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  1. It has been a faithful companion to my OH who used it for the past year and a half. Cracking little motor. Also A1 buyer would sell car to completely sight unseen again A++++++
  2. Totally would if I didn’t have far too many cars already
  3. Doesn’t have the original CD30 radio does it? You say ignition live only but those are renowned for turning themselves on.
  4. thanks For those that don’t know what they’re on about (but of course you do because you’re subscribed and have notifications turned on, right???), video is here Was quite fun to make actually, might make it a regular thing.
  5. It’s a lovely example and the 216 cabriolet is actually surprisingly good fun - granted it’s more fun with a manual gearbox rather than the CVT my one is inflicted with
  6. Bloody hell, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this. It’s been a crazy few months! Things are going to change a bit because I’m still working 6 days a week but I’m hopefully going to be able to start making videos again!
  7. I wonder when it last had Michelin tyres on
  8. A Citroen specialist won’t know shit about air con - find an air con specialist. not joking - so few people actually repair their air con in this country that you won’t get proper service from anyone apart from places that spend their entire day working with it.
  9. Right. I’ve massively neglected pretty much everything for the past few months however today I have dispatched a shipment of fail to @cobblers in the hope that the Aixam battery charger unit can be resurrected. Updates as I get them!
  10. Any chance we can apply something similar (perhaps stricter) to the for sale section? We seem to have an influx of people only joining to try and buy cheap shite with no interaction elsewhere.
  11. How many of those do you think are on Autoshite?
  12. This is very true! I’m pretty well paid when I’m doing contract IT shizz but spending months working for £9.69/h made me very aware of my outgoings and justification for them.
  13. Interesting stuff, thanks chief. Sticking with the Exxon5 for a bit but sub £300 leases do appeal
  14. Where can I get an A5 for £268 amortised over 2 years?! Surely more like £400
  15. Honest John just seems like a load of toss these days anyway. “Ohhhh don’t buy a 10 year old car it’ll be fucked” yet on another question “£600 sounds perfectly reasonable to replace an AC condenser on an old Accord”
  16. **trigger warning - possible man in pub bollocks** Working as a home delivery driver for a budget food retailer during a pandemic takes me to a whole spectrum of people. Our core customer base are in lower income areas, social/local authority housing. Due to the unavailability of delivery slots at pretty much everywhere else, though, I’ve also been to pretty much everything else - typical new build Barratt estate type stuff, fancy gated community immaculately kept exclusive type stuff, massive country piles with huge gravel driveways, etc etc. In the very lowest income areas, no
  17. Aye, that’s me. PM me your address and I’ll send you a sticker for your Maserati
  18. Excellent! The 70s equivalent of my Aixam, I suppose?
  19. My days of using death sticks are over, not got the balls for it any more. Going to buy one of those proper floor mounted compressors when I next need to work on struts.
  20. Fucking love a 407 and the 2.0 HDi is the pick of the bunch.
  21. You might be able to do one of those £1 one way car rentals between Bristol and Glasgow, not sure if they do move cars that far though
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