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  1. Bought my first car in 1978, a shite Hillman Minx. Insurance was £12 - a year I had been driving for 13 years but always had a company car or van.
  2. My eldest lad has had one for 3 or 4 years. Slightly insane. I said I thought it was quick - he said that was comfort mode, see what happens when I push the Cupra button. 😲
  3. Fisker Karma - heard of but never seen. Turned up in "In The Order Of Disappearance" Looked like a BMW
  4. From ARRSE where the video is better but I can't link to it
  5. Eldest daughter is on her third C3 Second daughter has a new MX5 and an ancient Escort cabriolet - they are hers, son in law has an A5 and she hates it. Eldest son has a Seat Leon Cupra that he will be dumping soon for something bigger to get his mountain bikes in. Youngest son only has mountain bikes and a Triumph Street Triple, uses my C5 all the time and moans about it. Youngest daughter has a Megane C+C. She changes her cars quite often, always at least five years old.
  6. ^It's a long time since I was there but it looked just like that back then.
  7. Just the opposite - sometimes it seems as though (almost) everything is working.
  8. I filled up a couple of days ago and it came up as 43mpg - around 10mpg more that I usually get. Downside is that it has been my son driving mainly, I only did an 80 mile round trip to Teesside Almost 600 miles on less than a tank. Enough left for around 60 miles when the light comes on.
  9. Americans that don't know the difference between a wheel and a 'tire' 😬
  10. I was just about to post that photo, saw it earlier but had to go and collect daughter's Megane (new tyres, among other things) How anyone can drive around like that is beyond belief.
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