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  1. Pretty sure the shitty Maxus I bought and then scrapped because of how fucked it was had a crazy high reading in its MOT history too.
  2. Honestly, it’s an absolute fucking cesspit sometimes. Made worse by content that divides opinion however even @Skizzer gets the odd idiot and his content is about as non-polarising as is possible.
  3. Your government needs you to keep buying petrol and diesel
  4. Who knew that car rental company fanboys were a thing?
  5. I’m thinking about doing mugs with some of those quotes on
  6. T-Shirts are really easy but shirts in crazy patterns a bit harder!
  7. A few people have said similar in my comments I don’t even know where to begin getting something like that done.
  8. Not satisfied with making millions* from YouTube I’ve had some stickers printed and am now selling them at https://www.modernheroes.tv - be ironic as fuck and put them on your shit old car kthx
  9. Christ, some people really don’t like the Citroen Ami
  10. Christ, they must be struggling. I thought it was just Enterprise that kept them on fleet this long.
  11. Jez is obviously such a bosg he couldn’t afford a proper plate.
  12. Which pikey outfit is that from? Enterprise? Agreed it always feels like you’ve lost the hire car lottery if it’s a bit older.
  13. This has been surprisingly well received by my Chinese overlords, so much so they've asked me to review another product that is even more intended for the home rather than a vehicle - I've said yes of course, more hilarity on it's way Some of my subscribers seem to be taking it a little too seriously though.
  14. This is how you review something completely irrelevant and make it about your channel's topic
  15. It’s massive. I’ll try to compare it to other watches in the video 👀
  16. I guess they are but only the wanks you describe bother to talk about it on the internet.
  17. Have you met EV drivers? Someone posted on one of the big FB groups the other day that they work for a charity and the chargers at a site they look after are being abused - PodPoint that gives you a 15 min grace period to confirm the charge in the app. People are sitting there charging for 15 mins for free, unplugging then plugging back in to avoid paying.
  18. That does inhibit the rate of charge slightly right enough.
  19. There wouldn’t be any difference. As long as they’re rated the same (32A) they’ll charge at the same rate.
  20. What’s that? You want to see a man take a cable out of a box AGAIN? Say no more
  21. 4k watch hours and I believe they’ve added some other shite recently too. I swear some people think you just need to upload a single video and money starts rolling in
  22. This boils my piss more than people who are abusive
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