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  1. To me, the Aygo is by far the better looking of the ShitPugOta trinity. There's also the impression that although they were all built in the same factory and are essentially the same car, the Toyota version may have been more attentively looked after by a giffer whereas the Froggy duo would have been sold on £99 down, 0% finance deals to the sort of people who put a fiver's worth of fuel in at a time and think the MOT test is a full service. I'd rock that for £400, no probs.
  2. Jings, I remember those, my granny had one just like it. The rubber handle was a godsend as you used to get a slight 'tingle' from the metal bits when it was running but granny didn't care, it worked well into the 1980s when she got some newfangled thing with a light on it.
  3. No help now obviously but anything even slightly breakable I send out whether it's by post or courier gets wrapped with the assumption that it's going to be lobbed out the back of a van onto solid concrete many times during its journey and used as a football.
  4. This car has the most accessory lighting of any I've ever owned.
  5. So they're not listing Rover or MG but if this is taken at face value it suggests the K series, or the 1.8 version fitted to the Freelander at least, is good to go.
  6. From an old film I did a few scans of yesterday. The Volvo was mine.
  7. Superb result, so happy all that hard work's been rewarded. Looking forward to seeing you buzz past again at Morrybobs or maybe getting a closer look.
  8. There have been maybe three I could nominate but the other two (MK1 VW Jetta and Rover 600) redeemed themselves when the second examples of each I had were far better than the first, but I made the mistake of buying two of these shitheaps and they both left on the back of a scrappy's wagon after a few months ownership with the same fault. I won't bang on again about the well known petrol 5 pot Volvo throttle module issue on the 98-04 cars but suffice to say it's a POS. A £500 replacement for a £20 bit of Bowden cable guaranteed to fail after 100k miles that caused Volvo no end of claims ou
  9. It's a DAF apparently. https://www.facebook.com/731259826963793/posts/1941-daf-one-person-city-car-nicknamed-the-raincoatthe-single-seat-3-wheeled-mic/3149454321810986/
  10. I thought that was based on the last-gen Toyota MR2 at first.
  11. Look forward to seeing the results in the photography thread.
  12. ISTR back in the day these, the Uno and the Daihatsu Charade diseasels were cars you could eke almost 100mpg from if you drove them gently on a run. I'd love to try it.
  13. Looks a bit like the Japanese Dome Zero from the late 70s. I remember reading about it in an old issue of CAR but I gather it's had a resurgence of interest after appearing in a couple of driving games.
  14. First thought is a Ford Corsair.
  15. I could watch that all day. Fantastic work lads, this is going to be a belter!
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