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  1. Just read an article in WhatCar on line about the best city car to buy under £2K and what not to buy at any cost. What not to buy was Chevrolet Matiz and worst of all a City Rover so once again DW is bang on the Autoshite, (very little), money. Congratulations, a 2 times hero if you please. Top 2 buys, not that anyone besides Aston Martin will be concerned, at 2 Fiat Panda and 1st Hyundai i10 .
  2. This could be a laquer peal of AVAC. Was as bad on the sides and rear but the owner turned up so I ceased the photo taking.
  3. I found with mine that changing the battery sorted it but in true style it paid me back by then doing the same thing about a week later and never again until I changed the battery for a new one when once more it went about a week until it did the same thing. Mine has an alarm fitted which also drains the battery quite quickly to give added hilarity. It could just be the system sorting itself out with a change of battery as they seem to like a bit of Italian drama. New batteries are cheap enough so I go for that option ASAP otherwise you are likely to have all of the fun* in a short while.
  4. Yes that's the one. They used to have another shop directly across the street but I haven't been there since I finished working in Lincoln.
  5. There is a slightly less steep way of getting to the end of the railings section, which is the steepest part, when I worked in the city centre I used to take the less steep route and come down the steep part which can be very slippery when wet virtually every day. I also had a couple of projects on the go at the top of the hill and outside the castle which meant walking up there every day for a couple of months, sometimes more than once a day. I really enjoyed* it. Hope you enjoyed the walk, I'm sure a couple more G & T's will help the recovery. Good luck with the collecshun in the morning.
  6. At least until around Easter when the weather brightens up and there is some demand for topless French ladies.
  7. I haven't asked but I thought with it being new they may ship it directly to Jersey, rather than you having to arrange delivery of something you bought here?
  8. What about this one? https://www.imaxle.co.uk/new-fiat-panda-axle?fbclid=IwAR1Drf599M3_3ar3vg1WVhmAXUCwCLt0E6NxOL4j88EClvaPXTlfDWoDwEM £125.00
  9. Can the "Hero" store the car? If he can and is willing to do so then the only problem is getting it to him, solve that and the rest can be done at leisure, the axles as you know are readily available and the next step would be getting one out there when you have the cash. Take your week off, fly out and help the "hero" to change out the axle, you've done it before so relatively easy this time, then drive it back, pre booked MOT if required. You have 3 problems but taken in isolation each can be solved given the time to do that, there might even be a suitable rear axle available on the island? It does look to be the end but I'm sure it is solvable with a bit of thought and goodwill, I do hope you can save it as they are pretty rare.
  10. Only one sure fire way to find out.
  11. My journey was the exact opposite, Edinburgh to Birmingham, couldn't hear the flight announcements even though the flight attendant was just a couple of rows in front and using the PA system. Enjoy the flight and collection LP. Chodspeed.
  12. I flew in one for about an hour, seems like most of the energy burned by them is devoted to creating noise in the cabin, silent they are not.
  13. My old man always told the story from years ago when he had a MGTD as daily driver, the original so early 1950's, when he ran out of petrol about a mile from home but just before the top of the last hill. So he abandoned my Mum and the car and walked home as he knew he had just filled his petrol blow lamp with petrol, walks back with blow lamp and pours the half pint of petrol in the tank, car starts and he gets it up the hill and he coasts home, all at 2 in the morning. My best one was a few, (lot}, of years ago when I first started driving. I had a green mini RJV548 which really was a wreck. Driving up a short hill the engine cut out and wouldn't restart so I rolled it back to turn round and rolled down the hill when it started instantly so I turned round and started up the hill again when the engine cut out again, repeated the process and decided to look under the bonnet. After much searching and fiddling with parts I found that the low tension wire to the coil had broken inside the insulation next to the push on connector. Snapped it off and bared the wire trapping it under the connector the car started and and drove straight up the hill.
  14. Used to love driving these back, a long way back, in the day. Crash box and a meaty engine note. We had loads and one Saturday afternoon one of the lads rang up and said his truck had just stopped and wouldn't start so we called our mechanic out and as they had nothing to recover it he took my Bedford TK and me to recover it. We got there and sure enough it wouldn't start so the mechanic said we'll bump it off if you give me a tow up to about 20mph. The rope was fitted and I got the two moving up to the required speed when he dumped the clutch and the TK stopped dead. No seat belts I nearly cracked my head on the windscreen. Turns out it was seized solid, apparently the driver had topped up the oil and forgotten to put the cap back on then over the next couple of week lost the lot until that Saturday. Hell to pay.
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