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  1. The stress would give me hypertension.
  2. That is one of automotive ‘s best dashboards.
  3. Lovely little Porsche, and a an absolutely gopping rolls Royce. Carbon fibre bits stuck all over it, the matt wrap and worst that you can’t see, the bonnet and windscreen surround had a leopard-print wrap.
  4. Driving with the fuel light on, always comes in to my “Dirty Harry” quote. Do you feel lucky punk?
  5. That was a fill up at home then drive straight up to wrexham from bagshot with no stopping, and straight back home again the next day ( funeral trip, no socialising). I can’t work on gallons In real life and need to convert litres to fuel consumption. 420 and the fuel light just on full time was the best record in the uk. In France I could do about 30mpg with the roofrack and bike on the car.
  6. Sorry. Once I read LEGO I saw it as you intended
  7. Just watching the multipler clutch slave replacement. Reminds me a lot of doing ( well watching ) the master and slave replacement on my x1/9. Much, much, and then even more pumping and bleeding before any pressure got back to the pedal.
  8. I hope you enjoy it. I did. On average I’d expect 360miles from a full tank before the fuel light comes on again. I have made it to north wales and back on in tank which is 420miles.
  9. Interesting- I thought any bulb gone was a fail ( even the numberplate ones). 2000 miles a year, so I suppose it depends on how bad the tyres are before you need to change them. Watching hubnut just now - you seem to be getting off lightly compared to the purple people eater.
  10. A lada largass probably goes with the Vauxhall grandad I’m sure I saw named in the back of something today.
  11. Sorry, it reminded me more of metal mickey.
  12. Hungarian CX just up the road from me in Eton wick. The seller runs a company supplying cars for film and tv and has a motor museum with mostly ww2 vehicles. I’ve visited a few times. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255180167127?hash=item3b69ec57d7:g:tiEAAOSwVyVhaVvM
  13. Weirdos can meet and make like souls too.
  14. A phantom II boat-tailed speedster. Probably Indian market originally.
  15. Seats look good for 130,000 miles though don’t they!
  16. Like the cx DTR I had this is the only one very annoying issue I had with the car in nearly 10 years. I think it’s the heater fan assembly on the bulkhead.
  17. I’ve told you it leaks. For the last few years I’ve had the front passenger carpet out of the car as that side collected the water.
  18. I’m reading Tim Moore’s latest travelogue bike ride at the moment. Lots of detail about Spain’s troubles under Franco etc. I really don’t know what drives people to murder like this.
  19. Best moment driving my x1/9 is to get the dials cross-eyed. About 7,000rpm and 110mph.
  20. Ah, @Mrs6C did mention a mezzanine floor in the new barn.
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