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  1. professional photo for the auction looks better.
  2. And there's more, including this lovely ex Alan Clarke MP Bentley.
  3. It’s an hour from Wrexham and the museum doesn’t open until 11 anyway.
  4. One of the workers in a neighbouring company has a set on his old BMW 3-Series. Look crap but he likes them.
  5. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/pa20/paris/lots/r0023-1998-bentley-azure/830795 https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/pa20/paris/lots/r0022-1959-facel-vega-excellence/830793
  6. https://rmsothebys.com/en/home/lots/pa20#?SortBy=Default&SearchTerm=&Category=All Categories&IncludeWithdrawnLots&Auction=PA20&OfferStatus=All availability&AuctionYear=&Model=Model&Make=Make&FeaturedOnly=false&StillForSaleOnly=false&Collection=All Lots&WithoutReserveOnly=false&Day=All Days&CategoryTag=All Categories&TimedOnly=false&page=1&pageSize=40
  7. Weekend booked with the parents. We’re going to Tyddyn Llan for lunch on Saturday too. https://www.tyddynllan.co.uk Any more details about road trip and meeting time on Sunday?
  8. Got woken at 4am by the smoke detector battery alarm sounding. Had to wait until it got light to find the neighbours stepladder to get to it ( kitchen ceiling is 12ft! Then I put some fat balls out for the little birds, but the feeder is overrun with crows. Until the parakeets came anyway! Now I’m at home waiting for someone to do an asbestos check.
  9. Watched the xm one last night on demand website. Nice car, but found it a bit annoying as about half the programme was just repeating what they’d already said.
  10. Yes. They all seem to have modern fobs. You need more basic keys.
  11. No a w124. It’s always leaked, but this winter seems worse. I did have all the drains blown through the with a compressor a few years ago. I poured water over the screen this morning to clear the ice and instantly saw it appearing in the footwell. So it’s not the sunroof.
  12. My Mercedes is doing a very good impersonation of a fish tank. Inches of water in the footwells and streaming water inside on the Windows. It’s either the screen or, more likely, the rubber seals around where the heater fan is mounted to the bulkhead. it was so bad this morning, that the hubnut sticker fell off.
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