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  1. There's still a fair bit of metal we haven't replaced and fingers crossed they don't poke too hard 😂
  2. Fingers crossed it either passes or fails on stupid stuff.
  3. If that subframe is bent just at where the arm attaches I could no doubt pull that straight with my body dozer.
  4. On my Herald I've went bedliner inside and underneath, the body will be Epoxy-2k primer-basecoat then clear. I've also phosphoric acid washed the whole car inside and out just to kill any rust that sanding and grinding couldn't get to. Epoxy isn't porous and can be left for months while you work on other parts of the car and offers superior rust protection compared to zinc and etch primers.
  5. Spending an hour on the bench just running welds is the best way to learn, just doing stop start,seam,vertical and fillets will allow you to set the welder up to suit you and improve your control to no end. If you're unsure about the quality of your work then just start again as has been suggested by Talbot and at the end of it you'll have a finished part you can be proud of.
  6. I run a little hotter and go faster in and out the puddle as it gives far better penetration and a flatter weld. Penetration isn't an issue on 0.8 anyway but a flatter weld is less grinding
  7. Should add that I run 0.8mm wire and 15% mix so you might want to lower the power using 0.6 and 5% mix
  8. 0.9 will be identical to 0.8 in how it can be worked, welding it I run about 30 - 50 amps doing start stop as it tends to warp very easy. If you have air use a blow gun from the compressor and cool each weld and it should stop all warping but if you go slow at a low power it's usually just as good
  9. Just repair them in 0.8mm and save yourself some time, the shapes are easy to make if you just lay the new 0.8 on top of what you have left and beat the shit out of it.
  10. It's not perfect by any means but it's better than what drove in.
  11. 2K direct gloss on this one but I prefer base and clear, I've always used Gerson masks when spraying 2K at home and a half mask in work with no issues. I get my lungs tested once every 6 months as painters are usually in for copd or asthma 😂
  12. Couple of days left and it'll be ready for it's mot.
  13. Shouldn't be long till it's finished if you keep going at this speed.
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