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  1. All the time what’s that clunck? Is that a new rattle? Are the brakes squealing worse? Is that the right temperature? Where the hell is that water coming from?
  2. My now brother in law ( 12 or so years now) lugged a bottle of champagne and diamond ring up and down several mountains in the Lake District waiting for the right time.
  3. And in car news. The Mercedes reached 123456miles last night. But I was too busy driving to photograph the moment. That’s 50,000miles I’ve done in 7.5 years.
  4. In all fairness, two dozen are for my parents ( the greedy swines).
  5. It’s my kind of stockpiling:-) edit, the grey thing in the background is the passenger carpet from the Mercedes. Drying out, because the car leaks like a sieve.
  6. Non. i was tempted with a nice chateau Neuf du pape, but a single case was going to cost more than the hotel bill! Witness, the serried ranks....
  7. on the way back the scenic way in France, I stopped at a British cemetery I’ve been passing for years but not visited before. Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery, Haucourt Beautifully kept, as they all are. But really, truly desperately sad. Especially as most of them were just “ a soldier of the Great War, known unto god”. 19, 20 years of age, some identified by regiment and rank only. It’s bringing tears now. From wiki Located in the cemetery is the Vis-en-Artois Memorial which lists the names of 9813 men (9806 British and 16 South African) who fell from 8 August 1918 to the Armistice and who have no known grave. The memorial has a screen walls in three parts on which is carved the names of the missing listed by regiment.[2]The memorial was designed by British sculptor Ernest Gillick.
  8. 2hours 45 mins it took to do 100miles up the m20, 26 and 25 last night from the tunnel. Anyway, I have done my best with the European wine lake. Not a bad sized boot for a coupe (18 cases) and it doesn’t look too low either. You can feel the weight in the tail round roundabouts though.
  9. Having dinner in the restaurant of my hotel ( been coming here for twenty years). Chef has just had a blazing row with a new waitress, audible to all seven of us here. No idea what about, but loud! She is now visibly upset, think she may have been fired. more fawlty towers than usual!
  10. French spottages today all seemed to be accompanied by barking Alsatians. So no camera! However, one house had both a series 1 cx and a Renault four on the drive! Another garden had both a dead bx and an early dead sinker xantia. Both in moss covered white. Lots of c15 s on the road but even France doesn’t seem to fit Audis with indicators any more.
  11. Stopped off in Canada 🇨🇦 for a break and a bite to eat. Yes, legally it’s not France as the land was gifted in perpetuity from a grateful nation. Not so great full that they cleared all the bombs, but still. since the last time I stopped there’s a new arboretum of Canadian oak saplings taken from the acorns of oaks from the battlefield.
  12. Only yesterday was there a comment on radio4 about comedians running the country, and I said to my colleague that the only comedian I’d want was Eddie izzard. He then suggested al Murray, and we both decided that Harry Hill should be health secretarY.
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