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  1. Post ad on gumtree, within 20 seconds had a call from a nice young man in the Philippines about 'the minor accident I may have had in the last two years'. They must have software that constantly scans the internet for phone numbers and distributes them to scammers. I told him it wasn't an accident and I meant to run the bastard over.
  2. Had some reasonable car progress lately. Passat has gone to a local home and will hopefully see it around occasionally. MX5 failed the MOT last week but only on a caliper, damper and bulb. Bulb was just a loose connection, new caliper sorted that issue and bleeding was trivial. Had a slight issue with bloody Hermes delivering a replacement damper, it still hasn't arrived, but on the recommendation of @gm I called a company called Autolink (www.autolinkmx5.com) who are a Japanese car breaker. Ordered at 11.00am Friday and it was at my house above the Arctic circle before noon the n
  3. Hermes. Can't speak to anyone. Been on its way since 2nd June. Only seller can chase up it seems and they just send me the tracking number. Wouldn't mind but I'm running out of time for the MOT retest. Grrr.
  4. Ford doesn't actually sell them like that though. That's an f750 chassis with an f350 body grafted on, fancy wheels and fabricated steps etc. Which is great.
  5. Great news. Well done, really pleased for you.
  6. Very nice, I somehow missed this before. By coincidence my wife* is about to take delivery of one of these so will follow yours with interest.
  7. Well that was quick, good stuff.
  8. Just an long bar. I'm always paranoid about them coming loose.
  9. Said goodbye to the ex- @Lacquer Peel passat today. Gone to a shiters brother though so may still see it around.
  10. Purple cars are the best. Mine sports both Ford Aubergine and what I suspect is BL Aconite. You should definitely go for the full Plum Crazy Phil, if not fully correct it's definitely a 'period modification' colour you could imagine someone getting done when the car was 10 years old in the 70s.
  11. That colour is Plum Crazy.
  12. In Scotland it's legal because it may make slightly better habitat for game birds. For people to shoot. Never mind the rest of the environment being an effective desert. I would love to see Scotland properly rewilded with bears and wolves controlling the deer population and the forests allowed to regrow. Would make going for a hike much more interesting...
  13. That's not unknown to some shiters I've heard...
  14. Just checked and they refused to value a S reg... Did say they would send an email so we'll see.
  15. Good effort, that looks great. You're doing it wrong though, that will only increase in value. Don't you know that round here you're supposed to spend a fortune and then sell at a massive loss when your eye is caught by another hopeless case?
  16. 'Fritzel' as a verb made me laugh and then feel guilty. Loving all this rancho action though.
  17. That would be a fantastic day out, a chance to poke around a Stolly and a bit of paintball walting, love it.
  18. Yes. It's been well proven by the CSIRO and many others. I'm going to stop debating this now, promise. Definitely. I lived there for six years, it's amazing but the people are no better than anywhere else and my family are back here now.
  19. This. Every single time. Just licence J70 land cruisers and the best civilian trucks you can find and be done with it. Military procurement is a scandal. Latest one making me laugh is drones. RAF reapers about $16MM each, Turkish Bayraktar drones, just proven very effective over Nagorno Karabakh, $2MM each using Garmin sat navs and off the shelf parts. Just buy something fit for purpose instead of wasting billions FFS.
  20. Didn't vauxhall red tops have these in some applications? Don't recall those having a reputation for valve failure did they?
  21. Autoshite paintball and stolly licking day out?
  22. That's true but does that £10k include the larger radiators required for the heat pump? Either way economis of scale will hopefully bring that down.
  23. The IEA are the International Energy Agency, set up after the 1973 oil crisis to manage the oil supply, hardly a green campaign group. Where we end up on this carbon neutral drive is ideally keeping the rise in global temperatures below 2 degrees. Failing to do that will have significant consequences for our children and grandchildren such as droughts, fires and floods creating millions of climate refugees. Arguably, that's already happening in Africa.
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