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  1. I hate to say it but it would be considerable cheaper to buy a new truck that wasn’t rotten than it would cost to fix this properly. The danger is you pay £££ to get it repaired but they just plate over the rust and it doesn’t last. Or the chassis snaps at an inconvenient moment and VOSA tear you a new arsehole. Sorry.
  2. Patch it up and get it back on the road and use it for a bit. Your welding has improved immeasurably as you have progressed, it’s a worthwhile exercise for that alone.
  3. If you cut across the threads like this when you clamp the bolt in the vice it will grip it on the threads so it can’t just turn as you hammer it
  4. Fabulous! The bent bolt I would choose two suitable nuts then slit them with a hacksaw as if you were making a thread chaser then spin them on and use them to clamp the bolt in a vice and hammer it straight
  5. Man it’s a shame you’re not closer! Have you got any stilsons? Well worth picking some up if not, they’re 100% better than mole grips at this sort of shit
  6. They are terrible to work on but wonderful to drive. I think I once had the same problem you’re having and my solution was to MIG an oversize nut onto the stud then attack it with stilsons.
  7. The head gasket has gone on my wife’s X-Trail. I have started dismantling it. Today my shitty day at work has been complimented by the head gasket going on my Saab leaving no operational cars. Naturally I rectified this in the time honoured Autoshite manner by buying another shit car, a Saab convertible with a roof that doesn’t open, ideal for the summer. TLDR: who was it who converted a Saab with a busted roof to manual operation?
  8. I confess that looks loads better than I thought it would
  9. It could be that the water pump impeller slips when it gets proper hot. Worth replacing the water pump before you break down again. PS we were stuck for about 4 hours after the Saab burst a hose, I feel better about it reading your debacle
  10. I had a little sick in my mouth when I saw those wheels… Sorry.
  11. I read it as that it had been stolen and later recovered by the Police partly stripped
  12. Bleeding the brakes is easier than any other car (engine running wedge down brake pedal with suspension on high and crack open each nipple in turn) as long as the nipples undo
  13. Ugh it’s a long time since she’s had a LHM change! If possible probably worth bleeding it through the brakes too
  14. https://www.aerocivic.com
  15. Aye, I think the most famous Tissier conversions were for the newspapers but they did a wide variety of conversations including flatbeds/car transporter configurations
  16. You’re a lucky man! I’d be tempted to mothball (and rustproof) the newer car then when the first had terminally dissolved swap the LPG kit over. PS. I hope you have valvesaver
  17. Good result! Also looking at https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/676700/in-service-exhaust-emission-standards-for-road-vehicles-19th-edition.pdf my reading is that because the vehicle is not listed in the document annex and was first used before 1st August 1995 it is exempt from the CAT test.
  18. Great buy! I think you will find it surprisingly fast and economical (seriously)
  19. @wesacosa should it not arrive
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