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  1. S1 XJ12, a rare beast. A Dellow. Phun Phact; the main chassis members were war surplus rocket tubes.
  2. Some god-level shiteing going on here. That is terrible; well bought.
  3. Frisbee number plates, jet wash the loose paint off and roller on the original colour; without spending a fortune or a lot of time rubbing down it's destined to be good from afar.
  4. If it's a keeper it's worth having an A/C tech do a proper health check, as that will include pulling a vacuum and refilling with the right/book amount of gas. I'd be surprised if that era of korean car didn't have arctic A/C when new, so may be that simple. That said also worth eyeballing the condenser(and cabin pollen filter for blockage!) to see it isn't covered in fly corpses or other grot.
  5. One day I will need to either fork out £££ or rebuild my LT77(and realistically the LT230 as well, if only for the leaky seals) DIY; this gives me hope the latter isn't a silly idea.
  6. You could have sold your story to the papers; "I was flashed by Cabinet Minister". 🤣
  7. In that era UK export vehicles were sometimes specified with balloon tyres when destined for places with few/no tarmac roads. Was that the case in Norway, or did people just make do with being towed out by the farmer when they got stuck?
  8. Depends where the moisture is coming from; if it's penetrating from the ground then covering the floor with damp course polythene would keep it down; if the roof is leaking then no.
  9. I'd hope it's a BSA A10 with all that weight to haul around, but my ability to ID isn't that strong so it might be an A7.
  10. Almost invariably they have a drain you can plumb in to a gutter/downpipe/etc instead of using the internal tank; you already have a hole in the wall so... HX need cleaning at least monthly(or every ~dozen dryings I guess) IME; they lose a lot of efficiency with even a thin layer of fluff/gunk. IIRC you already have as much work as you can do, so stop answering the phone before lunch time and after 3pm; if it's urgent they'll leave a message. If there are clients who need pandering get another mobile & number and only give it to them. The display doesn't draw power except when changing what is displayed; battery probably knacked.
  11. If you don't like silicone(there are chemicals for removing it) try a butyl sealant(Arbomast BR etc), it's non-setting and easy to remove afterward, persistent bits will yield to meths.
  12. Aren't those body-on-frame? Chances are you can buy all the panels(they might not fit for shite, tbh).
  13. Not changed much beyond that warehouse being converted to flats.
  14. Decadent capitalism; 5 day trading! It'll never catch on.🤣
  15. Ever driven a tractor? It's like that only slightly faster and the heater is a small asthmatic creature genetically engineered by Lucas who lives in a box and blows at you through a straw.
  16. Catheterising yourself might be needed, or at least an adult nappy, unless you're an experienced lorryist and can pee in a bottle at 56 emm pee aitch.
  17. Mechanic's tools by Terry Gilliam.
  18. She's gone! And the toon council have reversed the one way. Wise, Speke were bought by Brewin Dolphin in 1998 but still have offices in the toon.
  19. Sounds like a diminutive, so little star more likely.
  20. Cardinals are taking the collection money home.
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