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  1. Ah - how nice to see it from the 'good' side. Almost looks acceptable from this angle. At a glance. Through squinted eyes. On a cloudy day. When drunk. And partially sighted. From a distance.
  2. Cute However, seller is one of those fucknuts who uses a big font because they think it increases excitement and amplifies the price.
  3. These are utterly glorious.
  4. God damn look at this Weird how it's a sapphire but with a hatch bonnet on the front. I bloody love it. https://www.leboncoin.fr/voitures/2153379650.htm
  5. For about four years now, the odd nut shell would appear on the floor of the Sierra. It’s a weird phenomenon but I guessed that something must have stuck one or two in the bulkhead years ago. I was cleaning the car earlier ahead of the Ipswich - Felixstowe vintage vehicle run this weekend and decided to remove the piece of carpet behind the glovebox. This was about half of them! I’ve never once seen a squirrel here but they’re common the other side of the village near the garage I rented a few winters ago. Moral of the story? Don’t put your old heap away for winter. Keep the wheels turning and the wildlife can’t make a home! 😳🤣
  6. How many nuns and kittens died due to the extended MOT grace period during COVID? My feeling is those who look after their cars will continue to do so, and those who don’t won’t. I know plenty of folk who will skim around on balder tyres, but more who will continue to correctly maintain. More of interest - to me - is whether the great unwashed will now adopt a bi-annual service scheme too, as lots do a service and test at the same time.
  7. Back in 2016 you may remember I found myself in the absurd position of owning two low spec Ford Sierras within the space of three weeks. Along with the infamous red bASe, I somehow won this for a bargain £550 on ebay. I sold it quite quickly for £1250 - and the armchair trader who bought it flipped it quite quickly for about £1800. Really, REALLY disappointed to see it in this absolute state. Obviously, when you sell a car, you forfeit any right to complain about what happens next - but it's just very sad really. That car was a solid 8/10 right up until the moment I sold it. @richardcarspottinguk on IG apparently tapped on the door and it's allegedly being sold back to the person who had it last, so maybe brighter days are coming. Let's leave on an upbeat note - here it is in 2016.
  8. @Broddersliterally living the shiters dream. Looks great.
  9. T4s rock. You definitely should.
  10. Great stuff, Robin. Safe travels home and hope to have a Sierra MeatUP soon x
  11. As I understand it, it'll need another one next year as the car was registered in July and the MOT will (obviously) expire in April. That said, I'm also a clot and an oaf who knows precious little about things - so will always have it tested. What it WILL allow me is a week or so leeway if I want to plonk it on the road etc.
  12. Life has been significantly getting in the way of any motoring pursuits over the past few months. Save for one trundle out with the village idiots, all journeys have either been work or child related. However, with the warmer weather arriving imminently (he says, hopefully) it was time to present the Sierra to the Man from the Ministry. I don't like just turning up and hoping, so last night I headed over to @alf892Autos so we could have a good poke at the undercarriage, clean up the brakes and try to assure ourselves I wasn't about to present a lemon. First problem, the exhaust (which has probably been welded no fewer than a dozen times) let go 20 miles into the journey. It somehow stayed hanging, but it blew clean out of the back silencer. As we assessed how best to make it safe for the journey home again (deleting any thoughts of an MOT) - Alf decided it'd be quicker to take the middle/rear section off and weld it AGAIN rather than trying to fudge it up. After I nearly set fire to my leg with the wire wheel, and Alf MIG'd the whole thing back together, it was back in one piece. Another issue which has been plaguing me for the last few weeks was diagnosed; somehow part of my carb linkage has fucked off. Annoying, as the whole thing is only 2 years and 650 miles old! Fortunately, Alf's the man and he forged a fix using some metal he had in his garage. So, with some pigeon shit welding and a piece of coathanger, I was ready for a test! Success. We think the wheel bearing is actually the brake shoe which may have been slightly over-adjusted last night. Otherwise the body structure is the rear offside sill which will need a tickle at some stage in the future, the brake pipe will clean up nicely and the exhaust is about to be replaced. All told a success - other than the fact I only managed 439 miles this year. Must try harder. Now - where have I heard that before?
  13. Still not a bad walk tbh. One road straight up to the railway station and back again - probably a 10 minute stroll. Other than the Great Northern you won't get any nearer to the train station. Peterborough gets a bad rep (in SOME ways unfairly) - there are some great bars. Charters is very near to that hotel and is a real ale bar on a boat and then there's the Brewery Tap right opposite the railway station which brews and does fantastic food too. I'm sad not to be able to make it this year but we're in Cornwall. A real shame.
  14. This looks like proper value and quite genuine too…
  15. Metro with 1.8vvc conversion. Ideally a “Kensington” branded model in giffer green.
  16. Best thing I've seen for sale in ages. Does @Wingz123and his Copart account still lurk? https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/39656662/clean-title-1994-skoda-favorit-fo-westbury?fbclid=IwAR0KJLKBAWjloWtT_aAEs0umx9K-Y4q9egvK2-iGEI2sHdQGzJPdBOcICSM
  17. Very little to report in Bornite/Base news at the moment as work drives me to insanity. I'm off next week but have so much freelance work to do that the children will have to amuse themselves and the cars will also have to wait. A few weeks ago our little village motoring club got together and we had a 30 mile run out to a typically middle class garden centre for coffee, chat and jars of chutney. My friend captured the absurdity of the bASe brilliantly. As you'll see, we're an eclectic mix where all are welcome! It was a fairly lengthy run out which revealed a number of minor frustrations. The clutch cable rattles - I think it's actually the newly fitted adjuster. Rest your foot gently either side of the clutch pedal and it stops. There's a squeak from the rear somewhere which is twisting my melons and the carb needs a tickle. It won't run without some choke which ends up pulling you along - so junctions leave you looking like Michael Flatley. The MOT has just expired and I'm weighing up whether I send this to the bodywork man NOW to get tarted up ready for the first show of the year (Mayday weekend) or whether I just turn up there on Friday with the Mini and say "FIX"! There are pros and cons for both - the Sierra works pretty well but looks shit but will more than likely get an MOT, whereas the Mini looks shit and hasn't gone far in over a year and has no hope of an MOT until the body man does his thing. The logical answer is to buy something else. Obviously. But I just simply don't want the headache anymore!
  18. I think Practical Classics were doing a photo shoot at the Showground yesterday.
  19. That’s made my day. Amazing stuff. What a car!
  20. I am afraid i will be away for this one which is a crying shame. I had to miss it last year because of ‘life’ and wanted to make a triumphant return; alas - holiday. Will look forward to a lot of photographs please!
  21. It’d be interesting to know whether @Dick Longbridgeself moderated or had a post deleted for them. If it was ANY reference to @Nicola Hthen that was completely different. They were a shit stirring, attention seeking, self crusading chode smoker - hell bent on educating everyone in their own mould. I have two friends who are trans (M to F) and my world is richer for them being present. One even has a Nova SR.
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