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  1. Someone has given a third-party home phone/broadband supplier my name and address, which theyre in the process of switching, so I have no internet beyond this PAYG mobile and my phone number has now changed. Spent 3 hours on the phone today trying to sort it and it looks like it'll be into next week before I have internet back. Apparently it's called slamming and that's exactly what I'll be doing to some cunt when I find out who's responsible.
  2. I've crashed 3 cars in my life, the newest being a 1999 K11 Micra, from which I was halfway out the door ready to lamp the dozy twat that pulled out in front of me within about a second of coming to a halt on the rear corner of his Cashcow. I shortened a Sierra to the size of a Fiesta once, dunted the door open and apart from a stiff neck the next day I was fine. I'm probably riding my luck and feel I should buy something a bit more NCAP friendly but cars from 20 years ago are so much more desirable to me (not to mention cheaper) than new ones.
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stevens-Cipher-Lada-1987/264493009788?hash=item3d95030b7c%3Ag%3A4MEAAOSwAVBdcL1m Lada Samara DHC, looks like a Scimitar SS1 had its evil way with an MX5.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/92-CITROEN-BX-1-9-TGD-FULL-M-O-T-CLEAN-CAR-USED-DAILY-TOW-BAR-ALL-WORKING/223677337336?hash=item3414354ef8:g:50wAAOSwTtJdYus1
  5. And now having gone and looked at them on Ebay again I remember the main reason I didn't buy one. I simply cannot cope with a floor hinged 'organ pedal' accelerator in a manual, I'd forgotten these had them.
  6. That 3 series is well fucked. ☹️ Hope whoever was driving got out in one piece. Didn't Robbie Coltrane used to knock about in an old Citroen Light 15?
  7. I've been looking for something a bit more up to date recently and only very recently discovered these were starting to creep into my preferred (3 figures) price point. I looked at one years ago when I was rich and buying nearly new cars from main dealers but dismissed it because I didn't like the weird dashboard much, but for a grand I could probably put up with it since the rest of the car's so funky looking. They've aged a lot better than I thought they would, usually ultra-modern stuff looks dated before more conservative designs.
  8. Doesn't work with Micras either. Maybe it's a Jap thing?
  9. The early Royales did have a slightly red tint tint to their tail lights but the Senator/Monza were a shade darker, much like the XJ40.
  10. Might do in some cars but it's far from a reliable indicator.
  11. Looks a cracker, nice colour too. Makes a change from the usual silver or red most f them seem to be.
  12. Found this beauty in the work's car park this morning. I had one of these about 20 years ago, one of the cars I'm most happy to have been able to own in my life.
  13. Just been MOT'd a couple of weeks ago, so yes.
  14. In our store, yes. The through-put of customers bewildered and befuddled by their shenanigans and the staff required to guide them through the procedure was less efficient than having someone on £8.50 an hour on an actual check out. I never use them either, partly because I can never get the bloody things to work, also being Glaswegian half my weekly shop is booze which always requires someone to check you through anyway.
  15. We had this yet? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1967-Morris-Minor-Traveller-Extended-double-axle-Project-1-8-Diesel-needs-work/283623967943?hash=item42094e4cc7%3Ag%3AwYIAAOSwa4xdilQk
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