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  1. Never fails to amaze me how manky car seats get nowadays. It's rare to see something with cloth upholstery that doesn't look like it's been driven by an incontinent pensioner. Is it all the slurp-a-thon Maccy D/Starfucks shite people guzzle in their cars that causes it? I've never had a car as filthy as that, even back in the days of sub £500 shitters.
  2. Never fail to be impressed by the speed of some of these major international courier outfits. I ordered an obscure camera lens from a seller in Japan on eBay late Thursday night (Friday morning over there) and it got sent FedEx at 3:40pm our time, then spent the weekend watching it bounce across the planet (Japan to Hong Kong to France to London to Glasgow) until it arrived this morning. 😛 It often takes that long to get something from Manchester... I've no doubt they fuck up occasionally but my experience of them has always been good.
  3. Standard behaviour for the few commission paying sales outlets still functioning in the high street. I went into Currys a few months ago for a mouse mat, I only went in rather than doing a buy online because they're our next door neighbours where I work and I was accosted to be two or three sales dweebs in the 5 minutes I was in the place. They must know they're on borrowed time.
  4. Any other Yank tank of that era would look huge in front of an Ami but the Corvair was quite small by US standards.
  5. Shame. Old cars are so fragile compared to modern NCAP tanks, doesn't look too bad so should be fixable.
  6. I quite like Tiffany Dell, he's OK on 5th Gear and way better than that shouty ginger cunt off Radio 2 they had for a series, can't even remember his name now, Chris something? I hope TG returns, surely there's room for a silly car related show on mainstream TV. I know the BBC's pretty much had it but it was nothing if not a fantastic revenue earner.
  7. Got GB plates on so it may be an adventurous tourist. My Dad drove all over Europe before he got married and I blighted his life. 😛
  8. Plus Mk1 Range Rover & MK1 Disco 4 doors, some Lotus like early Esprit, Elite, Eclat, TR7 plus probably more I can't remember.
  9. My pal had a 1.6 Marea and it was a far better thing than I expected. Comfy, roomy, economical, if it had a Ford badge it would have sold by the million.
  10. Reminds me of the Renault 25 estate someone (Heuliez maybe?) made where the entire estate conversion was the bootlid. Google "Renault 25 estate" and it time warps you back to these very pages. https://autoshite.com/topic/5611-renault-25-convertible/
  11. Surprised there's nothing but glass between them and the local thieving gits.
  12. I can't tell where the dog stops and the blanket starts, what a wee cracker! ❤️
  13. If the J72 or Excalibur didn't appeal you could always have plumped for this back in the day. a Sbarro 328. A BMW 328 re-creation fitted with the 2.8 straight 6 this was pretty restrained compared to his other work. There was a convertible version of the De ville too. Did they modify the Land Crab doors or are they from something else I wonder?
  14. Good God that's awful. RIP.
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