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  1. I seem to have made a mess of it. Opted to pay by debit card and it used PayPal anyway, despite being told not to.
  2. Just had the one on my staircase give up the ghost. It has been on continuously for over five years, so at least 44,000 hours.
  3. I wish my Civic would do that. The best that I have managed was going to the CCC Northern in Wetherby last week. 49.2 mpg. Since then son has been around Yorkshire in it and it has fallen to 47.6, which is still far better than we usually manage.
  4. Could be air (nitrogen) in the system, may need bleeding.
  5. It thinks that you are just buttering it up.
  6. The signature jump used by Victor Blackman of the Daily Express in so very many of his photo's.
  7. I recently had a new rear plate made at a local autoshop, Wrekenton Autospares. Needed a spare for the bike rack. Ten minutes, £8!
  8. If you have a P45 or P60 it will be on there IIRC
  9. I had cause to sit in my car for an hour or so the other day. When I went to Northallerton I attempted to put the AC on as it was hot but opening the windows too noisy. What I had actually done was to put it on recirculate which didn't help at all. And I discovered the AC button. Only right in front of my nose so no wonder I was unaware of it. I have been using recirculate all winter and wondering why it was steaming the windows up. Also discovered lots of things that the 'radio' does, except I never use the radio part of it. Listened to a lot of music, I have a USB dongle that would take a month or more to plough through everything on it so lots of surprises as I have mostly forgotten much of what I put on it. All very pleasant until I tried to start the car and had flattened the battery. Could have done without that. Also the American spell checker can sod off.
  10. What on earth is this shite and how can it be legal? Insane!
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