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  1. TADTS. Change the oil (or at least look to see if there's any in there at all) and if that doesn't fix it (it rarely does) just move straight onto the next stage of the tinkerage and upgrade the stereo. The Facebook K11 Owners group is pretty good for advice and sourcing spares and upgrade parts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/163371760689929/
  2. DIY shops were exempt from the lockdown as they sold 'essential' home repair items but with everywhere else still shut lots of bored people are coming to B&Q for a day out to buy paint and gardening supplies and other essentials. The click & collect system has collapsed under the sheer volume of orders in most stores and is barely functioning. We usually got 80-100 a day, now we're into 4 figures and we're having to process that with fewer staff. I think a lot of the call centre and backroom staff are still on furlough so there's feck all happening with normal customer service stuff. I don't know if it's our fault for not restricting items on sale to those essential home repair bits & bobs, the government's fault for allowing such a cash hungry business to carry on trading under lockdown or the general public's fault for swarming into the few shops that are allowed to open because they've got nothing else to do but it's all a total clusterfuck.
  3. We start turning people away at 5:30-5:45 depending how busy we are, contrary to what you might expect if we're dead you might get let in at 10 to if you know exactly what you want and where to find it but when we're mobbed the shutters come down early to allow those already in the store to get their stuff and get processed through the tills. The idea being that if it's a big store (which ours is) it'll easily take someone 20-30 minutes to wander round and get what they want, pay for it and leave, longer if the wife's there. One of the many things our managers get targeted for is closing the tills on time as it delays all the end of day procedures and any software/pricing updates etc that need to happen when the system's down at night, hence when closing time comes that's when we aim to be locking up and pissing off home, not still chasing a few idle stragglers about the shop. 47 minutes early is taking the piss somewhat though...
  4. I've got a cupboard full of CAR magazines from the late 60s up to when I stopped buying them in about 2010. There's lots of great stories and features but one of my favourites is February 1977's 'Convoy' where three staffers bring a factory fresh trio of Lamborghinis back to the UK from Italy. I'll never part with this one either.
  5. K11s are great wee cars and ideal for a proto-shiter to cut their teeth on. Chances are he'll want a MIG for his birthday now.
  6. Nice job, bowfin seats are a real pet hate of mine. I use plain old hot water with a shot of Persil in it and a scrubbing brush, which usually does the trick.
  7. Since the general consensus appears to be 'Wouldn't touch one with someone else's shitty stick' when are you picking it up? 😁
  8. Or if pez stays at 99ppl, the 750i V12. 😎
  9. I don't care how good they drive, if they do 70mpg and never break, I just couldn't drive something that wilfully ugly. The front end is a mish mash of unrelated lines and gawkiness and the rear looks like someone's tried to fit an E36 bootlid onto a completely different car. I'd have an E38 7 series in a shot, but not one of these.
  10. 1: Mercedes - To me convertibles should be all about gentle wafting appreciating the scenery, not driving like your trousers are on fire. 2: Sebring - Is this the one you bought from Alan in Glasgow? 3: MX5 - Fun but a bit small for me. 4: BMW - Perversely I'd have scored it higher if it was a 320/325 auto. See first comment. 5: Puggy - Looks lovely but I can't get the memory of that 5th Gear crash test out of my head. 6: Triumph. - Not by bag at all, sorry.
  11. I believe it would have been one of these.
  12. Bodge-tastic! One of the spring perches went on mine, but it had cracked and partially broken away from the mount rather dissolved into a flaky brown mess. It was about the only thing that went on it during the couple of years I had it. They get a bad rep for rust but there are still some solid ones out there. I love them, I'd have another.
  13. I remember this one, what a cracker. 😆 What about a separate Autoshite Classics section like there is for sales and moderns?
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