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  1. Puch Maxi. Probably about 53 mph going down a big hill. I felt very close to death.
  2. A great guy and a great thread. I hope he’s well.
  3. The best part of it he passes himself off as some kind of trader yet he appears to have no idea how to look up an mot. He takes a risk buying a shit old Ford without looking at it and it turns out it’s more shit than he expected-he took a risk and it didn’t pay off so he’s moaning. Embarrassing.
  4. Christ, I’m very fortunate my garage is too small for a DS!
  5. Gorgeous! Junkman used to witter on about 1986 and all that but I maintain the P11 Primera was the pinnacle of vehicular development.
  6. Surely a secondhand car would be permissible? I often muse over what a pleasure it would be to work on a 100e in the undersized garage of our 1964 semi
  7. Postscript. I couldn’t get any ph strips but there were red cabbages so I used the cabbage water to test the ph and I ended up needing another bag of soda to get it to the level where it was no longer a biohazard. The battery? I got it charged up to 12.8 volts so I refitted it and guess what? It’s still fucked. So I did what I should have done in the first place, drove to Halfords and bought a new battery with a trade card. Car now starts better than it ever has in our custodianship.
  8. I don’t want to dissolve any cats or other creatures! I would have thought it should be pretty weak now I’ve hoyed all the soda crystals in but I’m not going to be sticking a finger in to check. Thinking back to GCSE Chemistry I could really do with some Litmus paper but I’m fairly sure you can’t get at the local shops. Reading further around the subject you can make a ph indicator solution out of a red cabbage which probably is the most cost effective solution.
  9. This a very stupid question about a very stupid problem. The battery on my wife’s elderly diesel Saab is expiring. It’s a 019 job so bloody big and more importantly bloody expensive. This being the case I decided I would ‘recondition it’. For those not familiar with this particular fools errand it entails tipping the acid out of the battery and filling the cells with a bicarbonate soda solution to break up sulphation then tipping the bicarb out and filling the battery with a new electrolyte formed with a Epsom Salts and distilled water solution. You then put the battery on trick
  10. There’s some fiberglass GS wings I have my eye on, I was wondering if a local might be able to pick them up and post then to me for some beer tokens?
  11. I don’t know if it is a grumpy or a grin but it appears that 3 months after posting it off (I had to because it was an old blue V5C so the reference number wouldn’t work for the online service) the shitty DVLA finally have sorted me out with a logbook for my GS. It so happens that it is still in bits in my garage (although 80% of the welding is now done, sorry I’m shit at doing threads and taking photos) but if this wasn’t the case I would have been very very cross.
  12. Your guestimations sound entirely plausible, if anything conservative given that the axle weight of the rear axle will be greater than the front. I’m sure that you’ve spent hours more looking at brochures and stuff than the 10mins I’ve been googling on my phone but it’s interesting that the chassis cab in the brochure here https://hooniverse.com/the-carchive-the-dodge-50-series-trucks/ clearly has a lot more leaves than your springs which does lead me to fear your truck might have suffered a broken spring and been fitted with smaller springs off a lighter weight 50.
  13. Maybe I wasn’t talking shite, this describes the sort of thing I was thinking about: www.hagerty.com/media/maintenance-and-tech/re-arching-leaf-springs-a-lost-art/amp/
  14. It’s all very odd. I‘ve never seen new leaf springs as flat looking as those ones before, I can’t help but wonder if something major has been lost in translation, IE they’ve basically just remade the old ones, faults and all. I could be talking complete crap and/or totally wrong but as I alludes to earlier in terms of leaf springs I thought there were two failure modes, physically broken/fractured leaves and all sagged out like these original ones were. In terms of how you fix this I thought it was more a case of retempering them in a jig rather than replacing leaves? Or am I talking
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