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  1. He's pissing himself laughing. That one's the little petrol head - he thinks it's hilarious.
  2. December 1st today. Opened the door to my Advent calendar (a picture of a candle ffs) and also opened the door to the Multipla seeing as its now taxed. As you’ll see from page 1 of this thread, I like Japanese cars - I like German cars and I like saloon cars. I really respect engineering integrity and most of all value longevity. This is the absolute antithesis of my usual fodder. And yet, I love it. I fucking love it. And the more you try to hate it, the more it impresses. The wife - who cares not one whit for cars - is smitten. It is completely beguiling, despite its faults. Beca
  3. What an absolute pisser about the alloy. Sorry to see that. I’ve never had calliper bother with any of mine; how queer! Water ingress tho? Oh yes. Just another 75 idiosyncrasy. Lovely thing this. Smashing.
  4. I bought a car. Rather unexpectedly to be honest. With life being on semi permanent pause lately, I sold the van to Wuv and parked the Clio at my parents house. The Avensis, Sierra and Mini are all out of test so I’ve just been running around in my Mum’s Mercedes when I’ve actually had need to go out. Then a decent enough opportunity presented itself, and I thought why the fuck not. There’s a reasonable amount of jeopardy here as it has 30 days MOT and is a 15 year old FIAT - but it’s from a decent chap on here who DID offer to MOT it and even gave it a little tickle to help it’s c
  5. Just to echo what others have said. There’s some really impressive work going on here - but also some love too. You’re also putting a lot of yourself into this, Cap’n. I think that makes for the most rewarding ownership experience. I’d not be running it daily either, not after all the blood sweat and tears. I reckon I’d play the £500/20 mile game on eBay and see what turns up. Well done again. Proper shitin’ (No G)
  6. Confusingly, that’s actually 5GHz Wi-Fi. It’s a different part of the radio spectrum but achieving the same thing your regular Wi-Fi does. It’s just to help reduce traffic really. You’ll usually find 5gig slightly quicker but with less range.
  7. Four pages in and I believe we’ve actually got to the crux of the matter. The fact you can buy a taxed and tested car in the UK for a day or two’s pay is almost scandalous. I guess it’s driven by the fact we have zero interest rates, a RHD market and are an island - but nonetheless something that cost twenty grand new should probably never fall to two hundred quid; it wouldn’t in other parts of the world. Mk2 escorts are the ones that kill me too. They were shit bangers when I was 16; my mate had a dog shit brown one and was very publicly embarrassed about it. He was given it fo
  9. When are you picking it up?
  10. I'm Kendal Jenner I've got a Vagina. I'm going to explore that right now. etc. blah. Edit: For those not aware of the hit parade songs of 2018 - here are the lyrics from Chris Brown's Freaky Friday.
  11. I think he wants to make this a thing. Probably gonna book an MOT over near his to get the Sierra there and let him work his magic on it. He actually enjoys doing it the fool!! Delicious.
  12. As always, it falls to HMC to lead the way in these difficult times for us all. Someone, anyone, name me a better purchase this year. That's off the fucking scale. Well done man.
  13. You think you hate it now - but wait 'til you drive it.
  14. My father retired a couple of months ago, a few weeks shy of his 62nd birthday. On the one hand it was time; in our home town he was the most prolific, respected and accomplished guy in his trade - he had nothing left to achieve. On the other hand, I reckon he had a good few years left in him. But to what end? He's kept himself busy enough over the last 8 weeks doing a bit here and there on the house but with a few weeks to go until Christmas, it would seem that he's not that keen to start anything else. In a pleasant twist of fate, I also left my charming little Clio at their house w
  15. Nice work. I was really really hopeful this would end up in here; I loved it too - however I’m being really strict on myself about taking on any more hopeless cases. My “White Knight Syndrome” is temporarily paused. Enjoy!
  16. Where's @RichardKso I can show him this and then give him a dead arm? #YELLOWCAR Sweet Jesus I love these old things. New face on an old arse. It's like Katie Price. Probably had fewer riders too. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202010205220209?atmobcid=soc3&fbclid=IwAR0r1Xjhyxkjj1ZZKnHKfPJzWn8rI73IhamrkJp3J3xiQ-okcvbGMedNJQ4&modal=photos
  17. And get one of the kids to film it for AS TV.
  18. Quite an age gap, but this is one of the most pleasing photographs I've taken in recent times. I lifted it from my Instagram for maximum pixel loss.
  19. Your car is fixed. You paid someone’s wages. Sometimes I’ll have a go. Sometimes I won’t. But whenever I pass a job to a garage, it’s never with embarrassment or shame. It usually follows the “cost benefit analysis” (Can I be arsed vs Can I afford to pay someone vs How busy am I?)
  20. From memory - as long as the garage follows the service schedule, and they are a VAT paying concern, you can crack on. The only worry is that things aren't being done that the Main Dealer says should be. But - as you say - the chances now of you needing to make a warranty claim are now quite slender. As for the Tipo... your behaviour here is entirely correct and I doff the AS collective's hat in your direction!
  21. Was trying to find a particular photo of the Avensis for a thread on PH - and found that I got papped earlier this year! I'm currently driving a Mercedes CL203 around; it's brilliant. Brisk, clean, good sound system, presentable - I dare say it's even respectable. But then I sit in the old Avensis this morning and it's like a comfortable old slipper. Looking forward to getting it back on the road over Christmas.
  22. I have the raging horn for an early KA. I'll never forget my Dad turning up with one on a dark December evening. His Mondeo was in for a service and they gave him a very early (96?) Ka base in Green... like this library image I thought it was superb. I remember watching an item in the lunchtime news about them; how they were designed by students (?) and even then - as someone who only had a passing interest in cars - I could see their potential as future classics. I remember being struck by how spartan it was inside, but how different and modern it was. E
  23. I found myself looking at TX1s last night and considering them as a very viable option for the next chapter in Bornite’s Durable Motoring series. Would have to be a colour and not black. Don’t want to see a single mum getting mauled in the back of it by a well endowed man in lieu of a £5.35 fare. Enjoy. Will have a brace of tickets when you’re bored.
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