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  1. Great buy! I think you will find it surprisingly fast and economical (seriously)
  2. @wesacosa should it not arrive
  3. I know I have one somewhere, I will have a look on Monday but I can’t promise I can locate it…
  4. You might struggle unless you can straighten it up or find another ring
  5. I think what the problem is you need to fit the retainer into the seal first then push them in together, ideally with something like a big socket. If you fit the seal then try to push the retainer in it won’t work. Hopefully you can straighten the retainer out a bit first.
  6. You win! I saw it on ebay, I’m very jealous. Although it would be very tempting to try and start it, it’s a big risk. As you may already know the heads like to fall off the sodium filled valves which is pretty much game over. Best pull heads, and replace valves, deal with any ancillary work and check/adjust timing chains before you attempt first start up. Boring I know, sorry.
  7. All sounds remarkably redeemable! I look forward to seeing it run
  8. Its a pain but doable. Don’t however be tempted to omit the pain in the ass heat shield unless you want to do it again next month. Also make sure the old O ring comes off the block and you don’t end up with two which would be a problem.
  9. The right ones look like this. Don’t do what I did last time and buy QH, all there stuff is now dogshit (they lasted 18 months)
  10. I think all you need to go GT spec is GT cams (maybe just the exhaust cam I don’t remember), manifolds, front pipe and ecu. Very worthwhile if you can find the bits.
  11. Gorgeous! These are such fine cars and more comfortable than pretty much anything else
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