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  1. I can confirm that those seats are exceptionally comfortable to sit in, even when just going round the big field of dreams. Chris’ car has an exceptional interior, I suspect as a result of being garaged for most, or all, of its life. Given the general unlikeliness of the Italian equivalent of boy racers ever wanting one of these when they were cheap, I would imagine the examples left over there are pretty good.
  2. Look’s like Sunday’s a plan then. If the weather stays nice I will endeavour to come in the MX5. If there are lots of moody-looking grey clouds on Sunday morning I reserve the right to attend in the Jaguar.
  3. Is this a real thing? It sounds a lot like one of those April Fool ads that BMW used to do...some of them were quite plausible.
  4. I think your dad has some good advice, just keep it for a while and don’t do anything rash. Buy an old Rover for a few hundred quid in the meantime if you want to enjoy an Autoshite experience again. I would advise, if you do decide to sell, to do a bit of research on where to best place ads - maybe a Ford forum or Pistonheads (if they have a for sale bit) - this is not the sort of car for Gumtree/EBay etc. At least not if you wish to maintain your mental health!!
  5. I might pop along Sunday or Monday. Need to work out which day I am visiting my folks and then I can make a plan.
  6. That fake WW2 Dodge Power Wagon one is rather amusing. It’s also an imaginative re-use of one dead PT Cruiser and one rotten Discovery!
  7. This thread takes me back to when I worked with a guy who worked for Austin Rover in product planning in the mid-to late 1980s. He was responsible for Metros in the main but had some oversight on the Mini special editions as well. Often a theme would be done on both models if it fitted, such as the ‘Red Hot’ and ‘Jet Black’, or tried out on one and if successful transferred to the other. The ‘Advantage’ cars were a last minute name change for a special edition planned to be ‘Wimbledon’, hence the tennis links. The designs were all worked up and production scheduled before asking the
  8. Just watched the 4WD one on catch-up. Car skiing looked proper dodgy 😮. Somehow I don’t think we’ll be seeing that red G wagon under a Mercedes approved used scheme anytime soon! It didn’t even make it to the end of the show display, I wonder what McGuiness broke on it...
  9. I didn’t know you’d got a Beetle convertible - that looks quite fun. New Beetles have grown on me now that they are just as old as Old Beetles were when I started driving! They did a weird spec model with the much rarer second generation one (New New Beetle?) - only ever seen one or two - it was kind of like a Polo Dune with raised ride height and the usual plastic bits and pieces. Those crazy Germans eh? 🤪 Re Carltons, I am a bit surprised there are only 173 or so left (I assume there are more if you count Sorned ones?). There’s probably 10 times as many Granadas of t
  10. I don’t want to be rude, but are Carltons now that rare that the one above is worth fixing? It’s got HGF, chassis rust and the paintwork’s looks like it’s had it. Normally I try to see the best in old sheds, but it just seems to define the words End of Life Vehicle to me. Surely money would be better spent on something like the Trevi or Guilietta?
  11. I quite liked the way McGuiness took the piss out of himself with that fake Ferrari. It’s exactly the sort of thing middle-aged Paddy would have bought if he’d still been doing the doors at the Phoenix Club. Flintoff has got good taste in cars, he’s come a long way since that knackered LeBaron convertible.
  12. Excellent news. I remember sitting in the back of this car, sheltering from the rain that was a major feature of Shitefest ‘16. The can of Forte engine treatment on the old garage’s shelf also made me chuckle, I knew the people who pushed a similar snake oil named ‘Fortron’ when I worked for Hartwell group in the late 1990s. They were prime bullshitters as you can imagine, as well as stereotypical ‘Sarf Efricans’. Well I say SA, they were actually a couple who left England in circa 1965 ‘because there were no opportunities’ and then returned to the U.K. in 1996. They never di
  13. I had a Contour on rental in late 2000 when I spent a few weeks in New England, I think it was in a half decent colour like metallic red. I assumed at the time it would have been a 2.5 V6, although thinking about it now it very well could have been a 2.0 4 cyl. The main difference between this car and the UK market 1.8 LX manual I had at home was that the auto box kept changing up and down around the legal limit of 65mph, which was pretty damn annoying and didn’t strike me as a great aspect for a US market car!!!
  14. The Mk1/2 were built in the USA (or maybe Mexico). The Contour (Ford) was mildly successful until Taurus sales started to flag, then the discounts on its bigger sister made it look rather expensive. The Mk1, 2 and possibly 3 were also available in Aus/NZ.
  15. Ever since Ford USA canned the sister model (Fusion) in the States I thought it would be all over for the Mondeo. Only 24,000 were sold last year in the UK - which I would have thought was the best market for sales in Europe - so the end was never really in doubt. The fleet market goes for A4s and 3 series and the private buyer gets a Focus/Kuga. 28/29 years is a good run for any nameplate though. Interesting that the S-max and Galaxy get a stay of execution, as they are on the same platform I thought they’d get the bullet too. Reckon the Insignia will be next, unless the PSA/F
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