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  1. Spotted at an American hot rod show today here in NZ. The chap standing nearby (the owner?) was clearly taken aback that someone would photograph it!
  2. As long as you don't mind having a RHD bike in Spain
  3. Yes they produced both until the end with the final on being badged as Exclusives. Recognisable by the twin headlights
  4. I am in the very fortunate position to have both. Had Capris for over 25 years. Bought the Manta about 4 years ago (albeit probably only been on the road for about a year in all that time!). Reckon Manta handles better but Capri sounds better (it is a 3.0 mind).
  5. With regards to the guy on the Blue forum buying the Bini to get home, I was surprised no-one had noticed/made the comment about the Proton Persona in the background of one of his photos. Then I rememberered it was the Blue fiorum I was now reading and not AS - suspect not a lot of interest from powerfully built directors in Protons
  6. Absolute loving the 80 Sport but £9116 FFS!
  7. That E28 looks like it is waiting to be unleashed from it's cage!
  8. I have taken the liberty of fly tipping a picture of all my classics together for the first time on to Jon's NZ thread. Short lived as my mate has taken the Manta away for some work
  9. I know exactly what you mean - same thing happened with me and my recently acquired Cooper. Driving it the 50km or so home - it felt so slow (I was actually wishing I had driven a standard old Mini beforehand to make mine feel fast). I really did second guess myself for a while. But once I had taken out the extra set of wheel and tyres, box of beers and big bag, it was a hell of a lot faster lol
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