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  1. Mobikes. The company sacked it off, after the bikes mostly ended up in the Tyne, or were repatriated to Scotswood/Byka/West End/Elsick etc etc etc.
  2. I've been enjoying letting folk cross the road, when safe to do so. I have always done this, but it seems they are actively more vigilant, at present.
  3. That's a healthy pineapple tree you have there.
  4. Congratulations, Elizabeth! That's how it's done. No messing!
  5. 😄 Missed that. OMG RHD JDM Yo. I'm something of a fan.
  6. Haha YES. I've always got time for a bit of Lonely Island! Never thought I'd be in A Rover I keep wonderin where's the next hard shoulder Green Flag, look away oh oh ohhhhh Didn't think I'd make it home with the temp gauge pointin at stone Believe me when I say, I bought some K Seal Nah, good luck with the car, mate. NOT AL ROVAZ R FKD HG
  7. I'm on a bus mother fucker, take a look at me. Straight sittin' on a bus, Number 53.
  8. I assumed the gearbox was fucked, when it arrived in reverse. 😄
  9. I wasn't aware that the new series had started, butI watched last nights after seeing the thread on here and remembering that McGuiness had smashed up a Diablo. F40, VMAX XJ220, automotive musical chairs, a poor FRS being smashed to bits and the bonus, Wall of Death - that was pretty damn serious - made for the best episode in a long, long time. IMO.
  10. That is a bit. I paid £80 on Amazon. Maybe worth a look around? It's always an option.
  11. I am. But my SW20 turbo fits like a glove and is low down and laid back, how a sports car should be, IMO. I drove a VVC MG F and it felt like this. ?
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