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  1. Kiltox

    Electric shite

    The heater makes a difference however as long as you’re not driving around with it full blast all the time (which you wouldn’t, because it gets stupidly hot) then it’s not that big a deal. Lights/radio/wipers/fan are negligible.
  2. Kiltox

    Electric shite

    The guess-o-meter shows predicted range based on a number of factors - outside temperature being one of them but driving style etc all playing a part. It’s common for new EV owners to obsess over it but the best thing you can do for your own sanity is just to drive the thing and plug it in when it needs charging. It’s much more accurate towards the lower end of % SoC than the top - a bit like a fuel gauge.
  3. My local “tests only” place is fantastic. They charge £45 and give free retests within the 10 working day “partial test” window no matter what it fails on. Flipping it on the head to “no pass no fee” seems odd but 🤷‍♂️ whatever.
  4. Is this the best £14 you can spend on an old car? (WARNING: CONTAINS CRIMES AGAINST DETAILING!)
  5. There’s some paint under the filth! New plates make so much difference too
  6. Had an offer on this from a good friend that’ll be hard to turn down 😂 but because she is a good friend I’ll obviously be spending the profit on repairs and maintenance before she has it.
  7. 👀 better be that Z4. Winter convertibles are for winners.
  8. Used the most appropriate vehicle for the weather conditions on my commute this morning, obviously
  9. Cheers! I’ve built a following of EV nutters on my main channel but definitely keen to do some shit car tinkering stuff on the other 👌
  10. Can buy one of those outright for not much more than that. I’m guessing that looks like a significantly better deal if you’re salary sacrificing it as a 40%+ taxpayer though.
  11. Yeah it’s quite interesting to see that a TT starts at £36,400 today - so much for cars getting more expensive, eh?
  12. In 2003 the FWD coupe wasn’t available so the 150ps Roadster was the cheapest TT by quite some way!
  13. Looks like leather/alcantara was a “no cost option” on the coupe, implies you *could* still have cloth if you really wanted to? Edit - maybe not, maybe that’s a “half leather” option instead of full leather??
  14. In a world where I took this home last night for £590 you can imagine my surprise when BMW quoted me £430 for the first service on my 2021 i3 today WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK
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