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    anybody know why this alternator isn't working?

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  1. I'd love one Moogster but I suspect it would be a tad pricey!
  2. been here and there - a bit busy - not as much time for shite - or cash.. depressed at the stupid prices ropey old chop seems to go for these days! Been buggering around with boats recently.
  3. anyone got one for sale? Living in darkest Tynedale somewhere near the border between Northumberland and Cumbria and have a dismal commute into Newcastle which is misery indeed in the hateful 2007 gold diesel turbo plus. I'm on the prowl for a big, long legged estate - 940/960/850/v70/XM etc... due to ridiculous diary it needs to have some MOT and it needs to work and it needs to be cheeeeep! swaps- A6 1.8T B6 quattro- MOT out 240 2.3 GL (1987) pretty shonky MOT just expired C70 Cabriolet - needs and injector and an MOT - oh and its a T5 Auto (2002)
  4. Scooters needs an estate -is this still up for sale?
  5. I've had two MK1 lwbv6 shoguns and a mk2 lwb diesel job. I came very near to buying a mint V6 mk1 lwb about 3 years ago, it was fantastic with low miles. The Mk1s are my particular favourite although most are now used as LPG launching platforms by the Taliban
  6. Ah! I have run 30%veg and 70% diesel through a lucas before in a 306. It ran for 40k, pump died and I then bunged in a bosch. Not sure if I'd recommend it though! My XM runs on anything vaguely oily.
  7. I'd be up for Wales and Northumberland. I'm sure Scott and the SVM can be bribed into coming down I know he likes driving the A68 for fun.
  8. usually I don't bother with winter tyres but as I had a set and since moving to Hexham I unged them on in October - the fuel consumption went up but I had to pull off an emergency stop within a week of putting them on had I not had them I would have been hit by the pillock who came round a blind corner on a lane at 30mph
  9. apparently there is a small fuse lurking in the back of the stereo so forceps and tweezer time!
  10. yeah - its not an aftermarket one its a Citroen one - were it any other car I would pull the stereo and check - being an XM - this isn't a straight forward operation and one doesn't go anywhere near or even touch a bit of wiring without knowing exactly what it does! If you do the lights will probably fail - or a critical component at the other end of the car - The electrics were designed by a bitter and twisted Frenchman who made them out of plasticene and spaghetti!
  11. we'll see what happens - most of them appear to have Golfs/Audi A1s or A3s/BMW1s The Golf estate is JUST about big enough for us it's supplied through LEX auto lease rather than the company fleet so we'lls ee what is what but we may well end up with a Golf Estate, which wouldn't be too depressing I suppose
  12. sadly not -unfortunately in the Sales dept its a car - I understand the reasons for it, its a business critical tool and the company wants to retain responsibility for ensuring the sales folk are mobile. I wil ask the question - then we can take the cash and she can use the XM! speaking of which, I need to go to Edinburgh tomorrow as a family memeber is on his last legs. I was so depressed at the prospect of taking the Audi A1 I got off my arse today and fixed the XM - so no horrible audi suspension on the shitty road surface on the A68 for me!
  13. flipping bargain - does it have a Bosch pump or a Lucas one?
  14. I've eventually got round to sorting out the battery terminals on the XM (non XM owners will be saying "Battery terminals???? whats the problem?" but of course, this is a citroen XM so of course there is a fecking problem!) The car is now back on the road and behaving reasonably well albeit with slightlu creaky radius arms at the back (that'll be a fun job' However, another electrical problem as reared its head, I have placed this on the XM Forum but thought I'd might as well ask here as well given the XM following - Stereo is totally dead - fuse number 5 is ok - no problems and current across the terminals (it also powers other things all of which are working) so - is there another fuse protecting the radio lurking in the spaghetti that is the loom and where is it likely to be located? cheers
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