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  1. When I had my Metro back in the 90's I had to replace a few indicators due to the lenses falling off and that was bought new. Must have been some poor quality adhesive holding them on. Well bought by the way, it's already looking a lot better. The engine bay clean has made a big difference.
  2. This is tempting with 12 months MOT. Fortunately I only have to resist it for a couple of days. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Austin-maestro-1-3L-1984-Full-mot-Low-mileage-No-reserve/402447239268?hash=item5db3b98864:g:LTIAAOSwL-tfX3X0
  3. This is virtually identical to one I had back in the late 90's, even down to the Mk3 front spoiler. Mine did have an aftermarket beige vinyl roof though. If the MOT hadn't expired in 2012 I'd be sorely tempted, after all, if I'm to live up to my user name I really need some old BL chod like this. .
  4. I'll admit to getting rather excited when I saw the interior, a sea of BL's finest blue vinyl and plastic. Plus a Haynes manual.
  5. I thought it might be the tracking when I read it.
  6. Since my last update the Rover has done another 170 miles and the coolant level hasn't moved so that's a good thing. Now that I'm less worried about it going pop it has been used more and I'm enjoying driving it. Yesterday saw the 21st anniversary of the Saxo's registration. I should really give it a wash as it hasn't had one since I bought it 13 months ago and it had stuff growing on it then. It hasn't got any worse since though. The 205 went out last week as the sun was out and is still running well. Meanwhile my modern (2013) Skoda Fabia has done less than 100 miles in the la
  7. Great to see the 205 out and about. I'd like to get the wheels on my 205 blasted and powder coated as they do let the car down a bit. Alternatively I could throw some cheap trimz on it.
  8. That doesn't look too bad a result. Interesting to see the advisory on the front tyres as they were brand new for the last MOT.
  9. I've just tried posting some pictures from my Flickr account and all that shows is the url code as below. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2jFk5Gh][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50328180632_6d59b61e57_z.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2jFk5Gh]DSCF1663[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/149878910@N05/]timothy jones[/url], on Flickr
  10. The white Spitfire is a late Mk III, so it would look even more different from the rear.
  11. It looks like @wuvvummade it to the station. Well bought.
  12. My preparation for the show was to give the Rover its first wash in over a year. Then I woke up with a cold so it looks like I'll be staying at home. ☹️
  13. I finished this Revell 1999 Mustang SVT Cobra yesterday. DSCF1631 by timothy jones, on Flickr DSCF1628 by timothy jones, on Flickr DSCF1629 by timothy jones, on Flickr DSCF1630 by timothy jones, on Flickr
  14. The paintwork looks a lot better.
  15. If this had two more doors it would identical to the Chevette I owned back in 1981. Looks like it was a good show, thanks for the pics.
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