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I spotted this CX GTI today in Murrayfield area of Edinburgh. There is a note in the windscreen giving owners name and number saying it is legally insured, taxed and MOT'd but car has broken down and recovery booked for 30 June- so car still there weeks later and tax up at end of the month.

No idea of fault but guess either engine or suspension as the note refers to specialist recovery due to low suspension.

Be a shame to see a car like that scrapped.


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It is Scooters one. Can be seen in the background of this photo on his Volvo for sale thread:




PM him on here. Think there will be a thread saying whats wrong with it too. 


*EDIT* Here it is: 




Where is he based now, I cant remember.

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You're not going to get a standard jack or trolley under the usual jacking places - mine was about 1" off the ground at full rest. You may be able to get the suspension up with an electric drill spinning the pump belt. I have heard of this working, but not seen it. It takes a long time.

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Can you jack these and wedge the suspension up with wooden blocks?


Yes, it takes two or three minutes if you've chocks the right size ready and waiting. If not, then however long to procure saw and hardwood.


Jacking from the towbar is the best way when one's fitted, then chocking under the rear subframe. Then there's enough room to get under the front subframe and do the same.



If it's a manual, you might get away with dragging it down the road in a high gear to make the pump turn - depends how long the road is!


Naw, definitely not - too many CXs have had their longerons bent doing this which are not a quick replacement. A good idea to push it onto some planks and make more room for a jack, though. ]

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ideed, it's my CX. It was parked in Coltbridge in Murrayfield, I lived on that road and the bowling club manager was keeping an eye on it for me. Both the council and the police knew it was mine as well. Taxed and insured. 

Unfortunately it looks like the head has gone on it, not just a gasket job either. I've had it moved to a friends yard in Edinburgh (Barnton Nucelar Bunker) and it will be shipped to Hexham as soon as I can get the space here for a rebuild. I am considering throwing some cash at it this year.


Anyway, good spot. It only broke down in late June as well - I was brushing the tree crap from it on a weekly basis but it is amazing how quickly leaves, petals etc build up on a car not being used.


I fully expect it to beback in use by June.


good spot BTW!


I am tempted by the ex Dolywobbler - FOAD custody CX but the too do list with cars is too long just now


current daily is the od 244DL 4 speed (1982 vintage) and I'm also using an XM TD but having some issues with the electrics at the moment - battery terminals are a bitch on XMs!


Anyway - if you want to contact me - Facebook autoshite is best as I am rarely on here these days.





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