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  1. I want to see Wobbler attempt the welding, have multiple Basil Fawtly moments but come out of it with a bloody rare piece of Autoshite treasure.
  2. And if it fails again will we get a video of you having a Basil Fawtly "thrashing" moment?
  3. The next generation G-Wizz will only move while your latte is hot and in the cupholder, and requires the driver to Yodel all the time while driving.
  4. It would make too much sense.
  5. Few month ago fixed a neighbours daughters laptop which she uses for work, today got some beers as a thank you. It is the little things
  6. Finally got the dryer back together, turns out a washer was needed not included in the kit I got due to the bore of the hole being worn a bit. All back together and awaiting wiring tomorrow, damn bit quieter too. Bloody victory, and fuck WhiteKnight dryers.
  7. Turn right to tighten I did check when I had the replacement parts in my hand. Just access being a awkward sod and having to hold multiple parts together on the back and tighten it through the drum, come up with a method I'll use tomorrow to get around this problem. (Removing the old one was made far more difficult by the wrong bloody screw being used in the first place it would seem and tightened using the force of many gods, chap down road had to drill the swine out.) We got it together but it seems the screw needs a few more turns on the whole bearing assembly, aiming to hit it again tomorrow and try and get the final nipping up complete, hoping to get another 6month out of the machine before swmbo gets rid for a condenser so we do not have to open the window during winter to dry clothes.
  8. Bought my own impact powered screwdriver, won't budge this screw in the dryer bearing, handed it now to a chap down the road who has a collection of " i was not fucking asking" tools. Hopefully may have it sorted soon.
  9. I think we just all have to hope Parky made it through the night after giving the news
  10. Be cracking it it is fixable, perhaps a nice dinner to helm calm her down somewhere nice, surely you being ok will be more important. As for your own, You know now how it performs in a bash
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