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  1. I acquired a Jaguar keyring (possibly from someone on here) many years ago and I figured I really needed a Jag to go with it, so I bought a Jaguar from someone on here.
  2. Jings, I've seen more bodywork on an Ariel Atom. Impressive work going on there, and massive dedication.
  3. Many years ago I did a round trip from Glasgow across to the east coast, up past Peterhead, Fraserburgh, onto Wick and Thurso before coming back down through the west coast, Ullapool, Fort William etc, staying at little B&Bs all the way. It was one of the best holidays I've ever had, glorious roads and unusually nice weather. I don't know if I'd risk a convertible, you might be driving it with the roof up most of the time, so your Volvo might as well be a V70 which would haul all your camping gear in. I did it in the car I happened to have at the time and had a ball.
  4. Since when has this been the case, does anyone know? Reason I ask is I can vaguely remember a bit of pre-internet folklore in Glasgow which claimed this type of fail-safe air brakes came about in the early 70s after a tipper truck's brakes failed going down a very steep hill in Glasgow city centre causing it to smash into a stationers shop in Sauchiehall Street killing someone in the shop.
  5. Caught this old girl on my dashcam yesterday.
  6. Superb work, well done for keeping another one going. They do seem to have a habit or going round the door frames, my old 264 had a big hole at the bottom of the B pillar when i got it.
  7. Saloons based on hatchbacks seems a pretty common theme so I wasn't that surprised when I saw one of these in an Australian film the other night.
  8. Perils of digging up an old thread. I once went to view an XJ6 that caught fire.... oh wait.
  9. One of the most annoying reasons I didn't buy a used car was way back when I was 20, I had no interest in hot hatches or sporty cars. I wanted a big comfy barge to cruise around in and a local dealer had a really smart, fully loaded Renault 30TX up for about a grand which was well within my budget. I examined every inch of it and took it for a quick spin even though the dealer couldn't figure out why someone my age wasn't interested in the rusty XR3 he had sitting in the front of his yard. This was back when there was no mobile phones or internet and I was worried what a car like that would
  10. That looks well worth preserving in the original condition, just a few mechanical jobs and any reversible wheel upgrades, though I must admit to a rather perverse liking for these original 80s BMW 14" trims. My mate's 318i bought for £500 back in the day had them too.
  11. Headlamp washers are fine if they're backed up by wipers but they tend to be not working on most of the old shit I drive. One exception was my last Volvo 240 which has a handy feature where you can check if they're working. You can actually see the ends of the blades pop up over the edge of the bonnet as they sweep up the lamps!
  12. You guess wrong. It's rarely warm enough here to warrant AC and I'm a windows open kinda guy anyway. Or... I can tell the CC users for exactly the same reason, they're the ones relying on their car to regulate their speed for them and don't react quickly enough to the natural ebb and flow of traffic speeds, causing them to brake when normal people just back off the throttle a tad, and create jams. Or maybe they're just not paying enough attention? I had a car with CC once and it was far more mental effort to ensure I wasn't getting too close to the cars in front than it was
  13. Air conditioning. If I ever buy a car with working aircon it's broken by the time I sell it because I never use it.
  14. They really are cracking things to drive, even the 318i. The E36 really needs a bigger engine to shine but the older one is just fine on the 4 pot.
  15. That does look smart, my ideal spec of E39 too, 3 litre straight 6 with waft-o-matic. 😎 It's a shame the E39s have turned out so finicky to buy as secondhand cars, I had both the E28 and E34 versions back in the day and you just appraised them like any other old 70s/80s cars. If they weren't dissolving, didn't smoke and rattle and drove OK they were generally worth a punt. These E39s seemed to get a bit dicey after only 10-12 years.
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