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  1. Parky I drove through your manor on Friday during my mammoth VTS collection adventure. Sadly I was on a tight schedule otherwise would have popped in to say Kia Ora
  2. 3 more S1 Landies spotted today and 2 Jowett Javelins
  3. Made it back home to Auckland after 1113km's. Delighted with the VTS - been looking for another one for absolutely ages
  4. Sounds like I missed you by about 5 mins!
  5. So many old cars still being used for a living on South Island! For example on two separate occasions yesterday I saw Series One Landys working for a living
  6. I reckon this one drives even better squire!
  7. Leg 1 5 hour drive completed. Now on ferry with Leg 2 7 hour drive tomorrow
  8. Apparently they brought 30 VTS into the country and 10 were given away as prizes by the National Bank
  9. About to head over to The Mainland for new French collection in Christchurch and then roadie back home via ferry to Wellington
  10. This is the pure essence of Autoshite for me! Get the wheel trims off and rid of the rubber duck aerial and jobs a good un!
  11. Wow - I remember that Escort you mention. And yes had a bit of fun with that 1300E - mostly on forestry roads on the Black Isle 😉
  12. Funnily enough I bought a two door Amber Gold 1300E with RS 4 spokes, RS2000 front pews and a peco exhaust. All for about £525 I seem to recall. NNM103M
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