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  1. Right. I see. The comment was moderated on my behalf because I'm not in full possession of my faculties, and the self imposed referee was actually trying to save me from myself. They realised, before I did so myself, that I either didn't mean what I said or that I wouldn't want it on public record. It's a nice reply, chap. Although it doesn't actually address the direct question. A little bit like when a politician is asked a question and they reply "well, I think a more important question is what are we doing to help people with their energy bills". What, of the rules listed in the 'how we do things' thread, did I break? Calling someone a cauliflower isn't a hate crime. I'll address your question directly. Why was the post written in the first place? Because he, more than anyone, was derailing the thread. It was made in defence of a long term member who actually contributes to the community, rather than rocking up and picking fights with people. I'll save you the hassle of replying to my question - I'd rather you were out enjoying your spare time. You're welcome to make the decision you all think best fits the brand guidelines of Autoshite 2.0.
  2. Right. Let's get down to brass tacks here. As listed by noble motorist @brownnova - None of those rules were broken. That's not even with my biased, loose approach to rules in general. None of them. Interestingly, the 'Welcome to Autoshite' thread suggests 'not being a dick'. Someone who drives an unregistered, uninsured vehicle on the King's highway is - by default - a dick. Finally, No reason has been put for my post being hidden. Only that the self appointed moderator who seems to enjoy chastising me has hidden it for review. This isn't difficult stuff, you know? In fact - it seems to be quite difficult to continually fuck something up so consistently.
  3. Just so we are absolutely clear, I expect the post to be reinstated pretty sharpish. The team of moderators has no mandate, have been appointed through a series of coronations via other ‘kingpins’ with no mandate, and have no authority to decide what can be said and what can be heard. Genuinely. If the feelings of a pillock who uses a vehicle illegally and without insurance trump the thoughts of someone who’s contributed to this community for eight years, we’ll call it a day now.
  4. Let’s not be having any fucking about. This is a peach. Buy it. Actually write about it. Win. Class. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1019863206095444/
  5. It’s not bullying. None of what you’ve quoted is bullying. None of what is above is bullying. None of it. This is. You’re a monumental helmet stroker of Champions League standards. You’re the mouth breathing, saliva dribbling cauliflower that keeps diverting this thread when it organically corrects itself. You’re thick enough to think people give two flying shits what you think about the DVLA, the legalities of insurance or whether you can drive your insufferable fucking turnip on the king’s highway. You’re too stupid to realise that literally fucking everyone is laughing in your face. Now. That enough? Or should I sprinkle in the odd c-bomb too? Feel free to use the report function or, be a grown up, understand that your behaviour has been called out fairly - look at your feet with contrition and be quiet like a good little girl.
  6. That looks perfectly adequate and nothing more; just how I like my cars! Well bought, dude.
  7. Funny one, innit? High entry points do keep some people out of classic* ownership - and that's a bit of a shame. However, firm prices also stop things getting crushed for trivial reasons. Nobody in the UK things twice about throwing a 15 year old, perfectly serviceable, car away because it needs work. But if that £400 Ford Focus was worth £5,000 - it'd be getting new discs and pads all round and - who knows - maybe even a wash too! When the Sierra was £700, it was genuinely at risk of getting raced. It's probably worth getting on for £3k now which reduces that significantly. At the point it's north of £5k I'd say that it'd only end up getting bangered if it was stolen. All told, higher asking prices that better reflect the value of things is probably better than the alternative.
  8. This is probably the best thread on the internet right now. Brilliant ebb and flow, lawlessness, an artist in residence, someone shouting insults like a pissed up character from ‘Shameless’… it’s all going on. I’m not sure it’s even possible to improve it. Maybe this is the peak?
  9. Parked next to this today. Can’t remember the last time I saw a MK2 Avensis saloon. Look how reserved and moderate it is. Magic. Amazingly it’s never had an advisory. Two fails for trivial things, but no advisories and clean passes for nearly a decade. I knew I should have left a bloody note on it. What a cracker.
  10. Blimey. The photo-compression on here is so bad that it's hardly worth bothering with pictures any more, but let's try nonetheless. @triggerposted this absolute babe up on Facebook earlier. What a belter. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/107715455755286/?media_id=2&ref=share_attachment
  11. I'm not sure I'd have taken back a bicycle that would go faster than 15mph. I have a car that goes faster than 70mph (which is as fast as I go, mostly because it's terrifying going any brisker than about 60 in it.) Fair play to you for being more grown up than me. In full agreement too - there will be a way of getting that 'thing' registered. It's just someone's priorities are misplaced and they've got bogged down in it having the original VRM. Fancy driving around in an uninsured, unregistered vehicle - all to avoid having a different plate.
