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  1. A chap spent £50k on the full restoration of a 900 sedan. Now for sale. Needless to say, he'll never get his cash back.
  2. UmBongo

    Renault 14 Madness

    My dad bought a hideous green Renault 14 back in the 80's. It reeked of damp and had numerous faults. Piece of shit, so it was.
  3. Worth a watch for the few street scenes alone.
  4. I'm not entirely sure why Robbie Williams, the celebrated 'fat dancer from Take That' 'opened' the soccer ball World Cup. I don't mind him, really, but does he has the international kudos it takes to open such a huge event? Is he Putin's fuck buddy or summat?
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-44481390 Older cars face Glasgow city centre banOlder cars will be banned from Glasgow city centre in four years time after councillors agreed to extend a low emission zone (LEZ) to all vehicles. An LEZ will apply to 20% buses from the end of 2018, rising to 100% by December 2022. Cars will need to meet the strict standards from the end of 2022. After that date petrol cars made before 2005 and diesels built before September 2014 will not be allowed in the zone. The council said it was "forging a path towards cleaner air". But environmental campaign group Friends of the Earth Scotland said the timetable lacked ambition, condemning people to illegal levels of air pollution for years to come. The policy to extend the zone to all vehicles will now be subject to an "economic appraisal" and a consultation exercise over the next 12-18 months. Anna Richardson, city convener for sustainability and carbon reduction, said: "Improving the quality of the air we breathe is a key priority for the city and so I'm proud to stand behind this progressive policy that will see Glasgow introduce Scotland's first low emission zone by the end of the year. "Partnership working has resulted in substantial improvements to air quality however it remains a public health concern. "The LEZ will make significant reductions to air pollution in the city centre and when fully implemented, will cover all vehicles by December 2022. This will ensure we achieve the improvements in air quality our city deserves."
  6. Juliet Bravo on the Drama channel! A sexy policewoman getting changed during the opening titles and lots of old shite-boxes with POLICE written on them in felt tip pen. Cats and dogs living together...
  7. .. Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
  8. .. Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
  9. It's back with more thrills and spills galore! Copper (to drunk driver): Have you had anything to drink in the last 24 hours? DD: I think I had some this morning. A few minutes later...found to be five times the limit!
  10. In the toon of Troon hidden near the dunes. Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
  11. https://www.facebook.com/onthetools/videos/2137624966523378/ Sent from my SM-J510FN using Tapatalk
  12. Some of these stories remind me of my brother's Lancia Delta Hf Turbo. Or the Fuckwit Magnet, as it shall forever be known. A nice car but with the usual flaky brown issues. Anyway, during our time of ownership (he eventually sold it to me when running costs became prohibitive), it had paint poured over it, a huge scratch scored across the driver's side, and one or two other minor acts of malice occurred. Eventually he advertised it in Autotrader. The phone rang one night around 10pm and my dad answered. The conversation went something like this: Dad: 'Hello?' Terry Fuckwit: 'If that car is for sale tomorrow I'm going to come round there with a shotgun and (mumbles) something something something.' Dad: (Incredulous silence). A good start. Eventually someone more normal came to look. A supercilious, stuck up little tit, as it happens. 'It's the sort of car one buys for £500 and throws away six months later.' he said. 'Fuck off, you obnoxious little bastard.' we wanted to say, but didn't, of course. The little twat didn't even buy it, despite my brother lowering his asking price dramatically. A few months later I bought the car and then realised I should not have done this silly thing. It went for scrap soon after.
  13. I also saw a random 'monster truck' in Edinburgh yesterday. When I say monster truck, I mean a red Hilux with quite big tyres and raised suspension.
  14. It seems a local gas installation company has taken it upon themselves to use livery very similar to British Gas blue/white transits from the 80's. I think the company name was McKay...
  15. My uncle buried at least two Morris cars, a Minor and a Traveller, on his land in the early 80's. It may have been to avoid paying to have them taken the scrapyard or maybe he just wanted to tidy up his garden?
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