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  1. The what in the who now? What option do I select on the diagnostics to check that? (I know what the float is, I’ve no idea how to check if it works)
  2. It reeks of fuel, if anything it’s flooding. Starting to think ignition is the culprit.
  3. Set the mixture screw to roughly this and it started immediately and ran pretty well. Took it around the estate where the unit is and it just randomly died out of the blue. Wouldn’t restart, so cue the trailer’s first official outing about 300 yards away from the unit 😂
  4. Went all sceneyo with the front plate in the window cause I can't find any more sticky pads
  5. Anyone got a rough guide for setting up a carb from scratch? It’s running far too rich atm, so it won’t start when even remotely warm and stalls at idle if you let it. Managed to take it for a quick run around the block earlier but it conked out as I pulled back into the estate where the unit is!
  6. Did it have a horrible aftermarket one on it? I can’t remember if that was one of the very few jobs I had to do to it. Stonking thing.
  7. I really want to try one of these to see how it compares to the A8. Always been more of a BMW wanker than an Audi one.
  8. It’s not a new concept in the slightest and it revolves around running a car on an absolute shoestring, binning it for another at the moment it needs anything involved (like a cambelt or a head gasket!). Legal and running, just. The @sierramanschool of motoring if you will. Granted you haven’t strayed from it as far as the person that told me their 2014 BMW was bangernomics
  9. That’s running a car, it’s not bangernomics in the slightest?
  10. I’ve got one properly triggered now - he’s left 12 comments on the Y video in about 2 mins
  11. He took the X5 from 17mpg to 30 😳
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