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  1. We’re enablers here. Get it bought!
  2. Fuck me! Are you under that without stands? That’s fucking mad.
  3. They’re just cunts. Let’s hope the cctv gives the cops something to go on.
  4. That’s shit. As Burnside says flood social media with details and photos if possible. Something might come of it. Good luck.
  5. MAG run London 1982? I’ll be in that lot somewhere on my Moto Guzzi Le Mans.
  6. That looks horrible mate. I can tell you’re missing the charms of the A12.
  7. I loved the Niken I rode a while ago. The odd thing is that it doesn’t feel odd. Good choice. Looks great in that colour too.
  8. You would be better asking the folk who are triggered. As I said I don’t care what colour the thing is.
  9. It’s not the act itself, it’s the colour choice that's potentially controversial. As I said in the part of my post that you haven’t quoted I don’t give a toss what colour it is. Just don’t post on a public forum and then get upset when not everyone likes the end result.
  10. I don’t care one way or another what you’ve done to your car, it’s yours after all. However if you post pictures of it on a public forum you should expect comments both pro and anti. Especially if what you’ve done could be seen as controversial.
  11. Great thread. Keep it up thanks.
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