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  1. Back in 1983 I bought an H reg Morris 1300 4 door for ÂŖ130. I owned it for just over a year until it was stolen while I was at work. I got ÂŖ100 from the insurance which wasn't bad as the MOT was up in few weeks and it would have needed some welding. A couple of months later it was replaced by a 1965 A35 van that I bought for ÂŖ150.
  2. I won't be able to make it this month either due to a prior engagement but will definitely be making an appearance next year.
  3. Nice to see some Tonka Powered Scramblers making an appearance, not something you see very often these days. Back in the day my brother and I got one each for Christmas and since then they've been sitting in the die cast box with all the Matchbox and Corgi stuff. Having seen the brochure that @flat4alfa posted I now know that they are the Track Blaster and Wind Burner. I'm surprised that the Wind Burner still has its sticker while the Track Blaster's have disappeared over time but it has gained a crudely painted white panel on the back.
  4. Nice. My Dad had a CA Utilabrake back in the 70's. I've always fancied driving around with no seat belt on and the sliding door open. 🙂
  5. Not an old sticker but the other day I saw a Tigra with a 'It's not lowered, I'm just fat ☚ī¸' sticker on the back. I could do with a few of those myself. 🙂
  6. All the browns Merc W124 with short MOT but good MOT history. 1989 Mercedes-Benz 230E W124 Saloon Gold / Every tax disc and service since 1994 | eBay
  7. After seeing @wuvvum's S Class in the FoD executive car park yesterday I may* have been looking on eBay last night and found this for ÂŖ850 with MOT until October. 1999 Mercedes-Benz S Class S320 4dr Auto SALOON Petrol Automatic | eBay
  8. Today is the second anniversary of my trip to London to collect ELF, the Saxo East Coast. To mark the occasion and because it hasn't done a long trip since December 2019 I took it to the FoD yesterday. Upon arrival I parked it with a couple of its relatives. After an enjoyable few hours at the FoD it was time to go home, although all didn't go to plan as I ended up going South on the M40 instead of North so had to retrace my steps back through Bicester from the next junction. This along with a navigational cock up on the way down meant that what should have been a 157 mile round trip turned into around 220. 😕 I didn't mind though as I enjoy driving it and, unlike its last long journey, it didn't fling its alternator belt off. 🙂 Worth every penny of the ÂŖ200 I paid for it although it is overdue a bit of tlc and an external tidy up. Since the morning of FOTU both the 205 and the Saxo have achieved the target of 200 miles before the end of August. The Rover has about ten miles to go while my modern Fabia has around 120 to go so maybe I should use that one a bit more.
  9. Yesterday was my first visit to the FoD and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great to meet up with fellow Shiters, some that I'd met before and some that I hadn't. The Saxo was parked in Citroen Corner. I don't know what colour the Cav is but it reminds me a lot of BL's Sandglow. It would be nice to see these back on the road. Theses two will probably take a bit more work. A few more pics. Thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for a good day out, will definitely come again.
  10. When I had my first car back in 1979, a 1970 Austin 1300, I bought a 'Recycled Ferrari' sticker for the back window.
  11. I'll be coming down tomorrow as the weather forecast looks better.
  12. The Rover went in for its MOT this morning. It passed with a fairly clean bill of health but there are a few little jobs that will need doing. As I mentioned in the News 24 thread I did have to fiddle under the driver's seat to get the airbag light to go out. I'm pleased to say that it stayed out during the test but came back on after going over a speed bump on the way home. 🙄
  13. The Rover has been dropped off for its MOT. I did have to stop and have a fiddle under the driver's seat on the way there as the airbag light came on. ☚ī¸ Hopefully it'll stay off during the test as when it was in a couple a couple of years ago it was was going on and off while the test was being carried out.
  14. That looks a very nice example. I had a green Audi 80 with a brown interior back in the 90's. In other news I've been getting the Rover ready for its MOT tomorrow.
