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  1. I still love the rear light layout on the XM. Back when they where new nothing quite looked the same, car design has missed a few steps since really. Waft and smooth is the way.
  2. How long until you can sit inside and go Car goes up Car goes down Car goes up Car goes down Car goes up *POP* Fucks sake..
  3. Firefox (current version) with Ublock Origin, can't post at all, even disabling ublock on Autoshite means zero posting. It just sticks on saving. I've returned to Chrome for now.
  4. Brings me onto springs, I remember hearing that we cannot use certain chemicals for curing metal anymore, and hence we have springs snapping on moderns?
  5. What state is the engine/box in?
  6. Given the values of them I suppose even if he replaces every panel bar the roof he still could make a solid profit.
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