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  1. I'd never driven a 205 until I accidentally* bought mine a couple of years ago but I had read good things about them. Even with a 1.1 'suitcase' engine and 50hp it's still fun throwing it down a twisty A or B road although with only 4 speeds it does get a bit noisy at speed. If i want a similar experience with 5 speeds I just take the Saxo out.
  2. Driving down Harborne High Street yesterday and saw a J reg Peugeot 106. There can't be many left on a J plate and this one looked a nice example.
  3. That looks like a nice example. I like the colour too.
  4. A chap knocked on the door today asking if I wanted to sell the Rover as he ''buys them for scrap''. Bloomin' cheek, I know it needs a clean but it doesn't look that bad. 🙁 I'm sure it was the same chap who asked about it a couple of years ago and he got the same negative answer. Having said that if he'd come round last year when it had a blown head gasket, blowing exhaust and a Boris MOT he might have had a different response.
  5. I'm booked in with the 205.
  6. I saw a very nice Citroen Traction Avant while on the way to Harborne.
  7. I was out in the Rover last week when I ended up behind this.
  8. Back in July 2019 the Rover clocked up 32k and I said that it wouldn't take six months to clock up the next thousand. I was right, but not in the way I expected as due to the Rover coming off the road shortly after so that I could swap its insurance onto the Saxo, OMGHGF and several lockdowns it's taken almost twenty months to get to this...
  9. I can't match that as my high* miler is my 1999 Saxo which is just short of 60k.
  10. If Keith Newton had sent me that message I'd have pointed out that Mold is a town in North Wales and mould is the fungal organism (unless he's American, in which case it still wouldn't start with a capital letter).
  11. When I saw ultra rare Austin in the title I wasn't expecting one of these. I can't remember the last time I saw one in the metal, in fact there's a chance that I may never have seen one. Well done for finding out about it and saving it. The previous owner looks happy that it's going to a good home.
  12. It is a bit cleaner but then it has only done 45k. Yours is a nicer colour though. As for the oil filler cap, according to my Haynes manual it's sticking up at the back of the engine with the two hoses coming off it. That reminds me, I need to check mine.
  13. Although I haven't posted an update since last month I did get the mould off the back seat and the hard surfaces. Rear seat before... and after. I did try to check the sunroof drain hole to see if I could find where the water was getting in but couldn't see it. The driver's door seal is a bit loose too but I don't think the water was getting in there as the door trim panels don't get wet. On the plus side the carpets have dried out over the past few weeks despite the rain showers we've had since then so I can only assume that the water only gets in
  14. That looks familiar although someone appears to have moved your jack. 🙂
  15. A couple of hours drive for me. Unless I buy anything in the meantime I'll be in the 205 as it's the only one old enough to qualify.
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