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  1. What Arthur said. It’s a completely different proposition on a lovely summers day riding a good bike. Go for it. If nothing else you’ll have a new skill and another category on your license. And if even then you find you don’t like riding you’ll still get your money back. Bikes sell easier in the better weather.
  2. https://directory.independent.co.uk/company/phil-preece-transport/3578056
  3. Whenever I see one nowadays I’m always amazed at how narrow the tyres are. I’m sure some bicycle tyres are wider.
  4. My first big bike was a red (red is fastest) Mk11 Le Mans. The first of a series of four Moto Guzzi I owned through the ‘80’s. That looks tidy. Nice one. More details and pics please.
  5. I had one of those in red as my first bike. (JML146W) The 250 I was posting about had was like the 305 but with a 250 motor and a single front disc. Equally fragile motor.
  6. I had a Z250 Scorpion bought new from Myers Motors in South London for courier work. That had a horrendously fragile engine too. My path to this conclusion was probably the same as yours. A real pile of wank.
  7. He doesn’t do much to be honest 😉😂
  8. I’ve never ridden one but a mate had one. He could hustle it along pretty well.
  9. No it’s a CBX1000. Honda factory model.
  10. We’re enablers here. Get it bought!
  11. Fuck me! Are you under that without stands? That’s fucking mad.
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