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  1. Give him a big hand! 😁 The man from del monte with the mike is Jeremy Beadle. Google images reveals it to be the Tivoli concert hall in Copenhagen.
  2. Milk crate and a choke cable for a hand throttle. 😁
  3. Kazakhstan's Martin Scorsese in a landaulette GAZ Chaika?
  4. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-023-03212-1
  5. Royal Signals doing stupid things on Triumphs.
  6. They were sufficiently posh that Armstrong seemed working class, perhaps they were looking for University Challenge and got lost?
  7. A widowmaker; anything else bent?
  8. How difficult can it be? Undo the octopus and put it in a bucket, run the thing and top the tank up as it goes while a glamorous assistant does some citroen aerobics?
  9. I'm liking that the legend on the hand brake release looks like it's been cobbled up with a dymo printer and also the antediluvian suspension that has eleventy grease points.
  10. High attrition rate or just a small class? AS car transporter trailer kit; some self-disassembly needed. @sdkrc
  11. DIY V bought hydragas fluid seems as contentious an issue as grease V oil in landrover swivels.
  12. Wobbed up Daimler Pretty sure Coombs never made their special arches out of polyester and chicken wire.
  13. Presumably some kind of australian confection. 1350 BINs, weegieland
  14. Maybe worth trying caustic soda, test it on the inside first in case it attacks the plastic.
  15. It's a hydraulic system and in theory needs to not have debris in the fluid BECAUSE BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN; fluid velocity in a brake system is zero and ptfe tape is as flimsy as cheap bogroll, so any hypothetical blockage is pretty unlikely. It can cause problems in powered hydraulics, clogging filters and sensors and preventing non-return valves from closing.
  16. No reason for it to be frowned on as long as it's just on the thread and not on the end, it's the point that does the sealing; I have used a smear of grease or hylomar in the past. I like the idea of them but I'm concerned it might be a disappointment due to the extra weight; shame as there's no reason a properly designed GRP shell should weigh more than the standard body. A modern copy that wasn't an overweight lump of lard might be something that could find buyers. When I win the lottery I'll make one and it can sit alongside a copy of that wooden thing built by Friend Wood.
  17. The Royal Marines had some of those for trundling around the jungle.
  18. Proposed to be a Wartburg as well; front engined as a Trabi and rear engine as a Warti? 🤔
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