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  1. I was disappointed in the Rukka suit I spent big money on. Nowhere near as good as it should have been. I replaced it with a Dane suit , bought from Hideout funnily enough. (I couldn’t afford the Hideout kit.) The Dane kit is the best I’ve ever had. Warm and dry all day. I stopped using heated clothing when I started my long commute from Ipswich to London. Sounds daft but there was method to my madness. I figured that if the heated stuff broke I wouldn’t be wearing enough clothes and I’d be in trouble. Decent layering up saw me through.
  2. That’s so true. Plus I was much harder (more stupid) in my 20’s. Leather jacket, unlined waterproofs and a 36 ounce sleeping bag from Millets. I must have been mad. Good times! I still go to rallies nowadays but not in the winter.
  3. I haven’t done the Dragon since around 1988. I did a few before that. I loved a winter rally. Wrap up warm and enjoy yourself.
  4. Looks like someone has washed a white t-shirt with a red sock.
  5. My condolences. Life throws shit at you sometimes. It does get easier over time. Keep positive.
  6. Stella is Italian for star. Stellina is the diminutive. So it’s the Autobianchi Little Star.
  7. Yeah but he made the trains run on time. Every cloud and all that.
  8. I took a ride from Ipswich to Orford Quay last weekend too. It’s a lovely ride through the forest . I’m parked the other side of the quay to you 😉
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