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  1. They seemed to be either completely fucked or almost minty fresh with little in between. The one I had had very little rust bar the front suspension perches which needed doing for an MOT but the body was in fine fettle. Paid just over a grand for it, ran it for nearly three years and when it eventually failed a MOT (on many suspension issues, mostly caused by Glasgow's third world roads, and a knackered exhaust, but not rust) I got £400 from a couple of large Polish blokes who turned up, paid with cash and vodka and drove off happy, if only all buyers were like that. It had the fantastic creamy smooth 3.2 I6 and the 4 speed Mercedes slushbox, very whooshy indeed. I'd love another.
  2. The best one I remember on WD was the Puggy 205GTi with smoke pouring out the exhaust which turned out* to be the clutch...
  3. That was the Alfa 155. I quite liked that show until I watched that one. The two blokes doing it came across quite well but like all these car resto shows on TV the whole thing was in dreamland as far as accuracy and costing went.
  4. Doesn't actually say what it is but it's referenced here in Autocar. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/features/archive-soviet-dream-machines
  5. When I buy your doo-dad off eBay and you state in the ad that it will be sent Royal Mail, don't send it by fucking Herpes.
  6. Could be worse. Could be a K11 Micra where you have to take a hacksaw and cut off part of the dashboard.
  7. Assuming you could find one and get spares for it, any of the B2 shape Audi 80s would make excellent daily drivers. The carb fed 1.8 was the mainstay of the range, 90bhp and decent performance plus comfort, some electrical niceties and a smidge of safety by late 70s standards at least. Other engines included one of the first turbotractors you didn't need to make apologies for and a sweet 1.9 litre injected 5 pot in the posh CD version.
  8. Walked past this at lunchtime, realised I hadn't seen one in the wild for a good few years so went back.
  9. Since when did shower curtains not need to be waterproof? Just bought one from Asda and after one shower the bathroom floor was soaked, and when I checked I discovered the water just goes straight through it. Why did this seem like a good idea? Luckily I couldn't be arsed to take the old one out to the bin so it can go back up meantime.
  10. Rather than focus on the car, if you haven't done so already it might be worth researching the medical causes and possible remedies for motion sickness. Watch what she eats beforehand, keep her off her phone and engaged in whatever banter goes on in the car, fresh air and frequent stops all help. When you're a kid time moves more slowly so a 'quick' 50 mile blast down the road will seem like an eternity especially if she feels ill. Apologies if this is teaching granny to suck eggs... https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/motion-sickness/
  11. A smooth wallowy ride is the last thing a car sick kid needs. I know, I regularly turned green in the back of Dad's Renault 16. The ride quality of the car has little to do with motion sickness as I understand it, it's something a lot of kids go through and seems to be exacerbated by not looking forwards in the direction of travel. Can an 11 year old sit in the front seat? Reading or sitting on the phone looking down where the eyes are extra conscious of having to keep following a moving target don't help either.
  12. I also wonder if the headlamps aren't a bit of a red herring, they look very much like the late E30 BMW ones but it's no BMW.
  13. My first thought was an Iso Lele, with the half eyelid lamp cover but the bonnet opening is wrong. It's an oddly proportioned thing, the lights are tiny and the door mirror is huge. Something says 70s Japanese to me, but I can't place it.
  14. Many moons ago when Mk3 Cortinas were firmly in the banger class a lad I knew at collage got one for a bowl of soup and a packet of fags, but discounting a Corsa I won on a radio phone in and immediately flipped for the wonga, the least I've ever paid for a car was £50 for a K11 Micra off a mate. It was rough but it ran like a dream and after 3 months of ownership its MOT was up and I thought 'fuck it, let's see what it fails on' and surprisingly all it took was a CV boot and a handbrake cable so I got it fixed. It then became the only car I ever owned where I spent twice the purchase price on repairs. I'd have quite happily run it for a while longer but some cunt in a Datsun Cashcow decided he needed the same bit of road as me and although it wasn't a hard hit, K11 Micras fold up pretty easily and that was it. Sold it to a grasstrack racer for £100 so it got to live out its final few miles as AN RACECAR.
  15. From what I can see it's another mass panic engineered by the media, particularly the BBC who reported three days ago about a couple of BP stations having to close due to lack of drivers and it's been pushing its way up the billing since.
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