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  1. There may indeed but parking across someone's drive is a twat move at the best of times. The least they could have done was ask permission if they couldn't find another parking place.
  2. They have far too much air in their tyres. I'm sure they would appreciate if you fixed that for them.
  3. I used Gorilla Glue to clag the oven door glass back on and it seems to be holding. I used the stuff in the 'sealant' type tube a while back, didn't work at all but the usual stuff in the small bottles has done the trick .
  4. May not be viable for you but you can download and install Linux Mint free and it is easy to do. I discovered after having to buy a region 1 player that Mint (that I had on three computers at the time) plays them with no problems, possibly other regions too. Will dual-boot with Windows.
  5. No. Once it has been stressed it can go any time. Probably cleaning it has stressed it, if the corner is too tight a fit and a change in temperature can finish it off.
  6. Had the same thing last month except the charges were much higher.
  7. Toughened glass seems to have something of an Achilles' heel'. I worked for a windows & doors company. Most of the windows and door panels were toughened glass. It only needed a slight knock on a particular corner to shatter it. There was a bloke came into our unit with an eight foot by three foot sheet that was covered with lead and coloured bevels in an intricate pattern that had probably take a couple of days to make. Set it gently on the floor and it turned into a heap of crystals. Not his best day.
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