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  1. A neighbour of mine had one in the late 90's. Rode in it a few times and they are magnificent. The way the glass comes right down to your waist, the sound, the seats - they're just great. Proper motor. Along with a P38 they're about the only LR product that I would roll the dice on owning.
  2. UnINTenTionAl aCCeLRatiON is a thing. Do UR oWn rEEseARch.
  3. Depends on clearance obviously but in the past I have changed out the sump gasket by carefully jacking the engine and putting blocks between the mounts and crossmember to support it. Clearance became very tight and you have to watch the fuel hose etc but I did get it done in the end.
  4. cort1977

    Tyre quality

    Tyres are like oil where everyone seems to have an opinion and there's a lot of opinion dressed up as fact. I would agree that the formulation of tyres changes over the years, it certainly seems like they don't last as well as they used to, but the performance of new tyres continues to improve. Perhaps the trade off for better new tyre performance is a shorter life and we need to get used to changing them more regularly? This does not apply to Lada Niva tyres obviously which are made of granite.
  5. This. It's generational. Same as Elvis memorabilia etc the market is literally dying hence prices drop.
  6. Ovlov looks great. If it was serviced at a garage on Sutherland Road then it's been in the country for a while. My Dad was head of the primary school just round the corner from there for many years. That industrial area is all flats now because it's walking distance to Blackhorse road tube.
  7. Ebay press release written up in the mail. Us scrapyard wallahs are using 'Green Parts' (TM) apparently. Don't read the comments obviously. 'Solve Brexit delays by buying green parts', eBay urges motorists | Daily Mail Online
  8. Worse than that were the ones that had the model name as above then poor italics around it to read 'the UNO touch' or whatever. Didn't understand it then, don't understand it now.
  9. So sorry to see this Phil.
  10. Had to go to Peterhead which is about 30 miles from me, mostly on A roads. Took the Mustang, just because, and discovered that it's quite quick. Turns out LHD is not such a hindrance on well sighted roads and overtaking is quite easy with sufficient power at your disposal. Of course the penalty for all this sound and fury is that it converts petrol to noise at 22mpg but I'm definitely not complaining. TL;DR: Buy a Mustang, they're great.
  11. I'm not a welding expert but 6mm might be a little overkill for a car. Great to see this progressing. My Dad's friend had an 18 turbo in the eighties and would drive to the South of France at 100mph. This impressed me very much at the time and I remember he always said the only thing better would be a 25. Always had a soft spot for them since.
  12. Lansing, Michigan - the corroded buckle of the Rust Belt.
  13. I used to get those Eastern Scottish buses from Edinburgh to Galashiels in the eighties. Bus to Walthamstow, Tube to King's Cross, Train to Edinburgh and then bus to Gala.
  14. Not in Scotland, they just hop over the fence behind a lay by and shit there.
  15. They did. Used to see the odd one and think why on earth would you buy something so inferior to the Falcon in every way. Bet the dealers were gutted if forced to take one of those. According to a quick google, the plan was to replace the aging Falcon with the FWD Taurus but Ford Australia managed to boost sales with the EF Falcon facelift enough to get a commitment to the next Falcon revision (that became the AU, BA models). Ford North America had already committed to the RHD design for the Taurus so decided to recoup some of that by releasing it in Australia, NZ and Japan. Not much chance of that given the massive tooling up cost for a market of only 20 million people. And they already had a good slice of the market with a better car. Ford really have some odd ideas at times. See also, developing the Mercury Capri MX5 rival when they were a major shareholder in Mazda and already badge engineered loads of Mazda models.
  16. Wait, surely an Alfa-owning gentleman would never use the A90 preferring to go via Perth, Glenshee and the A97?
  17. Just been today and got some 10W/40, coolant and some cheap emulsion. Bargain. Also, as the grampian rally is running this weekend the car park was stuffed with interesting cars. Saw a new alpine in the metal and it looks great, added to the tiny list of moderns I would give a home to.
  18. Yes. Never seen one in the States but Japan has all sorts of good stuff so possibly.
  19. Ooof, hot Scandinavian strength headlight washer action there. Hubba, hubba.
  20. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1903876009781965/ Not too bad looking Jaguar. Catch? It's in Aberdeen. 550
  21. Yep. In Houston flooding like that is routine and so is people driving in to it and wrecking their cars. Despite growing up there. And it happening three or four times a year. And flashing signs, depth gauges, etc. etc. It's incredible.
  22. Round about all of them I believe. Hence the old saying 'you shouldn't have joined if you can't take a joke'.
  23. Those are the ones shown in the HBOL and looking at the springs on the car they should work. Best of luck. I'm up against a retest deadline and have a bad attack of can't be arsed so the garage is doing them for me.
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