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    2000 Peugeot 406 V6 Auto saloon. 210 bhp of smooth, quiet power.


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    There’s a huge amount of interesting material on the site, especially discussions with industry figures. What happens going forward is anyone’s guess. I’ve been following the site long enough to remember a couple of occasions like this in the past when Keith lost interest. The first when it was handed over to Craig Cheetham. The second when there was some kind of partnership with the Honest John site. In both cases the site came back to Keith after long enough for him to recover his interest. Lately the site has been in a poor state, though, with numerous crashes, lockups, cookie loops and other woes.
  2. Mine had a speed sensor fault a few years back. The symptom was that the speedo needle would intermittently drop to zero and the mileometer in the trip wouldn’t increment. No error codes generated that I’m aware of. I had a new speed sensor fitted when it was serviced. The part was widely shared among PSA cars, cheap and easily obtained.
  3. Good choice. I got some of these for the 406 a few months back – all 4. Initially I was disappointed as the general feel of the car was quite coarse and they were noisy. After around a hundred miles they changed character for the better and since then have been quiet and smooth with decent grip and handling. MPG seemed to improve slightly too compared to the previous Michelin Pilots.
  4. Nissan Tiida anyone ? Had this one for a few days in Ireland in 2010. OK to drive without being memorable in any way. They weren't sold officially in the UK as far as I know but a few were imported and sold by Arnie Clark.
  5. This is fantastic work navigating your way through all the bodgery. If you’re not already familiar with the work of DiagnoseDan on Youtube, it should be right up your street although I don’t think he’s worked on any Jags.
  6. Have to disagree on this one. My 406 has an oil temp gauge and the oil takes a long time to warm up – at least 15 miles – while the water is warm within a couple of miles. Once up to temp it’s close to the water temperature. A couple of years ago I made the mistake of taking it to its MOT before it was properly warmed up and it struggled with the emissions part of the test. Now I give it a 10-15 mile run before the test (checked on the oil temp gauge) and it gets through the emissions test without difficulty.
  7. Impressive. Unfortunately the early images are not available – suspect there is some sort of timer on the output space and the images are deleted within a few hours
  8. On mine this was a simple fix - new speed sensor (replaced by me garage, not me) These are good cars - would be a shame to scrap it for minor problems.
  9. Back in around 1994 on holiday in the USA I had a Dynasty as a hire car. Previously I’d mostly had GM hire cars such as the Pontiac Grand Am which always drove fairly well. The styling of the Dodge sets the scene for something that ought to handle like a battleship but actually I thought it drove very well. The (4-cylinder in this case) engine was refined and torquey while the handling was fine on US roads.
  10. I had a new non-turbo MG Metro back in the day and it was great fun to drive on any road apart from the motorway where an Astra 1.3 beat the pants off it. As already said, those bad-mouthing the Metro either haven’t driven one in good shape or have no sense of fun. Despite all this, £7k for a car needing engine work and paint is far too much. If you really really want it, then it’s your money, spend it. I would have thought £3k tops.
  11. Velour for me instead of leather every day of the week. I used to examine the company car list like a hawk, and at the time of this car I’m pretty sure that leather was standard on the CD but you could get it deleted for a £1000 credit. This would probably have helped company car taxation based on the list price, although I can't recall 30 years on whether the taxation at this time was based on engine size or list price.
  12. The black car is a Tatra T613: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tatra_613#/media/File:1976TatraT-613-rear.jpg The beigecar appears to be an NSU Prinz 1000 like this one: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:NSU_Prinz_1000_at_Schaffen-Diest_2018_-_Copy.jpg
  13. Window shape and curved front bonnet look to me like a Vauxhall Victor FD. Hard to tell on this obscured view.
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