinder up before the other and I think that has definitely improved! Must change the plugs too - they’re quite awkward though, socket I have doesn’t fit them due to how long they are. I bought a set of 4 steel wheels from Italian eBay a few months ago. Have put two of them in the boot of my MG so I can go and get a couple of tyres in the same size as the front axle. 155/80/13. Not sure
  12. Jonny doesn’t strike me as that kind of “influencer” unless you know different? He’s putting out some really good stuff at the moment.
  13. Autodoc were slow before Brexit - it’s not necessarily the cause. Prefer not to use them where possible as a result, tbh.
  14. Meanwhile I delivered to the same customer on both Saturday and Sunday last week. 🤦‍♂️
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