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  1. You just press and hold the hour and minutes buttons in while the radio is on!
  2. I would replace the pistons and liners, fit new bearing shells but only regrind if really necessary and see how the head cleans up. Probably worth getting all the valve seats replaced; the bad ones look too manky to recut and it’s worth doing them all with new seats for unleaded and some fresh valves. I would budget £500-£600 for both parts and machining.
  3. Unless you have smol hands https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/triple-qx-box-of-100-ecp-p-free-nitrile-gloves-small-543772080
  4. Sorry if it’s already been spotted but this is too good not to share, Panda 30! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiat-Panda-30-project/264501757973?hash=item3d95888815:g:WqcAAOSwe0xdplns
  5. Slight MOT failure issue repaired. I did have to buy a new welder but now all good
  6. Ooof! What brand of tyre is/was it? Great trip, great car.
  7. How sad am I, I have been looking forward to this update muchly! These engines provide such a decent amount of power (and are so easily able too produce 200bhp and shitloads of torque with a tuning box) I’ve been contemplating a vehicle with such a lump as a future buy. I’m afraid to say you may have cured me of this particular vehicular desire...
  8. Don’t the diesel p12s go bang all the time? I’ve always fancied one but been put off because I thought they blew up.
  9. I don’t think they did a 6 speed
  10. Laguna 3 is supposed to be an excellent car, shame it’s not as handsome as the Laguna 2. Saab with the gruff 2.2 diesel is the shiters choice; chain cam, no dpf. Injector pumps used to fail due to a design fault but it will almost certainly have happened and been replaced by now if it was going to. Make sure it starts well from cold though.
  11. Is it that the relay isn’t being earthed? The earth is ecu switched so if this is the case it means that either there is another fault causing the ecu to disengage a/c or for some reason it needs activation on Tech 2.
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