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  1. Bit of shite never hurt anyone, it's good for the immune system. Probably... eBay grump. They've started paying funds from sold items straight into your bank without using Paypal which sounds like a good idea, but it takes 2/3 days whereas PP was almost instant, and I can't help the feeling that getting nearly nine quid sliced off a sale plus postage figure of £56 is a bit more than it used to be.
  2. I had a CX many years ago and one time when I took it into Glasgow's resident Citroeniste Graham Harper, he had an SM in for a new dilithium chamber or something like that and even though it was a customer's car he let me sit in it. That was a good day.
  3. Work. I went to work. I did drive there if that helps..
  4. A colleague engages in a bit of work based piss taking and you're threatening them with legal action... Are you for real?
  5. Fantastic news! Shame about the smell because these usually have a very pleasant '70's German car' fragrance inside due to the materials used in the insulation materials and the horsehair in the seats in particular. Looking forward to more updates and hopefully reading about how you're starting to bond with it. I found mine a slow burn relationship, it's a very capable car with very few foibles to single it out but after a year or so I loved it. The steering free play might be fixable by adjusting the big locknut on the box.
  6. Parked next to this spotless Morris Oxford coupe today.
  7. I'd love another Saab, I had a classic 900 and an NG one and they were both ace. Another 'If anyone's selling one' post. Within an hour or two of Glasgow, petrol turbo, preferably HOT 9-3 or 9-5,
  8. I wonder if he's still got his old Honda? Also, HTRB!
  9. This looks like it might be worth a punt if you could source a couple of body panels the right colour. https://www.gumtree.com/p/rover/-2001-rover-75-classic-se-2litre-v6-42289-miles-british-racing-green-mot-d-until-05-04-2022./1402636398
  10. That was the car that earned me a friendly chat with two of Strathclyde's finest back in the late 80s. First car I'd ever encountered that lit the dash up so long as the ignition on. But I agree, there's a hell of a lot of cars at night these days with no rear lights on, why don't they make DRL light up the back as well? Seems an odd way to do it.
  11. Do giffers lower their cars? I'd have thought having a car two inches off the floor would be the last thing a 75 year old would want.
  12. I'm remembering my old auntie's K10 Datsun Micra and there was a furry steering wheel cover that would turn while leaving the wheel in the same position if you didn't grip it hard enough, the little Halfords orthopaedic seat cushion, the boot tidy with all manner of cleaning and polishing products, the clip on panoramic rear view mirror and best of all the little picnic tables that clipped into the open window channel so wasps could enjoy your fruity drink, served from a cold thermos from the boot tidy. If Datsun had offered a bifocal windscreen she'd have ticked the option box.
  13. I'd love to watch it but we're getting River City (a sort of Glasgow Poundland version of Eastenders) on Wednesday when everyone else is getting it. Anyone know if it's getting shown again on telly, I hate watching TV shows on a laptop.
  14. Could easily have canned the PR piece for the daft electric buggy race series.
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