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  1. overrun

    TV cars

    I can’t believe you have never done a J turn!
  2. Ones of note for me are a couple of mk1 XR2’s, around ten years ago. Lots of P11 Primera GT’s (I think I have personally weighed in about 8 ) along with a few P10 eGT’s and even a P10 eZX. An early Volvo 343 oh, and a JDM spec P11 Primera that I bought when it wasn’t actually for sale, solely for its folding wing mirrors and black dash. (can you tell I was into these things?) I’ll no doubt regret stripping and weighing in a Rev 3 turbo MR2 in a few years, also! There’s been more, but this is what comes to mind at 2am.
  3. 3M kit and a tin of lacquer makes the most sense for doing this, IME.
  4. Sorted. Resynced fob.
  5. Just found touch key lol. In my tool box in my dad’s garage. i had a thought and there it was. Hmmm, this should work out OK.
  6. I guess I could wait and order a new touch key. https://cobracartech.co.uk/cobra-replacement-key-fobs-cases/286-cobra-touch-key--5060719901147.html Unsure is the car needs to be disarmed before you can input the PIN with this. Guess not? I’ll look into it, but I still would like to move it today. My neighbour has a lot of visitors.
  7. So my MR2 has a Cobra CAT 1 fitted. Only one fob has been in use, and yesterday it decided it no longer wants to work (battery is fine). I have a touch key somewhere - lost in house move - and the PIN with fitting certificate, but as I can’t find the touch key, the fobs aren’t playing ball and I’m not the biggest fan of the system to begin with (shit fobs), I am leaning towards unlocking the car with the key, removing and then destroying the siren and having a company come out and fit a Toad or something. The car is at the front of my drive at present, and ideally I need to move it today, or I will no doubt end up blocked in by next door, if I park behind the Toyota. So, questions... What would you do? I favour wrapping the siren in rags and dropping it into a bucket of water. The car will obviously still be immobilised, so I will have to push it up the drive, out of the way. Also, I can’t see there being much demand for aftermarket CAT 1 fitting in 2019. The places I knew of around here have gone, although I think Autosounds in Newcastle still operates in some capacity. Has anyone had a CAT 1 fitted in the last few years? I sway towards something like a Toad, but I dunno, these days?
  8. This lad is on with one ATM, and his head has suffered exactly that. https://youtu.be/Rze0erudUys
  9. Nice to see a few different cars. I stopped going to this due to the nigh on identical turnout, every time.
  10. filthyjohn is your man. He was doing the t-shirts, and can also do stickers.
  11. Can these not end up throwing up the EML and going into limp mode if the fuel sender wrongly tells the ECU there's zero fuel in the tank?
  12. That came up on Google, but I never noticed the one I was after? http://autoshite.com/topic/27069-information-sites/ LBF
  13. I remember someone knocked up an AS login for ETIS, anyone know the details? Have searched...
  14. Rebecca Racer is ace. She used to be on another ‘what car should I buy?’ prog.
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