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  1. From what I can see it's another mass panic engineered by the media, particularly the BBC who reported three days ago about a couple of BP stations having to close due to lack of drivers and it's been pushing its way up the billing since.
  2. Smart. Commercial version is pretty rare nowadays too, assume it's a tractor rather than a K? Best colour for them too, really shines when they're clean and polished, well done.
  3. My mate inherited a Marea from his dad when he got a new car Really bland anonymous cars but his was 100% reliable and drove nicely
  4. Amazons are fantastic cars, well capable of being run as everyday cars despite being 50+ years old. I loved mine, but sadly it doesn't appear to have turned a wheel since I sold it to a lad down south about 10 years ago. Look forward to fallowing this one's progress.
  5. Includes video: https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/glasgow-news/east-kilbride-lorry-crash-dramatic-21505504 The sheer vicious cuntery of some people never fails to amaze me. Don't know if this has hit the national news media but in East Kilbride last night some deranged fucker in a Stobart wagon tried knocking down a house while a family with kids were in it.
  6. This land yacht berthed in Morrisons car park today.
  7. You ain't seen nothing yet, give it 6 months. Given the massive shortfall of HGV drivers just now the DSA are under pressure to issue new licences ASAP, and when these newly qualified drivers hit the roads they'll have come straight from their ALDI A3s to 44 ton Volvos with all the long hours and shit conditions motivating* them to be safe, courteous and sensible drivers.
  8. Not really a grump as such because it's not as stupid as some of the new words people use, but we seem to have a new car-related word in the English language. "FRUNK" Obviously from the USofA, a portmanteau of 'front' and 'trunk' used to describe the extra luggage space in an EV where the engine would be if it had one. Never heard the one in the VW 411 described that way but hey...
  9. For my 40th far too many years ago a mate got me a driving experience day at Knockhill and it was fugging ace! Lasted about 3 hours what with safety briefings, introductions, being taken out for a hilarious demo drive in an MG ZS V6 being thrown all over the circuit as a 'What not to do' exercise, then I got taken out for a few laps one to one with an instructor (who when I watched Gordon Shedden turn up a few years later in the BTCC I thought, 'I recognise you' ) in an MGF. Then we got the choice of going out for about ten laps on our own in either a fairly ropey looking Formula Ford type thing or a Legend, which is like a 5/8ths scale Hot Rod with a big bike engine. I went for the latter and spent the entire time overtaking everyone else who'd chosen the FF cars. I don;t know what other racetracks are like but Knockhill is insane, I loved every second of it.
  10. That Renault 16 is a thing of great beauty, I thought it would be more than 4700 Yoyos.
  11. Is this one of us? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165033351480?hash=item266cc11938:g:-i4AAOSw3phhI-9-
  12. The only other black car I had was my Mk2 Punto, chosen because the black paint made the black plastic bumpers look like the colour coded ones on the posh models. Also discovered a benefit of black paint, a black Sharpie was an ideal bodger's touch-up pen.
  13. The one I transferred across a few cars in my youth was 'It may be old but it's paid for and it's in front of you' .
  14. Bit of building work going on across the road and a light shower resulted in the Royale's bonnet looking like this the day after I washed it.
  15. I had this a few years back. Registered in '81 but very much a 70s car. Black suits some cars better than others I feel, and if there's loads of chrome to set it off together with a suitably lurid velour interior then I'm a big fan. 😍
  16. Love it! The Germans really nailed the green velour interior back in the late 70s, didn't they? My very first car was the original Audi 80 in a colour I'd describe as shite brown, and these were the current model for the couple of years I had it and I really fancied one. Keep posting updates, I'd love to see how you get on with it.
  17. Back in the days before the internet I saw a Renault 30TX at a local garage and in the time it took me to drive home, phone my insurance broker to see if insuring it would bankrupt me and drive back to the garage they'd sold it.
  18. Personal choice I guess. My old Amazon had the silver on black plates which I thought looked quite smart but aesthetically I fancy the raised white letters/black background combo on your 145 if you're OK with not having the safety blanket of a big yellow reflector on the back of a car which by modern standards won't have much in the way of rear lighting.
  19. I've lost count of the number of SSD devices in USB/SD drives I've binned over the years, but I've never had a spinning disc fail. The drive on my most-used desktop (a refurbed business Dell) had been run for 5 years with about 200 start-ups when I got it , one of these machines that's never switched off, yet it continues to run fine.
  20. I've had the central ceramic core of a spark plug detach from the outer metal body before, that made a hell of a racket.
  21. Of course it started. I remember mine was more like an ON switch, stick the key in, give it a flick and the engine was running like it had been for an hour already. I've never had such a fast starting car in my life. Hope the new owner enjoys it, they're amazingly good cars, even on today's roads.
  22. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1970_Alfa_Romeo_Giulia_GT_Junior_Zagato.jpg Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior Zagato
  23. The CX came with a few really nice trims but these were my favourites.
  24. I once waited while my old W210 Merc was done at my local MOT place and when I started it up to drive it out the MOT bay before he'd even printed off the certificate the bulb failure light came on and one of the brake lights was out. "Fuck me, I checked them literally 5 minutes ago" was the response.
  25. These old V40s are great comfy old buses, one of the best looking estate conversions ever, and pretty bulletproof mechanically. The one I had was only a boggo 1.6 but it did me well, I'd say that was well worth spending some coin on it.
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