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  1. What can I say, you're a much, much braver man than I am ! My reaction would have been along these lines :
  2. Automatic adjusters on this one, a pretty smart design that unfortunately is very unreliable : If the adjuster teeth are not worn out, a good clean may get them working again. They're pretty cheap, though, so I normally just replace because taking drum brakes apart over and over again is soul destroying !
  3. I'm also a big fan of Millyard ! It's amazing that someone can make the stuff he makes in a small garage, using simple hand tools and a basic lathe ! It's a shame he doesn't do four wheels. The Beardmores (remember them ?) had a similar "made in a shed with simple tools" approach back in the 90s, but they usually kept the running gear side of things pretty conventional.
  4. I know nothing about BMWs, but a drain and refill of the 206 box should require around 4 litres. Opie lists the correct LT 71141 fluid for £12/litre. This should leave you with enough change from your £500 to buy another roadworthy 206 as a backup !
  5. PSA says "sealed for life", but I'd replace the ATF every 60k because it's easier and cheaper than replacing the box. For more info on how to do it, see here.
  6. You're right that the units are different for conventional and CANBUS wired cars, but IIRC there are also differences between model years and trim levels. Being Peugeot, it would not surprise me if none of them are interchangeable. Is your current unit beyond repair ? Sometimes all they need is new bulbs, sometimes you need to change the ribbon cable which is fiddly but not impossible.
  7. Hmmm... One possibility is that the garage didn't follow the correct procedure to bleed the cooling system. It eventually self-bleeds, which could explain the coolant level going down after a few days of using the car. The other possibility is that there is a leak somewhere in the system. Common culprits are the stupid plastic housing on the right hand side of the head (I now know to use half a tube of Reinzosil to seal it !) and the OEM spring clips (I now know to replace them with Jubilee clips !).
  8. "Sometimes a dropped washer is just a dropped washer." Great work, by the way. I'd never thought I'd find those Vespoids interesting, until I began reading this topic !
  9. Mr Castro's post above may seem cryptic, but it's based on a true story ! The moral of said story is : if you buy a silver 206, you will most certainly buy another (or, possibly, the same) silver 206 in the future. There's clearly something irresistible about them !
  10. And, to finally get things fully up-to-date, here's the story of the X-Trail ! It was spring 2020, and the Astra had been my only road-legal car for nearly six months. It had almost everything I needed : it was comfortable, frugal and completely dependable. What it did not have was sufficient luggage space, even with the rear seats folded. With a continental holiday approaching, I decided to have a quick look on ebay and see if I could find something more spacious within my meagre budget. To my great surprise, I found this : A first-generation X-Trail, that was both reason
  11. The 206's OMGHGF trouble meant that the Polo was granted a stay of execution, and by late 2020 the 100k milestone was finally reached : A few days later, its Covid MoT extension was coming to an end, so it went in for its test. I expected the worst, but was surprised to find it had only failed on a "small hole" in the nearside sill. So I drove it to the workshop one evening after work, hoping that a couple of hours' work would be enough for a small MoT-standard patch. Typically, it was the coldest, windiest, most miserable evening possible, and I had to work outdoors :
  12. You may recall that Mrs F had been very, very impressed with the 206 she had briefly owned. So much so, that she decided she wanted another one, as a permanent replacement for the Polo : Now, you may remember what I had said back in early 2019 : For that reason, I spent several weeks intensively searching for the best, low-mileage 206 that I could possibly find. And this was it ! Just 26k on the odometer, and truly looking like a million dollars francs ! I collected it from The Smoke, and drove it straight into the workshop for a proper check and a replacement of the c
  13. The purchase of the Astra meant that my daily wheels were sorted for the foreseeable future. It also made Mrs F jealous, as she was still driving around in this : A truly shining* example of the engineering perfection* that VAG is renowned for. Bought with 40k miles on the odometer in December 2015, it was approaching 100k in December 2019. Regular readers will remember what a paragon of reliability* this car has been, though a big part of this has admittedly been due to neglectful previous owners. Over the past five years, it's had : two cambelt kits, three thermosta
  14. So... We're in September 2019, and I've just been lured into a new job by promises of fast promotion and untold riches. My new commute is 40 miles each way, mostly along busy motorways, and after a few weeks it's clear that my trusty Ignis is really not the right car for that. It was amazing for hooning across the pothole-ridden roads of rural Hants, but clearly not designed to spend two hours a day at (and definitely not above, officer !) the national speed limit. So I kept an eye out for something slightly bigger and more comfortable. And, because the new job was diabolically busy
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