  12. Plenty of shops (including Decathlon) sell electric scooters which can neither be used on the road or the footpath and are 'intended only for use on private land'. That is absolutely no defence and, I dare say, you already know that.
  13. Hi Gang Quick question. Does the photo-compression have to be set to 'UTTER MINGEBAG' mode? 73kb for a photograph was unheard of when I first got a 4mp digital camera in 2000. I appreciate there are alternative hosting platforms - all of which are a complete fucking ball ache. It just seems a real, real shame in the year 2023 to have such terrible pics. They even look shit on a phone.
  14. A little RAV update then. It's been with me for nearly six months now and I've clocked up just over 6,000 miles in that time. It is glorious. At some stage, when summer makes an appearance, I will go through the undercarriage with this Lanoguard that everyone's raving about and see how it compares with the Dynax I've been using for the past few years. I noticed the rear plate was starting to delaminate a bit. Needing a yellow plate for my trailer, I decided to indulge myself (and the car) so pulled the trigger on a beautiful set of dealer repro plates. I found the correct ESSEX PARK footer on Flickr (thanks to a fellow nerd who, amazingly, wasn't @Spottedlaurel) and sent it over to the dude at Retroplates. He showed me the proofs for approval, took my money and delivered them four days later. Thanks to the utterly shit photo compression on here, I decided I'd make them look even worse on purpose. (Fuck my life) Anyway, here's a close up that will - undoubtedly- be reduced to a grand total of 9 pixels. Pretty, eh?
  15. Wow! I had absolutely no idea. I’m probably happier with my children’s shins being in the firing line when in a Tesla - rather than a Volvo with just a towbar for crash protection.
  16. I saw that on my Facebook feed and thought the price was very fair. This sort of thing can easily be 5 figures. Well bought. @Spottedlaurelwill like it I’m sure!
  17. Some nice love letters here. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/aug/05/nostalgia-trip-volvo-estate-owners-reminisce-about-swedish-workhorse-before-its-withdrawal-from-uk-market?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  18. I could fetch this easily for you. Thinking about snaffling it and raffling it too.
  19. In my vast experience of motorcar ownership, low owners trumps all other factors. Someone should buy this immediately. It’s in the RAV4 owners group.
  20. Yes! Somehow I missed your post. Well done for remembering! The tweet (or X or whatever I'm supposed to call it now) proved popular too. As mumbled elsewhere, we took the old lady to Festival of the Unexceptional on Saturday. The car hadn't turned a wheel in two months (since the MOT I went for when the guy had double booked himself) but behaved immaculately until we parked on the field. It seemed to blow a bit of water out of the expansion tank overflow thing, so we had a cloud of steam for about 30 seconds. Nothing since then so I'm putting it down to the inordinately long wait to get into what has become an incredibly popular event. We got papped quite a lot, largely thanks to being parked next to a Delorean. I'm delighted to say that lovely Keith Adams included it in his roundup for Car Magazine (further reading here https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/car-news/motor-shows-events/festival-of-the-unexceptional/?fbclid=IwAR3WqjZcDbBqCds7q3FvriuthSmiIlGza2fEEFuHEI-8nisZWpYP2bbNmKs) It also featured in quite a popular Instagram post, although I did take umbrage at the author crowbarring ULEZ into the conversation. As I reminded him, it's now free of all London charging, so not a fair point well made at all. With any luck it'll be off to @Angrydickynext month for some repairs, maybe October if we get an Indian summer and I can get a bit more enjoyment out of it first. The offside doors really are toast and the snapped clutch adjuster is annoying (it rattles!) but, otherwise, it did us very very proud indeed.
  21. Lovely to see @KWhite's wonderful Mondeo at FotU this weekend. Credit to you chap. (does the photo compression on here have to be so monumentally agressive? it's like 1998 dial up stuff)
  22. He came up from Bedford so very likely. Nice guy who also has a MK1 Granada. He was in front of me in the queue.
  23. I'm just a grumpy arse! Seriously though, one exchange was a bit uncomfortable. HEY - CAN I MAKE YOUR CAR FAMOUS? It already is. YEAH BUT I CAN MAKE YOU FAMOUS TOO!!1! I already did fame the hard way. DON'T YOU WANT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO SEE YOUR CAR? It's bad enough that I have to see it, never mind others. The only aspect of the car that I really enjoy is its story, and that has been told many times already. At some stage it'll be done properly and well by someone I trust to do it justice, but getting people SMASHING THAT LIKE BUTTON with no discernible talent and on the coat tails of others feels wrong. Want to review a car? Buy one like the rest of us...
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