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  1. My colleague has had three days at home in the last week waiting for a plumber to visit when they said they would. Do they not want the work?
  2. Many years ago my gran called home saying she’d cut her hand on a picture frame. She was diabetic and on warfarin I think. I went right over in the 2cv and couldn’t stop the bleeding so took her in to casualty. It was small but deep, unlike yours. Hope it heals well - blood thinner make everything look awful.
  3. The Fiat, The Merc and The 2CV are my fleet names. It’s a car not a sentient being ( although the ex C5 was particularly bloody minded). I agree with @barefootabout anthropomorphism.
  4. Did you recommend he join the forum?
  5. I do like cars designed with a ruler.
  6. I thought it worth a buy given the lack of use all the cars have At the moment. Your 2cv May have a perished pipe from the tank sender to the plastic pipe that runs from rear to front - then, weirdly has a section of fuel pipe, a metal pipe 15cm long, and another section of fuel pipe to the pump. If the fuel tank sender bit has perished this lets a lot of air up into the line when it’s sat. and no, I’m not volunteering to drop your fuel tank to replace 10cm of fuel pipe!
  7. Looks like a decent honest car.
  8. That’s why I prime it with the handle until I can see the fuel filter fill. Saves running the battery flat getting fuel to the carb. Talking of which I bought a jump starter from Tayna last week. Supposed to be ok for up to 3litres.
  9. Springlike weather in Surrey and I thought I’d start the 2cv up for the first time since the start of December. Battery ok and I turned the engine over a few times on the starting handle to get fuel up through the pump and filter. Good job I did as every turn of the handle the fuel pipe got wet. There was a very small cut in the top of the pipe ( between in-line valve and the filter to the carb). I’ve no idea what caused it, it doesn’t look perished. Anyway, it was easily replaced with my on-car spares supply.
  10. Found the bits. Snapped off bracket plus the old gasket and studs/ nuts. Plus a pair of old pads.
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