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  1. I remember picking up a Peugeot 306 estate with my old man (his I was a teen )(R557 EVW) was a 1.9 non turbo XUD LX spec, first one we had with the adjustable headrests (posh), a company car ofc. But NOBODY had them even the dealer where it went for a service didn't have them in the showroom. Not sure if it was pre-production but defiantly very early, the ones we saw after where all T and S reg's. So we ran with the theory they where pre-production or very early and given some of the daft trim issues we had which the later ones didn't, it seemed to carry some weight.
  2. Potentially have found a parts k11 locally, early days yet but a nicer spec than mine, sadly the rot has taken over, tempted still to swap trim and bits over and fodder the rest.
  3. Left wiper started making an awful squeal today, cleaned the windscreen, fluid is fine and diluted, noticed too the wipers seem to be moving a bit slower, but the noise does go away when I lift the blade up on the passenger side. Ordered some new blades, but pondering if the motor could be going as when on maximum speed they're as fast as they used to be on normal (no intermittent because base model)
  4. Never used Garrys Mod, I really should at some point.
  5. I'm sorely tempted to get a lightbar installed on the roof of my K11. Purely for said SUV with the illumination of a supernova that blind me, because mother fucker if I am blinded you will be too.
  6. https://7news.com.au/news/disaster-and-emergency/navy-delivering-beer-to-fire-hit-vic-town-c-640111?utm_campaign=share-icons&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&tid=1578555294474
  7. How many french bread sticks can you fit in the boot?
  8. Thermal fuse on the dryer didn't trip so some lovely smoke was released, thankfully no fire, but no way I am trusting it anymore, that'll be a new to us dryer first thing 2020, we have had ours for at least 8 years so not too bad as it was second hand when we got it.
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