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  1. I think it’s availability of body parts from Citroen. Ie none.
  2. Yea, mine had six months when I sold it to six cyl. What’s that nibbling sound you can hear? Metal moths.
  3. I’ll take their facel vega. Could be cheaper in the end too, https://www.justinbanks.com/1963-facel-vega-facel-ii/
  4. Did see that exact one earlier, it’s not got exactly the same dash warning setup. Seems it’s the cold starts and idling that’s likely to have done it. I’ve not cycled to work much this month, so using it for shorting journeys etc. another YouTube( in fact mopar) says that pressing the accelerator three times with the ignition in position 1 will also clear it. what’s wrong with a simple ok/clear button?
  5. Daily new fiat has thrown up a message this week since idling for 30mins to defrost on Tuesday. Change engine oil. I thought it may have a sensor to detect degradation and indeed there was a bit of emulsion on the cap, but I wiped that away and it’s ok now. But message still there. it’s only 2000miles since the dealer service last august. Anyone know if it’s based on a sensor reading, or miles and stop-/start trips etc? Also anyone know how to remove the message ? There’s no light showing on the dash, just a message on the car info page.
  6. Also no pic, but an Aston Martin Valkyrie outside work today. Internet says £3million and it still kept dropping the gullwing doors on the heads of the people pushing it. ugly thing too especially in this ones white pearl colour.
  7. I’ll name that car in one! Looks like a crime watch still - have you seen this man acting suspiciously etc.
  8. All parables are metaphors I think. My favourite being the wedding feast turning water into wine - from which we learn that when you run out of drink get on your knees and pray!
  9. If you need to be told, then you probably should not be driving in the first place.
  10. This one in my profile is for sale. No idea how much now though.
  11. I’m always in two minds about this, 1 that such charity shouldn’t be necessary and government should fund it, and 2 that gov doesn’t fund it and we need to. nightingale house was started a couple of decades ago by Dr Arthur who worked with my mum in the wrexham maelor hospital for many years. It was originally called Dr Arthur’s. They have a couple of shops in wrexham taking in furniture, clothes and electrical stuff. All our family unwanteds go there. What clothes aren’t good enough to resell go to the local homeless shelter. which, incidentally do need underwear, socks and toiletries - eg hotel shampoos and soaps.
  12. But they did raise £1700 for the nightingale house respite care unit. https://www.leaderlive.co.uk/news/23238483.wrexham-chester-vintage-bus-day-raises-money-nightingale-house/
  13. I’ve had that before too. Everyone doing reply all telling the original customer created such an inferno of emails I turned off our pc for the day. I think it was about 500 emails in the inbox next day.
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