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  1. Trust me, you will be far from alone. I need this as much as toothache - I bought another car last Sunday. You only live once!
  2. Is there a Renault shaped hole in your life after letting the Laguna go?
  3. If I win I'll be beating a path to your door so I can give it a new home.
  4. I'll always upvote a good Laguna 1. Can't understand why so many dislike these. Two randoms please, Rob!
  5. I kinda have the horn for this, and I don't know why...
  6. The Golf MK3 was one of the worst atrocities of the '90s. Needless to say, I like them. Do you have any pictures? I don't have any interest in buying a car, I'm just morbidly curious.
  7. Partridge

    Garden Shed

    I for one do not enjoy the sensory overload from modern car dashboards. When I had an office job which was a pretty horrible, oppressive experience, I had a Nissan company car (well, a Nissan press fleet car, but it did amount to the same thing in practice) but most of the time I commuted in my own 800 Sterling. Because what did I want after a day of staring at screens and having notifications pop up at me? Certainly not more of the same on my drive home, and I certainly didn't want that polluting the little snippet of time I had to myself in the drive in. I'd take the Rover's walnut dash and T-Series burble any day - probably made me old fashioned, but isn't that why most of us are here? The place I wrote for very corporate and discouraged pretty much anything other than bland. On the eve of the day when I handed my notice in, I had to drive to Cromer to interview the CEO of a company that made curtain-side trailers. What I should have done was put my Fred and Florence suit on and drove across in the Nissan. Instead, as a big F.U to the Arsehole and Arsehole Media (and if I'm honest, the whole of society which I was feeling alienated and confused by) I took the Sterling and donned my blazer and chinos, and put on the most '90s tie that I owned, and departed from said CEO with a Gareth Cheeseman style handshake standing next to the Rover. It was worth taking the job just to be able to do that. Back on topic: Mrs_Partridge, who works in design thinks that these iPads on dashboards are partly driven by ease of repair and ease of updating. It's probably much easier to whip out one of the iPad, than it is to faff about trying to take apart a modern car dash, with it's six thousand airbags and miles of wiring, should a speedo pack up or something else has a spazz fit. It's a hard enough job to do in a Peugeot 405, let alone a 2018 A-Class. I imagine modern digi dashes are more accurate, too. Probably a good thing in a country that has god knows how many average speed cameras waiting for you when you drive into work...
  8. Speak for yourself. Having two Peugeots means I always have at least 40p at all times.
  9. Can you let me know if you have any 14 inch Peugeot wheel trims and what you want for them? I'm running my 405 STI on steels when it comes out of storage because I'm a sicko. With all this attention, I bet you hadn't posted now. Flies and shit comes to mind
  10. 15 isn't a following, it's more of a crowd that's just to big to host at home. I was on that page but left - too much "willy waving" for me. I thought you would regret selling it. It's probably the best one left!
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