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  1. Could be a photo from Haynes 'minor body repair '
  2. One of the best tools I bought was a bodywork file, makes light work of this kind of thing then after a light bed of wet and dry and aerosol good as new.
  3. I really hope this thing settles down and behaves for you after all this further time effort and expense but part of me kind of hopes that when you get it running great you sell it for as many ££££ as you can and get out of the ungrateful bastard. That is however me projecting my own angst; I remember selling a similar problem child then running into the guy I sold it to about 5 years on. I thought he was going to give me a tale of woe and give me a hard time for selling him a pup, instead he told me that it had been the best car he had ever had and all it had needed since he bought it was servicing and a brake caliper. If he was to be believed I'd sold the blighter right at the wrong time after I had worked through all it's shit That is the gamble
  4. Very extravagant using stainless steel, alloy mesh is quite sufficient to hold the bodge in.
  5. Wasn't the rumour about the Ritmo/Ronda lawsuit that the reason Fiat were so pissed of was not that the Ronda looked like a Ritmo but that it was a dead ringer for their planned but unreleased Ritmo restyle?
  6. Last year I saw César Manrique's Ibiza in Lanzarote. It was nice but showing signs of rust despite the favourable climate!
  7. Wow very fast start of work on the Mini. I have to confess I thought it looked like a lost cause!
  8. One issue I found is that parts supplied by Saab Original are not necessarily of great quality. Example; I ordered a 'Saab Original' crank sensor from Bill expecting it to be Bosch who were the original supplier but it was actually ProParts which is what Saab Original now supply for this and several other product lines. My experience of ProParts has been that they are usually shit quality. I fitted genuine Bosch instead and from then on sought out known brand aftermarket like Febi and Meyle rather than Saab Original.
  9. I got the bus from Birmingham to Stansted once. It was one of the worst journeys of my life and that includes bus journeys in Bolivia which included crashes, getting stuck in floods, exploding tyres and broken propshafts
  10. I've always thought that 'gears to go brakes to slow' thing was utter bollocks; invariably if you change down to slow you are then already in the correct gear to then accelerate.
  11. I don't think that is an authentic representation of how these vehicles were transported, and if they were they sure as shit wouldn't have been lashed down like that. Nice layout though.
  12. That not a Transit it's an A series
  13. I had a neighbour with one the same colour, model and year however pretty rusty by the time it failed and MOT to be scrapped and replaced my a mk2 Fiesta by the late 90s
  14. Oh and it probably makes more sense if I corrected myself; we're going to France next month not next year. .
  15. Many of you were much closer than I was; I guessed it would be about £600 but it was £1100. Ouch!
  16. My wife's E39 saw the inside of a BMW main dealer workshop today for I assume the first time in about 17 years or so as part of the Takata airbag recall. They later reported it didn't have one of the bad airbags (although the cynical part of me wonders if they say that regardless to avoid the 'you bastards I've been driving round in a death trap' conversation) and as well as a nice wash (for the car not me) they also did a free car 'health check'. This was actually very helpful as they identified both front shocks were leaking which was good to know because it will give me time to replace them before we go to France next year. They helpfully gave me a price to replace both front shocks, dust covers and associated fixings which might also mean top mounts although this wasn't entirely clear. Would anyone like a guess at how much?
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