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A long time ago, in a Galaxie far far away

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14 minutes ago, Zelandeth said:

Probably more useful than the rear seat in an Audi TT as demonstrated by my other half in one of our housemate's company cars a few years ago. 


The passenger seat was slid all the way forward here so nobody could realistically sit in it either!

blimy you looked more comfortable on the floor of TPA then he does there, and you could probably get someone into the driver's seat of TPA still!

I think the "passenger carrying is forbidden" plaque is on the wrong car LOL

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Very slow power steering leak. Put the car up on jacks, removed the rag tied around the rack (?!) IMG_20200531_202716.thumb.jpg.b1902e150cc6b97c9fc905ba4673e16d.jpg

Gave it a clean, refilled the fluid and tried to search for the source of the leak. Absolutely zero idea.


Going to check tomorrow to see if it's any more obvious and potentially get some power steering stop-leak stuff. 

Drove it around the block a few times and it's a lovely place to be, everything else is in great condition. Interior is bone dry, no knocks, no weird noises. 

Need to get rid of the roof racks OR turn it into a rooftop camper. No idea what I'm gonna do with this car


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Drove the Volvo today. It's fucking good...


With the exception of the headlight wipers everything works, it's quiet, comfortable and goes really well. If it wasn't for the 5L tub of power steering fluid flying about the boot you'd think it was AN NEW CAR.

That roof rack is diabolical though, it starts wailing at about 40mph and by 60mph it is hilariously loud. I dread to think what it does to what little mpg the 3.0 6-pot must already by struggling to achieve...

I did a video on it. Coming to the YooToobs soon.

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Hoooooo boooooy. When I said this was gonna be a low effort thread I was probably underselling it.

Did 700 miles in the V90. It was completely faultless (without roofbars) but unfortunately it's brought back haunting memories of when I was a teenager and my dad had a V70. 6hrs each way and my arse + legs were completely numb. It's not because I'm a huge lump either, the v70 used to kill me back in more slender times. 

The only reason I wanted it was that it was a large, petrol motorway cruiser and I'm not convinced it's going to work for me. 

I've bought some stop-leak for the power steering to see if that does the trick. I suspect it's some expired seal somewhere that's causing the problem.


If anyone wants to swap or buy this, please let me know. I'd strongly recommend it if you have snake hips and enjoy relaxing. @captain_70s had a shot in it here:


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Had a quick gander at my neglected but favourite child. Only had an hour but managed to clear up the back. Please excuse my camera, it's been smashed and the lens wrecked 

I knew the floor plans were goosed but the seatbelt anchorage was a surprise.


Also check the size of that goddamned boot!!! That's a full size spare, tools and the rear bench seat with room to spare. IMG_20200620_183454.thumb.jpg.73ff9c1b8081642b3039d31dccd80dce.jpg




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The power steering is fixed...I think!

Lucas power steering stop leak, A+++ would recommend

I think the Volvo has to go up for sale. If anyone's interested in a long 90s rectangle, let me know. I'd be interested in a swap.

Fuel filter changed on the ford and the interior almost entirely stripped and partially cleaned/wirebrushed

Air filter changed on the Primera.

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24 minutes ago, Matty said:

go on give us a clue. The damp knickers or the 205?

The damp knickers are safe and sound, rescued for later. Thank god the drying rack was there otherwise I wouldn't have taken them. Bonus points for sighthill acknowledgement. 

As for clues, it's the thinking man's Tesla

Also, don't look at the for sale forum as that gives the game away. 

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Brave adventurer has departed the north east and is Scotland bound. 

Car behaved itself impeccably* on the test drive. Cutting out three times then doing a battery pack recalibration. 

There's three and a half hours to go till home for him, so I hope there's no early shift to be attended in the morning. 

Great seeing you again man. Always a laugh and a pleasure. 

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Send my apologies to the boys in beige. I took photos of @Jim Bell Woollarding on the Inca and then killed my camera app, deleting them from history. A lot like when Stalin had Trotsky painted out of photos. I'll hand my AS gun and badge in tomorrow.


40 minutes ago, captain_70s said:

Is there some rule stating that whoever owns that Insight has to be at least twice as big as the car itself?

That's an optical illusion, I'm just very close to the camera and the car is far away.

Great day out so far, caught up with 2 cracking shiters and drove 2 very different cars. Way too many mpgs in both cars.



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