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  1. Given the weather I’d suspect the distributor. My friends e class merc would give a good spark on the king lead but nothing to the plugs. That was the distributor, cunningly placed ( like minis) right in front of the engine catching all the water.
  2. If you don’t have a fob thing then it’s probably not got one. Mine played up years ago after a spot of welding and so I just pulled it out. A thirty year old immobiliser is not going to be fun.
  3. My hotpoint is 20years old. Landlords bought it new when I moved into their granny flat in sunninghill. Original heating element died in 6months but since then it’s been great and I bought it for £50 when I moved out 11years ago as they were just knocking the whole place down.
  4. That makes me feel a lot better, having got 85,000 out of it using primarily shell superunleaded. 55,000 miles, six years and depreciation £2750 so cheap in that respect. But at least the same again in parts - aforementioned pump, fuel rail sensor and regulator, cam belts + tensioners, gear cables, full brake calipers and discs, two sets of plugs and coil packs, egr valve, four! Ac control modules, plus an entire engine wiring loom ( I didn't pay for this, the dealer it down as training, which is just as well as it didn’t help one bloody bit.). Oh and I nearly forgot that the exhaust fell
  5. I had a c5 hpi exclusive ( kg52mfk). I am still in therapy. bought in p/x with my rather rusty ( but mechanically perfect cx DTR Turbo ) at 33,000 miles and one owner in 2006. Three years old and £3500. Sold it in 2012 in px with the current Mercedes at 88,000miles for £750. brilliant car, poor quality and electronics but excellent rust proofing. i would very much doubt any are still running. Even in 2011 when it needed a new fuel pump, when I was on holiday in France, I had the only Siemens pump in France ( took two days to ship from marseilles to near Strasbourg) - whi
  6. Buy one from John Lewis and they will take the old one away ( for a fee though ).
  7. Can you name your job description differently? eg I could be analytical chemist, chief analyst or company director ( sadly non make a difference as all are classed as professional in a permanent role).
  8. Reminds me of the Gordon keeble front end.
  9. By the power of Jackie Stewart’s tartan underwear drawer. That looks cheap for a droop snout compared to the equivalent fords.
  10. Could be a normal sized train and a Giant.
  11. C type Jag. 1966 Jaguar C-Type Replica by Proteus | Open Roads, April | RM Online Only (rmsothebys.com) 1966 JAGUAR C-TYPE REPLICA BY PROTEUS £52,800 GBP | Sold | Chobham, United Kingdom 21 - 29 April 2021 Chassis No. Engine No. Documents 170604 DN K59135-8 UK V5 VIEW INSPECTION REPORT One of the earliest Proteus C-Type replicas constructed Acquire
  12. Could be worse. Whoever admitted to the allegro had a jelly mould.
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