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  1. Wow - I remember that Escort you mention. And yes had a bit of fun with that 1300E - mostly on forestry roads on the Black Isle 😉
  2. Funnily enough I bought a two door Amber Gold 1300E with RS 4 spokes, RS2000 front pews and a peco exhaust. All for about £525 I seem to recall. NNM103M
  3. Aye - I am a little biased as I can't say enough great things about the area. Next time we catch up I will let you have a wee drive so you can compare the two. Mine is barely run in at 228,000 compared to the Jondeo!
  4. I particularly liked the plate 🤣
  5. It would be fair to say I didn't not expect to see this Packard parked on the main street of a small township!
  6. Although I generally do not take photos where there is a wheel trim missing as it plays havoc with my OCD 😁
  7. No further commentary required!
  8. Now these ones are cheating slightly as they are of my recently acquired 2.0 Zetec Manual (hard to find in Nyoo Zillind). Car purchased mere days beforehand and pressed into immediate action for this roadie
  9. Spotted in an abandoned car yard in Hawera
  10. These were in a small village called Manaia (bread capital of NZ apparently). Used to be the home of an iconic Citroen dealership. Now appears to have the highest number of Ford Falcons per capita in the Southern Hemisphere. I have taken none of the above however. This Finny seem to be in the premises of a Honda specialist!
  11. These spottages were witnessed in the Taranaki region during a brief visit last month. It is on the West Coast of North Island. These two were quite close to each other but suspect not owned by the same person!
  12. Pretty sure I had a similar thread on the go some time ago but I was unable to find it
  13. Totally agree with this. My cars are tidy but not so mint that I would be afraid to use them
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