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  1. It might be helpful if you could optimise the 205 fuel filter arrangement so the filter is standing vertical as intended so that water in the fuel can sink to the bottom of the filter; with it lying on its side the water may get dragged in causing running issues and potential damage to injection system
  2. Something you don't see everyday
  3. Mind @tooSavvy those coldwarmotors lads are the bomb, I got into them after you referenced them previously
  4. Oh man I have so much want for that Crown Vic! Do drop me a PM if/when you want to move it along
  5. Didn't Stomil rebrand as Kormoron in the mid 90s?
  6. Is it the dmf or could it be that they fitted a smf and the noise is the gearbox rattling?
  7. I'd have more sympathy if they'd left it the nice original colour rather than painting it red
  8. Nice work on the gearbox. Maybe these might fit the bill? https://www.camskill.co.uk/m62b0s13260p156374/Bridgestone_Tyres_Car_Bridgestone_AT001_Dueler_Bridgestone_AT_001_-_750_R16_C_114_112N_TL_Fuel_Eff_%3A_D_Wet_Grip%3A_D_NoiseClass%3A_B_Noise%3A_72dB
  9. Nothing beats a Saab 900, ideally Turbo 8 valve 5 door. If you get a good one and can afford to keep it in petrol there is no better car.
  10. The KLF documentary was on the telly the other day, pretty good viewing. I came away having formed the view that they were damaged people further damaged from all the drugs rather than out and out dickheads
  11. Looks amazing! Provided you have local stockists LPG is fantastic
  12. Or given that it apparently needs a specialist oil and you would imagine they would have a good idea of likely oil consumption between changes it might be a nice gesture if they supplied the car with 2 litres or so of oil for topping up purposes...
  13. Seriously man do not buy a 1.3 diesel, they are rubbish, it will be no end of trouble. Petrol if you want an easy life or if you really want diesel get the 1.4
  14. Actually parcel brown paper is probably too thin. I usually use brown paper bags from work
  15. Great work, I've never been inside a gearbox before to this level (and I hope I don't have to). *Top tip* it's pretty easy to make a gasket from a sheet of thick brown paper (the sort of stuff you might wrap parcels in). Just cut roughly to size and place over where in needs to live then you use a spanner to tap the brown paper, the sharpness of the casting will cut it to shape. Start over a bolt hole and then when you have created the hole drop in the bolt. Sort out the bolt holes first and drop the bolts in then do the edges. Alas a gasket which is in separate parts like the one you have created invariably will leak it's just a question of to what degree.
  16. On holiday in US, unexpectedly the hire car is a (brand new, had 4 miles on) Dodge Charger. It's giving me bad thoughts about what a good car the Challenger must be...
  17. I like the green but your car your rules.
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