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  1. Does look very similar. Even the wheels are the same, just with a bit of paint. I’ve got no idea where it’s from tbh, it looks like some sort of partwork or magazine car, but I can’t find which. The grey colour is a bit pants though! Im not sure if they’re returns or rejects, they were from a wholesaler who had quite a few. All very dusty and clearly been in storage a while, but they have random defects to the paint finish too.
  2. Apparently SAVA built them under licence (along with the J4) in Spain. Similarly, some Commer models were built by Santana Motors in Spain, including the Walkthrough van. Weird they did this but it gives us some nice models all these years later! The BMC FG is one of my favourite trucks too. Such a good looking truck imho and very unique. From a time when even commercial vehicles had some effort put in to style them. The only other FG’s I’ve got are a few Oxford and Base Toys 1:76 ones for my model railway. Nice enough but being so small you can’t quite get the details on them like this 1:43 can. Anyway… I won a second one yesterday for a tenner!! I’ll keep one as a tipper and do the other as something else I think. Maybe a ‘Sunblest’ box truck??
  3. God, that’s awful! Years ago (2006) my uncle went into hospital for treatment for cancer. He’d had it before but came through it. Basically they did the usual tests then found it was worse than they thought so had to operate. He ended up losing most of his bowel because of how it’d spread. Obviously he had to have a colostomy bag after that… we had our reservations about the lack of action and slowness off the hospital but what happened next really was bad! One day he was in a lot of pain (at home!) and he’d actually ended up passing surgical staples which had ended up in his colostomy bag! He never recovered from the cancer. It had spread so much they told him there was no more they could do. We lost him shortly after but to see that man go from my uncle, a big, healthy, happy guy, to a tiny skinny very clearly terminally ill man he was at the end was utterly heartbreaking. Some years later another uncle suffered from a burst stomach ulcer. If you don’t know, these are terrible for bleeding and can be incredibly hard to stop. The same hospital as above treated him. They eventually got the bleeding to stop but found other health problems related. In the end he lost a leg because of it! A short while later the hospital wanted to move him to another hospital (god only knows why!?) but when they did the ulcer started to bleed again. They couldn’t stop it and he bled out and we lost him. The state of the healthcare system in this country is dire imho. I don’t blame the majority of the staff as they do an incredibly difficult job in terrible conditions but I do blame the overpaid fat cats running the show and the government (all of them regardless of party!) for allowing this to go on and consistently underfunding the whole thing. See also the MoD, but that’s another story… I think the worst thing though was to see both my uncle’s at the end. A shadow of how they were, and should be still. Both men should still be with us today. Although, if I’m honest, if I were them I wouldn’t want to finish my time in this life like they did. I’d gladly have chosen to go before it got like that. Sometimes preserving any life isn’t the best thing to do. Sometimes, I’m sure, quality of life has to come into it, and if there’s no quality of life likely after treatment then I really don’t see the point. Let them go peacefully and with dignity. It’s a bloody awful subject, and not an easy one to talk about tbh. But that’s just my personal opinion and thoughts! I could be totally wrong. My uncles might have even thought differently and wanted to fight to the end?? Who knows. The only person who can make the call really is the person it actually is. I really wish, like everyone in these situations I guess, there was something you could do, or a reset button to push or a magic wand to fix it, but there just isn’t. It’s just how life is. I hope this all gets resolved for you with a positive outcome. And I really hope nothing I’ve said here is upsetting for you or anyone else… it’s honestly not intended to be, just my thoughts and experiences (and rambling nonsense!)
  4. It’s a tough situation to deal with. Of course as a child, regardless of your age, you will always want your parents around. That’s not how life is though sadly. My grandma was similar, she had been suffering with dialysis for her final years, which at her age was not easy. She went into hospital one time and briefly did ‘go’. She was brought back around but always said after that, she didn’t want to come back again if she ever went again. It is an incredibly brave way to be I think. I’m absolutely convinced people know when it’s their time in these situations though. I think sometimes there is a case for going on your own terms when you’re ready. It’s not easy, at all, on those around you of course but it’s better to be at peace and not suffering anymore than to just keep slogging on sometimes. I know I’d hate to be in the same situation my grandma was in. Sorry for the rambling! I sincerely hope things improve for you all.
