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  1. Time to get a tig torch and some brazing rods for the Pearl 😂
  2. Fill the tank full of water and mig it up, it won't blow up.
  3. Leave the cherry bombs and put in a thumper cam, got some of that lope life on the go 👌
  4. My welder has been inconsolable 😂
  5. The guys who did it had been living with him for 5 weeks and just snapped that weekend according to him but there's obviously more to it, reckon there's drugs involved somehow. They've arrested 2 people and put them on remand but one of them is innocent, amazing 😂
  6. Was gonna give him the Machete from the garage but he'd prob have went private pyle on me when he saw it 😂
  7. He's fucked, I gave him a bat and a sword up but he said he's still not sleeping. I think he's got ptsd tbf
  8. Machete, they held him hostage from Saturday till Monday before they would let him go to hospital, lucky he didn't bleed to death. They put a bag over my other cousins head and drove him home making out they were gonna shoot him in a field, worst bit about it is they flushed his fingers down the toilet so they couldn't be put back on. Utter madness, thought we had all grown out of this shit then this happens.
  9. Polishing has begun. first pass with the buff, still g10 then gloss enhancer to go.
  10. Started rebuilding the Mustang and got some of it flattened. Been a bit slow this week since finding out my brother might have cancer and my cousin losing 3 fingers in a fight at the weekend, fantastic bloody week 😂
  11. Must be reading this thread.
  12. Arnold Clarke sold this a couple of years ago. Came in to get a scratch fixed and turned out to be a wob mobile.
  13. Sawdust in the gearbox was the go to around these parts to quieten noisy gearboxes 😂
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