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Found 2 results

  1. Have you been deep inside the Tata engine to prove it? I'm only familiar with XUDs. I'm genuinely curious about this and would love to be proven wrong. Tata XUD Cross checking cambelts, water pumps and alternators, they don't even share these parts.
  2. Low effort thread warning: I bought this Galaxie after seeing it on the bay with ~10mins left to run. Coolest thing I've ever seen in my life but my goal for 2019 was to not buy any cars. One high adrenaline, guilty bid later and I've completely ruined my life. Called the guy up and asked could I drive it home. He said "not a hope in hell" It was in a barn in the US for 25yrs sitting and rotting. Imported to the UK in May 2019. Old mate was a classic rally man back in his day and had one exactly like this back in the 70s. He planned on restoring it but had a f*cking awful run of luck (ill health, son chopped his fingers off, garage burnt down with the seats in it). 39k miles. 390 cubic inches. Pillarless. 1966. It's had a new fuel tank, new wheels and tyres, new battery, new pipes, new brake cables and the drums rebuilt all around. I've found a lot of crazy stuff since buying it though - ran it for 100miles until I noticed no air filter. Found out the fuel tank wasn't sealed whilst I was on the motorway. The lights also intermittently turn off completely every so often which I found out at night. 1 hub cap fell off and nearly hit a man walking. Good: Chassis is solid. Interior is bone-dry. Drives straight and I think the engine runs well. No fluid leaks. Bad: Gear changes are insanely clunky. Dash is warped. Boot taking on water. Interior looks like it's had several generations of mice + a fire.
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