  5. Yeah. But, no! Who was I kidding!😆 Ive got the bug for 1:43’s like these at the moment! I think the Renner Trafic is an early diesel version with the big sticking out grill? BMC, Eddy told me they were nicknamed ‘threp’ny bit’ trucks. I think the little windows on the cab corners were to help the driver see the curb when doing deliveries and such. I used to play with a school friend as kids in one of the Leyland FG versions, an ex British Rail mobile workshop truck that was abandoned in the corner of a field. It’s still there now believe it or not. I’d love to drag it out and restore it!
  6. Here’s a few more 1:43’s that turned up over the last few days. BMC/Leyland FG tipper. I love this! Such cool trucks. Tipper body sides are a bit plasticky but doesn’t really let it down too much. Early Renault Trafic panel van. This was in a completely unmarked blister packet, but I’m 99% sure it’s from my favourite Argentina collection. Pair of mk1 Capri’s. Very cheap and looked pretty good so seemed rude not to pick up a couple for repaints! They’d been sat around for some time by the look of them, boxes were thick with dust. Mk1 Astra, from the Opel collection. Chevy Chevelle from the Mexico collection I think. Probably the least desirable version of the Chevelle but I like it!
  7. That Elan looks brilliant @FakeConcern great you’ve had it so long too. Likewise, @Split_Pin, Fiat looks great. It’s nice that your old original one has survived and still donated good bits to make up a good car. Heres another of my projects part way through. I’ve barely done much the last few days though as it’s been so bloody cold! Bond partwork Plymouth Savoy. Was a black taxi. The roof and window frame bit is a completely separate plastic piece. It’s obviously not pushed down into place fully yet as the gold paint is still quite fresh. The top of the roof needs masking off and the sides/window frames need spraying in body colour.
  8. I got these in the post today. @Shite Ron might like this! 1:43 IXO Taunus TC3/Cortina mk5. Lovely model, really nice detail on it too, including full interior with a wood effect dash and even gauges on the binnacle. And another 1:43 IXO. Chevy G20 van. Fantastically detailed too for a fairly small scale.
  9. You’re never too old for a dad’s hug! I’m 39 and still get them!!🤣 Hopefully you’ll be able to get through this bad spell your having. Maybe with a new year might come a change in fortune!?
  10. Fingers crossed for you all. It sounds promising though. Best wishes to your little un’ too after that!
  11. Bloody hell! All very cool, but the 2 door MG!! Nice. I knew about the Ozzy Freeway versions but didn’t realise they did them similarly in Argentina too. Theres a few weird makes I’ve discovered from these partwork collections recently. One I found funny was (I think!) a Chinese car called a Dong!😆 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225044047573?hash=item3465aba6d5:g:R~kAAOSw-CxitcC8&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0NXzW2YGXEOpFqihh82FRoQ5F%2BwEehK616WzNnG%2BpyZF3FFG8SYojWSNVjzkJ0fNHWYn1lAkdmzO6guEJGD7%2BYPIbIE1JUYleE%2B%2B75mTvn78Y%2BnjmQ5fqAOvik2g8Z9zKbytB3v7Xi4jX%2BZQ281LXgaVJpJTkURVY8WX8DDTCvP%2FK8nfFjrdGVxstm%2BzZuA5aJooiWrfsyO1tKfO83%2BY4jChx8u1k5DQla32Caj4LnMKll10A9YL1oDr9C3bJvJMGuU%2ByuR2k%2BHcbKgw2ZnvgvM%3D|tkp%3ABFBMqLjF6IRj
  12. It’s brand new isn’t it!? Lovely. Theres a slight* difference in condition between yours and mine!
  13. Another Argentina collection 1:43 arrived today. A car I knew absolutely nothing of until I started some research for model making purposes! Siam Di Tella 1500! Nope, never heard of it! Until you see one, and then it’s blatantly obvious what it really is. Riley 4 Farina. Apparently built by Siam Di Tella in Argentina under licence from BMC. Who knew!? Another great looking little model that can be had fairly cheaply. I got a pair of these for repaints into more Riley befitting colours.
  14. They must have only just been released. I haven’t seen them before today and actually opened up a fresh box to get this one!
  15. These arrived for me today. The usual 1:43 Argentinian collection cars! Peugeot 405 is really good. Looks the part and well finished. Dodge 1500 was a new one on me but it’s pretty clearly a badge engineered Hillman/Chrysler/Talbot Avenger! There’s very little visual difference between the Dodge and UK versions, so this is another one for a repaint and right hand drive swap. Car transporter trailer is a 1:43 Cararama that’s for another project…
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