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  1. If the running issue is fixed by a new set of leads that’s a major win all round. Good to see it saved - is the body as rust free as it looks? Current Mazda could learn some lessons about rust-proofing from 1988 Mazda if it is!!
  2. Having something to eat in Wellington - probably will be along by about 1:30
  3. To be fair, it looks a lot less half-arsed than most banger rally cars with all your modifications! Plus it sounded like it’s time was more or less up anyway, I’d much rather something like this gets driven in a jokey manner to Munich or wherever (actually probably not anywhere in Germany, thinking about it) than a cherished 1994 Mondeo with 29k and FSH that’s been purchased from someone’s 89 year old uncle for £200 ‘as that’s what WBAC offered’.
  4. I love the Rover 800 with the ‘MAO’ number plate. For a moment I thought it might be John McDonnell’s, but I don’t think he’d have a partner with a Range Rover.
  5. That VW Caravelle’s probably worth reasonable coin, even in that condition. The Fiesta Mk2 looks surprisingly rot free (for a Fiesta Mk2 that lives on a driveway, anyway!)
  6. As usual, I will be bringing two or more boxes of old books/magazines for everybody to have a rummage through (and hopefully) take. They are all car/motorbike related with the odd military/aircraft thing thrown in. Plus does anybody want ‘Who’s who in space’? It’s a nice hardback with details of all astronauts and cosmonauts up to 1992. Ex reference library copy with the inside title page missing but otherwise fine. Let me know if anyone wants it as it’s off to the charity shop otherwise!
  7. To be fair, that does look an awful lot better than I expected it to look 🙂. I’ve reread the article and note the mention of a rescue by a ‘local Ferrari expert’ based in Houston, so it looks like this happened in Texas or elsewhere in the South-West. If it had been in New York State I suspect the 400’s floor would have been missing in action after a few years...
  8. I suspect they are mostly ‘parts’ cars now, although given Testarossa values that one might get restored - also the 308s. Something like that yellow 400 convertible will need a total rebuild, and that would cost way more than whatever it’s worth (I’m guessing about £50k these days?)
  9. Wow, that was quick! I suppose the roof panel is the same on the later ‘Mk2’ models, there must be some of them left in breakers yards, it’s a major job to transplant though. Still, even if used for parts, it’s a better end to just going straight to the fragger.
  10. That first Capel Dewi set of dead cars (some old nutter owns them) was there in 1997 when my parents moved to the area, and it was pretty clear some had been there for 20 or so years even then. The first one to have a roof collapse was an early 50s Jag, it’s probably not much more than an engine block and chassis now. The Victor FB estate just visible in the last shot was for sale for £400 in about 2000! From memory the red Allegro at the front had its windows put out late in the last decade, hence the ‘private’ notice that appears to be painted on the bonnet.
  11. I noticed a circa 1990 Iveco SWB van today on Polish plates. Apparently a edition known as a ‘Basil’ (the sticker was in exactly the same place and style as the ‘Daily’ one normally goes).
  12. Are the funny little vans with the single headlights electric? I love the blue ‘Dorothea Restoration Engineers’ one, particularly with the bored looking apprentice in the passenger seat - I say seat, it was probably a milk crate. He looks like he’s regretting not working harder at school!
  13. At first I thought Mini, but going by the wheels/hubcaps/rear lights I’d say DAF. Plus it appears to be at the back of a DAF dealer stand, going by the flag at top left. I love the mustard Daimler Sovereign parked across two bays on the previous page, just shows parking like a [email protected] to keep the oiks away is not a new thing!
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