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  1. Aye it’s still doing it’s thing. I changed the AC condenser the other week, need to get it gassed up and hope it works! Glad the van’s still sort of going alright 😂- hopefully it’s a cheap fix
  2. Was pretty nice by the time I got to work this morning 👌
  3. Some bit of gear 💪 220 mile round trip commute today. Roof down at 0530 was a bit chilly nearly made it home before the rain too. First time it’s been rained on in ages I bet
  4. Duster Access for £9495 in 2017. “Oh you don’t want one of those, how about the xxxxx model?” were the first words from the salesman’s mouth.
  5. Seems there were a handful of automatics too - although I’m not 100% sure of that
  6. Registered as a “VAUXHALL ASTRA CONVERTIBLE” 21 licensed and 132 SORN down from a heady 2926!
  7. Yeah it’s the saloon underneath - @red5 said he bought a saloon back box for it and it fitted perfectly.
  8. Took it for a proper shake down run tonight. Still think it’s pretty well sorted. Could do with tyres I think, they’re a bit meh/tired/could use balancing anyway. Imagine they’re cheap, if it behaves I might throw a set at it Has a smell of fuel that’s a bit of a worry. Not in the engine bay and couldn’t smell it when I stuck my head under near where the fuel filler is (which the last one had an issue with). Suspect the seal on the sender under the rear bench? Not sure. That’s about it! It’s fab.
  9. How Many Left isn’t exactly an exact science however this car is registered as “VAUXHALL ASTRA 2.0I BERTONE” There was a peak of 682 licensed in 1995 Q4 which has declined ever since. As of 2021 Q3, 11 licensed and 49 SORN. I think it’s safe to assume a fair number of the SORN ones are actually dead, just not scrapped properly. I’ve checked the other “Bertone” variants on HML and they all refer to the later Astra G. There were some of these with 1.6 engines though, not sure what they’re registered as.
  10. Me too! im sure it’s going to get the “bUt tHaT’S Not uNEXCEptIONAL EnOuGH” bellends frothing at FOTU but I don’t think anyone could agree that an Astra F of any form is exceptional, least of all a cabriolet!
  11. Couple more photos shamelessly stolen from @red5 who supplied this fine motor car. I’ll get into it properly later in the week!
  12. I had an Astra F last year but it wasn’t a convertible!
  13. WELL THEN Lack of live collection shots sadly, but I did a buy
  14. That’s the problem innit - nobody else makes a death trap quite like it 👌
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