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  1. New tube of filler. Not much use now
  2. I have others on the north side of the house - realistic but nowhere near as dramatic.
  3. Hard to see, the display is hopeless. Had this a couple of weeks ago - 44.7˚C! The probe for this was beside an alcohol thermometer in the garden that I suspected was being very optimistic but not so, they both read the same to within a degree. In February it registered 33˚, I was painting the fence at the time. 4˚ the following day and snowing. It is in a very sheltered part of the garden and direct sunlight. Was 46˚ last Sunday but can't find that photo. It gets so hot that the patio door expands and can't be opened. Almost locked myself out a few days ago.
  4. Mine were very yellow and looked like they had been sandblasted. Spent hours on them with little improvement - Autosol, toothpaste, a glass polishing/scratch remover from work, wetordry - nothing seemed to help. It actually had but what I was seeing was inside - looked like some kind of algae growing in there - weird as there was never any condensation. Bought a replacement pair from eBay, fifty quid. Much better.
  5. A nice fresh MOT and service for £165 New tyre £50 (bleb in the old one). Apart from fuel and the dreaded tax and insurance, not bad for a year's motoring. Shame it all fell this month though.
  6. I'll have to tell my brother. He is an expert at slicing through the cables. His wife won't let him repair them so he goes and buys a new one.
  7. I had the first one done by Halfords, made it look easy. Second one I did myself. Was far from easy and lost the clip. Have never been able to do it without removing the bumper. Sidelights and indicators are easy enough but sidelights were always dying so replaced with LEDs. Often had to kick the nearside headlight to start that indicator working, the bulb holder was faulty and the contacts failed to make contact sometimes.
  8. I can't remember my phone number that I have had for at least twelve years. Or the registration for the car.
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