  15. While I was out last week I saw this. Interestingly it has a Hartwell West Bromwich dealer sticker but a Dundee reg. Last MOT'd in 2009 when it had 34,500 on the clock. From what I could see the body doesn't look too bad considering it's been sitting there for at least 11 years. It does have a for sale sign in the window so maybe it's not as far gone as it might be.
  16. I might have a bid on this bASe R8, currently on ÂŖ226,00. Rover 214i, BRG | eBay
  17. From the South Wales Car Show at Chepstow Racecourse on Sunday. Not a lot of AS worthy stuff there (a row of Kia Stingers anyone?) but enough to make it worth the walk around. A couple of big Mercs including a 500SEL AMG with TV, stereo and drinks cabinet in the back, a nice place to relax as you blast down the Autobahn. JDM yo with anime girl artwork. Some interesting Polish stuff arrived while we were there including an FSO pickup with camper conversion and an FSC Zuk. Two of the best cars were in the car park.
  18. I haven't been to the FOD yet but I'm thinking of coming down on the Saturday to see what it's like.
  19. That could be a bargain for somebody, 50K, 10 months MOT and headlamp wiper action. If it wasn't 250 miles away I'd be tempted myself.
  20. With FOTU disappearing into the rear view mirror it was time for the 205 to go back into the garage, but as mentioned in the previous post I wanted to get it over 200 miles since FOTU morning which it did this afternoon after some local pootling. I actually did a few more so I could get to this. While I was up at the garage I took the opportunity to get a couple of pics of the two smoll Frenchies as they don't see each other very often.
  21. Yesterday I went down to South Wales to visit my brother and his family for the first time since December 2019. As the Rover has done 900 miles since the head gasket was done last year thought I'd give it a run out as the furthest it had been in the two and a half years since I bought it was Shrewsbury a couple of years ago (pre HGF). The drive down was uneventful as was the return leg although the fuel gauge did show empty when I started it up to go home. It had been parked facing down a steep hill for a few hours though so, having experienced this quirk before I set off and sure enough after a mile or two driving on the flat the needle went up to just over a quarter full. 😕 The temperature gauge stayed resolutely in the middle and by the time I got home I'd even got used to the orange lighting o the instrument panel. 🙂 This morning I checked under the bonnet and the coolant level was fine, as expected so the Rover will probably be going on a few more trips in the future. So in just over a week both the 205 and the Rover have clocked up 190 miles each. The plan is to get over 200 miles on each fleet member before the end of the month.
  22. I'd never heard of FSC Zuk vans until I saw this one yesterday. Based on the chassis and running gear of the FSO Warzawa, according to Wikipedia.
  23. I was surprised to see how much rot there was, it looked in decent condition in the first two photos. It makes me wonder what my Saxo's hiding behind its wheel arch liners.
  24. I agree. As far as I can remember that was the longest I've sat in a queue to get into anywhere (about an hour and 20 minutes) and I felt that the music, apart from being bad wasn't necessary. Apart from the queue to get in I had a great day. I was a bit apprehensive beforehand as it was the furthest I've been in the 205 since Chumley back in 2019 but I needn't have worried as the trip there and back was trouble free. I did turn the engine off while in the queue as after a while the fan cut in and as it doesn't have a temperature gauge (because French) I thought it best to err on the side of caution.It was a relief to finally get in and park up. Upon arrival I found myself parked behind a certain Dacia of this parish. Here are a few pics of some of my favourite cars of the day. Top of the 'I haven't seen one of those for ages' list had to be this Daihatsu Applause, a car which you hardly ever saw even when it was current. Best of the rest. My Dad owned a two door Mk1 Cavalier back in the early 90's so I was pleased to see this one, even if it didn't have a vinyl roof like Dad's did. He also had a Connaught Green over Snowberry White MG Magnette so I was pleased to see this too. After a few enjoyable hours of walking and chatting it was off home in convoy with @catsinthewelderand @MondeoBlues . I think we had the 205 of @Erebus behind us too for a few miles before Melton Mowbray. All in all a great day spent with good company and some prime chod. When's the next one? 🙂
  25. Driving back from Merry Hill I was a Transit Connect away from a K reg Mk IV Ford Zodiac Executive in light metallic blue.
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