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  1. Looks well tidy, well bought. I love mine so much I’m considering LPG after managing to do 15000 miles in the year since I bought it in spite of it being broken for the better part of two months...
  2. If there was a valvetrain issue I would expect it to start badly.
  3. I would love a LPG version, looks superb.
  4. Is it just me or does anyone else find that sometimes they find a particular artist or album which somehow compliments a car and enhances the drive? As an example I used to when I felt the need to ‘press on’ in my first Saab 900 Turbo I used to love to reach for my cassette of First and Last and Always (The Sisters of Mercy) and blast past everyone feeling like everything in the universe was in alignment. Just me?
  5. Sounds unlikely although given the alternators *handy location I can see why you’re looking at alternatives...
  6. Looks amazing, I’d love to see a photo of the engine
  7. Even in the unlikely event the turbot is seized I would expect it to rev and be drivable simply to be dog slow.
  8. Oooh mind, looks lovely but the alternator is a bit of a pill! Might be worth dropping the subframe and rebushing it while you’re on, and dropping the sump...
  9. My old XM had smaller incorrect discs fitted to the front end when I bought it. Naturally I didn’t discover this until a pad made a break for freedom...
  10. I did some welding on it for the last MOT and it didn’t look dreadful under there but it is a KA and a lot can happen in a year...
  11. My wife’s old car! IIRC alternator is pretty doable if you take the headlamp out.
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