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  1. Birthday is actually in the week, but convenient today. Mum made the cake- she says she won’t take commissions but has taken lots of pics for people to make their own. And the original...
  2. Pretty sure the Ford Falcon was an N reg.
  3. Just back from Beaulieu autojumble. Not been for several years and it was a lot quieter with perhaps 1/3 of traders spaces empty. Not much for sale in the arena I liked either. Mason’s black silver shadow was smart though. some oddities spotted, one with hubnut @dollywobblersticker. big Saab display @Saabnuttoo.
  4. Watching Mona Lisa (again). The white jag I’ve just looked up says it hasn’t had its first mot.
  5. It’s surely old enough not to need a plate with bs markings? The 2cv doesn’t have one.
  6. Also no rust warnings so yeah!
  7. A bit like shangrila, the mystical city no one can find.
  8. Can you retrofit knock off to spin off?
  9. Wrexham car probably from Brooklands garage. My 2cv was STU and my CX RTU. TU was the area code.
  10. I’m going to Beaulieu on Saturday and possibly my birthday family visit on Sunday. Have a good weekend. if you need anything from the spring autojumble let me know. I like something to look for in the stalls.
  11. Lots of movement at work site this week with many Nigel mansell cars off to Monaco. Plus this 1970 Alfa Romeo Le Mans car which was also in the film with Steve McQueen . Recent £700,000 of invoices! https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/mc22/monaco/lots/r0001-1969-alfa-romeo-tipo-333-sports-racer/1189668
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