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  1. Fuck sake. That’s awful.
  2. To me Grandad spec would be a deeply undesireable* colour combo, like brown on brown with wood trim. Not a base model - most giffers go mad with the spec sheet for “their last car”
  3. Sounds like my local branch is just being fucking awkward then. Typical.
  4. Halfords/Yuasa batteries can get in the sea. Massive, expensive one from my van is dead after about 18 months. Took it back today and they won’t do anything until they charge it (aparrently going to do so tonight) and test it. Sounds like the 5 year warranty isn’t worth the paper and they’re going to say “it’s fucked m8 but it’s not our fault”.
  5. PHWOAAAAAAAAR. Cars you didn’t know existed but now need. Anyone want to buy a Boxster?
  6. The Glasgow airport bus is about £9 so be grateful
  7. So you’re saying that I should appeal my speeding fine on grounds of discrimination?
  8. Fucksticks. Revenue Generation got me.
  9. It’s actually frightening - they seem so completely unaware that I doubt they’re fit to drive. Not to be all “omg think of the children” but it’s a busy pedestrian thoroughfare (doesn’t look it at 9.30am admittedly) and it could quite easily not have been a cone they hit.
  10. No experience of historic to be fair I’ve only ever gone from disabled to standard.
  11. I think you change class and tax it in one go, so you might be better just leaving it SORN...
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