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  1. Currently 3.5 for me 1976 Capri 3000S - owned over 8 yrs now - sitting in my garage since May 1987 Manta GSi - owned 6 years and my daily. Awaiting a new temp sensor 1966 Austin Cooper - used on weekend 1985 Porsche 944 - 50% ownership. Been mothballed since COVID - hopefully being treated to new belts and service in the near future
  2. Yes that is right! Sadly this is the kind of information my brain is full of!
  3. Cracking progress there! Will you be keeping it white?
  4. Essex V6

    Austin Maxi

    Spotted out here in a new housing estate near my manor amongst the hordes of Merc SUV's. Nice to see it still on black plates too. There was someone looking out the window at me so didn't want to push my look much further
  5. Essex V6


    This should follow on nicely from the previous Spottage ?
  6. I keep threatening to get rid of mine but almost six years later it is still my daily
  7. I am.pretty certain they stopped painting black sections of the wheels in 1981
  8. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/831739820649781/
  9. This was nearby and looks like it hadn't moved in a while so I took a mental note to leave an actual note upon return. Upon said return, lo and behold, it had gone!
  10. Jon - hope you don't mind me doing a bit of fly tipping on here from time to time. Spotted this in my missus hood a few weeks ago
  11. First car when I moved to NZ was a 1986 626GT which even had adjustable suspension button - sport setting made it roll slightly less! Great car - drove it all round the South Island with two bikes, a set of golf clubs and a tent!
  12. Funnily enough, I spotted a Croma on the road here in NZ just the other week. Had a drive of its Italian cousin the other week
  13. There are quite a few of those Blades knocking about. Would have thought they would be a wee bit nose heavy
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