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  1. Cunningly disguised as a Humber Sceptre, I like it. 😛
  2. I was going to say 26% sounds way off. I use eBay all the time to sell my cameras and the total take is about 15% which I reckon is fair enough given the audience you reach and the relatively smooth transaction. Old cameras probably don't attract the same kind of dregs of society as cars but I'm happy paying that to avoid the great unwashed coming to my door. Most eBay sellers just jack the price up to compensate.
  3. Next time, take him a nice biscuit and explain how the biscuit shop he saw you going to earlier didn't have any nice biscuits so you had to go to the other biscuit shop to fetch him a nice biscuit so you weren't empty handed when you visited him. He's a good boy, he''ll understand. 🐶
  4. Since the thread opened with the Mondeo, arguably quite a decent steer regardless of version, we might as well have its classic rival. Cavs were always good cars, culminating in the late Mk3s. The Vectra was a bit shit but the blobulent jobbie that followed was a car nobody deserved. The Insignia manages the Jaguar XJS trick of being huge outside without offering a vast interior. Everyone sits quite far away from everyone else but the roofline and shallow glass make the interior of this W126 S class sized motor feel cramped and claustrophobic. It was everything I hated about modern cars in 2013 and they've mostly got even worse over the last 10 years.
  5. That is literally half of what a proper BMW engine should be.
  6. But they admit themselves that the design language is a ripoff of a 1970s Giugiaro styling exercise. Modern cars don't interest me at all anymore.
  7. I really don't see how companies like Deliveroo and Just Eat can be allowed to operate in the UK. Other than the obvious fact the UK is a complete shitshow captured in a race to the bottom nowadays... They rely on 'non-employees' using what 90% of the time are in some way illegal transport, whether private cars uninsured for business use or these fucking E-bike things that look like they weigh as much as a small moped and usually get ridden by stoned arseholes either on the pavement or weaving in and out of traffic. I thought these things were just plain illegal to ride anywhere other than your own private property?
  8. So just to clarify, the grump is the Jag being a Jaaag and not having to spend time with WTC? 😛
  9. I remember my Dad almost being swayed by a 504 back in the day but they were a bit dearer than the Renault 16 he ended up with. It's easy to forget now that Peugeot used to be a quality car, and the 504 in many ways was almost a French Mercedes. Looking forward to seeing this one get its mojo back. 😛
  10. Oooh! Fisher C Box too, very thrusting 80s exec! 😛 If you can be arsed digging it out the dash again I'd take the top off and go for Q tips and isopropyl alcohol to clean the tape heads and rollers, they'll likely be more manky than a head cleaning cassette alone can deal with.
  11. Excellent reading so far, look forward to the next thrilling adventure tomorrow. 😛
  12. Sunday evening viewing currently consisting of Columbo: A friend in deed. 😛
  13. Aye, that's it down. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/black-country/fury-crooked-house-reduced-rubble-27475941
  14. If it's anything like in Glasgow, the demolition crews will be on the scene as soon as the fire engines leave. Funny* how they're always available at short notice in these situations. Check your local councillors' back gardens next summer for suspicious looking new swimming pools...
  15. That is simply glorious! ❤️ Column shifter as well..
  16. The idea of a Volvo estate being hard to park/manoeuvre is ridiculous. Try reverse parking a 240/940/850 wagon and then do the same in a 2 foot shorter last gen Fiesta without parking sensors and see which one makes you sweat. And if it all goes tits-up? Well....Volvo bumpers. I've given up trying to be interested in cars, well new ones at least. We're going to be fed nothing but a constant stream of near identical 3 ton EV SUVs in the future and I can't work up a single spark of enthusiasm for them.
  17. That's not bad really. Bet you'd spend more fitting a new exhaust and a couple of new tyres on the same car if you were daft enough to go to Kwik Sht.
  18. Bit of Google-fu produced this. It's based on a Nissan XTrail of all things! https://www.reddit.com/r/namethatcar/comments/zzsyq6/need_more_info_on_these_plz/
  19. Was the Cortina Huntsman the only car ever named after an Aussie arachnid, or did we get the Fiesta Funnel Web here too?
  20. They did EXACTLY the same thing to me a few months ago. Last year's premium was about £60, renewal was £150, Comparethemeerkat was £55. Insurance is a sore point just now, how the fuck can they want £500 to insure a second car? How the fuck am I supposed to drive them both at once? And then you try and phone them... 😠
  21. Yes please if we're talking Renault 16.
  22. If it was the Volvo in the picture then yes. You'll go through a phase where things that were just hanging on for the odd pottering ramble on a Sunday let go but once you've replaced a few bits and bobs (usually rubber stuff) overhauled the cooling system and and rebuilt the carb so it starts and idles properly then there's no reason why a 40 year old car can't be used as a daily driver. A few years ago I had a 60s Volvo Amazon, an 80s Vauxhall and a late 90s Rover and for a few weeks in the depths of winter the Volvo was the only one working. Luckily there was no ice or snow so no salt on the roads but it coped just fine and the heater was superb!
  23. Always thought D Merit summed up a base model diseasel Corsa B nicely. Or the hopefully titled Fiat Uno Start. Please...
  24. If you look through the glass on the Lada you can see the driver's door quarterlight, and you can also see it looks like a saloon rather than a hatch. Pretty sure it's an Audi 80B1, available as a 2 door saloon with twin headlamps, and the slim bumpers with rubber end caps seem to match up. Probably some 'Ossi' has nicked the fancy chrome grille adornment for his Trabbi...
  25. 1954 A40 Somerset in the work's car park this evening.
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