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  1. Essex V6

    RobT's Spots

    Rob - have spotted this cracking Xedos on my manor a couple of times. I was surprised to note that it was a spanish too - I had incorrectly assumed they were two pedal only
  2. Great TG video! I clearly recall many years ago making fairly decent progress in my Capri 2.8i when out of the blue a red stock looking Polonez blasted past me. Gawd knows what had been done to it!
  3. Years ago, I bought this Special - 550 sovs I think - whilst my 280 was away getting painted
  4. I nearly bought a turbo years ago. In more recent years, I had the opportunity to drive an 8.32 which was a great experience. Seem to recall you really had to take it by the scruff of the neck to get the best out of it! oh and the electric rear headrests - mental
  5. Trigger - thanks for putting the effort into this - prime Autoshite thread this - absolutely superb. The stuff you have owned is way more interesting to me than Ferraris, Lambos etc.
  6. I picked this wee beauty up last weekend
  7. This 1980 Volvo looked very tidy
  8. I am in Auckland although had to travel to just outside Christchurch to find my VTS!
  9. Welcome to the Citroen Club NZ Chapter!
  10. They were pedalling it at an indecent pace - joyful to watch!
  11. I could have written exactly this the other month. Ours had 101 cars and there were a lot of very “unlemonesque” proper race cars - they were going past me like scud missiles!
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