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  1. As I currently drive a 19 year old Peugeot the nearest equivalent in 1979 would be a 1960 Peugeot 404. What I'd really like to drive from 1979 is an FD or FE Ventora but I'd be concerned about rust problems. Alternatively a Renault 30 would do nicely.
  2. I drove a fair number of these when I lived in the US in the late 80s. By the standards of the time the upper level models were often quite good. 1985 Oldsmobile 98. Lovely. Quiet, smooth, very comfortable, large but not excessive size. From 1985 to the late 90s the Pontiac GrandAm, Oldsmobile Calais, Buick Somerset / Skylark were the standard mid-size US rental car so I drove many variants. Well sized, around the size of a Peugeot 406 so they were spacious without being excessively sized. With the optional V6 engines they went very well and the later 3300 was excellent. The four cylinder ones were adequate. At least the handling was average to good depending on model. I liked the V6 models enough that a Calais was second choice when I came to buy a car. 1988 Cadillac Seville. Got this one as a cheap rental upgrade. Lovely. Quiet smooth V8 (yes, front drive V8) with good handling and comfort. Would be very happy to have one again. Sorry Ford lovers but I thought the Tempo / Topaz was awful. A grim plastic interior with ride and handling like a pudding. The Chrysler equivalents were generally much better than their styling would suggest. Quite lively with adequate handling and a good ride. Mostly 4-cylinders though, so nowhere near as good as any V6.
  3. I watched part of one show where the punter wanted them to suggest a grand tourer car to take him and his wife to the south of France. Elo suggested a Morgan. <406V6 slaps forehead in disbelief>
  4. Now for sale. Yours for just £12350 https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1083266
  5. Watched an episode of Salvage Hunters recently where they were going nuts over an N reg Rover 2200. Now I remember these when they came out and both my father and his work colleague had one. The one on the programme was the least desirable version - an SC (Single Carb). They never showed the interior or dash but as far as I remember the SC dash had the strip speedo: a quirky period piece but not exactly desirable compared to the lovely set of instruments on the TC and 3500 - one of the finest dashboards on any popular car ever in my opinion. To cap it all they replaced the lovely cloth seats with leather and replaced the wheels with Rostyle examples. Drew Pritchard rants on and on about originality but I don't recall any SCs with these wheels or a leather interior as they were the poor mans Rover. I'll take a TC or 3500 any day but you can keep an SC, even a minter.
  6. A good modernshite example is the Infiniti QX30. Built in Sunderland using a lot of Mercedes parts and been on sale here for a couple of years. Just 200 are registered on our roads. That’s an even more epic failure than the Tagora was back in the day and a total disaster for a UK-built volume car. I can't think of any UK built car from a volume maker that has sold worse.
  7. Many cars worth £500 will be scrapped by the unwashed because of it needing £501 repair (werf more than the car innit bruv). Then spending £500 on another money pit so they are £500 down and the car probably needs more fixing. In my experience what will kill driving an old car is a daily is parts availability. Apart from service items most of the bits for my car are No Longer Available. Many will be available from a scrapper but then there's the time while the car's off the road and the hassle getting them. It's fine for those with several carrs in the house but this won't be the case for everyone.
  8. Impressive quiz. I thought I knew a bit about cars but I've struggled on all of them
  9. In my experience the coil packs first give trouble with heat, either when running or when restarting after standing with a hot engine. Never after a cold start. You need to read the fault code to find which cylinder gives the trouble. Regarding tyres, the fronts on mine with the same engine go 30k+ before needing replacement, providing the alignment is OK. Edge wear says an alignment check is needed.
  10. 406V6

    New Top Gear

    For a proper car programme take a look at Fifth Gear which has re-surfaced on the Quest Channel on Thursday evenings plus repeats.
  11. Fantastic stuff. I'm in awe of quality heavy engineering like this. The thread title could do with an update - dropping in the works Sentinel and steam wagon - as it's easy to miss.
  12. Great buy. Love those cloth seats
  13. Airbag light could be due to dirty (or even disconected) connector and the lack of a circuit during self test at startup puts the light on. Check under the front seats.
  14. Ride, handling, refinement all excellent on my V6. The only time the handling was wallowy was when one of the rear tyres was very low on pressure. Weak points on the V6 are the need for a very expensive cam belt replacement every few years and ignition coils that don't last as long as they should (one of mine - Delphi - started playing up recently at only 3 years old. Previous set lasted about 10 years).
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