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  1. The new washer nozzle arrived yesterday which was impressive as I only ordered it Monday evening. A quick comparison showed how much of the old nozzle had broken off. I now have a working and non leaking rear washer. As the rear wiper is operated by the same button (I think) I'll have to have a look at that next as that doesn't work. This morning I checked the tyre pressures (low) and added some top class pez followed by a run out so that this didn't happen on the way to FOTU. It's done just under 1500 miles since I bought it two and a bit years ago. I need to give it a clean ready for the weekend and print my ticket off. I hope my printer works.
  2. Great news on the MOT, I'm looking forward to seeing it at FOTU.
  3. I decided to tackle the rear screen washer this afternoon. After levering off the trim panel without breaking any clips I found that I was right about the hose coming detached as it was just floating about loose in the tailgate. I connected it to the nozzle and tested it. I had water on the window, success! Well, almost as there was still some water in the boot. That wasn't really surprising as most of the part of the nozzle that fits inside the tailgate has disintegrated and me removing it broke the rest of it off. The exterior part was cracked when I bought it. I've ordered a replacement nozzle off eBay which should arrive on Thursday so all being well it should be sorted for FOTU.
  4. Great to see this on here. Doom blue and poverty spec, well bought!
  5. With FOTU less than a week away I thought I'd better get the 205 ready which meant swapping it over with the Saxo so that I've got it at home. On the way out I had a pick at the lacquer peel on the Saxo's bonnet. After giving it a run out it was parked in the garage and it's older relative came out. When I went to collect the 205 @dozeydustman reminded me to check the oil and water before setting off home. Two years later and that was still the only time I've done it and I'd noticed an oil stain on the garage floor so I was concerned. Fortunately the level was still above minimum so it just needed topping up for the time being. Then I realised that I wasn't sure how to remove the filler cap. I had a look in my HBOL and there was a picture in there so I was able to get it off and pour in some oil. Then I thought I'd try and get the rear screen washer working so, after topping up the reservoir I gave the button a few pushes. I could hear the pump working but no water was to be seen as it had gone into the boot instead. ☹️ It looks like the pipe in the tailgate has either a hole or more likely has become detached so I'll need to remove the trim and have a look. On the plus side the boot floor looks cleaner after mopping up the water. 🙂
  6. Looks like a good day. I did consider joining the fun but driving nearly 4 hours each way put me off. Maybe next time.
  7. Sad face Fiesta bASe(ish), 67K, MOT to next April, current bid £152 and less than five miles from me. Must ... resist. Ford Fiesta 1999 S reg - 67k - 2 former keepers - NO RESERVE | eBay
  8. A parcel arrived from @eddyramrodthis morning containing these.
  9. I rather like the Riley Elf-esque Ray, shame it doesn't have an illuminated Mitsuoka badge like Wolseleys used to have but I suppose they're illegal these days. Looking at this I wonder what my Saxo would look like wearing one of the VP1500 grilles that I've got in the garage?
  10. I tried to log in to my PayPal account to pay @eddyramrodfor a couple of kits only to be told that my password isn't enough and they need to send a security code to my mobile phone in order for me to log in. This would be fine but I noticed that I haven't used the phone since November so I think it might have been disconnected through lack of use. A few times in the past I've had to ring my landline just to keep it connected but this time I obviously forgot. I'll see if I can get it reconnected tomorrow but if they need to see photo ID before they can do it that'll be a problem as I don't have any. ☹️
  11. I didn't realise that it's been over two months since the last update, shows you how little has been going on here. Anyway, two years ago today I'd just got home after collecting my 205 so to mark the occasion I gave it a run out to the country. After a short walk through the woods which left me with muddy shoes and trousers along with a scratched arm the drive continued until I got back and reversed it into the garage so that I can check the oil easier as it appears to have developed a bit of a leak. As for the rest of the fleet the Rover is running OK, the Saxo's alternator belt has started squealing on start up again and the Skoda has the exhaust warning light on.
  12. May I have dibs on the AMT '57 Chevy Bel Air and Revell '64 Pontiac GTO please.
  13. The fat Golf that was left outside my house on Monday was taken away this afternoon so all my cars are available for use again. 🙂 All I need now is somewhere to go.
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