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  1. That looks exceptional value. Auto though like the xantia?
  2. Comedy wipers on the model. The rest is pretty good. I have the traction one from Russia with love.
  3. I was thinking that, but garages can stay open, and if your income relies on very rich customers paying very large bills when they get their very expensive cars back I suppose you'll carry on. Nothing else in or out today though.
  4. Yes, both. Mostly dealers and auction houses.
  5. The DB6 was coming in, the V8 leaving.
  6. Those lift/ ramps never look safe to me.
  7. Seems to be Aston Martin day outside work.
  8. One of our customers imports metals. They send samples to us to test. We can’t do iridium as no acid does anything - boiling away in nitric, sulphuric or aqua regia for days on end, it looks the same as when it went in.
  9. Build a pyre with the fence panels and then set fire to the whole sorry creation.
  10. So books would be ok, but not signed books? How do they know without opening?
  11. Where are Chevy chase and the rest of the griswalds?
  12. Surely life is grim enough at the moment without that in your life.
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