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    91 Peugeot 205GTi
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  1. PiperCub

    Car chases

    This is one of my all time faves too. The movie itself is hugely underrated in my opinion, main star is Roy Scheider. Well worth a watch if you get chance, it is (or was) on YouTube.
  2. After a week in Blackpool where he went round every industrial estate in Preston and left the wife with the kids she went to Greece, presumably ended up fucking Tom Conte as per Shirley Valentine, arrived back via the solicitors with the divorce petition. That's odd because that was my exact thoughts when I saw the original series too! She's likely been getting some extra-curricular D while on a foreign holiday away from prying eyes. Happened to a colleague of mine with his L/T GF last year - had a feeling it was going to then as well.
  3. Seem to recall (on here?) that whoever owned this place some years ago was trying to flog it for a ridiculous amount of money - as in about a million quid. Real shame it's like this now, would have made a decent vintage steam museum.
  4. PiperCub

    Air cooled

    ^^ That's one of the best examples of OEM v Aftermarket that I've seen for ages.
  5. Me too, up to about 2000 when Fowler had enough and sold it (pres. fucked off to Thailand?), then it sucked. Still got all those mags in the loft. Prob. going to ebay them soon as having a clearout. Believe UMG used to refer to Ural as Urinal?
  6. Still got mine! Wish there was a mag like it now - no hope of that though. Was a fan of their legendary scribe NGK Sparkright!
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