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  1. I saw a red Metro 6R4 being trailered behind a Convoy on the M1, Thursday afternoon. Sadly I was on top of it, and 4 lanes apart, before my passenger (my dad) could react in time to get a pic.
  2. Do you personally know Jonny Smith? If you are unaware, he and his pals pulled this one out of bushes in a Somerset farm, and it's for spares. It being really early and yours been really late, I dunno if it will be of any use? I can't imagine there being many of these around, though.
  3. What’s your personal plans for spannering on REV then, LightBulb? I recall reading a post of yours where you said you hope to - with help - have it on the road by May or something. You planning to take up Wingz offer of a lift to the FoD and get stuck in? If I was you, I’d be making solo trips to get the simple, but still sometimes time consuming jobs ticked off the list (that is to say that they may not be very involved but may take longer than expected), then save the more complicated tasks for when folk are willing and able to assist. This would be a good use of all of the spare time you have at present, and gets you familiar with the vehicle. I assume you have started acquiring tools now, too? (You will need tools to work on the vehicle, undoing and doing any fasteners etc) The fine weather of late has me thinking of dusting my classic off shortly (hibernating since Oct). May will soon be upon you, so get cracking!
  4. I have been watching some of your vids, mate. Good stuff and your passion shines through on camera! You never seem to drive any of the cars? Is it just a liability/insurance thing? It would be good to see some out on the road.
  5. 2 that never change for me; Ferrari F40 RS200
  6. They are the ideal spare motor, just there when you have a dirty/heavy job for them. Shame you couldn’t find a 290. On the rare occasion I notice another on the road, it’s always a common rail. I’ve had mine over three years now, and aside from sticking some MT’s on, I’ve done the brakes, bottom arms (ball joints were gone and are welded in) and a pair of drop links. I’m very reluctant to imagine ever getting rid, as I don’t believe I could replace it, considering I only paid a grand. It’s nice that it’s just there, ready to bark up, whenever the need arises, and when MOT time comes around, no rust to worry about (the biggy for me!). It’s been sitting with the rear of the sills packed with mud for weeks, now. Nothing phases it. If you’re still looking, I hope you find a suitable one.
  7. When I fancied some for my SW20 (before using my sensible head and accepting they would all be fucked, now) I was sniffing around the breaking Surf’s (ha) for ages to try and bag a pair, but drew a a blank, also.
  8. He won’t buy one, but you literally cannot beat a 2.9 TD Rexton. Huge inside, very comfortable, easy to drive, run the mega-tough Bosch rotary pump on a full tank of SVO all year round (add 5L of your ‘thinner’ of choice in freezing temps), they don’t rust and the 5 pot licenced MB OM002 unit sounds ace, plus it’s coupled to a tough AF Tremec ‘box. Tows 3.5T, we’ll built and rock solid. 4WD selector is button operated (vacuum system). But bung some MT’s on and you’re laughing. All for around a grand.
  9. I guess it’s kinda true with the mk1. I know of at least one hoarder/expensive breaker like you refer to. They do still get broken privately, just nearly everything that anyone would want from them is fucked, anyway. I broke the ‘mk1.5’ I owned, only a few years back, and turbo bits aside, there wasn’t that much demand for parts. I got shot of a load of it in a job lot.
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