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  1. Companies seem wise to poor selling models dragging down the brand these days - particularly the smaller companies - and no hopers like the Suzuki Kisazki (sp) get canned very quickly now. Even the big firms will have a purge of lemons now and again - I think around 2012 Renault basically stopped selling anything bigger than a Scenic in the UK.
  2. Generally at least a grand less than the equivalent Cortina, I would reckon. But the low end of that auction estimate does seem ridiculously low assuming the car has a recent MoT and is not fucked. Having said that, where is this auction again? 😀
  3. Oi! It’s only done about 35k in six and a half years! The joys (!) of walking to work.....
  4. Alas the XF is getting a service tomorrow otherwise I probably would have motored over.
  5. There’s a solid white Cortina Mk1 1500 2door (the only one pictured undercover) which will no doubt result in a OSF crew bidding frenzy with possible strokes/heart attacks.
  6. I just know you are going to spend many a happy hour (or rather three weeks) cleaning that up!!
  7. I read somewhere that Hummer is to return, as an electric SUV. It’s probably bollocks rumour, but GM evidently still own the brand. I think Holden were on borrowed time after GM parted company with Opel/Vauxhall, as most of the range seemed to be sourced from Europe. I am kind of surprised they didn’t just rebadge Korean ‘Chevrolets’ but maybe the Australia/New Zealand market wasn’t big enough to justify it. I suspect the whole of the Holden brand’s annual sales were less than the total for Corsa or Astra across Europe. I also suspect GM are terrible at management, e.g. PSA managed to turn Opel/Vauxhall from loss-making to profitable in 2 years.
  8. Evesham’s only 20 miles or so away from me - be rude not to go.
  9. There was a plan to launch the 800 coupe, soon after the saloon in 87/88, possibly initially in the US as part of the ‘Sterling’ range. I suspect the lack of success of the initial cars in the US market put the kibosh on those plans. Never seen a convertible version, I suspect AR dreaming. Not shown to the public AFAIK.
  10. Why do all the dumped German ones have no plates? Is it something to do with transfer of ownership - I know some countries you basically keep the same number plate and move it from car to car. Most car ‘dumpers’ in the UK don’t bother to remove number plates, maybe it’s just typical British laziness compared to German thoroughness!
  11. Close but no cigar, with the 7 series/A8 comment, these are based on a W220 S class. The earlier one looked very similar to a first generation Lexus LS, and was based on the W124.
  12. If you could find one, a later Daihatsu Fourtrak would fit the bill. But non-rotten ones are hard to locate these days...probably even more so in Scotchland!
  13. Ford Ikon, the first Ford ‘made in India for Indians’, circa 1999/2000. The launch model of the Ford India division, which Ford had high hopes of. IIRC The Ka + and Ecosport we get are assembled there, although I did see a report that Ford will be pulling the plug on the operation soon, they never got close to challenging Maruti-Suzuki or Tata.
  14. Was this road in Herefordshire by any chance? You used to get a physical bump in the car from the transition from the lovely Welsh road, with a surface like a billiard table, to the crappy cart track that was the English side. This was the A44, the main route to the Mid Wales coast....
  15. That Renault is gorgeous, and I say that as someone who thought 14s were a load of crap in the 1980s - mainly because all the UK ones were fucked with rot by the time I noticed them. The seat fabric is reason for purchase alone! I also love the driving/fog lights, although how much use they were when mounted that low is debatable.
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