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  1. I have a Titan one from Screwfix, sixty quid I think it was. Lidl have them that look a bit better for about fifty, own make.
  2. In the absence of anything from the doctor, a mouthwash of warm salt water is fairly effective if not very pleasant.
  3. Mine has been reducing significantly year by year and always cheaper than the meercat -type quotes. Too much of a pain to go through all that hassle if I can avoid it. I was concerned about being uninsured - I haven't used the car in at least ten weeks but my son uses it most nights for work.
  4. Spent hours digging through 'my files' 🙄 for the insurance certificate. I usually get a reminder in the post a couple of weeks before it is due but it becomes due on the 7th. Spent ages online trying to get some sense of it the realised I only had the documents as .pdfs, looked in the email heap and got the certificate number, went to phone and the queue is huge but I can renew online. Put the certificate number in then as i went to put the renewal date in realised the it is due in July, not June. Oh well
  5. This just popped up on YouTube. Apologies for the waffle.
  6. I have found that my daughter is far more adept at joinery than I. At least she can cut a straight line, in the right place, first time every time.
  7. The baker I use has a sign for opening hours. "10am until 1:30pm - or until we run out of stuff"!
  8. This seems to be the thing that attracts many to the Cosplay scene. A dedicated thread here for interested parties.
  9. One of my daughter's favourites, along with exsanguination. To put our minds at ease, we can now purchase a USB dongle that will stop 5G infecting us with the coronavirus. Magic Gadget
  10. If it is painful you could try your local dental hospital. They are very good if you can't get a dentists appointment. Here you turn up at about 07:00 and everyone is seen in turn. Pays to be early.
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