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  1. Did he own both cars or was the Citroen his fathers? The ITV adaption of the story a couple of years ago was pretty good, lots of early 80s shite featured, although the Jeremy Bamber character drove a MkI Astra GTE rather than an XR3.
  2. He had a Corsair at the time he was finally, and conclusively arrested, Corsairs do seem to attract wrong’ uns - Sutcliffe had at least two. Sutcliffe had several cars during his ‘active period’, (the official report into the investigation lists them) and he did buy and sell cars as a bit of a sideline. It’s disturbing to think he might of had shiter tendencies…
  3. A 2004/5 example is unlikely to be ‘dead’ in Defender terms, even with a stuffed TDi or rotted chassis it’s still worth a few grand. Suspect it will get back on the road. The others….less so.
  4. I think the back one is a Subaru, perhaps a very aptly named ‘Forester’? Front one - my guess is a two door early 1990s thing like a Shogun/Pajero or Frontera.
  5. I should be along for this Saturday, just for the day though. This weekend I bagged a load of Scaletric via a local free cycle, is there any interest on a FoD model race track? Have yet to work out what’s all there but there should be enough for a working set-up!
  6. I’m afraid I can’t copy and paste the whole list with the phone but anyway: 27 - Anthony G, Friday & Saturday night, staying off site. If someone could format that nicely I would be very grateful!
  7. Yes please to the silver jubilee taxi if Norfolk didn’t want it
  8. Damn, looks like I’ve committed to come in the Mazda now… Think I will try and find somewhere local to stay overnight - is the boat free? 😄
  9. I have something 19 and a half years old! Will that do?
  10. Can I just say I am definitely looking forward to seeing the Ami in the flesh.
  11. Don’t worry about the bunkhouse - although I’m intrigued by the thought of being a North Walian cowboy🤠! - I like my luxuries too much in my old age - once a date’s been confirmed I’ll look at the B&B options in the local area.
  12. I should be available on any of these dates, although the later May one or July would be preference. I wouldn’t be camping but happy to pay the £20 or whatever the weekend sub is. I assume there’s some pubs offering b&b not too far away?
  13. My Easter visit to family is now off due to mild Covid issues (theirs, not mine). The silver lining in the cloud is I can now attend this - for Saturday at least - and poss Sunday as well 😀.
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