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  1. Excellent work, and welcome to the Autoshite KITCAR MASSIV !
  2. How about an engine that can't decide whether it's a V4 or a V8 ?
  3. Perhaps I'm stretching the definition of a production vehicle, but how about the delightful Melkus RS1000 ?
  4. Ignition switch ? Pretty common 1990s VW problem, they fail without much notice and result in a "turns over but won't start" fault. A new switch is really cheap to buy, but a complete bugger to replace.
  5. I presume you're confirmed the origin of the noise is not the drum brakes ? I've been caught out before...
  6. They're nothing special to drive, because they're basically a Polo 9N with a fancy aluminium body. The latter is actually pretty well engineered, though that stupid bonnet is a notable exception.
  7. Only an unhinged engineer would design an un-hinged bonnet. Vorsprung durch Wahnsinn !
  8. Absolutely correct - don't worry about the mayo, those engines aren't prone to OMGHGF. Just find the cause of the coolant leak, my money would be on a corroded radiator.
  9. [Talking to wife on the phone] "No, of course I didn't spend my whole day off browsing Autoshite ! In fact, I managed to fix both the roof of the shed and the handbrake of the Mondeo !"
  10. Mercedes actually made quite a few changes to them in 2018, but nobody seems to have noticed 😁
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