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  1. That is stunning! What a machine! In fact this car should be forcibly shown to all current car designers and manufacturers as a model of how you should be doing things and why your current products are all frankly utter wank. Is that a bullet hole in its arse end!?
  2. Thing is, by doing that to it it’s now lost what made it nice & special. It’s now just ‘yet another’ heated up rally wannabe. There’s loads like it. Its not my car of course and each to his own etc etc.
  3. Pencil me in! (Assuming any of you can stand my company!!😋) It'll be good to get out and see people, especially after all this bloody lockdown crap!
  4. I’ll have a look for you tomorrow, I can see the ammo tin but it’s buried under loads of other tools at the mo!
  5. I might have a bunch of imperial spanner’s, sockets etc stashed somewhere. They were in an old ammo tin. I’ll have a look if you want? I did have a Rover P6 brake wind back tool but I gave it away to someone on here. I think!
  6. Looks nice, but I’d be looking extremely closely before parting with any money. The overspray on the tyre and comedy red tail pipe might be warning signs of a shit load of filler and quick resale red shiny blow over.
  7. Wow! This should be interesting! Great to see an old commercial getting some tlc. Not many of those around at all.
  8. Didn’t they do some of the last ones in special colours from the Zodiac range? I wonder if that Anglia could be one, it’s colour looks unusual for an Anglia. Could equally have been done in a different colour on a resto of course, but your post made me think of the Zodiac to Anglia colours!
  9. On my old 244 it had rotted around the rear panel, just below the number plate and around/behind the rear bumper. You could just see the rust blisters creeping up from under the rear bumper. Once the bumper was removed the rot had started in the seam where the boot floor and rear (number plate) panels join together. Obviously it can’t be seen normally and by the time you can see it it’s probably getting bad where you can’t! Someone had tried fixing it on mine at some point using what looked suspiciously like old Land Rover ally sheet metal riveted and glued with mastic over the original hole,
  10. I can’t remember how much I paid, but I had a new screen fitted to my 740 a year or so back. It wasn’t expensive and the guy had no trouble getting a new one. That wasn’t through my insurance but some local auto glass fitter. I doubt you’ll have much trouble for this tbh.
  11. Looks absolutely fab!👍 I wish I could go for a drive in mine!
  12. Well done! Here’s to another (better) year of Sierra-ing! You still planning on daily driving it this year?
  13. Digging the garden over the last few days. And now I’ve got a trapped nerve in my sodding shoulder! Bloody kills and it’s going right down my arm into my fingers. Stupid useless body!
  14. At my current work speed you can expect to see that this time in 2031 I think!😆 Actually, now I’m not having to waste time at work I should be getting stuck into it again asap. Spring now too so the weather is looking better for car restoration! All I’ve got left to do is fit exhaust, fit front - rear fuel pipe, build up doors and fit a few bits of trim and badges... won’t take long. Hopefully.
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