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  1. Corsa B from the this DEFINITELY A TRADE ONLY CAR AUCTION OK place that @cort16 was on about in the modern section https://www.binca.co.uk/cars/vauxhall/corsa/club/315598/ Want to polish it so bad.
  2. They should’ve really launched it under a different brand and then did what you say - Dacia / Daewoo style dirt cheapness.
  3. I need to go via New Street to get pretty much anywhere - it is ridiculous.
  4. This could become a Rover thread so quickly but what about the Streetwise? Too early.... look how many similar cars there are today.
  5. Fog light dickheads - if there’s a tiny bit of fog but you can see half a mile up the road and are in bumper to bumper stop start traffic TURN YOUR FUCKING FOG LIGHT OFF Useless old cunts - we give way to traffic from the right at roundabouts. Not sure why you were shouting and screaming at me because you cut me up but I’ll see you at the other office later when I’m there for a meeting....
  6. It will be OBD2. Never heard of these being able to be read in that way.
  7. Often they’ll put the camshaft sensor fault code about when in fact the timing chain has stretched. Hopefully not that as I say. They’re brilliant at AN CAR.
  8. Remember the EML is a MOT failure now. Hopefully it isn’t a camshaft sensor code.
  9. Use loctite on inner track rods at the rack end or bad things happen No prizes for guessing how I know
  10. They won’t change the non transferable status of its current plate, but putting another on it won’t mean you cant get it back off.
  11. That’s bullshit from DVLA as said. Most often, they make a plate non transferable if you plate rape a car - ie take its original reg off onto retention. They issue it a new dated reg and make it non transferable so you can’t keep doing it.
  12. My unscientific test is going to be to drive it the same route I did the other day and see if/when the light comes back on. If it lasts longer, I assume the battery isn’t charging properly and it’s throwing the fault code when voltages get a bit on the low side.
  13. Focus battery is charging. Interestingly, the fault had cleared today anyway.... so I think I have fixed *something* Also did a collection. Will be staying under wraps for now......
  14. I’ll probably sling the old sensor back on just to see what’s what
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