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  1. Thanks, I'll have a crack at that in the morning.
  2. Just went to take the car for my son to take to work. Flat tyre Pump doesn't even look at it No spare wheel, naturally
  3. A neighbour opposite always used to sit in the window watching TV. A big, very healthy looking bloke. The kids used to call him "The Dead Man" as he never moved. He complained about indigestion one day. He was sat in his chair as usual - but this time he really was the dead man - heart attack.
  4. Car was places have all been closed for ages round here. Shops pretty quiet. Friday, went to Home Bargains (for SBC LED bulbs - didn't have any) all very orderly and hardly any cars in the huge carpark for HB, M&S, Next, Pets at Home, Aldi, Matalan and a couple of others. As usual with Home Bargains, I go in for two things, they only have one but come out with twenty things I didn't go for.
  5. While this is certainly true, my kids have all bought their own houses - all five of them. The youngest twice as although she paid for her first house, her then boyfriend weaseled it out of her and she had to start from scratch. Eldest lad is on his third now - in London, neighbours with JK, Jack White, Jeff Beck and others. Looking to sell and buy the other half of his girlfriends house in south London. They are not, any of them, on mega salaries.
  6. My wife - long before we were married, was taking lessons from her then landlord. He grabbed her tits and wanted to see them. She smacked him in the teeth and refused to pay rent after that, threatened to tell his wife. Learned in a Renault 8. 10 lessons over two weeks, 11th was the test, passed first time a fortnight after my 17th birthday, god knows how. Wife never did learn to drive.
  7. My grandson is unable to have driving lessons although my daughter has been accompanying him a couple of times a week. The driving instructor told him the lessons were postponed and there were no tests being done. The dozy lad across the street has continued having lessons, also practising with his mother, father and grandfather in his car (not all at once) and has now passed his test (surprisingly as he is pretty hopeless).
  8. I pour any out into the garden, insects and bacteria take care of it. That said, I get very little, mostly from fried eggs. Wipe the pan out with paper towels that go in the bin.
  9. Too little, too late but I keep a plastic box in my boot, and some bungees, to stop stuff floating about and tipping over. That said, the 10L bucket of white emulsion took no notice of that and ruined the pristine boot of the Civic.
  10. On Christmas Day in the morning. Broadband has been off since I took it?
  11. It was needs must, she can't be without her car and of course it cleverly comes without a spare wheel. Not a Fiat 500, a Megane C+C. She has no way of getting to work without it. If it had happened at work she could have used one of their cars and had someone up there do it. Not sure now what the size was. I never use those places now. Buy Sailun tyres from Oponeo and the garage I use fits them.
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