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  1. WTF? They've commemorated their MGTF with a fire extinguisher shrine? Strong Elvis dambusters clock plate of tutankhamun vibes.
  2. Bit harsh, surely the Masterchef studio has lard available?
  3. It ties in well with the general impression that while the rats weren't abandoning the sinking BL ship they weren't manning(ratting?) the pumps either.
  4. Strong Bonusprint discount film that's been rattled through a cheap camera by a non-photographer vibe; I have similarly muddy looking film in a folder somewhere.
  5. That does ring a bell, Matra certainly have the ability and habit of doing things the hard way.
  6. That last valve would concern me, the pits are really deep and the head dropping off would spoil your day. Good shade tree mechanicking all the same.
  7. Bollocks. Kid would have a whitey at worst, the HFCS in them is far more dangerous than the weed.
  8. If normal AS perversion is tickling yourself with a feather, this is using the whole chicken. Keep us appraised of how terrible it is.
  9. A tenuous link to give me an excuse to ask whether owt's happened to the mighty beast? From the Other Place.
  10. WTF is this? Of all the memorable eateries there have been in Glasgow you've picked a cheesefest franchise outlet from Yorkshire that lasted a whole 16 years? Even the Blue Lagoon is of more note than this and is still trading. All we need now is a paean to Frankie&Bennies or some other anonymous faux-US not-actually-a-diner miseryfests.
  11. That is Autoshite in museum form.
  12. Is it me or is pub landlord a bit of a soft lad to not hire a water bowser from a plant hire co. and get someone to plumb it in? For a few hundred quid he's missed a week of summer trade when there's actually money to be made as a publican? ‘People are worried it will happen again’: the English village whose water ran out (msn.com)
  13. lacquerpeeled Corsa with 4 mismatched deathrings, a radio stuck on Heart FM and a nasty pull to the right.
  14. Covered walkway between buildings at a college I attended a few years back; there was a lovely imprint of a fairly plump pigeon in the dirt on the outside of the window, they were obviously economising on window cleaning as it stayed there the full 3 months of the course.
  15. Given faecal coliform is a leading source of food poisoning you shouldn't feel remotely guilty, people die from it and scutters not washing their hands is one source.
  16. Wrap the roof white, bonus points for having a car that's easily spotted in the supermarket car park. One of those nerdy sunshades for the windscreen are a good idea too.
  17. Could experiment with leaving it in the oven at low-ish heat for short periods; it should droop well enough.
  18. Google suggests it's a 1937 Oldsmobile forward control or COE(Cab-Over-Engine).
  19. TBH £18k for a delivery miles G class is bargainous, even if it is the SL version.
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