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  1. Had a Primera GT for a bit - P11 so it was rather underwhelming but as you say, it just worked and felt utterly solid.
  2. Collected this on behalf of a shiter today. Guess there will be a video or two coming.... 👀
  3. If you’re going to buy something needing loads of work at least buy an S, not a 2.5.
  4. I’ve seen lower mileage 2.5s with issues similar sell for a grand. I wouldn’t even pay the current asking price.
  5. Oh shit the bumper was utterly fucked anyway.
  6. A thousand pound Boxster S? ”hello, when can I collect this please?” is the only message it requires, no?
  7. Built 1902, rebuilt from the ground up 2018. Apt, then, to park outside a symbol of a brand that has had its character hollowed out of it.
  8. +1 on “cheap locking tools are SHIT for these” - I had real trouble with them on a 1.6 Megane II.
  9. Phwoaaar. Fair play to you, you’re getting stuck right into this. 100/10.
  10. OFH gasket was the cause of my leaks and it seems to be doing ok for now - which as you know means it’s probably currently plotting to leak from somewhere else Bloody things.
  11. It has been a faithful companion to my OH who used it for the past year and a half. Cracking little motor. Also A1 buyer would sell car to completely sight unseen again A++++++
  12. Group. I’m a scumbag contractor though.
  13. 110 mile drive to work this morning Not bad going really!
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