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  1. Foot to the floor, over 70mph indicated. IIRC this was the road to Helensburgh. They're not great in town where you have to constantly start and stop but on the open road you can barrel along at 60-65 quite easily in a good one.
  2. I love them. I remember bringing this one back from Edinburgh with a mate. Tailgating a Volvo estate I got the speedo off the clock, it had just had an engine rebuild and may have had an extra horsepower somewhere... One of these cars that everyone should have a shot of at least once.
  3. Can confirm. 👍 I was sorely tempted by that 406 myself, hope you enjoy it.
  4. Spiny Norman

    My SJ

    Fun wee things these, my mate bought a new one on an F reg which I christened 'Bouncer', not after the dog in Neighbours but because you travelled about a mile vertically for every five you went forwards in it. Just trying to drive it in a straight line was a challenge and that was a split new one. Fuck knows what a 35 year old one is like.
  5. Liking the big Jeep, and liking that 406 coop even more. One of the most beautiful looking 'normal' cars ever I reckon. Did I miss the 4 Sail ad on here for it?
  6. Isn't taxi-ing the best way to appreciate a modern diseasel? Sits at 1700rpm for weeks on end and hardly ever gets cold started because it hardly ever gets shut down for more than an hour. A good cabbie has sussed how to drive with minimal impact on his car so he's not shelling out for repairs. Gentle acceleration, never braking unless absolutely necessary and looking far enough ahead to pick out gaps and lane swaps so they don't get caught out and have to slow down. Taxi drivers drive like no-one else. Up here the private hire chariot of choice is the Skoda Octavia. 400k miles not uncommon before the council's 7 year old maximum comes into effect at which point they end up on Gumtree for a few hundred quid.
  7. That Polonez is awesome. 😎 I bet if you looked hard enough you'd find just about everything will have been limo-ised at some point.
  8. Cheers for the info chaps, certainly looks like a professional job.
  9. I love them both but I'd vote for the Ami.
  10. I recognise the bottom one as a GSA but is the top one an old Ami? (And just as I hit the 'send' button I saw it says GSA on it..)
  11. A mate of mine posted this photo he'd taken today onto our Facebook car group, and I was trying to find out about it but info seems quite scarce. It appears on a Flickr page, taken at what looks like one of the Brum NEC classic car shows a few years back but that's all I can find. Anyone know anything more about it?
  12. I loved the E320 I had for a couple of years, and an extra 70-odd bhp is never a bad thing, right? Wonderful old barges, every bit as good as an XJ6, but in different ways.
  13. The Big Light goes in the middle of the ceiling. If my bits cast a shadow that's not my concern. If someone wants to see my knob all they have to do is ask, I'm not shy.
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