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  1. I don't really need an estate so I've only had a few.
  2. A friend on FB tipped me off about this one. Probably the only car you can drive along this particular street in Glasgow and still have all your fillings intact.
  3. What car(s) make me actually angry, as opposed to WTF were they thinking/you're a twat for buying one of them? Diesels. If you live in a city you can taste the effect their filthy effluvia has on the local environment and as far as private cars are concerned there's no need for them. You want power and torque? Buy a bigger petrol engine and suck up the mpg like a man you tightwad, don't pollute the air I breathe with your carcinogenic filth. I've been saying for 10 years or more on this very forum, that if they were banned tomorrow we'd notice the improvement in air quality by the weekend. Remember the first Kung Flu lockdown? Remember how clean and clear the air was? That wasn't petrol power we were missing. People are now starting to catch on and creating ULEZ zones in cities and if that bothers you with your manky planet killing tractor engine then bear in mind it's your own fault. If we'd gone for smaller, lighter cars with ever more efficient petrol engines we wouldn't be staring down the barrel of the imminent death of the ICE in 10 years time in favour of the joy* of EVs and their questionable environmental benefits. Angry enough?
  4. Went to the local keycutting place today to get a spare done for the old Volvo Of Many Shiters since I only got one with it. All I was expecting to get was a key that physically fitted the door lock rather than a full immobiliser chipped one. Bloke rummaged around in a box, consulted a couple of catalogues before producing a blank that he said should do the job and said, "I haven't done one of these for about 4 years, I think I've got a couple of chips that I should be able to do but they don't fit in the key blank so it'll just need to be taped on, be £40 if it works or a tenner for just the key if it doesn't." 15 minutes later he presented me with this, which I took and tried in the car and it works perfectly. Even gave me another chip in case it gets lost. Autoshite problems require Autoshite solutions, so now I (& the next lucky owner of this magnificent heap) have two working immobiliser keys.
  5. Opel Rekord. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opel_Rekord_P2
  6. I love K11 Micras, I've had three and wouldn't rule out another. My old auntie bought the first K10 automatic registered to a private buyer in Scotland, badged as a Datsun rather than a Nissan, it was a Y reg (PGA 50Y from memory) and it was still going strong after 13 years when she finally admitted defeat and gave up her licence due to failing eyesight. It had 15,000 miles on it. I used to borrow it occasionally when my own shitheap was broken and I remember just how gutless and rough it felt every time I drove out her street. I made it my job to give it an Italian tune up every time I drove it to the extent that she once asked me if I'd taken it for a service and how much did she owe me for it..
  7. You must have misunderstood, there's a healthy rivalry surrounding the annual beautiful gardens competition, that'll be all that sign meant. 😛
  8. Jings! The lock up I had when I lived in the Wyndford was about £15 a month, and it wasn't THAT long ago, like this century!
  9. A Volvo 164 was the very first 'classic' I chased, and when I saw one in CCW I phoned up to be told simply 'It has been sold, goodbye.' I always liked them though, they seemed far more different from the 144 than the 264 did from the 240, but I never got round to running one, ending up with an Amazon which was probably the better choice because I got back every penny I spent on it as the prices rose. Will the prices rise for the 164? I don't know, they seem like one of those cars you could spend £10k to sell it for 5, but I'm out of touch with the values of them. FWIW I'd consider letting it go to someone with the funds and mechanical ability to finish it if you can't be sure of being able to do it yourself and spend the money on one of your other projects.
  10. I think I once uploaded a video of me going through the Clyde tunnel in my old Volvo.
  11. Insignificunt driver seems all too typical of a fair percentage of people on the roads nowadays. Zero attention being paid to their surroundings and expecting everyone else to accommodate them. Hopefully that was a brown trousered wake up call and they'll take a bit more notice in future. What am I saying, of course it won't. - "OMFG a fucking truck tried to kill me, I was like.....literally just driving along minding my own business and this truck just rammed into me".
  12. Carlsberg don't do introductory posts, but if they did... 😎
  13. Nothing can beat Hurricane Bawbag and OMGTRAMPOLINE!!!
  14. A wee breeze in Glasgow this evening but nothing serious. This picture's doing the rounds just now, Aberdeen apparently.
  15. In Glasgow they get pensioned off after 7 years, and I know a couple of folk who've bought a 7 year old 300k mile Octavia for a 3 figure sum that's done them well. Probably more so in years gone by where the cars were Mk1s fitted with either the glacial but everlasting SDi or a 1.9TDi that never exceeded 2100rpm in its life.
  16. Agreed. Personal taste and all that but I've never seen a Zagato design I preferred to the original, and quite a few have made me go 'WTF have they done with that...'
  17. Fiat 125GTZ Zagato. Square headlights are a bit of a giveaway.
  18. Possibly a Mazda Luce or Toyota Mark 2?
  19. Do people nowadays know the difference between dip and main beam? "My headlights are much better when I move the stick to make the extra little blue light come on in the speed thingy"
  20. From another post on here. Must be crackers...
  21. Standing on a pavement talking to a friend this afternoon when a cyclist with a 'Justeat' box flew past missing me by inches. If the car had been facing the right way I'd have gone after him and ran the cunt off the road.
  22. Well I never, the simplest way was the one thing I hadn't tried! I was using the 'link' html button, the 'embed' function and getting nowhere...
  23. I'm sure the answer is in this thread somewhere already but the search function isn't bringing up any results.. How do I embed a You Tube video on here? Firefox on a Windows 10 PC.
  24. A wee bit obscure maybe but to me this is an Itchypussy Delicious Space Cakes.
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