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  1. Not much news on the merc resuscitation. The remains of the bushes have been removed but the broken Bolt remains are stubborn.
  2. Weirdly both my headlamps were original. But the n/s was completely crazed and yellow and the o/s perfect when I sold it. I’d tried polishing kits etc too. I also had the headlamp protection / eu adaptor kit from Citroen with the correct masking. ( even though, yes, the hid bulbs have a perfectly flat projection- my French was simply not up to explaining to Le flic the intricacies ).
  3. There’s a red series 1 VTR estate at work! I’ll take a pic. The bumper was held on a while back with a ratchet strap and it has lost its headlamp washer covers.
  4. It looks like the least user friendly thing I’ve spotted. No luggage space, huge overhangs and low ground clearance and huge turning circle.
  5. Two of these and a mclaren F1 this morning.
  6. The external paintwork to the property is being done. This has appeared- it makes a huge racket!
  7. Some car manufacturers seem to have blind spots. Citroen =wiring looms and hinges.
  8. As the above pics, if rick can get the bolts undone without shearing them off think the plan it to strip it all, send the metal for blasting and get all new rubber together with the repair plate from Mercedes.
  9. Eeek! It drove surprisingly well considering there’s nothing holding one side of the suspension to the car! He’s going to attempt to loosen the mounts tomorrow after a day of plusgas.
  10. Watched blue thunder live. As publicity stunts go, not bad, but no Tesla to the stars! Beats Beardie Branson for class though - taking up the ex mercury 13 astronaut. I don’t think there’s ever been a bigger signifier of a mid-life crisis though, getting divorced and flying to space in a giant dildo.
  11. I suppose this is progress on the merc suspension repairs. Off at a rehabilitation spa ( my mechanic’s drive) for rejuvenating treatment ( hopefully).
  12. I may have a gear linkage cable in the garage if it’s of any use?
  13. Is it a dyane engine then? Remind us oh mighty one the exact compression differences!
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