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  1. Me neither - decent doesn’t depend on age.
  2. There’s a great French meeting planned in Brittany next year- our Thames tortoises are hoping to stay over at a member’s gite in Normandy en route,
  3. Also being in wales you can’t go anywhere yet. An ideal opportunity to restore a dolly.
  4. Great, you’ve two weeks parental leave coming up. That Should do it.
  5. True. But why has yours gone? Was it standing for years unused?
  6. Could well be. But it’s not a usual problem- the only other cx I know with HGF was neil hotham’s CGAT .
  7. Bonnet hinge looks a bit rusty though, and rear sweeps / rear panel are quite expensive. Can you weld?
  8. Great. Nothing too difficult if the chassis and floors are new.
  9. My dad took the fiat out today to buy a pint of milk ( being in wales they aren’t allowed to travel for the sake of it, and he’s 77 ). He said it started first time and ran well - first movement since December I think.
  10. Also as much as I would like to play cars I won’t until after I can see my own family.
  11. I’m still cautious. R is still high enough for another peak.
  12. When rick was busy a couple of years ago when I needed the off side frame doing the bill from Mercedes ascot wasn’t horrendous for a main dealer. Parts for the subframe about the same cost as he’s just quoted and labour the same again. They are actually a lot better than Citroen in parts prices for older cars. I have told rick that I will pay for the spring tool he’s ordered for the job and expect it to be four or five hours labour. Annoyingly the car still drives perfectly so I doubt I’ll notice the money spent on it. Then there’s the body work needed after bambi took a header into the door.
  13. My mechanic friend rick has been ill with the virus ( he drives buses in London now ) so been a little delayed in replacing the Mercedes’s nearside front suspension. He’s asked if I want aftermarket or original parts. Given that I don’t want to do it again, and there’s hardly any difference in cost I’ve gone for Mercedes. £348 he’s just whatsapped me.
  14. The world has gone to hell in a handcart. I understood hairnet!
  15. Next time. I think it was just a tilting trailer towed by a Toyota hilux thing.
  16. Bits are, and bits aren’t.
  17. I think it was USA spec given the large indicators and small number plate recesses. No plates on it but LHD. It looked great in the colour. Nothing else about today though.
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