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  1. Time passes slowly in Greece, they still haven't managed to repair the harbour wall, damaged by the earthquake in 2017 where thousands of tourists stumble every day so shifting your car to a different parking spot?
  2. Hyrocon Clansman, on an Albion base, used by Mackay Boat Builders.
  3. Congratulations, I hope MotherYoof and BabyYoof are both doing well.
  4. Back in the day dealers used to get a block of numbers and they could issue them as they liked until they needed more, not so easy now I think, so the customer could look through the available numbers at the dealers and pick any one they wanted if the dealer told them they could or they asked. Prior to that you could go into the local licensing office, well pre DVLA, and get a number if you were cheeky you could ask for a better (different) one and you might get lucky. Most people were pleased to be able to get a new car and personalised number plates were not really a thing which is why low numbers 1-10 etc were on everyday cars.
  5. Kos yielded some interesting abandoned vehicles and general tat, seen last year neatly dumped across two parking places in the centre of Kos town:- And still there a couple of weeks ago:-
  6. No'S 4 & 9 for me please, if still available.
  7. A very similar one, if not this one, based on Conwy was advertised at £4995 on Facebook :- 2cv And Derivatives Parts For Sale Wanted
  8. You answered the question that I thought about but didn't ask, plastic wings from ECAS?
  9. I have a 1988 2cv dolly, red and white looks just like Dollywobblers, an almost blue 1974 AKS400 van and a satin black 1981 Acadiane:-
  10. When my son managed to lose one of the calliper bolts while changing the discs and pads on his car with his friend who claimed to be an experienced mechanic, I took the surviving bolt to the local fastenings supplier and they had a suitable bolt for a couple of quid.
  11. From the MOT requirements:- Tyres on the same axle must be of the same structure and size. ie illegal to mix sizes across the axle.
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-218-1-9D-SD-5-door-hatchback/254020611536?hash=item3b24ceedd0:g:aUUAAOSwNqRcDqCD This one?
  13. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/772068393179687/ Another one for sail!
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