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  1. That's a healthy pineapple tree you have there.
  2. Congratulations, Elizabeth! That's how it's done. No messing!
  3. 😄 Missed that. OMG RHD JDM Yo. I'm something of a fan.
  4. Haha YES. I've always got time for a bit of Lonely Island! Never thought I'd be in A Rover I keep wonderin where's the next hard shoulder Green Flag, look away oh oh ohhhhh Didn't think I'd make it home with the temp gauge pointin at stone Believe me when I say, I bought some K Seal Nah, good luck with the car, mate. NOT AL ROVAZ R FKD HG
  5. I'm on a bus mother fucker, take a look at me. Straight sittin' on a bus, Number 53.
  6. I assumed the gearbox was fucked, when it arrived in reverse. 😄
  7. I wasn't aware that the new series had started, butI watched last nights after seeing the thread on here and remembering that McGuiness had smashed up a Diablo. F40, VMAX XJ220, automotive musical chairs, a poor FRS being smashed to bits and the bonus, Wall of Death - that was pretty damn serious - made for the best episode in a long, long time. IMO.
  8. I am. But my SW20 turbo fits like a glove and is low down and laid back, how a sports car should be, IMO. I drove a VVC MG F and it felt like this. ?
  9. Nice colour. I personally can't abide the driving position in these. For a sports car, they dropped the ball. Can't complain for the money though, as long it behaves.
  10. Very impressive that the Pug fired up like that! Wheeler Dealers would have liked to have had it so easy, on their 2002 BMW! I echo the sentiment that it is a beautiful machine. I like the silver. Timeless class.
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