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  1. I grew up in Maidstone - know Detling Hill well and exactly what you mean about the descent (towards Maidstone), looks easy until you attack it at speed then it's easy to run out of road, brakes, talent and luck as a few friends of mine did back in the mid-80's, ending up in the scenery.
  2. You'd be a way braver man than me if you do sir! As my old dad said, anyone can afford a luxury car (he was referring to Jags at the time) but very few can afford to run them. If it's very cheap (unlikely) then you might make some money breaking it for parts as others have said, not unsurprisingly, bits for this kind of car are off the scale. That's the problem with older luxo-barges, the cars get silly cheap but the parts prices seldom follow.
  3. Not if I can help it.
  4. Or more to the point, the fact that to an Aussie, Cedric has a different meaning! (Shall we be polite and say it means a 'Less than masculine' gentlemen) Also, MINI............... this isn't irony, it's straight out taking the piss.
  5. Cortina Mk4 with a 1.3 Kent engine. Good in a Fiasco, OK in a Scrote but a Cretina (or Crapi apparently)? Erm..... no, not even slightly. Probably the slowest of the 100+ cars I've ever owned. Consolation? It only cost me £100 and made twice that back on company mileage claims! But wouldn't do it again. Odd fact - it was a rare (in the UK) 2-door car, they were only available over here as 1.3's for some reason. Scrapped it in 1993, probably worth money now!!!!!
  6. Already done that, ordered the parts and oil etc from Amazon, GSF, MX5 parts etc. Amazingly all turned up (Or I collected locally) today. I R impressed! Expected delays, no, good effort everyone. If I get confined (unlikely TBH) then I'll be happy at home servicing the 205, MX5 & the Bros. Plus doing some welding & fab practice too. The only issue I forsee for me is getting the first two MoT'd as they are both due early May. Guess I need to try to book early (though that may not help). Not planning on buying or selling anything for now anyway - depends on if the Alfa behaves itself.
  7. HOE? You mean a Horizontally Orientated Entertainer?
  8. Have sold a good few cars and a couple of bikes but it was 2007 before I bought my first car off ebay. Well, there was two in effect: No.1: A mid-90's Fiesta S (1.6?) - looked OK in photos, took a chance, lost at the last minute. No worries. Then get a '2nd chance' as the winner has bailed (could be for a good reason or they could be a timewaster), went to see it, thought I'd buy it on the spot but then I saw why the other guy bailed. The thing was awful in flesh, c/w brillo-pad paintwork and skip-like interior plus piss-poor mechanics, a real PoS, I told the guy no way and left. No.2: Shortly afterwards, saw a local Pug 205 diesel (1.8 N/A) with over 300K on the clock. Bid on it for shits & giggles and the writeup was positive on the amount of work done, for a change, there wasn't a word of BS. Won it for £230 - presumably most being scared off by the interstellar mileage. Worth every penny and more. A great car, utter bargain, well maintained and few issues, not the fastest thing but ran all day at 80mph/50+mpg. Should have kept it!!! Even looked good in gunmetal grey with a different (up-spec'd) interior. Sorry no pics but you know what a Fiasco & 205 look like!
  9. This colour is (to my eyes) exactly the same as the old 70's-80's Ford colour - Roman Bronze. As graced many a Escort/Cortina/Granada Ghia back in the day. I actually like it! It suits the Alfa well. Think my GT would look better in it than the grey it came in.
  10. Looks like NATO green gone a bit wrong.
  11. The old Volvos were what I had in mind. People used to bitch and moan about them, how boxy etc they were, yes, but that's what makes them so bloody useful for what they are designed for - carrying not just large amounts of shite but carrying physically large items like furniture etc. That's why they were so popular (to the extent of becoming a cliche) with antique dealers. Thanks for this thread, it's got me thinking in new directions......
  12. No Poirot, not this one but the purple ones were quite popular some years ago around here. I never understood why but it kind of suited the thing.
  13. Much as I want to dislike the style of this, to quote Julian Clary "I find myself strangely drawn to it". It looks like a decent sized & practical load carrying vehicle but not too big both physically & engine-wiseas most other 4x4's (real & faux) tend to be. The square back end shouts 'useful loadspace' rather than the overstyled estate cars that look practical but sloping windows and swooping down rooflines mean you can't really get much in or anything large. Plus, why do I hate purple but like the colour on this car? Maybe just 'cos it's a nice change from the getting-real-bored-with black/grey/silver/white variations. (says the guy who's just bought a grey car.....)
  14. Magnolia Dulux weathershield - for the win. Classy. Also, imagine how convenient it would be if you had the same name as the plate? You know, you were called 174.
  15. Seeing the Allegro estate above reminds me, anyone ever seen an Alfasud estate? Look it up, it looks bizarrely like an Allegro estate!
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