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  1. It was a factory option... Italian styling at its best*. Makes the BTCC/DTM version look discreet...
  2. [Enabler] Well, BMC did use to say the cars were perfectly safe to drive at 30MPH with the suspension deflated... [/Enabler]
  3. There must be a new leak somewhere... ride height had not changed in the five months (and over a thousand miles) since I pumped it up to the recommended pressure. Is your pump the grease gun based type ? They work, but their output is pretty small so it would take an awfully long time for you to correct such a massive drop. If nobody local has access to a Dalek, you are welcome to pop into Fraud Garages and use my Heath Robinson inspired version. But driving 150 miles on the bump stops may not be a great idea... Regarding hydrolastic fluid, a 50% v/v mix of ethylene glycol antifreeze and distilled water is a good enough substitute for the proper fluid (which IIRC is alcohol based).
  4. Oh, FFS ! I recall the front-rear hydrolastic pipes had been replaced on one side but not the other - IIRC the nearside were new, so it may be time for the offside line to be renewed. I don't recall the hydrolastic unit flexible pipes looking too bad, so it should hopefully not need that. Or, maybe it's just the Schrader valve (buy a lottery ticket if it is !).
  5. Here's the full story, I hope @HMC does not mind a brief thread highjack... As mentioned earlier on in the thread, I've wanted a post-war Lanchester Fourteen for ages. But they'd always been outside my budget, and I've also been a bit unsure that I would like the 1950s driving experience they offer. The Conquest is, of course, a facelifted Fourteen and the Century model comes with an engine which allows it to (just about) keep up with modern traffic. So when HMC's Daimler came up for sale at an affordable price, it was impossible for me to resist. Messages were exchanged and a swap with his/my ADO16 was agreed. HMC forewarned me that the Daimler had been temperamental, and suggested it would be wise to transport rather than drive her back to Chez Fraud. Being a complete idiot, I ignored his warnings, and this morning set off for Tavistock in the ADO16 with a plan to drive the Daimler back to base. After a most pleasant chat, meeting Duggy_HMC, and an exchange of keys and V5s, I set off. Three miles later, breakdown number 1 occurred : The Daimler began misfiring heavily under load, the engine stopped, and couldn't be restarted. A prolonged and incredibly frustrating call to my breakdown assistance provider followed, when I was basically told that they would be doing me a favour to send someone out, and it would take at least 2-3 hours for them to come and "assess" the car. Having nothing better to do, and with a full toolkit and some consumables in the boot, I made my own assessment and replaced the condenser with a spare. I turned the key and the Daimler fired into life instantly. I did a little dance, cancelled the breakdown call out, and set off again. The car ran nicely and I made good progress until I somehow managed to make a wrong turn and ended up in stop-start traffic in the centre of Exeter. The Daimler performed admirably for a good half hour, then the misfire returned and I just about managed to limp it onto the pavement before it died and wouldn't restart. Splendid, breakdown number 2. This time I rang my classic insurer, who offer their own breakdown assistance. It was a totally different experience to my "mainstream" provider, I got a most helpful call handler and 45 minutes later an AA patrol van (sub-contracted, naturally) turned up. Typically, in the AA man's presence, the Daimler started first turn of the key and settled to a nice, steady idle. Bloody thing ! I was now suspecting a failing coil, but AA man told me he was not carrying a spare (outrageous !), and by this time all local motor factors had shut. So I set off again, resigned to the fact that breakdown number 3 could well occur. Only it didn't, and the old beast got me back to base without any further issue : Hooray ! Now time to start fixing things...
  6. Breaking News : Idiot manages 120 mile Daimler collection return trip with only two breakdowns. Full report to follow !
  7. Off on a collection mission... Obligatory breakfast picture :
  8. Ooh, I've always wanted one of those re-badged Lanchesters ! I think I'll really struggle to resist when it inevitably comes up for sale in a few weeks...
  9. The humanity... At least, opening rear windows plus extremely popular smol car mean replacement should be neither difficult nor expensive. Count your blessings, and all that ! Edit : Any plans to roffle the stone ? "Surrey thatched cottage, spares or repair" ?
  10. After reading this thread, I was really dreading the arrival of my renewal quote... It's now landed, and the premium is 50% more than last year, despite no changes to my circumstances whatsoever ! Furious, I went on the usual comparison websites to find a cheaper alternative. But it soon turned out that the cheapest of the alternatives is actually 25% more than what my current insurer has quoted !
  11. Ultra-rare, but sadly only fit for spares... Perhaps of some use to @wuvvum ?
  12. There were two suspension options (standard and sport), and then different springs depending on the engine fitted and the presence of the optional panoramic roof. The springs fitted to inconsistant's car are the correct type ; I know, because I had checked the parts catalogue before buying them. They are, however, cheap aftermarket parts rather than genuine Audi. There are threads on the A2OC which suggest many aftermarket spring manufacturers take a "that will do" approach rather than exactly match the original specifications ; this could explain why the ride height may seem a bit on the high side.
  13. ABS light is clearly the wiring, when that is repaired the light will simply go off and stay off (the system self-tests after every start). EML was due to an EGR flow code when I owned the car, hence the EGR pipe replacement (done during Alan Prost's tenure). A VCDS scan will help you work out if it's still the same code (in which case the valve itself may be to blame), or whether there's another issue. The good news is that the car's age means a lit EML will not be an MoT failure anyway. Oh, and get yourself on the A2OC forum. There is loads of know-how on there, and it's also the best place to source A2-specific parts at reasonable prices.
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