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  1. Pininfarina X, the Earnshaw Diamond reboot
  2. Are the brakes servo assisted? If so if they run on vacuum from the inlet manifold the flap is required to create the depression.
  3. How did the Skoda tow? Did the light front end make for any handling difficulties?
  4. Is the earth wire in place and in good condition? The glow plugs should have the feed entering one glow plug then an earth wire at the end, they don't earth through the block.
  5. Lots of progress being made! How can you tell the glow plugs aren't working? Doesn't the light illuminate?
  6. They've made a beautiful job of that wheel mind. I don't know how you're going to resist getting it roadworthy before you paint...
  7. The rolling radius and width of the taxi tyres doesn't look too far off the 5.50 x 16s which surprises me. The Javelin originally had either 5.25 x 16 or 5.50 x 16. In the roof space above the garage I have some secondhand but barely used Excelsior's in 5.00/5.25 x 16 I got for about £100 for the 4 but they feel nearly as hard as the perished 50 year old crossplys I just took to the tip and are almost certainly dreadful. They will however do for now although the taxi tyres would probably have been a more sensible option. Having the thing on the road is probably years off at this point but when that occurs the Avon Tourists are the tyres I covet although got knows how much they will be in 5 or so years...
  8. Odd wheel/tyre related question (I've been derusting and painting Javelin wheels today hence the interest). Are they 16 inch wheels? The crossplys look like 5.50 x 16 if so what size is the radial? It doesn't look as outsized as a 175 x 16 taxi tyre...
  9. The chassis looks excellent, it must have been incredibly satisfying getting it to that point.
  10. The glow plugs and warning light/resistor are wired in series, if the glow light is working (which it appears it now is) all of the glow plugs are operating/none are burnt out. The individual glow plugs are either broken or not broken, if they are working there is nothing to be gained to replacing them. What usually burns them out is operating them for too long to try to start a tired engine or one in the cold with a weak battery
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