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  1. Such a handsome car from when GM Europe was on top of its game
  2. From memory the alarm was fitted by Citroen UK and consists of a control unit it the centre console. You can remove and unplug the alarm then just plug the two vacant connectors together resulting in no annoying alarm
  3. What I will say is that if you have the Silverline torque wrench I think you have it's usable range starts at 28Nm. I suspect therefore that it either didn't click or did so in a muted way so you missed it and this led to you exerting too much torque breaking the bolt. TLDR might have been better had you used a spanner...
  4. Fuck. How brave are you feeling? It might not actually be that tight unless the threads had bottomed out, if there's not enough left to grip and turn you might be able to drill a hole in what remains of the old bolt then hammer in a spline bit to unscrew it. That said it looks like it's broken off at an angle which might make it hard/impossible to drill without it deflecting into the threads in which case you're really fucked.
  5. Fair play getting the bastard out. I guess you're going to have to just carefully clean up the top end as best you can. I would definitely drop the sump too though to clean it out properly and to clean the strainer. Best of luck, you might get away with it yet!
  6. Oh dear that isn't ideal. I'd suggest seriously considering getting it running reasonably well then getting rid of it via WBAC or similar. I don't feel optimistic about that engines long term prospects.
  7. That deox gel is great stuff. What do you think about the black areas that remain in the pits? I'm going through the process on my Jowett roof and can't decide whether I should consider it done or to try to continue until it's all shiny
  8. If they still grip in the wet I wouldn't be rushing to change them. My (much missed) XM loved Kingpin remoulds.
  9. I'm rather envious, that looks great You can fit a heater fan out of a 406 which you're more likely to find in a scrapyard although from memory there was two different heater set ups in the 406 and only one is compatible
  10. Can't you just reuse the old union? I always do this anyway if they come off without rounding but I am tight...
  11. Peugeot J5 (Talbot Express). An excellent vehicle!
  12. I like the car a great deal. Number plate would also appeal to far right.
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