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  1. And I thought that I had problems with slugs
  2. I have a couple of smaller torches that cost very little. Six quid for the bigger one, three for the little one. Only bought the big one as I bought the gas canisters for my other blowlamps and weed burner and they were the wrong fitting.
  3. My son has smart meters, inherited when he bought the house, never work. Daughter was going to have them fitted. Electric OK but they couldn't fit the gas one, had to move the meter then still couldn't fit it. I have been with Scottish Power for decades and never had a single problem with them. I began taking my own meter readings on the 1st of each month and submitting them, never a problem. A couple of times a year they ask for a reading in the middle of the month, don't know why but it is a simple enough task, takes all of five minutes. Reading my meters multiple times a day to see what the impact of solar panels has on the consumption, seems to be considerable. Resisting having smart meters fitted until I can be sure they are beneficial for me rather than SP.
  4. I thought so but narrowly missed filling the Civic with Diesel. Fortunately there wasn't any; narrow escape.
  5. Maybe that is what I have in my Civic. Just checked and can't tell if there is oil in there or not. First time I topped it up, when the low oil warning came on, I filled it to the little plip that I presumed was the max mark. Ooops Also need water pump pliers to remove the oil filler cap. Stupid thing.
  6. This would make a good video for Artisan Electrics or Big Clive. Whoever is responsible should be tickled with the live end of that coax.
  7. The condensate pump. Will have a look once the washer is fixed. Then on to the dishwasher. Could be next year, who knows. Don't need either and they are very rarely used.
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