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  1. Holy crap, four star - 88p a gallon. I can just about remember that.
  2. Just a guess but I'm betting you never had any bother finding it in the supermarket car park did you.
  3. For me, other than not being a 'Clubby' type person (I have a low tolerance of self-important people), the problem is that the quality and therefore the point/value of being a club member is extremely variable, from really good (open minded, laid-back & useful) to a total waste of time (utter marque-nazis, overbearing & /or useless). Guess it helps to ask around and find out what it's like from present/past members. Personally, I'm not a member of any clubs that are relevant to either the GTi, the MX5 or the LC, I used to be in some cases but only really used them for info - info that is readily available on the interweb. Is it more reliable from a club? Not in my experience, these days combined with any number of useful 'How-to' videos on YouTube etc., kind of makes that part of club membership a bit questionable to a degree. They can be useful for sourcing spares but again, the interweb is your friend, I've not failed to find anything I've needed in living memory and didn't need to be in a club to do so. Overall, I'm not anti-club at all but for me it doesn't really work, I don't do the show thing despite having some extremely nice vehicles, just not interested but understand the attraction if it's your thing, similarly with the social side, some enjoy that aspect more so being in a club is a good idea so I get it here too. (Also notwithstanding the Groucho Marx quip 'I don't want to join any club that would have the likes of me as a member').
  4. Remember this one as my dad had just got a Mk1 Cavalier himself. I thought it was weird that someone of influence and power was driving the same car as my dad. But if someone wanted to be under the radar then it's a good choice to be in something that blends in. Didn't know Neave's history (I was a kid) until much later, at the time I thought he was just another politician. Gerry Fitt's comment made way more sense after that.
  5. Wouldn't be the first - Karen Silkwood? Just sayin'
  6. Yes, I get that, the state of the thing now is pretty bad and probably not worth the effort but I looked it up and it's been off the road for about ten years, that's why I was questioning why nothing had been done in the earlier days given it's quite a simple car and have always been rare/worth money. Suppose it's another one of those "I'm going to get around to fixing it up soon"-type projects that's just not happened for whatever reason(s). FWIW - they are popular around here, quite a number of very smart-looking examples knocking about.
  7. The Figaro is a bit weird, these oddballs do hold their value really well (rarity) so it's surprising to see one that's been abandoned so long. As they are a rebodied Micra 1.0 auto, they ought to be quite straightforward. I'd have thought.
  8. A A Hitch - in Knightrider Street IIRC! Remember that place (Ex-Maidstone resident). Sold Suzuki's as well I think? Just looked on Google maps - hell, that's almost all totally changed!
  9. Would have probably spent more of my time at work - especially on night shift - actually doing work and not on AS.......
  10. Does he still hold the record for biggest car insurance payout because of this crash & subsequent repair bill? The biggest irony being that he made a packet on the car when he sold it a few years back as the value of McClaren's had soared!
  11. Diana Rigg/Emma Peel/Lotus Elan - Amusing fact I read years ago. Rigg really liked the Elan (who wouldn't) and she was asked by the producers if she approved of her character using one in The Avengers, she thought it was ideal. She had one question though, "I can't drive, is that a problem?". So that's why in early episodes of the show, she isn't actually doing the driving - either mocked up or using a stuntwomen shot at a distance, while she learnt and got her licence. Used to happen quite often apparantly back in the day, John Gregson in the movie Genevive is another (had learnt to drive but hadn't time to pass his test before the film shooting started).
  12. Sadly enough, I've still got a bunch of 'Grey Bike' mags from the mid '90's, must dig 'em out now I guess!
  13. NEW ADDITION TO FLEET! Well, finally found what I was looking for as a cheap Jap winter hack/emergency transport/bounce around locally bike, not hard you'd think but round here is not a biking area at all and such stuff is very hard to come by (tons of 600+ expensive stuff if you want it). So what is it? It's a Honda NT400 (1988/F), yes a grey import/JDM bike and all the better for it as shows in the general build quality and condition after 47Kkms (30K miles) and near 32 years. The only issue is the name of the NT400, it could have been the Hawk GT as in the US but no, let's call it something real stupid and slightly embarassing for those who remember the shit late 80's boy band, Yup, it's a BROS............ Nice of Honda to put it on bloody great 72-point type on the tank, thanks for that! Guess what's going to be facing a heat gun in the near future and a date with a simple old Honda logo. Anyway, will post some pics of this thing here when I can be arsed to take some. It it is small and narrow being a V-twin, ideal for town work, feels like a faster version of my old Honda 250RS I had 30 years ago. Not something you'd want to do big miles on but then I don't, I only want a local hack (& I only work 13 miles away). It rides very well, stops smartly and is plenty quick enough - I have the LC to scare myself with so don't want or need a big powerful bike any more, been there, done that. The bike looks and feels/rides like a faster version of a big 125 or a 250 to be honest, I suspect most would think that's what it was. This is what MoreCrapthanNews thought: https://www.motorcyclenews.com/bike-reviews/honda/bros-400/1988/ Given I only paid about £650 for it with a bunch of stuff thrown in (manual, cover, spares etc), I am well pleased, it needs nothing spending on it, tyres, chain/sprox/brakes/battery are all excellent, has had a basic service and I'll service it fully in the spring but for now, for the little use it'll see 'til then (I have my medals for winter riding so don't take shit for that!) it's fine. It's quite a simple thing really, a V-twin, carbs, water-cooled, single disc F & R, chain driven unlike the UK NTV/Revere which was shaft driven and a natty "RC30-like" as they say, single sided swingarm. So the kind of ideal old school cheap bike I was looking for to keep in this role for some years to come. Expected to get a 125-250 but these are either unknown Chinese makes (may be good or bad IDK) or are too new or too expensive so this one popping its head up was a pleasant surprise. Oddly, about 13-14 years ago, I was in the market for the 650 version of this (not the UK one, the grey) but they were super rare even back then prob due to Jap licencing laws so I never found one that wasn't massively overpriced. Will post pics and more info when I use it more. Stay upright Bro's (see what I did there? No, never mind).
  14. Always had a sneaking regard for the Tomcat, never common certainly round here. Used to love watching the race series they did for the 2.0l ones back in the 90's & 00's. The one in the pics looks nice but those wheels need to be binned ASAP, don't know what make they are (& don't care) but they look like some of that Rip(off)speed shit Halfrauds used to sell. Would question the 2K price too, that's pretty stiff for a not-particularly-popular car. (No offence but the R8 isn't really is it - I used to have a 214!).
  15. OP: Well done, good for you, can't understand why more people seem unwilling, unable or plain scared to do the same. The thing is, folk bleat on all the time about how "complex modern cars are", how "you can't fix or service them anymore, you need £<much money> in kit to even check the oil". Granted, electronic diagnosis, serious problem solving may require a professional but in respect of regular servicing, this is for the most part, bollocks, the modern car has far fewer servicing items that require regular attention (at longer mileages too) and those that do are often quite straightforward to do. Seriously, think about how many things you don't need to do anymore when servicing, setting valves (rare now on cars), changing/setting CB points, adjusting timing (rarely needed, often not possible), adjusting carb settings etc., The standard stuff, oil changes, plugs, air filters etc are usually pretty simple yet routinely, folk still happily pay out £100+ for someone to change the oil and kick the tyres! DIY is quite easy and saves you a packet, plus you know what you've done and can have a sense of satisfaction in doing it for yourself. Oh well, it's not my money and garages have to eat too I guess.
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