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  1. Used to love driving these back, a long way back, in the day. Crash box and a meaty engine note. We had loads and one Saturday afternoon one of the lads rang up and said his truck had just stopped and wouldn't start so we called our mechanic out and as they had nothing to recover it he took my Bedford TK and me to recover it. We got there and sure enough it wouldn't start so the mechanic said we'll bump it off if you give me a tow up to about 20mph. The rope was fitted and I got the two moving up to the required speed when he dumped the clutch and the TK stopped dead. No seat belts I nearly cracked my head on the windscreen. Turns out it was seized solid, apparently the driver had topped up the oil and forgotten to put the cap back on then over the next couple of week lost the lot until that Saturday. Hell to pay.
  2. I thought all this model Cross were diesel? They are a great car though, the diesel suits them well.
  3. My Neighbours car, tested last month is on a 55 plate, Panda diesel with mileage 236,759 miles at the test, just one ftp with a broken alternator at 175,000. Owned form new, very economical and only 1 driver plus just to upset AM it also has the skydome roof.
  4. I once got lumbered with a Ford Fiesta as a loan car for a couple of days and 3rd, 4th and 5th were all useable but none of them made any increase in speed, louder but no speed, undoubtedly the worst Fiesta I have even driven. It eventually maxed at 55mph, very useful.
  5. It's probably still there and still being driven.
  6. I remember back in the day I had loads of hire cars for work, mostly virtually brand new with minimal mileage. However one day they cocked up and I ended up with one of the last Ford Escorts, some special edition or other. When they dropped the car off there was always the hire sheet which had a section for observed defects that the car already had, mostly the odd one or often none. This Escort had 29 defects and I managed to find several that they had missed, what a heap, it had certainly had a hard life and really looked like a typical hire car. It did get me there and back though, but I was glad to get rid of it.
  7. You need a press to sort the prop shaft and fit the new bearing, apparently, you can get a complete new prop shaft for just over £200. Although made in China I believe the suppliers say they are pretty good and they have sold a lot and had no returns. They only diversified their supply when the FIAT ones reached a stupid price which people didn't want to pay.
  8. Used to follow a van most mornings with RF05TER ,which is now on a Beige Audi, and years ago GTY50N on a Chrysler 180.
  9. Apparently they did manage to erect an expensive new statue though which caused some consternation from the population.
  10. Looks like it's been working, maybe not so much now!
  11. Apparently it snowed at the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in England, after the hottest day of the year so it could be worse!
  12. Probably should be AS HQ?
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