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  1. I’m sure your choice of oil will be more than good enough! The Magnatec we used was bought in bulk as it went into many different cars. We had it stored in a big metal tank which could then pump it via overhead pipes to every ramp in our garage. We had little guns on the side of each ramp that you just stuck into the oil filler cap and start filling. That oil was probably better than what a lot of the older cars actually needed tbh but since we had it on tap - why not!
  2. We used to just use a decent 10w40 in them I think. Often Castrol Magnatec. I used to use the same sort of stuff in my 340.
  3. I’ve been reading this thread but so far not commented - so I shall! Great car m8! Old Volvo’s are for life’s winners. You don’t see many of these 400’s around anymore, there’s only one left near me that I know of, a J reg 1.7 in red which is rotten and well worn but seems to keep going and going year on year. If you can keep on top of the rust around the rear arches and sills they’re fine. I used to work on lots of these in the early 00’s when I was a mechanic. Back then we used to use either blue or green glycol based antifreeze. Never had any issues and at that time I owned a late 340 with the same 1.7 engine (just mounted the other way round for rear drive) and I remember putting blue antifreeze in that too. The only other thing with these I seem to remember was the rear brakes seizing up. I’m sure it was rear callipers, or part of the handbrake mechanism seizing from lack of use??? I can’t quite remember now! I think it was common on auto’s where people just left them in P instead of using the handbrake but we did loads of these where they’d failed the MOT on poor handbrake effort. Anyway, keep up the updates!
  4. 75% for me, 3 out of 4 working. Volvo, Mercury And Transit all fully operational. Capri, still in need of putting back together! But, of the 3 operational ones the Transit is out of MOT which probably won’t change until this stupid pandemic shit is over.
  5. I checked mine twice yesterday to see if it’d moved forward. When I checked the first time in the morning it was still showing as being due, later that afternoon it changed to October. It must update each day.
  6. Got my 1/18 Otto Volvo 740 today. Really nice! Fully detailed interior too. Be nice if they did an estate at some point!
  7. Yay, my Volvo is now showing as due on 3 Oct 20! Not that it’ll be getting much use by the looks of things of course.
  8. I got this in the post today having been alerted to their existence by @eddyramrod 1/18 scale Otto models Capri mk2, in Miami blue. Obvious why I wanted it! Got to say, it’s absolutely stunning! It looks ‘right’ and the level of detail is amazing. Even comes with a separate aerial if you want to fit it. Not a particularly cheap model but one I had to have. I’ll try to get a pic of it with my 1/1 scale version soon! I made the mistake of looking at some of their other models after this... It seems they do a Volvo 740, which looks amazing too. So i bought one of those too! Pics once it arrives.
  9. Sad that this sort of things happening, but it’s for the best Eddy. Stay safe.
  10. My Volvo is due on 3 April. I did have it booked in for test tomorrow but the garage have just told me they’re clearing the work that’s already in then closing their premises from 1st April. He said I can still bring it in tomorrow but given the new extension it’s not important so I’ve cancelled it. Tbh, I’d rather not take any chances with this virus and it’s better for me and better for them. He said he’s got to do the best thing for his staff which is fair and sensible. I’ll just take the 6 month extension and book it in later in the year.
  11. It’s almost like the early episodes from The Walking Dead! Obviously nobody’s turning into zombies, but it’s absolutely frightening. It’s almost unstoppable at the moment.
  12. I know. I’ve been watching all of the government updates and keeping a close eye on it all and I’m shitting myself if I’m honest! The scenes and numbers coming out of Italy are absolutely awful, and they reckon were only a couple of weeks behind them but following the same path. I really do believe it’s time to stay in your homes and isolate yourself completely for a couple of months. I actually can’t believe I’m living through this! I never thought I’d see anything like this.
  13. I concur with the others on this Eddy, I don’t think it’ll be happening by May. I think the place will be in shit street and/or lockdown by then. We were supposed to be going up to Yorkshire this weekend to see my uncle and auntie but chose not to go. It just seems daft to risk spreading this virus around or risk getting it yourself. Better stay safe and make plans for next year I think.
  14. Mine was CRL 99V, a 79 Volvo 244 DL. It must have been about 2004ish I bought it from a guy in Hemel Hempstead. I went to collect it in my 91 Volvo 340 with my dad. I think he drove the 340 home and I drove the 244 with it’s glorious blue interior! I loved it! I bought it in about October time as I wanted something built like a tank to use through winter to keep my Capri off the salty shitty roads. A job it did very well. I kept it for another 5 years I liked it so much. After I sold it it was plate raped but it did get a load of bodywork and new paint before going off to live in Scotland (shocker!!). As far as I know it’s still going.
  15. Is that a CD changer in the boot?
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