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  1. What happened with the Merc? did look back but either I am blind (possible) or ?
  2. I am amazed and inspired by your patience with the Rover, I fully expected the full Basil Fawlty by now. Which I will add would be highly hilarious.
  3. Just for spite Bub should switch to Ivecos then.
  4. At this rate the UK will run out of bloody Escort vans with you Bub!
  5. To add even the mechanic chap was confused AF about the brake issue, nothing was biding at all. But one of the front pads (both replaced late 2019) was worn as mentioned on the fail sheet to under 1.5mm and the other was fine. Regardless both have been replaced, and the callipers given a good service. I think later in summer I'll be along to @NorthernMonkey and have another look at them to be sure all is continuing ok.
  6. MOT passed, and booked in for new rear tires, place that handles my MOT repairs has a very limited selection of tires, and the budget end are ones I already know I can loose traction in wet weather with, so off to National Tyre.
  7. = Tempted to look for some budget alloys so I can have a easier time checking the pads etc then getting it on a lift and getting a proper look. This due to where I live is all cobbles and gradients so jacking it up is not practical. Also told them to just replace the rear shoes as they where getting down and have been a problem every single MOT since I've had the car.
  8. We have a broken drain which handles the rainwater from the Moors leaking onto our cobbled road, worked really well for gritting the snow away!, just shove a few buckets of salt into the path, and let the water flow take it down the road gritting the whole lot in a matter of a few hours :)
  9. And a fail, in the garage near the MOT site being fixed today, and re-test due tomorrow morning. Will sort the tires out during next week asap. Didn't feel any brake imbalance and I do check now and then for any wheels being hotter than others. Confused a bit about that, no matter as brakes are in bits now in the garage being sorted.
  10. Dropped my K11 off for it's MOT tomorrow, seemed prudent given the snow due this evening and rest of the week where I live. Expecting the drivers sill to need to meet the welding stick.
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