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  1. Damn shame, time to find one more local, the shonkiest state possible perhaps?
  2. Yup can confirm. Saw prices upwards of £800 for a throttle body for my k11 when I got it. Found one from Taiwan on eBay for £80.
  3. 155/70 R13 T think I'll get prices sorted, but keep running these till they drop under 2mm.
  4. Really? I got it drilled when doing my license once they go under 4mm to begin to think about replacing them. Cheers.
  5. Tyres at 4mm all round, time to start looking up replacements. Whats dirt cheap but half decent?
  6. Cruising through a built up 30 zone. Only vehicle behind me was a Audi A3 other than that it was devoid of cars behind us. A Vectra C is wanting to pull out from a minor road on my right, He clearly see's me and the Audi, and waits till I am almost right on him before pulling out causing me to have to clap on, the Audi who has a bit too close ended up in the bus stop and two wheels on the pavement but avoided the impact. The Vectra driver still stopped now in front of me, is laughing his ass off and floors it off into the horizon. What the fuck is wrong with some people? Are they really housing solitary brain cell in capable of sentience and common fucking sense, yet fighting for dominance, in a body which exists as a walking waste of oxygen and fucking semen?
  7. I still think you should tickle the V12 love, before they all go extinct.
  8. Got my k11 parcel shelf with speakers installed today, so much nicer Looking for a wet vac or something not too expensive so I can clean up the seats and carpets. Any suggestions?
  9. I got the throttlebody from eBay from Taiwan. Part number 16119-41B00
  10. How did I miss this. I've a 1994 (M reg) that just hit 96k miles today!. Had a hit n run a while back, replaced the front drivers wing of which I got very lucky finding one in the same colour around the corner from my tame mechanics on eBay., rear 3/4 got pushed out and has worn the ripples as a battle scar since. Just bought a SE parcel shelf which will give me rear speakers, the loom is all sat just behind the drivers rear headlight cluster, you slide it down and out and plug in. Spoiler thing fell off ages back, left some annoying ugly black really stuck on what I presume to be adhesive in it's wake. Overall never let me down, don't pay ECP prices for a throttle body either if you need one! I'll make a thread again on mine at some point.
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