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  1. This 1980 Volvo looked very tidy
  2. I am in Auckland although had to travel to just outside Christchurch to find my VTS!
  3. Welcome to the Citroen Club NZ Chapter!
  4. They were pedalling it at an indecent pace - joyful to watch!
  5. I could have written exactly this the other month. Ours had 101 cars and there were a lot of very “unlemonesque” proper race cars - they were going past me like scud missiles!
  6. And a shameless plug for my Cooper - folk seem to love the colour
  7. This was at the NZ Mini Nationals the other weekend. Original colour South African GT
  8. Thanks for taking the effort to start a thread for this - I was one of the guilty parties asking for this! You have done a great job resurrecting in it in such a short period of time! Crystal Blue really is a lovely colour - I haven’t owned a Capri in that colour…. yet. Hoping to get my 3.0S out of storage before the end of this year
  9. There was also a solid burgundy colour called Lacquer Red. I had a 2.0 Laser also on a D plate which was in that hue
  10. Last month I made my own racing debut in a similar 24 Hours de Lemons here in NZ. There were a total of 101 cars competing - it was every emotion from terrifying through to exhilarating! Our race car was an early E36 320i. For some reason it is not letting me upload any photos to my post
  11. Wow - what a transformation 👍
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