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  1. Vitalite is vegan, so I am told. My vegan-baker daughter says so anyway.
  2. Same here but I think that if you by by direct debt it s 12 monthly payments, has been here for years anyway. I got all excited when I saw the thread. may have to drink myself into oblivion now.
  3. Bloody fly tippers, this was just the tip of the iceberg. Local industrial estate half buried in litter - drinks bottles and cans, food wrapping and plastic bags.
  4. Saw one of these yesterday. A new one for me.
  5. That's pricey - only £1.30 near me for the cheap one - although I have used the wrong hose a time or two myself. The only place around here that charges that much, that I have seen anyway, is a Jet place on a feeder road to the A1 and their cheap diesel has been £1.51 for the last eight months, never varies. As I whinged about previously, had the late wife removed from our joint account, then had a letter from the bank for her informing of a deposit from Sweden. Today, two new chequebooks in my name only. Still have a chequebook with only two used, one three years ago and one two years ago. The book must be at least five years old.
  6. Opted for the paperless option at my bank. Two days later a letter arrived for my wife to say I had gone paperless and did she want to as well. She has been dead for four years and has never previously had any communication from them. I was going to the bank to have my late wife's name removed from our joint account but had to phone the head office first. They did the whole thing on the phone But couldn't change the spelling of my name that they have been getting wrong for the past ten years or more, said I would have to visit a branch for that. Two days later I receive a letter with my name spelled correctly with commiserations for the loss of my wife. Today there is another letter for her advising of a payment into our joint account of my pension from Sweden. I can see this being a complete shitshow.
  7. Go for it! My youngest son drives a fork lift for Asda and seems to do reasonably well on it. Permanent nights, which doesn't suit everybody of course.
  8. Earthquake in Stockton this morning - one of my daughters lives only a few miles away and heard nothing. Someone on Facebook comments "If you have come to Middlesbrough looking for signs of devastation - it always looks like that"
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