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  1. Cats are sadistic bastards, something that is obvious whenever they interact with rodents or songbirds. He/she can't eviscerate you, so has to settle for tormenting you.
  2. Why do we need to know he has no flightless birds native to New Zealand?
  3. Important with that amount of glass; I could do with AC in my Partner Tepee, it's like driving a mobile bakery in summer.
  4. Yep, twin Strombergs instead of the Lucas mechanical injection of the PI.
  5. My driving instructor did not look like her.
  6. I bought spares from him when the old man had a Snapper sit-on mower; it was cheaper than ebay.
  7. My preference would be a pair of angles as shown in red, but a pair of short angles bent up and welded on to your gussets(fnarr) as shown in green would probably be perfectly adequate.
  8. Do knacked project cars really sell for 20 large? My chin's itchy. They do seem on the up though.
  9. Those gusset(ooh er missus) plates are the wrong way round, tin that thin needs to be under tension or have a fold put in to stiffen it to resist buckling.
  10. Am I missing something? Skylines aren't that expensive, why would you faff about cobbling together bits to make something that will not be as good as the real thing?
  11. This is premier league shiteing, straight in with a Daewoo and no messing.
  12. However did he fit his (clearly very large)testicles in such a small cockpit?
  13. Karen of parallelogram is buried in Pebo cathedral; she was married to Henry Cromwell until she wasn't. Her holy clipboard is in the reliquary, on the left under her sister's collection of cat ornaments. LS400s are for winners, especially if they are in Autoshite Racing Biege with matching interiors.
  14. WTF? That road is certainly a venue for making progress, weather permitting.
  15. If it's anything like mine there are big foam rubber seal things at the rear corners of the bonnet which after a year or so become porous and function as growth medium; mine are so far along they're being reduced to soil.
  16. The veracity is questionable if only because of the suggestion that being raped might cause bum cancer.
  17. Yeh but no; you will be able to plug your steam-powered phone into your router and pretend it's still the 20th century.
  18. I'm going to risk offending Sherpa floppytop lickers and say keeping a mogwai in one when it's raining is not a good idea.
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