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A long time ago in a Galaxie far, far away (and other shit)


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4 minutes ago, loserone said:

Probably bad news for the hedgehog who bought it, but probably good news for the Cubicle who suddenly needs a Rexton engine..  Swings and roundabouts.

Not bad for me at all. It was sold to me at a very competitive price point with my eyes fully open that it was likely an end of life vehicle. 

I actually enjoyed owning it for a week or two.

Timing worked out well for it to help WV02VEG live on. 

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Live, laugh, scrap

Just bought this. Think I'll be ~£500 deep after I get the bill for fixing and MOTing. It's a pd100 with absolutely none of the options but all of the miles. I keep putting my elbow down into thin air expecting an armrest. I've yet to find the cupholder as well.

Drives well. Has 2 matching, new, winter tyres on the front. 12 months MOT with a clean pass I believe. Not exciting for anyone but I fucking love a Passat. This should make an excellent winter beater and keep the Lexus out of the salt. 

I'll likely be driving it to 200miles and sleeping in it on Wednesday. 


The madman @Jimbob McGregor took the V90 away and drove it through the night. Sadly it sounds beyond economical repair so the future's not looking great.  Goodnight shit prince. 


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