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  1. Is the sun visor going to make a recovery?
  2. Are there enough series 1 800 fondlers left to make breaking them anything other than a monstrous waste of time?
  3. Alloys that look like cheap shit trimz, nasty. I wonder when the last pork came with steels? Random wiki-browsing turned this up; the front cover image on the page for 'The Motor' magazine is this splendid bit of gallic bargery. Clearly the answer was a resounding No.
  4. A 1950s correspondent to 'The Motor' advises; rotate your tyres regularly to even out wear.
  5. GCC like charging motorists; they don't think 24hr bus lanes are a perversion even though the buses only run in 18 of those.
  6. I thought it was 'interesting times'?
  7. Deaf and a clype; they'll go far, if someone doesn't do them in.
  8. Bits of Glasgow still look like that, minus the seventies motors and flares. Flytipping is certainly still a popular sport.
  9. Stole the keys? Why not use a screwdriver like normal people? 🤣
  10. Hotly pursued by what looks like a Barkas B1000.
  11. He's a pompous roaster who has just demonstrated why children are told not to run in corridors.
  12. Strictly for the seal-clubbing enthusiast.
  13. To be fair in a 4 door doloshite that's not very far; he was obviously a secret Dougal.
  14. The problem is that it's sneakily ceased to be 'An Car' and become 'An Appreciating Klassik M9', thus you feel pain when it gets dinged rather than 'meh'.
  15. I generally feel frustrated on buses, mostly because public transport is a circle of hell(4th or perhaps 5th) that I get to pay for twice, once for the ticket and again at the end of the month. With the number of people that use the local bus service it would be cheaper to run 2 buses morning and afternoon rushhour and everyone else get a subsidised cab ride. Greener too.
  16. Narrow road or are they just fucking nuggets?
  17. There are several shiters with Smarts, but they mostly lurk on the Modernz forum; perhaps it's time for them to become old shite instead of new shite.
  18. Had that on Tuesday; pulled in to a big Esso, all 10 pumps had no unleaded or super. plenty diesel though. I drove 3 miles up the road to the next pumps(also Esso bizarrely, although a completely different franchise) and filled up no problem.
  19. Not worth trying to scan then print onto OHP transparency? Granted if a used unit can be found that's an order of magnitude less faffy. I find footering about with symbols like that on potatoshop quite therapeutic.
  20. Are there pron websites with beige colour schemes? And how would the cherub know a sexy picture if they saw one? Or do they have cloth ears?
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