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  1. Or have you bought it, welded it and sold it yet?
  2. If it's a recliner chair the back is normally held on with a couple spring clips.
  3. I had a step ladder. Couldn't have a ladder of my own.
  4. Copy his advert onto Gumtree. He'll get that pissed off with the "250 quid 2nite m8" brigade he might return your calls.
  5. Cheer up you righty, capitalistic chicken licker.
  6. Do you sneeze with intent? I'll get my coat.
  7. Will it just be a "Cellar" by now?
  8. Are you going to give the head the Dave numbers treatment (wet and dry glued to a flat bit of worktop)?
  9. The rate you're going at it'll be painted, back in the car and ticking over by Wednesday.
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