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  1. Sadly that looks like Angel wing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angel_wing
  2. Slade, early 70's. Best concert ever.
  3. DeeJay

    Bodge Jobs

    Was your bike a Chipper?
  4. Now you have to polish the rest to match the valves.
  5. So that's what those ladies were doing in those old videos. Apparently there's a hands free version.
  6. Get in touch and tell them no damage found and thank them for their honesty.
  7. Walking around Sefton Park lake, my 2 will eat the duck shit off the path.
  8. Good news. What did the vet think was wrong with him, something he ate?
  9. Is that an actual print off from a Haynes, if so it's better detailed than the usual shite.
  10. Just make sure it's the car going up and not the jacking point bending down.
  11. Fingers crossed for him Cav.
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