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  1. I was only thinking about this a couple of weeks ago so it's a yes from me. 🙂
  2. Good to see that the 404 started and was able to drive up and down the field. 🙂 I can come down in the week after Christmas, not sure how much use I'd be though. If you still need wood for the shelving in the container I can bring some down with me.
  3. I picked up this 9 pack in Sainsbury's yesterday for £8.00. Nice to find one with a majority of real cars instead of the fantasy castings.
  4. On the car park at Sainsbury's in Oldbury, F reg Nissan Sunny hatch, R reg Toyota Corolla 5 door and something I hadn't seen for ages, an H reg Ford Granada GL 4 door saloon. The Sunny and Corolla are regulars but the Granada was a pleasant surprise and in very nice condition too.
  5. After three and a quarter years I decided it was time to get the tracking done on the 205 so I took it to the local tyre place to get it sorted. While I was there I had a few people asking me about it and the usual 'I haven't seen one of those for ages' comments. It feels a lot better now that it's been done. I also bought an oil filter for the Saxo on the off chance that I might give it an oil change.
  6. I won't be able to make it to the FOD this weekend as I'm going away which is a bit of a shame as I do have some wood in the garage that would be useful for the shelving that you're after.
  7. While I was out this morning I saw a box on a market stall with a few diecasts in and came away with these. Matchbox Corvette Caper Cart. Stickers are a bit rough, the tow hook is missing and the bumpers have some damage but it doesn't look too bad. Corgi Junior Kojak's Buick. A few paint chips but in very good condition otherwise. I hadn't seen either of these casting for ages so I was pleased to add them to my collection.
  8. Thanks to @Six-cylinder and @Mrs6C for another great day. Only being there on Saturday meant I missed out on the Manta revival but the 205 had another trouble free trip out, this time with the correct tyre pressures. 🙄 Upon arrival I parked by one of the cars I'd drive later on (no, it wasn't the Invacar). 🙂 It was nice to see the Mighty Dacia making an appearance. I had brief drives across the field in the Alfa 156 and Maserati Biturbo, which ticked a couple of boxes on my engine list as they were my first V6 and first turbo. Later on I also had a ride in @Andyrew's Allegro, It was good to see everyone again, prior engagements permitting I'll be back again next month.
  9. I'll be coming down tomorrow. Transport will be the same as last week, now @Six-cylinder approved. 🙂 It even had a clean out last weekend thanks to @beko1987 letting me borrow his vacuum cleaner. Not sure I'll be much help with the SAAB although I did hold the funnel last Saturday when @bobdisk was emptying whatever the petrol had become into a plastic fuel can. It was interesting watching people who know what they're doing working on it though.
  10. I'm planning on coming down tomorrow, hopefully I'll get there before it gets too hot.
  11. That looks a lovely old thing, well bought. Hopefully the starting problem isn't anything too serious.
  12. Liked for the contrast of a bASe Ibiza outside a place called High Speed Heroes. 🙂 Plus it does look a very nice example.
  13. I'll be coming down for one or both of the weekends next month, hopefully the 205 will be making its FOD debut.
  14. A bit late posting here but I thoroughly enjoyed my first Shitefest. I arrived late Friday afternoon a was able to park on the field with some of the others who were staying off site for a couple of hours before we had to move to make room for those who were camping. The ride on the train was fun if rather hot and the slate museum was very interesting. Being a BL licker my favourite car of the weekend had to be the Marina but the Hondas and SEAT Ibiza ran it close. It was great to meet everyone although I must make more of an effort to introduce myself to people next time. The Rover performed well all weekend without any trouble although on the way home the fuel gauge did pretend that it was the speedo and dropped to empty a couple of times when i stopped for traffic then went back up when I moved off again. 😕 Thanks to @Sunny Jim for arranging it and to everyone else for making it a great weekend. 🙂
  15. July has been a busy month for the Rover as on the 10th it was at Gaydon for the BMC & Leyland show. The following weekend it was off to North Wales for Shitefest. Back in August 2019 I had planned to take it on a run out to Llandudno but due to HGF issues it didn't happen so I took a detour on the way home and it finally got there. By the time I got back home via the A5 it had covered around 500 miles in just over a week without any noticeable problems which I was quite pleased with. When the 205 came out for the Summer the trim on the nsr door was hanging off. After a couple of attempts to stick it back on I decided to remove it and noticed that the rearmost few inches of the nsf door trim was loose too. I went out in it the other day and after doing some shopping I came ack anf found the trim had come off and the end was resting on the mud flap. It's a good job I approached from the passenger side or I probably wouldn't have noticed that it had come off. It was put in the boot and on the way home it clocked up 2000 miles since I bought it back in June 2019. I now have to decide what to do with the side trim. As I see it I have three options; 1. Find something suitable to stick them back on as they've done an excellent job of protecting the body from parking dings & scrapes. 2. Take them all off as, according to my 205 brochure, the GL shouldn't have side trim. 3. Take the asymmetric route and take the piece on the ns front wing off and leave the other side as it is. Decisions, decisions.
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