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  1. First pass with the buff from the front to the back doors is done, got a few wee nibs I need to remove before the second pass. Arse end to polish then back to sanding all the little bits I've missed.
  2. Look at the amount of work we did to keep the Acclaim on the road and it's not even worth the cost of the hours we put in far less the materials. Why did we do it ? I don't have a bloody clue but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, the skills Captain70's learned will last him the rest of his life and seeing it get a clean mot pass just made it that much more worth it. You'll get pissed off with yourself when welding it but that's part of the experience and once you're able to weld you can buy projects that need a wee bit of welding without having to farm it out.
  3. Big knob at one o'clock and power on 2 minimum is what I would run if it's anything like the Clarke 90 Captain70's had.
  4. Doesn't sound too bad from what he was saying but being rare panels aren't available for them.
  5. Just finished the underside, It's been epoxied then an industrial primer that's full of zinc followed by black paint and underseal so should last many years before it needs any welding work. So I've moved on to polishing and the last job will be to fit the door cards. Once it's polished and a couple of little touch ups from building the car back together it'll be ready to go.
  6. Took this on next year FOAD, cheers for passing my number and that on 👍
  7. This should protect you well enough.
  8. Wait till you get a red hot welding bomber down your shorts 😂 You jump up and do a wee dance to appease the welding gods.
  9. Easily repaired that. Plenty of steel to weld to around the grot.
  10. Can't be any worse than the Acclaim one was, slammed the door and the whole thing fell off 😂
  11. The colour is unbelievable in person, it's a lot darker in the photos.
  12. Front end complete Passenger side chrome all on too Forgot I cut some bumper bolts off so ordered new ones. I'm dying with the flu so slow progress this week, while drilling the last hole for the arch trim the drill bit snapped and what was left in the drill went through my hand 😂 Fired some superglue in it so should be good to go tomorrow. Inner arch also painted ready for underseal.
  13. Well be prepared to be called all sorts for not having a guard on your death machine. I think it was stupid I was called 😂 something along em lines.
  14. You can weld car bodywork with gasless if you're careful and go slow, I've done it tons of times when I run out of gas but as others have said it's more suited to 2mm+ steel. It's absolute shite to weld with when you just start but you can get a nice weld from it when you get more experience.
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