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  1. Volvo 140 and 240 estates used the same doors as the saloons, but I don't think anybody noticed...
  2. Managed to pull it out and clean it but still isn't 100%. All the new switches I see on eBay don't have the button for the nearside dip-on-reverse but I'd never use that so I'll just get the standard one. Far easier to remove from the housing than I imagined though, might be a shit switch but it's an easy swap.
  3. That's exactly what I'll be doing to mine tomorrow,. Is it just a case of popping it out the trim, splitting it and wazzing some contact cleaner in there?
  4. Looking at that it was last taxed in 2001, I didn't realise she'd had it that long. Typical little old lady car, got driven (very slowly) once or twice a month and serviced by the main dealer she bought it from every year. I was given the task of selling it for her when her eyesight gave up and sometimes there were only 5-600 miles between annual services but she wouldn't hear of giving it up and taking a taxi everywhere which would have saved a fortune. I'd borrow it occasionally when mine was out of action and whenever I gave her it back she'd always ask if I'd had it serviced 'Because it runs so much better' No, auntie, I just drove it at more than 27mph...
  5. My elderly aunt had the first Micra delivered in Glasgow allegedly, PGA 50Y. A silver automatic GL badged as a Datsun at both front and rear ends. Did 13,000 miles in it in about as many years.
  6. Didn't the original VW Beetle struggle on till 2003? Not an official model in the UK by then but I don't think they ever got a 5 speed box.
  7. These old Oscar India shape Astons have aged beautifully. The James Bond DBs look a bit old and fussy nowadays and the new ones do nothing for me at all.
  8. The late 9-3s aren't particularly fancied unless it's an Aero or a cabby, without an MOT it's scrap value. The works described would take a fair degree of money and hassle to fix, you can live without aircon but no blower would get very annoying very quickly. Stick the reg into Cartakeback.com and tell him that's what it's worth.
  9. As birthday presents to yourself go, a Jag is about as good as it gets and a worthy replacement for Huggy. 😎
  10. Tidy looking 9000 spotted today, unfortunately there was no room to park my 9-5 beside it for a father & son shot.
  11. Not at all bad for a stage 3+ tuned Saab 9-5.
  12. Mine has a scuff on the lower edge of the bumper the exact same as yours!
  13. One of the very last of the 200 series, an L reg 240.
  14. Took it for a wash and brush up today and it looks much better. Getting to know it properly now. It's got satnav but it's 2005 spec where you need to enter the name of the street rather than the postcode so I doubt that'll be seeing any action when Google Maps just works so much better. The stereo's not bad though nowhere near as good as the ones in top Volvos from that era despite having 9 speakers in it. The seats are amazing, possibly the best I've ever put my bum on even if they are my less preferred covering after velour. The boot is huge, and like my old W210 Mercedes I can hardly reach the back without climbing inside. This is quite impressive too, a mix of town shuffling, urban dual carriageway at 50/60 and the odd whoopee on a sliproad over the 70-odd miles I've had it.
  15. I'll be honest, I'd have preferred either the carbon* look or the plain silver, I'm not a huge fan of stick on bits of tree in cars but I'll live with it. I do like the wheels though, and seeing them that dirty in the photos makes me think they'd look great powder coated on gunmetal grey, not black but just a bit darker than the paintwork. I'll see how it looks when it's all clean.
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