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  1. Another one who has used jandj, surprisingly cheap for some stuff.
  2. I've just seen pics of funky Daihatsu concept cars ... funky and I want one More here: https://jalopnik.com/as-usual-the-only-good-car-company-is-daihatsu-1838888746
  3. Mitsubish Eterna, I think I've only seen these in Oz before, but anyway ... woof, megawant https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1981-Mitsubishi-Eterna-Estate-Galant-Lonsdale-Colt-Sapporo-Super-Rare-RHD-JDM/303311688302
  4. You can renew in advance, not sure how far but should be do-able.
  5. My jeep is filthy atm, if I remember I'll get some pics tomorrow
  6. ooof, Jensen GT , one of my dream cars, shooting break and Lotus 907, a reasonable price as well, damn my lack of funds.
  7. I drove a LWB Patrol with the straight 6 RB engine in it from Great Yarmouth to Lincs a few years ago, and I loved driving that thing, the engine was just awesome in there. This has to be one my all time fav 4x4, shame I haven't got £3k spare.
  8. Oooh, I've wanted to do the Le Mans classic for years, and this seems like an excellent opportunity, so I'm a definite maybe for now. edit: google says: https://www.lemansclassic.com/language/en/home/
  9. So, it's a magic floaty Xantia estate with aftermarket cruise control. Well bought sir, add me to the list of potentially interested if/when it comes up for sale.
  10. I think all of the TDi little Skodas are PD engine, so veg at your own risk. Some say they can run on it, others say not. Oddly the Polos released at a similar time were still using some of the older veg friendly motors
  11. Thx @dieselassist and @Garythesnail I might advise my friend* that one might make an ok veg commuter. This one is giving me my friend the horn, but MOT history makes me a little suspicious: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Landrover-Freelander-Mark-1-Diesel/123918004436
  12. 33.7mpg from a T5 is very good going. I think I once got mine up to 29, but that was driving like it was full of nuns and kittens. I also got 19mpg from one tank, that was much more fun.
  13. skattrd

    Youtube moments

    Not really shite, but Hoovie is giving away his Masser live on youtube. … sadly we don't get a chance to win it.
  14. If that's a T5 Wuv you'd better fill the tank for the drive home
  15. I must add, it looks like a great assist by @castros_bro with the wheels and chippy delivery … this place etc.
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