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  1. I took a ride from Ipswich to Orford Quay last weekend too. It’s a lovely ride through the forest . I’m parked the other side of the quay to you 😉
  2. This needs ruining I mean sellotaping over a Golf. Quickly before any nuns or kittens are killed by someone driving it in everyday traffic.
  3. Also on the three door model, tip seat forward for passengers to get in the back. Seat moves forward. Put seat back up and it doesn’t return to the original position, just slides all the way back smashing into your passengers knees.
  4. I came home to Essex from near Venice (1015 miles) in sixteen and a quarter hours I’m my XM some years ago. Best car I’ve ever owned. Enjoy the trip.
  5. This happened to the Twin Spark motor in the 156 I had. It was fabulous. I loved it. Good luck.
  6. The hot tip when I had my Moto Guzzi Le Mans 11 were Pirelli Phantoms. How the world, and tyre technology, has changed. On the work FJRs Michelin Road Pilots were brilliant except for the 4 which just didn’t work on that bike. The 5 was great again. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Blimey you kept that quiet!
  8. Absolute bollocks! A slight watery smell is all, not unpleasant.
  9. What Arthur said. It’s a completely different proposition on a lovely summers day riding a good bike. Go for it. If nothing else you’ll have a new skill and another category on your license. And if even then you find you don’t like riding you’ll still get your money back. Bikes sell easier in the better weather.
  10. https://directory.independent.co.uk/company/phil-preece-transport/3578056
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