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  1. Oh and it probably makes more sense if I corrected myself; we're going to France next month not next year. .
  2. Many of you were much closer than I was; I guessed it would be about £600 but it was £1100. Ouch!
  3. My wife's E39 saw the inside of a BMW main dealer workshop today for I assume the first time in about 17 years or so as part of the Takata airbag recall. They later reported it didn't have one of the bad airbags (although the cynical part of me wonders if they say that regardless to avoid the 'you bastards I've been driving round in a death trap' conversation) and as well as a nice wash (for the car not me) they also did a free car 'health check'. This was actually very helpful as they identified both front shocks were leaking which was good to know because it will give me time to replace them before we go to France next year. They helpfully gave me a price to replace both front shocks, dust covers and associated fixings which might also mean top mounts although this wasn't entirely clear. Would anyone like a guess at how much?
  4. Very satisfying having an (almost) trouble free run. I'd leave the fuel gauge, as you use the car and the sender arm moves back and forth there is every chance it cleans itself up and starts working across the full range. Looking at the brochure my preferred choice would be a 2.3D Sapphire base. I bet there aren't any of them left!
  5. It is a thing, but whether it works out depends on whether there is access to get in to do it and whether the vehicle will tolerate it. It is a terrible bodge and if you do it you need to be very gentle and smooth with the clutch because dmf clutch plates don't normally have the damping springs that normal clutch plates have also if it results in intolerable vibration that would probably mess up your gearbox bearings or if you're very unlucky break your crank. I'd probably try it and if it didn't work out then either fix it or scrap it depending on the associated liability
  6. What battery is specified? I have a seconhand 019 which tests ok you can have if that's any help?
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