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  1. I think so yes, I’m sure they had a new warning light on the dash, and the plug may even be there in the loom but working it out is something I’ve never tried. I noticed your post about the seats, what seats are in it now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Can anyone please confirm that the front roll bar drop link bolts to the lower arm and not the strut? I’ve ordered a strut a strut and ideally I might change it in the car park at work, then book a test in to drive it back legally. I just don’t wanna get caught out with a rusted in drop link and no ability to grind it off. I also wanna get one bought but won’t be near the car till Wednesday to eyeball it. Random google image states for the n16 it’s a stumpy one from the bar to the lower arm.. I realise this is incredibly lazy but it’s gonna save me three days Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Changed ownership online as I forgot you could do it nowadays, just ordered up a strut - it’s at work so I can’t look but does the drop link connect to the strut or the lower arm? Out of routine now I always buy one when doing a strut as they never EVER come off when I need them to. Steering wheel was immaculate underneath, and it’s an S. What in the name of god is a curry hook? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. That steering wheel cover came off within five minutes and was frisbeed off the back of the multistorey. Probably the most excitement its had in its life.
  5. Well bonuses, tested the battery and it’s charging, found service history up to 61k and it’s got a knackered spring and engine light on. Should hopefully be a quick fixer upper and back on the road.. it is a very generic car tho. Drove it round the car park a bit and it just ‘does car’ quite nicely. And aircon? And E/W and remote central locking? AND A CUPHOLDER We are in the future Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Couldn’t resist skipping my morning brew and bringing a battery up. Under the bonnet.. clean air filter and new Halfords battery Main fuse blown, could it be this simple? Answer is.. yes! Bridged the main fuse with some welding rod and it fired right up. So, book it right in for a test! All in all, 100 percent successful trip! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Just collected a car with ten mins notice. Got a phone call from a mate to say he’s leaving our work and did I want to buy his car that’s been sat. So off I’ve gone today with no idea what it even is or how long it’s been stood - was pleasantly surprised Looks in good nick, he’s a bit of a posh boy and literally used it to go to Asda in. Pulls out paperwork, battery flat, stood since June time. Why is it stood? He tried to jump it off with the leads on the wrong way round. Sparks aplenty apparently and then nothing. So he parked it up and didn’t bother having a go at a fix. So, once it’s actually daylight, it’s electrical tracing time and see if I can find why it’s dead, suspect main fuse / a melted earth somewhere. I was expecting a mass of melted wiring but no actual visible signs of anything. The bay is really simplistic so tbh it should be ok to have a good inspect of the wiring and all the fuses. Gonna throw a battery in it today hopefully, book it in for a test Interesting start to a dour morning! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. YAy kseries. My favourite. Plugs are from the airbag and SRS plugs under the front seats. You will probably find someone has chopped them and soldered / joined the wires. The plugs are crap and commonly throw the SRS and Airbag lights on due to poor connections. Ill put a cuppa on your SRS light being one of the connections being poor. They need a good clean up, solder and heatshrink. You shouldnt need to flush the coolant out, header tank looks alright tbh. Just water in the oil. If you try and fit the header with a sensor it wont work unless the ECu is MEMs3. You could wire one in yourself or just keep an eye on it. HG has gone putting water in the oil. Lack of coolant in the system has lead to cold fans. The heater matrix is the highest point in the system so once its empty its difficult to fill it back up with water again, causing an airlock usually. If theres only air in the heater matrix it wont get hot. Theres plenty of tricks to the coolant refill on these, google them all. Generally just slow and steady. Did you ever find out 'what she has done before' message in the glovebox meant? Great cars.
  9. Done. Won’t be bothering. I get a verrrry ssllliighhttt insinuated hint it’ll be a money pit. I thought they brought mega bucks. Ta! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. They seem to suffer from leaky corner (ns/front) at the headgaskets but it’s simply down to poor design of the oil gallery in that corner. I’ve seen people try and add some copper brake pipe into that corner between the head and block that’s sorted it. The multilayer gaskets do alleviate it a bit. I always throw the cam gasket in the bin (big huge flat thing) and use hylomar blue. It’s not pretty but does the job. Cam seals can be fun too. All the above do come with a gasket set though. Cannot stress a new CTS enough. Especially for poor mpg and lumpy idle. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Good stuff. Please don’t think I’m trying to dampen your new buy. It’s a great motor. I was just so interested as there’s so very few of them left. I’ve had a 220GTI and a 220GTI turbo, I think two GSI Turbos and about four or five conversions. I’ve even had a 220GSI that was incorrectly log booked as a GTI, which was odd. DVLA at the time (probably 2005) weren’t interested in me wanting to change it. T series is a bloody heavy lump but very reliable I found. They always, always benefit from a new coolant temp sensor and I’ve not found one yet with a genuine cam cover gasket that didn’t leak. Good luck, I’m not sure if I can but if you need anything give me a shout. I used to help moderate the old Rovertech.net forum in the good old days.. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Have a question.. is that not a gti turbo? It hasn’t got the black gsi interior.. it’s got the grey gti. It also is listed on dvla as a 420 - not a 420 GSI Turbo. (And has SEI alloys on it) What engines in it? M or T series? I aren’t doubting anything you say about it however a few things are a bit odd about it. Had more then a few of these and wished I hadn’t broke / sold them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Ok so I’ve been offered, as the guy who apparently likes cars, an mot expired vel satis. Top of the range but it’s a v6 3.5 and the guys after £750 for it. Test expired in June just gone. Now it seems that the 2.2dci versions are cheap as chips, but there’s not really many petrol ones to compare it to. Average miles at 92k and it’s a 2002. private plate etc, the engines alone (Nissan vq35?) seem to be listed at £1k plus on the eBay. I’m just curious on the hive minds thoughts about either putting it through a test or breaking it. The whole exercise would be a money maker in order to reroof my garage - I’ll be brutally honest - and with it being so odd and out there I just wondered if anyone’s had issues moving them on when selling. If it’s 2002 I’m presuming it’s not in the mega tax band at a 3.5v6? Thanks in advance for any replies Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Any snags give me a shout I’m only half hour away from it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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