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Six-cylinder's Motoring Notes

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18 minutes ago, richardmorris said:

Sounds like Sesame Street. One of these is not like the other ones,



so thAts the tool boxes, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, soldering iron, crimp set and multimeter I need to bring. As well as the flapjacks and beko’s pink Henry.

Spacecakes and a hoover, tomorrow is going to be a good day! 

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Trouble At T'Mill

The Metro has been running very well but pinks quite a lot so yesterday I thought I would retard the ignition a tad, after that it would not start but smelt strongly of petrol so I left it overnight. Today it still would not start so further investigation was required, there is no stark at the plugs but their is a stark from the king lead. The contacts inside the distributor cap were fury so I cleaned them up and the rotor arm, but still no spark from the plugs. I have ordered a new cap and rotor arm.

This is all because I said it would be fine for the Festival of the Unexceptional next weekend!

IMG_20190712_185229 broad.jpg

IMG_20190712_190917 broad.jpg

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Nice to put some more faces to names. . I’m back home and quite a pleasant drive back involving getting stuck in a police pursuit!

the invacar was in remarkably good condition. Minor tinkering should get it a1.

jinlongling was started but no drive. I somehow got the job of removing the belt cover to inspect only to find the remains of the belt in many pieces wrapped around itself. That would be why there’s no drive then.

slowsilver and I cut the grass under instructions from his lordship. And quicksilver, Beko and I erected the main tent for next weekend. 


Photos of the cut and shut field scooter, Italian car corner and compare and contrast the engine bays of a maxi and allegro.






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