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  1. Try the EBA! Phenomenal. I 'tested' mine at 120 mph. when someone pulled out in front of me. Didn't even know I had it but was pleased it was there. Completely resigned to having a serious crash. Pulled up straight and smooth, no drama at all.
  2. Found it this morning thanks. I will likely return to electric once I get over my aversion to spending money and manage to wade through the complexities of it all.
  3. May just give that a try. Lots of disposable ones to wear out first though.
  4. I remember Erasmic from the sixties. I had a job finding anything and had to ask. No idea what it is except blue. Whatsa Wet Mach?
  5. The only spirits here are Johnnie Walker ones - or were, the bottle is empty now
  6. Split between Grumpy and Grinny. My shaver packed up about a year ago. I had a Philishave one in reserve but it was a bit crap. Bought a Chinese one from AldiLidl. Not bad at first, rubbish now. Bought some shaving gel yesterday and had a wet shave today - disposable cheapshit razors that have been here for years, god knows why as I haven't had a wet shave since early seventies. I was hesitant but it worked well and was faster than anticipated, and not as painful either The anointment of shaving gel on my clothes and floor, the blood on the towels and bath mat were only to be expected. A negative bonus. May even get shaved again. Not too soon hopefully.
  7. I do. My parents didn't get a phone until 1980s when we came back from Sweden but some of our neighbours had party lines in the 50s and early 60s.
  8. Just tried to post using an adjacent laptop and Chromium. Bookmark (and many others) gone, along with all the passwords. Chromium stopped synchronising a few months ago. Rowlocks
  9. A to connect, B to get your money back.
  10. And even 2d if memory serves.
  11. Local drug dealer has a brand new (71) Tesla S. Usually drives expensive BMWs.
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