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  1. I still remember the original TV launch advert. The guy waking up and the clock saying 3:09
  2. That is lovely! I had an early one that shape although mine was a non VTEC 2.3 with 4WS - bought it off the original owner. High miles but superb engineering really shone through
  3. Mine has been gathering dust in my garage since lockdown last year - a poor state of affairs
  4. Maestro van spotted whilst watching Tour of 🇬🇧 😀
  5. This week I been mostly wanting one of these - a Mk1 Pre facelift 1300S
  6. Aye we have all been there sadly. Off the top of my head, I can recall two separate decent trips to Dundee and Ayrshire to look at 2.8 Special Capris - both of which turned out to be sheds
  7. Boy doesn’t half rabbit on like 😀
  8. Ah - for a minute I thought I had inadvertently gone back about 20 pages 🙂
  9. My 1.8 (Spanish) I owned in about 2004. Superb handling. Loved pretty much everything about it. Ended up chopping it in for an absolutely mint WRX
  10. Wow - Chevette HS last week, Lotus Sunbeam this week - superb!
  11. Spotted this on my Saturday walk. Looks as though hasn’t moved for a while and has a few infringement notices on the windscreen so things not looking too promising for it 😢
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