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  1. About 250 miles round trip to see a 'Fully restored' MG Midget. Yes the bodywork was good, as was the paint, shame nothing else had been done properly so still required a couple of grand spending on it. They seemed totally dismayed when I walked away! These days I tend to buy locally - as in, within a 30 mile radius or so (I'd make an exception if I was really sure and really wanted the car though but that hasn't happened for ages). People bullshit even more than ever they did in pre-interweb days IMO. I blame all the 'car-flipping'-type shows on TV. I just can't be arsed travelling across several counties only to be disappointed any more.
  2. Comma is very good stuff IMO, have used their products for years, have friends who've used it in track/race machinery too. Based in Kent I believe (or they were).
  3. That's pretty much what I was going to say, I've used them in the past with no problems at all (as everyone's said, you buy a used car/bike etc - it has used tyres on it already and people don't baulk at that). But these days the price difference doesn't make it worth it, plus you get whatever they've got and I'm a bit anti-mixing-of-brands if I'm honest, modern-ish cars don't really like it. For example, the other year, I enquired about P/W's for the 214, was quoted around £25-30 each plus fitting but got a set (4) of brand new quality Falkens from a local tyre outfit for £45 per corner - the saving just wasn't worth it for me but it depends on your POV & how flush you are.
  4. GSF: Bought 2x 5l of Comma 10/40 Semi-syth (Eurolite) today, with discount code GSF58 - it came out to £35.65, that's less than £17.40 each. (Did click-&-collect).
  5. Have to say that Jetta was very nice though (the ATS wheels were just right for it), look good with two doors, don't understand why they were never sold in the UK with that option.
  6. Yes, isn't it! It seems to be getting fashionable with many programmes now, it originates from TV in the USA where they feel the need to pander to those who clearly have a very short attention span.
  7. That split rear bumper looks more like a RWA (1972-74) Midget one (with square no. plate). Not seen that on any B's over here. Plus those side markers fitted for the US market look awful. (On any small car not just MG's).
  8. Not too bad, lacks the usual fake drama which I hate. I was racking my brains for the buyer of the Carina for several minutes until I sussed the wonderfully certifiable YouTuber Colin Furze. Liked the Kadett but those stupid wide 'Retro-Car mag' wheels with even dumber stretched tyres need to be binned. And agree that the voiceover Doris is extremely annoying and clearly someone's told her she's funny (they are wrong).
  9. No pics but there used to be a red Jag Mk2 pick-up around the Maidstone area about 25+ years ago. Thought it looked terrible even back then. Never got up close enough to see if it was well/badly done or not. Overall, much as I like pick-ups/Utes, from a practical POV, I struggle to see the point of the vast majority of these conversions as they lack one rather essential feature - a tailgate!
  10. Agreed, the MGC I tried (two actually) never did anything for me either, a nice enough cruiser, just kept thinking 'Why bother, just stick to a 'B or a B V8' - much better all round. Guess that's why they only lasted about three years. Agree totally with the Integrale - I was lucky enough to own an identical F-reg 8-Valve version of this car 1997-99 as my daily driver (the 8V & early 16V's were subtle with no silly crap spoilers and huge arches that came later) and thought 'Fuck no' when they started with that vinyl wrap/rally bullshit. While it didn't look totally terrible, I also can't really stand that road/race reps either, they'd have been better off respraying it in original red and sticking with the OE wheels, it would have made more money IMO.
  11. Disagree too, I got the Sykes-Pick one, IIRC it was only about £7 and it was perfect for replacing the valve seals on my XR2i 's CVH - a tedious job (do, repeat seven more times) but no smoke anymore.
  12. A combined pliers/hammer item that tyre fitters use to remove/install rim-edge wheel balance weights. My excuse? It was in the 'Everything in this pile is a £1' at Beaulieu the other year. I'm a sucker for this type of thing. (Though in my defence I've bought some superb items in such collections).
  13. I still kick myself for not buying one when they were cheap! Would love one just to annoy the 'Jones' brigade at my local Waitrose. Especially love the estate versions. A mate had one in the early 90's he liberated from Germany, was an absolute scream to drive (esp. given my love for 2-stroke bikes), on it's genuine East German 'Karl Marx' crossply tyres (I kid you not, that's what they were marked as).
  14. A mate used to work for a VW dealer at the time and that's what often happened if the place had a bodyshop onsite! He said they used to take them (under 2 years old at the time) in p/ex for a miserably small amount of money, tidy them up, put 'em on the forecourt, if they didn't move in two months, they got re-sprayed in a colour of the first interested parties choice.
  15. Yes, I'm a fan of 'Mustie1' too, (think his name is Darren?), his vids are certainly long but very rarely boring if you are actually into fixing stuff and I like the way he solves problems by using his brain and talents rather than throwing money & parts at a problem. The gear he picks up at yard/garage sales is sometimes amazing - shows how rich the USA is given what people almost give away or throw away. He's just done a renovation on an old VW KG on the cheap, haven't watched it all yet but my nightshift has another 8hrs to go!!!!
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