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  1. We followed the Visa for a bit yesterday on our way to the Pantomime. He was being tailgated by a new RS6 estate (in-between us) but Visa driver didn't have to slow down for speed humps or narrow traffic islands. Great job saving it. Didn't know about this until a mate told me the story was on Autoshite.
  2. My dad had 3 of those around the time I learnt to drive, two 1.4s and a 1.7. Rear wheel drive was a great education after passing my test, I never crashed it but had a few unexpected sideways moments and then the 1.4 had emough powerto be interesting
  3. Bought a mk2 golf gti 5 door and one rear window wouldn't wind down. Took the door card off to find a bit of rotting 2x1" timber wedging the window up, explained the clear silicone sealant. I think a replacement window mech from eBay cost less than the wood and sealant
  4. Rainex or similar was the only way I could get autowipers to work sensibly.
  5. On Saturday I got a text from a number that just came up as William, how do you do that? "Hi I tried to call with out answer please email me about the Gumtree ad" It's my mobile number and I've just seen your text arrive but no missed call. At least try and make it believable.
  6. nrm69

    CX GTI

    It is well off the beaten track despite being in central Edinburgh, we only went along that road as my Wife's granny used to live there. Biggest risk will be when the tax is well out and a local resident reports it.
  7. nrm69

    CX GTI

    I spotted this CX GTI today in Murrayfield area of Edinburgh. There is a note in the windscreen giving owners name and number saying it is legally insured, taxed and MOT'd but car has broken down and recovery booked for 30 June- so car still there weeks later and tax up at end of the month. No idea of fault but guess either engine or suspension as the note refers to specialist recovery due to low suspension. Be a shame to see a car like that scrapped.
  8. Found out your 2.0s didn't have any brakes the first time I drove it. Might still have the photo after it was road rallied!
  9. You can try parcel monkey, should give you several options based on size and weight. http://www.parcelmonkey.co.uk
  10. Went to the old Arnold Clark Fiat in Edinburgh about 6 years ago to look at Panda for my wife, can't remember exact price but salesman wouldn't budge any further and I had to leave as house was for sale and someone coming round later that afternoon. We decided that we'd pay the extra £100 and phoned the salesman who was busy but didn't return my call that day or next. A couple of days later went to Arnies in Kirkcaldy and within 30 mins the Fiat guy is on the phone wondering why we weren't still wanting the Panda having been flagged on their computer system- if you can't call me to conclude a sale what's the rest of the service going to be like. The VW salesman was great and picked us up from the station when we collected the car. A few days prior to this a salesman at Arnies Superstore wouldn't let us test drive a Ford Fusion until we'd agreed the price, how can I do that without knowing how the car drives? Hate buying from garages.
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