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  1. Big poppy must remain. Also needs a “Least we forgot” sticker in the rear screen. Very nice. Please do advertise this here when the time comes?!
  2. Most likely Radio 4 LW on 198KHz from Droitwich. Being where you are in a car of such vintage, you ought to get RTE Radio 1 from Ireland on 252 too. Scroll to the right a bit and listen out for the death notices. Lovely car this. Well done.
  3. 3SFE engine. Good luck wearing it out. My old Avensis is on 272k now with the SL family
  4. £650? Holy moly. Anyway - you are among Toyota enthusiasts here. @Spottedlaurelwill like it too!
  5. Is this the one with our tyres on it?
  6. Jesus. This car is just phenomenal. It’s taken me over a week to post because I’ve been too busy just loving it. I can confirm that it’s extremely competent off road. I took it across a ploughed field (belonging to gentry friend in the village) and up a bridle way. Effortless. It is basically perfect, and has thousands spent on it over the years. The original owner having it until just a few weeks ago - the bills and love are quite touching. Mostly because I didn’t have to pay. It’s also got heated mirrors - something I’ve never seen before. Within 10 seconds of turning them on, ice is melting and steam is bellowing like a hipster’s vape. Brilliant. I’ve cleaned out the rear arches which was satisfying and alarming in equal measure! I’m really looking forward to preserving this for the future. It is, by a long way, the best car I’ve ever bought.
  7. This popped up on Facebook. Never seen a Sierra this colour. Doesn’t look like Telecom yellow. Glorious nonetheless.
  8. I’ve had the therapy and come out the other side! No shame in paying someone’s wages, and then you’ve got a known entity working this side of your own death!
  9. I had one. Bought at 8 years old for £500 as a guy I knew was leaving the country in a furious hurry and it had a broken coil and needed four tyres. TBH it wasn’t a good one, but I didn’t look or feel like a pauper for once. Sold to run a far worse Almera Automatic!
  10. What about just letting a garage fix your car? Radical I know - but then you’ve paid to have your own, known vehicle repaired - rather than added to the stress and woe with another unknown. Just a left field idea 😉
  11. Saw this over on FB and it made me smile. TBH - any shitty remark about BL makes me smile Right up there with my favourite Arthur Daley line: "You're more wicked than British Leyland"
  12. Firstly, I must say a HUGE thanks to @rob88hfor not only putting this my way, but for being a gent and delivering it to my parent's house too. GOOD NEWS The Leisure Lifestyle vehicle has landed! And BOY is it a cracker. What have we got? An absolutely bloody mint MK1 RAV 4. It's a facelift, and my GOD is it a good one. Here's my father at the wheel, equally smitten. It has clearly been loved. Here's just some of the service history Literally, everything works - even the flipping air con. I ditched the leaf and even used it for work today. 152k, two previous owners, automatic, and a bloody billy bargain. Literally £1000 cheaper than the one I was looking at last year. Plans are to do many leisure lifestyle activities and rustrproof the life out of it. Serious lifestylin'.
  13. Sadly not. I remember test driving a fatboi or whatever they were called when I was 17. I’d never driven anything other than a corsa and a breadvan. I was totally confused by how you could turn the wheel at a corner - the car would sort of change direction but the passengers didn’t. It was like a dinghy. Fantastic gay icon which means I’d love one. Just not this time!
  14. I was feeling quite settled with the three car fleet. After all...surely a BEV, Sierra and broken Mini is the panacea when it comes to automotive fleets for today's eligible bachelor? However, regular readers will remember my growing appetite for a lifestyle vehicle. My thinking is this will hopefully unlock many horsey women, or even those who like to wear lycra for their sporting activities. A faultless logic I think you'll agree. Nobody: Me: (3 weeks time) Not a pinin because this is me, but I'm picking up the car that arguably started the compact crossover SUV craze. Collection on Sunday followed by many afternoons on my back. Not with lifestyle girls, but undersealing the life out of it. I'm very excited.
  15. We've just begun a new working agreement with a local business; a cleaning company that have been around Cambridge for about 35 years now. When I visited the office, they had this photo proudly displayed on the wall. Where it all started back in the 80s - one man and one Escort van. 🥰
  16. Well serviced. Decent bodywork for year etc blah
  17. I'd have the plate off it @brownnovaif it's tranferrable, just so I can put it on something completely inappropriate like an Audi Q7 then drive around with a vape constantly on the go whilst wearing a North Face jacket or whatever.
  18. I think a nice 45 saloon makes eminent sense tbh. You need to approach it in a different way; expecting the factors to have a central locking relay on the shelf is madness - but stockpiling things when they come up and having your own supply chain makes sense. I always caution people using older stuff as “second cars” - the more you use them, the more you rely on them and the more you keep on top of stuff. Just go for it. You’ll be fine.
  19. This is exactly how my ex wife felt when I turned up with that fucking Sierra.
  20. They aren’t a new member. That’s the point. Deciding to change gender, name, religion or whatever doesn’t make you a new member. This isn’t about deadnaming, it’s just how it is. Your opinions may differ, you may call me a bigot, that’s in your gift. I don’t give two shits if someone decides they’re going to identity as a woman, wax crayon or even a washer for a Renault 5 sump plug. What I’m not keen on is someone saying “Hi i’m _____, I’m xxxx protected status and you will like my car and not be in any way negative about it.” I can’t imagine any other world when a member of another community would introduce themselves in such a way. I’m almost certain I’ll be ripped to shreds for this, and so be it.
  21. Really hoping that every new thread now begins with the OPs gender, preferences and a moratorium on what can and can't be written about. Sounds great. Really progressive. Leave it... Let me know when it's pink. Good luck!
  22. Oooh - proper drama! Haven't had that in EONS on a collection thread. Congratulations I always thought SOS phones and Marker Signs were now just there for decoration. It's reassuring to know they actually work!
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