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  1. Another reason I always go for HP, if the heads clog it is only a matter of changing cartridges. Mu printers can go for months without doing anything.
  2. I have a very sexy HP Envy printer/scanner and found the cartridges cheaper in Tesco or Amazon. The long-life cartridges never lasted though, the cheaper ones lasted ages. It went nuts a while back, wouldn't print anything or photocopy anything, just came out as a load of scrambled lines. I keep it as a scanner, that works OK. Bought an HP Laser printer - always buy HP as they always work with Linux painlessly - except this one, there are no drivers for it. Anything I need printing has to be emailed to it via the HP print service. It did work with Chromium and Google print for a while but that has packed up too now. Dreading replacing the toners for it, can't/daren't think what they might cost and no, I'm not going to look.
  3. Practising for the Bantry festival perhaps?
  4. Can you make one from some suitable material. I used to when unavoidable but haven't for at least twenty years. some stuff here may be useful https://www.ramgaskets.com/gasket-materials/sheet-gasket-material/
  5. Spent ages looking for an opticians that was miles from where Google maps thought it was then coupdn't enter due to air fresheners and other stinkies - same as yesterday in Chester-Le-Street. Did find one and have made an appointment. Went to Lidl for my shopping and got talking to a bloke my age with a 16 year old MX-5 that looks like it just came out of the showroom - he did say he was a bit OCD with it. Didn't do any shopping in Lidl and may be getting a £90 fine for exceeding the 90 minute parking time allowed - never usually more than 10 minutes Did my shopping in Aldi, came home and knocked the pint of cream off the bench, which naturally exploded all over the kitchen and my best clothes.
  6. I'm somewhat older, can't be doing with varifocals/bifocals so have three pair (actually 5, a couple of duplicates) and four pair are buggered, need updating
  7. ^ I've been looking for my tube of Autosol. Bought years ago to remove wiper scratches from the Volvo windscreen* It has always lived on/in a small set of shelves in the understairs cupboard. Looked there a dozen times and was blaming my son for taking it for his bike. Looking for something completely different (not found) here's the Autosol right in front of me. I estimate that it has been there over 20 years *bought a replacement windscreen from a scrappy, spend several hours on a very hot July day removing it, got it home, removed the old one, fitted the replacement and went to clean it. Someone had been using the wipers with no blade in and scratched some impressive arcs in the drivers half. Took several hours and much Autosol and a B&D with polishing mop on to get it acceptable.
  8. Blue Volvo 440 just drove up the street then out again a couple of minutes later. Haven't seen one in several years.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/515246872338619/videos/1455500544589005/
  10. Racket out on the street like someone dragging a trolley jack around, looked out to see if it was mine that lives in the unlocked meter cupboard and it is a rook playing with an empty coke can. Managed to pick it up and flew away with it.
  11. Finally replaced the failing shower unit - been on the blink for about six months, sometimes it would work, others not. After four days of not working, ordered a new one from an eBay supplier (Plumbworld) who I bought the previous one from, about ten years ago. Was £140, reduced from £240 and a limited amount remaining, asked if they could defer sending until Monday as I was not supposed to be here today but they said they couldn't but it wouldn't arrive until Monday or Tuesday anyway. Ordered it (Thursday) and it arrived yesterday, less than 24 hours after ordering it. Took the old one off the wall and discovered that the reputation that Mira have that all units are direct-swap isn't quite true. Much re-piping and cutting expanded holes in the tiles (stinky with a Dremmel). Left the pipework overnight to check for leaks (put a service calve in the pipe). All OK so bunged the new unit in place. Much better flow and boiling hot, much better than the Orbis it replaced and far less expensive.
  12. I don't know what the 1979 equivalent of the current 16 year old C5 would be but I was driving a ten year old Hillman Minx but soon graduated to a much older Renault 4.
  13. Give it a good wash with degreaser (turps, meths etc. Then with detergent and water. Let it dry, rub it down with very fine sandpaper/wetordry. Coat with undercoat - acrylic should be fine but may need two coats. Finally refinish with emulsion. If there is a Johnstone's/Leyland warehouse near you, I recommend Johnstone's paints. They are also available but in limited ranges at B&B Bargain stores. Less expensive than Dulux and the results of a recent empirical test a damn site better too. (currently redecorating here too) Have used Johnstone's for years, after Sigma folded.
  14. I used to but Libre Office split off a few years ago. It is very similar but as it is bundled with Ubuntu and Linux Mint then that is the one I use, simpler that way. Also use Google Docs quite a bit as it is very easy to share with any interested parties.
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