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  1. No idea, I might pop over to Slovenia to see a mate, but then again I might just pop over to Mablethorpe to see the sea.
  2. I don't think that is over-priced for a Y10, especially a sporty one, I'd be interested at that price, if it was nearer and we were allowed out etc
  3. What's the stud pattern and c/b? It might be the same as something a bit more common, I use this for comparison, although newer cars aren't listed: https://www.carlsalter.com/wheel_fitments_by_pcd.html
  4. I've just SORN'd half of the road legal fleet, the diesel Merc and lpg Jeep. It's a bit of a luxury leaving 2 cars on the road (petrol Merc & Jeep), but when I do need to go out I want to be using something I enjoy driving.
  5. This looks ace to me, it even has working ac along with the BIG block 460, that's 7.5l Currently at £3500 and no reserve showing. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mercury-colony-park-station-wagon-460/264681559553
  6. Awesome pics,, good to see you posting again Rab.
  7. Not even close to shiter money, but £40k for this Lagonda doesn't seem too obscene to me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1982-ASTON-MARTIN-LAGONDA-5-3-V8-AUTO-RUST-FREE-CALIFORNIA-IMPORT-PX-SWAP/303525835799? Can we crowdfund this?
  8. Instead of painting it how about using concrete sealer? It's not as pretty as paint but should stop dust etc and I think it dries quicker.
  9. Completely impractical but this little Suzuki is giving me the horn, it's a good job I'm not allowed out atm. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-LJ80-Willys-Jeep/264680841661?
  10. Grand Cherokee with caramac leather for £500 BIN, looks pretty good and MOT history seems clean, good job as it's due in 8 days (29th march) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/jeep-grand-cherokee-1998-zj-4-0i-4x4-project-spares-or-repair/254547059489
  11. That Syclone has been for sale for ages, one thing you forgot to mention though: It's for sale in Keighley by Motorhub. I'd recommend googling them before visiting
  12. I can't see this going ahead, unless they do online bidding ... Do they? If it does go ahead as an online auction I'd expect there to be some bargains as I reckon a lot of people that go in person don;t do the online thing, hence the high prices for some stuff.
  13. Hey Martin, good to see you posting again. I can't believe I missed this last time. There's a cheap T25 camper in that London on the for sale pages if you're interested
  14. I'm half-heartedly looking at Jeep Wranglers, I'm not sure why. They're smaller, less practical and more expensive than a Cherokee, but I still want one,. Meh, just a normal jeep, not massively cheap at £5250, I'm not keen on the window on the hard top, and I prefer the later coil sprung, round headlight TJs The interior: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-Jeep-Wrangler-4-0-Auto-4x4-Petrol-Automatic/193341928872 Holy crap, I love that interior, maybe I could live with leaf springs and square headlights.
  15. Happy times at Chumley a couple of years back - I hope dollywobbler doesn't mind me nicking this pic
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