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  1. The titanic was running perfectly too last time it was out.
  2. Looks great, I think mine is better though.
  3. Both the x1/9 and Mercedes have a similar jack mechanism. It looks lethal to me and I’ve not used the jacks but use my hydraulic jacks instead.
  4. £10 million quid’s worth and they stick it shut with duct tape! After trying slamming it several times!
  5. They've broken it though - the door catch this side won't hold the door down.
  6. I used to, but don’t bother religiously apart from the 2cv where I use a mini post it note block stuck to the dash to record the mileage. On full ups. It’s been doing 200 miles on 22litres for years. The fiat will do an excellent 45mpg on shell vpower and if I’m on a long journey with no stop start traffic the Mercedes will manage 30mpg. I once got to my parents in north wales and back to surrey on one tank, but it was very stressful as the last 40miles the fuel light was on. Put 65 litres in the 68 litre ( I think ) tank!
  7. The colours could do with a little more contrast. Trying to tell beige from brown isn’t easy.
  8. Having just watched @dollywobblerlatest vid I’m not sure any more. Pete sparrow’s is LHD but the gear change looked ok. I am pretty sure the gear change is the same location left or right hand drive. After all the gearbox is in the same place.
  9. That’s why all of us other 2cv drivers think it’s weird. I think that’s probably a LHD lever.
  10. Can you take a photo of the gear lever in neutral? It may help us work out what’s what. Mine today is basically pointing to 10 o’clock when in neutral. As to the shine - when can I leave mine?
  11. Up and about early this morning and cycled into work and back via scenic off-road routes when possible. Then got the 2cv out to go to waitrose. Roof off too!
  12. It’s worth noting that the air filter shouldn’t actually have any screws holding it together. Just that the lugs on the bottom often snap off. It should be held in place with a simple push and twist to lock.
  13. Also, since there is no synchro on first, nudge it into second ( not all the way) before selecting first at a crawl or standstill. It will align the gears to allow a crunch less change. very few vehicles have such an easy gear change.
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