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  1. I had it redone in my DTR with parts supplied by Neil hotham. It worked as well as new, but still very poor.
  2. From what I’ve heard from people the bx ac system, like the cx one, Is completely rubbish. I hope you can get it to work without leaks.
  3. The only thing really annoying me so far are the black and silver plates on the mini. Although as mrcento implies,, another missed chance to bring in some women.
  4. I’ve watched every top gear since the 1980s. Highs and lows really. At least the Harris person has a 2cv, although seemingly zero mechanic sympathy ( driving it with completely shagged king pins). I’ll watch tonight and see what it’s like - not watched a trailer yet. I quite like paddy but freddie’s previous attempts at programmes after cricket haven’t been good.
  5. As a 6month old I was taken for walks in a pushchair through the middle on the public footpath- parents lived in Upton before moving to wrexham. My dad plays tennis with one of the zoo’s directors, so if you’ve any complaints......
  6. Just written a moan about an idiot audi q driver this morning and decided even I couldn’t be bothered about it. On the plus side, locally sourced lamb for dinner. Stupidly. Locally sourced in Waitrose Bagshot all the way from New Zealand when the real thing is 100m away.
  7. As an exhibit? chester presumably?
  8. Anyone see what the Mercedes w124 coupe and 2cvs went for ?
  9. The pressure is on one side though- or was the weight of the pedal alone enough to force a weak piston down?
  10. My dad always moans about honest john (they subscribe to the guardian but buy the telegraph on Saturdays for the crosswords). That if the gearbox problems of fords and BMWs (for example) are a well known weak point why don’t they do something about it. A problem with people writing to newspapers ( or car magazines etc) is that we only have their side of the story. Apart from this forum how many people in the uk are running round in a 1995 mondeo, and of those how many are going to rely on writing to the telegraph for help, rather than believing their usual garage?
  11. Oh, age isn’t an issue in and of itself. But I don’t think the article has the full story. Call me cynical!
  12. Lotus sequence in the spy who loved me now on itv4.
  13. Weird, isn’t it. But if you don’t touch the brake it won’t work. They can seize on ( as in my experience above ), but as far as I know, brakes have no other input and no way of working on their own ( certainly not on a mid nineties ford anyway). Really also don’t discount an experienced ( elderly ) driver having a panic attack ( and not realising ) and stamping hard on the brake pedal. Perhaps it had never had a brake fluid change and so boiled, so preventing it moving for 30mins? I’m not convinced really. Not really connected, but my mum ( who doesn’t drive) was getting a lift home from choir practice one night and her lift couldn’t find the headlight switch. She’d had the car ten years, turned out to be Alzheimer’s and she was 55.
  14. Operator error - far too many people are driving beyond their years to control a car safely. Braking is a new one and safer than the stamp the foot down hard on the accelerator instead of the brake error but, given the Tory graph demographic a likely answer. Brakes do not operate on their own, they need an input. ps. I’ve had the rear drums on the 2cv stick on ( after application of the brakes), and the front brakes on the fiat due to a collapsed flexi hose. But this was after braking, not on their own.
  15. Much of the French population see email as the spawn of the devil. I don’t know why as it means everything is in writing and easy to translate.
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