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  1. You can get a lot in a c5 with the seats down.
  2. Just thought that it may be easy to remove the brushes ( like the 2cv) rather than the whole alternator.
  3. Could it be just the contact brushes? If they are removable of course?
  4. the fiat 124 spider is rather nice but still £10k plus. I was tempted one last year, but needed a practical load carrying car not a sports car,
  5. Yes, once I’d parked them together I realised why I liked it.
  6. All the ones I’ve just seen have been blue metallic. that one looks smart in black. Can’t think they’re easy to sell, sp could he a deal to be bargained. says he who has had a new fiat TIPO cross for a year now and not seen another on the road!
  7. Just been refreshing my memory. Yes x1/9 ish. But just having your head visible from the side is weird. The proportions are a little off I think.
  8. Is that the weird two door targa thing? I’ve never seen one. Did they sell any?
  9. Not sure. But as a collective noun….a yuck? ps shame they haven’t really cloned Gareth bale..( your Gareth bales…).
  10. And the bad news is about the parents DS4. Dealer said the battery was dead ( well it’s been sitting with them for three weeks after not starting). Battery fitted on Thursday, needed diagnostic on Friday and they rang ( me accidentally and not dad) at 4.30 today to say the battery control unit wasn’t turning off and so a constant drain. Just £740 of your Earth pounds! They can do it tomorrow which is a damn sight faster than they could get a battery.
  11. Quite. Not pouring ( literally with heating oil) money away seems very smart.
  12. Trafficking cars across counties? Makes it sound like the dukes of hazard.
  13. The last May work oN the 602. In forty years of 2cving I’ve not heard of a twin carb setup though.
  14. Does sound like one of the morning quizzes Charles nove has on Scala radio.
  15. spotted this morning on a walk in ash vale, alder shot. living from year to year by the mot history.
  16. Death on three wheels, as queen didn’t sing. Not sure how you get twin carbs on a 2cv?
  17. Just delivered, their third attempt was 6 to 8 tonight. Not sure the doormat is my safe place though.
  18. We’ve never stopped there, any better inside?
  19. A very minor grump, but still waiting….
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