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  1. There are lots of go fast bits available for these from Japan ...
  2. I know that feeling. You need to stop buying things just because they're cheap. By the time you get them home, fix a few bits, tax MOT etc it's not that cheap, and you've got another car you don't really need. Fix one of the cars you own instead, or go for a drive and enjoy one of them. This is what I keep telling myself, and currently it's working. I've not bought a car this year.
  3. My offer stands, if no-one else actually wants it I'll have it … you're not in a rush for collection are you? Your idea to take it to shitefest and roffle there does sound interesting, although being in Jersey would it be SF UK or France?
  4. I brought a car back from Jersey by insuring it on the VIN and driving straight* to the MOT station 200 miles from Southampton. I did have to pay import duty on it to register it in the UK, after NOVA blah blah … import duty wasn't much, just more paperwork. Can I be last in line for this please. I want it, but need to be sensible, so if all else fails I'd like it … if that makes sense
  5. I had leaky injectors on my last 2 cdi Mercs. Its an easy job if caught early and the copper seals are pennies from Mercedes. Always check under engine cover on these era of Mercs. I think it's probably worth getting a new section of pipe from the fuel filter. I've been told prices have risen since I last bought Merc fuel hoses, but they were under £10 a section from Mercedes when I got them.
  6. I occasionally get people asking if any of the cars outside my place are for sale. They all get a curt "No" usually followed by me staring at them until they leave.
  7. Minor news, I popped up to the garage yesterday to check on the Volvo. I put a fresh battery on it, cleaned the earths and it's still broken. I then gave it a quick wash (as it was looking a little sad) . I will be arranging transport for it this week for specialist tinkering. I'm really looking forward to driving this again.
  8. I still own a Galant Saporro, one day it will be fixed … Best velour of ever in that car. Engine meltdown on the M62 , replacement 4G64 2.4l engine required if anyone know of one around.
  9. I think I'd prefer one of these to a mx5 ….. I've never driven one, so am guessing they're a decent steer, and the engines are certainly more interesting than the ones in the Mazda.
  10. 3 please. 39 + 1x random for me 1x random for @wuvvum
  11. That 760 looks gr9 @bramz7 and probably quite rare with velour. Iirc the automatic option on the 760 turbo was something like £2300 extra. a lot of money back in the 80s. If you're short of funds I reckon selling the roof rack might get a few quid, as well as saving the odd mpg. PS. I'm not asking for dibs on the 760, as I'm being sensible, and getting my 850 fixed.
  12. Will you be doing a little review on the portable lift when you get it? I'm guessing one of these scissor things that lift the car a couple of feet?
  13. Does this mean you need to wear the same clothes and make sure the weather is the same tomorrow for continuity? Can 't you stand by the car or walk around spouting similar shite and pointing at things, or spout over some of "B roll"?
  14. Looks good Mr_skizzer. I mustardmitt to a little trailer envy, one is on my shopping list for later this year (along with doing a trailer test).
  15. I've not seen the Lidl -30 concentrate for a couple of years around here, as it was my go to screenwash for winter. ECP did do one from Normfest? that went down to -70c, but I think they've stopped stocking it.
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