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  1. This lad is on with one ATM, and his head has suffered exactly that. https://youtu.be/Rze0erudUys
  2. Nice to see a few different cars. I stopped going to this due to the nigh on identical turnout, every time.
  3. filthyjohn is your man. He was doing the t-shirts, and can also do stickers.
  4. Re IMCDB, has the one that appears twice in ‘Ali G Indahouse’ been identified? Just thought about it the other day lol.
  5. Can these not end up throwing up the EML and going into limp mode if the fuel sender wrongly tells the ECU there's zero fuel in the tank?
  6. That came up on Google, but I never noticed the one I was after? http://autoshite.com/topic/27069-information-sites/ LBF
  7. I remember someone knocked up an AS login for ETIS, anyone know the details? Have searched...
  8. Rebecca Racer is ace. She used to be on another ‘what car should I buy?’ prog.
  9. He is just offering real world advice. Things to consider, following the acquisition of any car. Re financing everything, do you not want to work at all? If you do, try this company https://www.performanceinpeople.co.uk/ I know a lass who used to work from home, calling Mazda customers who had either bought a new car, or had servicing carried out. Her job was just to complete a short telephone survey gathering their feedback. £2 a call, and she never had to leave the house for the job. Not the most exciting or well paid, but certainly a means to and end. If I were you, I'd contact them and see what they are currently offering.
  10. It’s always old faithful for me. Back seats out and a false floor replaced them. The ‘load bed’ isn’t as long as my Mondeo, so that gets the cleaner jobs and/or things that will break. But the opening rear window on the Rexton is ideal for many other longer items. I was at the tip yesterday with it, rammed with stuff. Rubble, glass, door, carpet and underlay, metal, wood, plastic, laminate, bits of old kitchen. Although it did raise the comment “Can anyone smell fried eggs?” from one of the workers. Lol. It will certainly earn its keep with me this year, as I renovate my house and garden, build a garage etc. So yeah, that’s my vote.
  11. It’s worth buying SVO @ 70p/l I reckon, and it saves all the fucking about.
  12. Here's my guide: Find the right vehicle and pour it in. I've been running a 2.9TD Rexton on it for two years, it hasn't even seen a fuel filter.
  13. “TIME!” You been giving Ave on YouTube another chance, mate?
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