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  1. Getting random insurance quotes for things is a great game when you're bored. Apparently I could insure a Lamborghini Aventador on my current details (daily driver, parked outside in an area of Glasgow that's often on fire) for about £1000. The only added stipulation being they'd want a tracker on it. I always enjoy telling teenagers this when they get quotes for three grand for some manky old Corsa. Talking about home insurance, our buildings insurance is taken care of by the factor so all I have to arrange is contents cover which for the last 20 years has been hovering around the £50-60 mark. This year I get the renewal letter through with a quote for £150, along with a long winded letter about how the rules have changed and they're not allowed to offer cheaper quotes to new customers than to existing policyholders and how that makes the system fairer which sounded like complete bollox to me. And so it turned out, went on the meerkat site and got a quote for £48 from the same company. Insurance premiums are seemingly calculated along the lines of 'think of a number, chuck some runes in the air then ask the cat'.
  2. Definitely not in favour. For about half the cars on the roads these days the MOT is the only time they'll see any sort of professional attention in their entire lives unless they FTP and result in a tow, and even then only the cause of the FTP will be fixed, not the tyres down to the wires/wafer thin brake pads, knocking suspension etc. It's scary how many people know absolutely fuck all about even the simplest car maintenance, how to check the oil, coolant, tyres, listen for odd noises etc, I always thought it was still part of a driving test but I guess nobody bothers once they have the slip of paper saying they're a better driver than Lewis Hamilton. I'm quite happy to pay someone £40 to check the parts of my car I can't see/reach every year and anyone who says they can't afford it can't afford a car, period.
  3. Keep up at the back... https://autoshite.com/topic/52468-govt-proposals-for-mot-changes/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-2688069
  4. Well bought! The best looking small hatch of its generation (or possibly any generation), I had a boggo 60S 3 door for a few years and apart from an occasional random clutch judder it was faultless. There's a red one that turns up every few days in our work's car park but I've yet to get a snap of it or speak to the owner.
  5. Google reverse image search says it's an FSO Syrena Sport. Concept car from the late 50s, never made production.
  6. Superb! I used to have a few boxes of brochures when I was younger, same sort of era as yours plus a few from the 60s. And I've got a day off tomorrow!
  7. To tie in with another thread, this was on an episode of Minder recently.
  8. I can't remember what exactly you have to do now but recent versions of Android can't just be plugged into a USB and copy onto a PC. Google it, there's something you have to do deep in the settings menu.
  9. 1988 according to Wiki. I remember seeing plenty of E plates back in the day and like the old Rovers they were seen as ancient crap by new car buyers compared to the plethora of late 80s GTis and fast Jap coupes so I guess there were a few orphans that hung around for a year or two before finding owners.
  10. Must admit I wouldn't entertain all that palaver just for a shit pizza when I can buy one from Lidl for £3.99 and do it at home. Any time I eat out it's either the Italian or curry house in town where they know me by name or the local Chinese where the 'family run' ethos extends to the school age daughter waiting the tables.
  11. Pretty much has. Faster up the Goodwood hillclimb than an F1 car and everything else that's ever been up there.
  12. I once wrapped a mate's gift in a few pages from an old Auto Trader. Like a cat that sleeps in the box its new bed came in he briefly looked at the Airfix kit I'd got him then spent twenty minutes reading the wrapping paper. "Hey, a Renault 6 for £1000..."
  13. I could easily get my full first name followed by my surname initial in the sub £1000 end of the market but I don't have that kind of mindset. I might buy a simple 3 letters/3 numbers plate as an age hider since most of my cars are ancient old toss.
  14. Sorry, not getting 'Dave' anything from that, but definitely a hint of 'Are we not men? We are Devo' 😛 Couple of times I've thought about getting some kind of wanker plate but I wouldn't want one that attempts to spell my name, especially at the 'If you squint it sort of says...' end of the market. I change cars quite often too, so I'd be shelling out a transfer fee at least once a year based on recent years although the Saab may be a longer term prospect so I still might.
  15. Some of these look almost as mutant as the cars in the Gondry film Mood Indigo.
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