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  1. Iceland don’t spend any money on cleaning products for the van yet expect it to shine. Toilet cleaner does the trick....
  2. This is your friendly reminder that I really fucking want to own this for some twisted reason 👀
  3. He had two comments, I guess the other one might’ve been filtered out by YT either because of his abusive language or mine
  4. Nu-MG owners are fantastic at this. Stick on tat galore, some of it (obviously) very Chinese. Door handle chrome finishers that say “FOR MG ZS” are a favourite.
  5. I don’t think I want to go *full clickbait* but it would be very entertaining indeed
  6. I also quite like Cleetus, probably just well produced and we are buying what they’re selling but whatever.
  7. Someone dug out one of my old videos to make this insightful input
  8. They’re absolutely killing it. Been watching them on and off since they were a tiny tiny channel.
  9. I’ll need to have a look - I thought TGE was quite bad for not caring about that 😂
  10. I’ll punt fucking anything if I’m given half a chance tbh 😂 money talks.
  11. You need some serious views for the ad revenue to make actual money whereas some of these sponsorship deals pay thousands for a single video, as long as you have the regular audience to support it.
  12. This is where the real money is I believe. Especially in the US.
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