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  1. I've driven a Penza, a long time ago on holiday in Cyprus we rented one for a few days. I remember driving it on roads I'd never have considered taking my own car, and at one point we got lost on what started out as a dirt track and ended up as a military training site. We were 'encouraged' to leave by some armed soldiers. My memory of the car is that it took the kind of abuse only a rental car should ever endure, and apart from being full of red dust when we took it back, it survived the experience without protest. I still have a very blurry pic of it somewhere.
  2. The 1.6 Puggy motor is pretty lively even in a 405, so I'd guess a 309 would go well with it, even with an auto. Old Pugs are WIN!
  3. Is it wrong that I kinda like that twin-arsed Pacer?
  4. Superb to see it's living again, I saw Jude's initial post on one of the FB groups and along with many others tried to persuade him to buy it on the spot. Great to see it in the AS fold, well done to all concerned for saving a car that would undoubtedly have been plucked off the property and cubed otherwise.
  5. Low mileage, no leaper. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-s-type-3-0-V6-Only-38000-miles-from-new/153521659961?hash=item23be9aa039:g:M3AAAOSwGIJc~jYd
  6. These old C3 100s are wonderful. Lochgilphead's about an hour and a half from Glasgow, a lovely drive.
  7. Here we go, knew I had pics of it somewhere.
  8. It was absolutely mint too. Had the full tonneau cover for it too. There was a gold RR Corniche convertible that often parked in the same place, and a Camargue across the road sometimes. We fairly lowered the tone of the street with our little Fiat!
  9. We replaced the 1800 with this, some 700cc less but a fair bit faster. I remember liking this one so much I bought a 128 myself when I started driving a few years later. It dissolved in front of my eyes, like most of them did but it was a fantastic wee thing for an 19 year old to drive.
  10. Dad replaced his Renault 16 with this Landcrab, complete with auto selector sticking out the dash. Seen here with our snazzy old Thompson T line caravan.
  11. That 2CV van cornering shot... 😀
  12. 2CVs are wonderful, totally unlike anything else to drive and utterly addictive. As DW says there's a huge fanbase and lots of helpful owners clubs out there so help and advice is plentiful when you need it. Yours looks pretty smart, it's very similar to the one my mate had a while back which I borrowed* off him at every available opportunity. One thing that's worth pointing out if you're not aware already is that it would be worth replacing these old cardboard hoses under the bonnet, as they can be a fire risk.
  13. So in 1979, a 25 year old Peugeot saloon would have been one of these. Hell I'd happily drive this now. 😛
  14. That would go well with my 405, looks lovely. I can't say I'm not tempted, but I'm sure it'll fly out the door at that price long before I find an excuse to own 2 L reg 1.6 repmobiles.
  15. Had a bit of a wobble last night when the board wouldn't recognise my username/password combo and I couldn't remember the old email account I'd used 10+years ago when I joined, but thanks to some old tech (bit of A4 paper in a drawer with all my old passwords written down on it) I managed to reset and I'm in. Well done admin for a smooth change. Quite like the new shade of beige too. 🤗
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