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  1. In the early noughties I bought a one owner Lude this shape although it was the 2.3 non V-TEC mill. It was in that sort of pink metallic a lot of them came in. It was high mileage but you would never have know. Defo the best shape of Lude (WTF were Honda thinking with the front of its successor 😳?). Superbly engineered cars
  2. Yes definitely Moonraker - my parents had a Maestro that colour
  3. I got those varifocals recently - they take a bit of getting used to. It seems a strange thing to say but you have to have your head at a very particular angle for them to be in focus!
  4. Interestingly enough, on a recent trip home to Scotland, I saw very little in terms of older cars. However, of those, 75’s seemed to make up a disproportionate amount!
  5. I echo your general thoughts on the Aldi. Finally managed a trip home to Scotland. One of my pals very generously lent me his A6 S Line TDi auto. Nice old barge for knocking about in for 5 weeks but it didn’t really get under my skin. Happy to get back into my Saxo VTS when I got back to NZ
  6. As there seems to be a bit of love for Minis, here some of mine (the Cooper is my current mini)
  7. If it hadn’t been for you, it would be bean tins by now. Some folk need to get a grip!
  8. I still remember the original TV launch advert. The guy waking up and the clock saying 3:09
  9. That is lovely! I had an early one that shape although mine was a non VTEC 2.3 with 4WS - bought it off the original owner. High miles but superb engineering really shone through
  10. Mine has been gathering dust in my garage since lockdown last year - a poor state of affairs
  11. Maestro van spotted whilst watching Tour of 🇬🇧 😀
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