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  1. Fair play for putting the bottom nut back on, many lesser men have thrown that one away. You have already got the DTI so you might as well do the job properly but I’ve always just fine tuned the timing by ear
  2. I dread the day the alternator fails on my 9-5! The way I look at it though is if I wanted an car that was easy to work on I could drive something simple like a Marina. But I probably wouldn’t want to. It’s all a trade off.
  3. Blackboilersuit has the winning plan
  4. You’re doing a cracking job with the Dyane, I know just how hard they are to weld! Can you buy the inner rear wings easily now? They used to be almost impossible to find.
  5. Great 205, super cars which will appreciate. Your car has the big thermostat.
  6. My new MIG gas solution is now good to go
  7. Your Saab was the twin of mine! Why on earth did you sell it?
  8. You’re on fire, engine in and running tomorrow? He’s got loads of stuff, floors sills, petrol tank (!) at least one set of panels I think, switches, trim, even a chassis. Maybe seats. Give me a shout if there’s anything you need. Alas I’m too lanky for Amis.
  9. Looks like a really solid body! Have you got everything you need? The father has some Ami bits lying around. Also, I don’t suppose you have a spare GS/A petrol tank? Helpfully it appears the father has having misidentified it weighed mine in!
  10. I wouldn’t have dreamt it was so long but I remembered welding the a pillar and hearing John Peel had died on the radio and so I looked up when that was...
  11. Exciting stuff, I’m hoping to return to welding up my GS later in the year after a slight break (of 16 years!). I had fixed up my driver side inner sill and was ready to fit the outer (which I have ready to fit) I just hope the passenger side sill hasn’t dissolved in the intervening period because God knows where I would find another!
  12. The pictures aren’t loading for me? 😆
  13. On reflection the brass thing looks like a jet that should be tight - I think you need a handbook!
  14. Usually on a bike or scooter carb the idle screw works by wedging the plunger and needle higher as you screw it in, the brass screw is located in the right position to do just that.
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