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  1. I imagine getting that XK8 back on the road would bring new meaning to the phrase ‘a world of pain’!!! A shame as doom blue is a rare and interesting colour for one.
  2. I won’t be fitting a Lincoln Continental in the garage any time soon.... A half-decent MX5 is my goal for next year.
  3. Great pic of a two Sierra family circa 1986! What spec is the silver one, it looks a bit sporty with the black rear panel and spoiler. I remember there was a 2.0 ‘S’ model available around the B/C registration time, quite rare even when new. Hope the running problem gets fixed, maybe it was the Tesco fuel.
  4. Virtually any Rover 216, 416 or 45 saloon was grandpa spec, that was the target market after all. Plus Vanden Plas Allegros, and anything Austin-Rover in the 1980s with that name attached to it...apart from maybe the SD1, I think VP was the top spec if a Vitesse was just too mad/brutal for you.
  5. Is there really much of a kit car scene now? I know people can ‘build’ Westfields, but understood they mainly did this with new engines etc. I guess the complex nature of most of the likely donors is probably another factor. In fact, apart from the earlier generations of MX5, I can’t really think of any other obvious candidates now.
  6. Re the ABC Tricar, I struggle to see how a Mini with only one rear wheel, even if mounted like an early Morgan, would ‘handle better than a Mini’. I had a Matchox model of a Siva S160, never even knew it was an actual car!
  7. Ha ha, they’ve got a new shape GT-R advertised for £60k. Who buys a supercar from some bombsite outfit like this?
  8. Strictly speaking - Jaguar was purchased by BMC in 1966 - this merger created the short lived corporate entity that was British Motor Holdings, so dependant on when it was made, the E type may be eligible. EDIT - the above happened on 14th Dec 1966 so it’s unlikely. I would love the chance to take a Sovereign or MGB to the Milton Keynes show and co-incidentally am available that weekend!
  9. That’s a photoshop, and not a great one given where the door handle/door shut and the ‘b pillar’ are in relation to each other - the original photo would have been of a Corniche I reckon.
  10. Mrs Fox looks a trifle nervous in the first pic, and tbh I’m not surprised. This may be where BSA got the inspiration* for the Aerial 3 from.
  11. Also - anyone want this? About the Underground- bought more than a year ago and I still haven’t got beyond chapter 3. Let me know otherwise it’s back to Oxfam for it. Free to any attendee on Saturday.
  12. I’m up for the Alridge museum again as they had a superb library of utter shite books to pick though. As usual, I have some magazines to move on, some ‘ classic cars’ from 2018-2019, a few steam train ones (various titles, from earlier this year) and ‘air forces monthly’ - two whole years worth (2017 and 2018) All about current military planes and helicopters, with some proper spotter level detail in them. Don’t all shout at once...
  13. I wouldn’t mind joining in a fettle session. Not this weekend as in Cannock. Is this the same engine as a Montego 2.0? If it is I can also donate a Haynes Book of Lies to the cause.
  14. One of these, great styling:
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