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  1. I got the Saxo's battery charged up so this afternoon it was off to the garage to revive it and bring it down to the house. Before moving it the steering wheel had a quick going over with anti bacterial wipes and a couple of bin bags made an impromptu seat cover. Once it was back on the drive and I'd wiped the condensation off the rear window it was time to take in how mouldy it actually was. The dashboard didn't look too bad, mostly water stains from the windscreen. The seats and door trims were a different matter, although the back seat wasn't as bad as the fronts. The f
  2. That looks great. Nice colour and a hardtop. Well bought.
  3. That looks lovely, well bought. 👍
  4. Good to see that this has come into the fold, well bought. 😃 I can't remember the last time I saw a Mk3 Escort of any description, let alone a base spec, terracotta 3 door estate. 🙂
  5. Since I put the Saxo in the garage before Christmas to stop water getting in I haven't seen it because lockdown but this morning I thought I'd go up and check if anything had happened since then as I was a bit concerned due to the carpets were still wet when I put it away. When I opened the garage door I noticed condensation inside the rear window, which was a cause for concern. When I looked inside it was a bit* mouldy and the carpets were still wet, hence the mould. 🙁 What with the above and a flat battery my original plan to give it a run out was totally kiboshed.
  6. This Y reg 300ZX recently appeared just around the corner from me, can't remember the last time I saw one. Looks in decent condition too.
  7. When I started school in the late 60's the car park was mostly run of the mill stuff for the time but one car that did stand out was a black Riley RM. When we moved house in 1971 I went to a different school and the headmaster, Mr Proud, had a metallic grey Renault 12. The cars I remember from secondary school are; Mr Grimmett the history teacher had a metallic blue Simca 1000 Mr Pegg the music teacher had a beige MG Midget Mr Millington had a white FD Victor estate Mr Baker the metalwork teacher had a blue Chrysler Hunter Mr Turner the German teacher had a me
  8. The 205 did have a few advisories that I'll need to get sorted out but overall not a bad result for a 34 year old.
  9. The 205 passed its MOT today. On the way home I stopped for a photo opportunity. Coincidentally as I pulled over it clocked up 1300 miles in my ownership, 225 of which were covered on the trip home from collecting it. When I bought it there were a couple of smoll holes in the fabric on the driver's seat bolster which have since become one large hole. 🙁 I don't know if a seat cover would help but it's something I'll have to look into.
  10. The garage have just phoned to say that the 205 is ready to be collected. Looks like it's good news. 🙂
  11. The 205 has been dropped off for its MOT.
  12. Today (04.02.21) marks two years since I collected my Rover 45. To mark the occasion it was chosen for the weekly run out to Sainsbury's. Although the experience hasn't been entirely trouble free due to OMGHGF it has been in fairly regular use since the gasket was done and has now clocked up 1800 miles since I bought it, not bad considering it spent nearly a year languishing unused on the drive.
  13. Mine arrived yesterday, many thanks.
  14. Great job, I haven't seen a Gulper for ages and you've got two . I've only seen pink ones before, didn't know they did them in white.
  15. This is the view outside my house. Although I don't like having the 205 outside in this weather at least it's watertight. If I'd left the Saxo out the water level in the driver's footwell would be up to door level by now given the weather we've had over the past few weeks.
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