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  1. Didn’t mean to quote I think. Just a similar message about slowing down nearby.
  2. Red fiesta, I think it was, in the ditch on the a319 this morning in Chobham, right opposite the traveller site entrance on a deceptively straight bit of road. Perpendicular to the road too…
  3. Knitting needle in a box of spark plugs description of the gear change . Ljk setright de nos jours! it does sound like a viscious 2cv engine, though I missed the power output ( plane went over ).
  4. Panhard experience is excellent. Rear view dice not withstanding
  5. My Citroen garage never thought them worth buying. I’ve been getting Bosch from tayna.co.uk for years.
  6. I found the silent coverage of the trip down the a40 strangely emotional. Police doing a very good job of keeping the new king out of harms way.
  7. He refused to pay ( or couldn’t pay) the road tax on it, so put it on bricks to show it was off the road. The a35 /40 van was for his budgies.
  8. I have different dreams, but if you’re happy
  9. Is your steering wheel sticky? Mine was terrible- would clean it up perfectly and it would be fine for a while but a few weeks later it was tacky again. No problem with any of my other cars so c5 specific.
  10. As an ex church warden that’s not quite the right quote.
  11. The current thing on my commute by bicycle is to overtake giving loads of room but heading straight on into oncoming traffic that has to do an emergency stop.
  12. It certainly has a lot of nice toys.
  13. My idea out then, it sounded like a condenser failure. Probably fuel then.
  14. Are those plastic school chairs in the back?
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