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  1. Glorious, has anyone put a lazy burbling v8 into a Montego? regardless you win AS recently sir.
  2. If it has a MPG gauge then I challenge you Hubnut to get it into single figures!
  3. Over 200miles down, and not a single idle issue on the K11 Noticed the radiator does not look too clever, but is holding water for now. So that is on the list for it's next service.
  4. 30 mile drive with some shopping done, and with the wax stat removed it runs so much nicer. I feel a bit of tinkering with the throttle sensor may be needed, but it idles so damn nicely now. Beer time.
  5. The last screw holding on the wax stat on my k11 is buggered, made from some soft metal and with access a proper swine I am left with a undriveable car right now until I can remove this one screw as the wax stat now loose rests in a position that traps the throttle mechanism on any use, removal of the stripped screw is my only method to fix this. Access is a swine can barely get a cordless driver in there, and the screw head is GONE, not confident enough to remove the TB unit, any tips on bits I could get to strip away the metal of the head and get this damn wax stat off? Was thinking a step drill bit perhaps?
  6. Much, MUCH swearing later we have found the root of the problem on the K11. The throttlebody has a wax stat this controls the cold/fast idle and it's a case of when it breaks basically. Spent the past 48hours trying to remove this swine, of course one screw made from a metal with about the same strength as a dildo in lava has stripped. Next plan is to file the head off as the spring holding the wax stat should release permitting the whole assembly to be removed. Now you may ask what controls the idle without the wax stat? well the idle control valve. Quite why Nissan created a valve then slaved it to a piece of bloody wax I have no idea.
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