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  1. He’s turned comments off now but was properly doubling down when people were laughing at him “what kind of dodgy dealer would only change one tyre??” FUCKING ALL OF THEM??
  2. Imagine being the poor cunt selling a car to this
  3. Did we miss the 320si and mega mile Megane 225? Man’s a fucking mentalist.
  4. @SiCgive the man the admin password, he owns the site now.
  5. Takes years off it just tidying up those fog grills, fair play. Oil pump like that was my plan too, it’s so easy when you can get to the filter up top.
  6. Kiltox

    FOTU 2023

    Some would tell you that FOTU is the anti-this but it’s getting more and more like that every year.
  7. Kiltox

    FOTU 2023

    Was that the same fucking McLaren as last year? 🤦‍♀️ Didnt make it this year but tbh I think I’m done with it.
  8. Not me sir! Didn’t make it this year.
  9. It’s party trick is doing pretty much the same mpg when you have your foot buried firmly into the carpet the whole way instead 😆
  10. Yep, doesn’t include Ami though unless there’s more than one?
  11. Yes please!!! I found some other Matchbox EVs but Ami still alludes me.
  12. If I’m the dickhead that lost the history it’ll be in my unit - I’ll have a look!
  13. Nothing wrong with that. Commenting, clicking like etc helps boost a video because YouTube likes interaction/engagement - but watch time is king at the end of the day.
  14. Aye probably. It’s a thankless task innit 😉
  15. Seems to be capable of commenting like a normal human when he’s watching other channels, mind
  16. This guy’s hard drive definitely needs checking @Dave_Q- someone who’s not a nonce doesn’t speak like this
  17. Seems a theme with him - ranted on about how I’m a WINDAE LICKER on previous videos.
  18. Still shows for me, I think YouTube tries to filter the more abusive stuff though which might be why.
  19. Helps my engagement so feel free to argue with him about whether or not you’re a true WL or not for eternity 😂
  20. No idea but this cunt could do with ocean going, perhaps in a submarine...
  21. Is anyone actually that mental about the ramblings of someone on YouTube though? Or is @Aston Martin just a master troll?
  22. Mr Shouty returns! I can’t work out if he’s @Aston Martin taking the piss using an alter ego or genuinely this unhinged Certainly put @Dave_Q in his place that’s for sure
  23. I’m bad for fixing the stupid things people don’t normally care about - parking sensors and headlight washers on my A8 for example - I don’t like it nagging me that something is broken
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