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  1. This is seriously impressive - some might say it’s the way charging should’ve been for a long time now!
  2. Can someone tell this guy to fuck off in a way that is a bit more eloquent than I’m going to manage having been out of the house for the past 12 hours filming? ta
  3. No, they don’t. “This vehicle was originally registered to a business and therefore may have had multiple users” is all they need to say. Buried deep in the small print on the advert.
  4. Shhh don't tell them! You are of course correct. I bought an ex rental 320d Touring a couple of years ago - it was less than a year old but had 12k on the clock. Was absolutely spot on, properly clean and tidy too. What really should keep you up at night is the rental I have parked outside at the moment. It's a 2019 420i with 17,000 miles on the clock. When Enterprise de-fleet it it'll look like any other second hand car with average mileage. This worries me a lot more than the short term sub-12 months old stuff - the longer it spends on a fleet the more chance for abuse there is
  5. They exist at every age/price point! For every @sierraman there's another chap who will never buy new and always buys 3 years old. Another that will always buy six months old because they've lost so much in such a short time..... but they'd never consider buying an ex rental car 😉
  6. Where do you think all of the "Oh I'd never buy a brand new car" people get their cars from?
  7. Vauxhall Corsa or similar 👌 (our i3 is at the spa - they give you an Enterprise rental when it’s in for recall work. That’ll do. )
  8. Have you seen a new build estate recently? Ample is not how I would describe parking. There’s not ample parking for the two Fiat Panda household, never mind a couple of SUVs.
  9. Probably not worth bothering anyway 🤷‍♂️ 😂
  10. If I haven’t given up long before then Keeping all of my camera equipment charged and working is going to be the biggest challenge I reckon
  11. Friday off work and this is provisionally how I’m going to be spending it: Five locations where I want to film at least one thing - possibly more at a couple of them Might be a bit ambitious
  12. I’m definitely on the “use a AC specialist” side of this fence. I had the ex @purplebargeken now @egg Hyundai i10 regassed at a cheap place - it all fucked off out of a hole in the condenser the next day.
  13. Given I spent most of the weekend in it I don’t think I want to know what that test would reveal
  14. They've just got to be haven't they? Does it even get warm at all?
  15. Guessing a sponsorship deal with enterprise won’t be happening any time soon
  16. I really liked my P11 Primera in a AN CAR kind of way.
  17. I note that their covid cleaning standards bumf doesn’t say “we’ll make sure there’s no massive cum stains on the seats”
  18. Look at the fucking state of this Neglected builders van? No, a freshly collected rental from enterprise.
  19. They just can’t actually work can they? Glad you liked the 360 cam - it’s really hard to edit and the quality definitely suffered because my editing machine isn’t quite up to the task. Might not be able to keep using it as the main camera as a result but I do hope to get proper use of it!
  20. Iceland don’t spend any money on cleaning products for the van yet expect it to shine. Toilet cleaner does the trick....
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