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  1. New issue, surging idle when coming to a halt, not really a problem, but suspecting one of the vacuum pipes to the TB is leaking, going to have a good look tomorrow in better light,
  2. So was out yesterday pottering about doing some errands and the idle stuck at at least 1,500 rpm possibly 2k rpm, being a CVT this made things difficult. The normal tricks did nothing and going from N to D was basically a damn neutral slam and not going to work for any period of time, not to matter the poor brakes. Ended up calling up a mechanics that luckily was under 10miles away that I've used and since I had the new throttlebody in the car just having that fitted to stop the headache. The one removed I had fitted in 2017 before I was on Autoshite by a local group that is now
  3. I do love how you hear stories about certain cars being certain doom, yet you see them pottering about seemingly daily. If they are all so bad, how are they managing? Lovely car.
  4. I presume customer service is a top priority for them.
  5. Do a Roadkill and take the hood off Inspirational as always Vulg
  6. The randomly hunting idle issue returned once more, yet again it's fine starting off on the journey, then after being shut off and left for a period of time ( around half an hour ) when you start it back up the idle hunts up and down randomly, sometimes sticking at least at 2,000rpm. Once more took off the throttle position sensor connector, good blast with compressed air, and contact cleaner, left for a few minutes and re-attached (with engine running for all of this) and once more back to normal operation. Slightly concerned how long this will continue before something gives up.
  7. I think car shows should go ahead, just have everyone arrive dressed as Deadpool and wearing a mask and two safety hats. Enjoy the mental image from that. Hopefully 2021 will be better
  8. Really want to annoy the neighbours and have deep pockets? https://www.maritimesales.com/SSH10.htm Yes. You can buy a Submarine
  9. The removal of benchseats is less to do with safety and more to do with stopping Jeremy Beadle sliding around them covered in mayonnaise and singing the Barney song.
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