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  1. BUT LOOK AT THE COLOUR! Brown, adds at least £400 to its value....at least on here anyway!
  2. 1992’s on the phone, it wants it’s XR3 back!! That is an early one, well done on the resuscitation!
  3. That Panther Rio is looking a better investment every minute!
  4. I’m happy to come and observe appropriate distancing. I can’t see any additional risk beyond going into work/to a supermarket - in fact probably less because we will all be outside. TBH I would welcome some car chat with like minds! I have hoovers for Beko and some books for Mrs 6c, so even if I just drink some tea and leave some items in an appropriately quarantined area I will have achieved something! Also I have a couple of Mondeo books which slowsilver is welcome to borrow, if we can transfer them somehow....
  5. Happy to attend for a cup of tea in the open air, I’m not sure people will be able to work on vehicles though...
  6. According to the U.K. market press launch pack, Ghia and Si had ABS as standard fit from the start. Whether an MoT computer/database would know that in 2020? - I don’t know, but would guess it would as the data would logically come from Ford.
  7. You know Beko has his own vacuum-fondling thread in the open section? I know you just wanted to reference the village people really😉
  8. I take it the ABS unit on late Mk2s - like Sierramans breaker- is different? I had ABS on a T reg LX, so assume practically any later Mk2 apart from maybe the pov-spec Aspen would have had ABS.
  9. It does remind me a bit of a Trebus like character who amassed a collection of 2CVs in mid Wales when they were just old bangers, during the 80s/90s. They were stored on his land in fields/woods and about 15 years ago the local council served an enforcement notice for removal (we are talking at least over 50 here, poss 100ish). The whole thing was a bit convoluted as they were on his own land - I think the crux was the council thought he was running a business and he had no proper storage i.e. Hard standing. The removal enforcement was on environmental grounds. After it went back and forth in the courts for a while the council ‘won’ and sent in their scrap men. IIRC the 2CV club had a look to see if anything was saveable near the end of this saga and if memory serves they said one car was roadworthy and a couple were good for parts! TL:DR: leaving a car in a field in mid Wales for more than a couple of months is NOT saving it.... P.S. there may have been the odd Trabant as well, just to mix things up.
  10. I’ve recovered now, what is the plan for the ‘float? Full-on restoration and then start a local home-made cider and obscure car parts delivery service? Remake of that Father Ted episode? Or just going round and round the FoD until the batteries run out of juice?
  11. That looks great. A late Mk1 if registered in 68, I think the Mk2’s were launched late 67. The colour looks a lot like the solid blue MG Rover did in the early 00s. Looks like you have the HBOL for these in that box of treasure in the footwell, I have a factory manual for these if you get stuck.
  12. Wow, scrap’s gone up a lot recently if £700 is now ‘just above’ weigh-in value for something Sierra sized (the 626’s seem to be the largest vehicles there)!! I suspect they’ll still be around in another 6 years time, even rustier and more knackered. Or maybe the site is to be cleared and they will all be cubed. The red 626 saloon on the Y plate looks OK, most of the rest are very mossy indeed. I suspect the TWR kitted ones will be in the worst condition due to the body kits.
  13. There was a MINI Goodwood (I think) - from around 2012. It was a MINI trimmed at the Rolls Royce factory with leather, walnut, Wilton carpet etc. If memory serves the price was something ridiculous like 40k.
  14. AnthonyG

    Morris 1300

    If that was the Robbie Corbett living with his parents sitcom there was an 1100 prior to the Allegro, it dies when Timothy and father go to a scrapyard for some reason - the 1100 gets left in ‘the wrong place‘ and gets picked up by a grab and crushed. ‘Timothy’s wrecked the car’ was the line I remember when father returns home to confront an angry mother. The 1100 was a early seventies one in that mustard colour and looked fine, although no doubt it had no rear floor pan.... I’m amazed I remember this after 35 years or so, the death of an ADO 16 must have scarred me mentally.
  15. That is an evocative pic, can imagine the Invacar owner downing 6 pints of the dark stuff during the afternoon and then making his way home at 12 mph. In the dark. With no rear lights.
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