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  1. How many of those do you think are on Autoshite?
  2. This is very true! I’m pretty well paid when I’m doing contract IT shizz but spending months working for £9.69/h made me very aware of my outgoings and justification for them.
  3. Interesting stuff, thanks chief. Sticking with the Exxon5 for a bit but sub £300 leases do appeal
  4. Where can I get an A5 for £268 amortised over 2 years?! Surely more like £400
  5. Honest John just seems like a load of toss these days anyway. “Ohhhh don’t buy a 10 year old car it’ll be fucked” yet on another question “£600 sounds perfectly reasonable to replace an AC condenser on an old Accord”
  6. **trigger warning - possible man in pub bollocks** Working as a home delivery driver for a budget food retailer during a pandemic takes me to a whole spectrum of people. Our core customer base are in lower income areas, social/local authority housing. Due to the unavailability of delivery slots at pretty much everywhere else, though, I’ve also been to pretty much everything else - typical new build Barratt estate type stuff, fancy gated community immaculately kept exclusive type stuff, massive country piles with huge gravel driveways, etc etc. In the very lowest income areas, no car is the most common situation, followed closely by a brand new one which I (with no prior knowledge or anything, just a presumptive cunt) assume is Motability. Then the odd bit of 5-10 year old stuff which is probably on sub prime finance. The odd banger knocking about - usually outside the houses that are better kept and usually in half decent condition! Moving into the new build estates, you’ll struggle to find anything more than 3/4 years old. PCP is king here I suppose. Even the second or third car is pretty new, despite there being nowhere to park the fucking thing. Car wise, the social housing and the owner occupied / private rented doesn’t seem to have much difference really. The gated community is a surprise - you’ll have a pair of 10 year old cars on most of the driveways. If there is a 20 plate, there’s a 10/60 plate next to it. Assuming these are people that buy cars brand new and keep them for as long as they can before they start being a hindrance. Seriously expensive seriously desirable housing but the car is a tool and school fees cost money you know! Country pile - utility is key. Age and condition matter not. Having said all that - some people just want an appliance that works every time they need it to and think this means having a new car. Let them be.
  7. Aye, that’s me. PM me your address and I’ll send you a sticker for your Maserati
  8. Excellent! The 70s equivalent of my Aixam, I suppose?
  9. My days of using death sticks are over, not got the balls for it any more. Going to buy one of those proper floor mounted compressors when I next need to work on struts.
  10. Fucking love a 407 and the 2.0 HDi is the pick of the bunch.
  11. You might be able to do one of those £1 one way car rentals between Bristol and Glasgow, not sure if they do move cars that far though
  12. I’ve got one of these in the X5 at the moment because I don’t particularly want the mammoth task of replacing the factory head unit - it works surprisingly well for a tenner! IULONEE FM Transmitter Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Car Audio Radio Adapter MP3 Player Hand free Car Kit with Mic QC3.1A USB Charging Ports USB Flash Drive TF Card for i0S and Android Devices (Black) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07X2XGN7V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_PHiaFbXB1T60W
  13. I really want the head unit that Porsche have released for the 986/996 that looks like the original but has CarPlay etc. It’s about £1600 though!
  14. Ah, yes. Two owners in very quick succession would raise an alarm - unless it’s on Autoshite of course
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