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  1. I remember when I thought 50 was old.
  2. That rip in the seat isn't going to get any better. Take the seat cover off and glue a lining on the back (use flexible glue) then restitch the seams. Something to do when it's raining.
  3. I don't know if Jethro Bonner has been mentioned yet.
  4. Add an air freshener to the list.
  5. And drivers seat cover.
  6. I think Mr Bollox used an electric spray gun on his (if I remember correctly) Landcrab.
  7. I've an apartment in Santa Pola. Was supposed to be there over easter, postponed to August (hopefully).
  8. Where about is your house in Costa Blanca?
  9. Pakistani Trucks would've had that done and dusted in half a day for about £20.
  10. Skelmersdale is the same.
  11. They were Government lightbulbs, keeping you in the dark. (JOKE. Don't start going all political).
  12. Have you checked the other side?
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