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  1. Get a shagged out old van, fit with a massive PA speaker and drive down the road at 4am playing this : Won't fix the world, but you'd get a chuckle.
  2. Knock fixed on Micra with the replacement column put in, some new arb bushes next week and that should be it. (it never ends though does it, we can hope though right?)
  3. Had the stock column removed today, good god it was fucked, the U-joint could be moved 1mm up and down and whatever is buggered inside goes up the column and basically rotates with the steering lock! Anyways new one in and far better, which was to be sodding expected, suspension rattle still there current suspect is ARB bushes.
  4. Not had any PM here, I got two randoms for Aston Martin as per a prior agreement with him
  5. Been struggling to find somewhere to sort the clunking steering column on my K11 out, got a hint I think from someone on here about a classic place up the road, popped down today, and the chap only went and fixed the column within minutes of me handing it over, booked in for a fitting next week, and he will try and repair the one in the car (he fixed my spare)
  6. "yeah the wheels are in the shed, the rest of the car is in a few different machines in Currys".
  7. A neighbour of mine uses a Panda 4x4 for his elderly parents, apparently far nicer for them over his MK2 Golf Driver he had before.
  8. Go full mental and buy a Toyota Chaser grey import instead.
  9. After seeing stories on ECP fucking up orders, you will prob get an engine rebuild kit for an Invacar wrapped in Daily Sport paper.
  10. Or you arrive and there is a yellow circle around your entire car.
  11. live stream such an act on a windy day. Maximum chaos.
  12. I dare you to video taking it through an automated car wash while having this playing : which
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plasti-Dip-Mulit-Purpose-Rubber-Coating/dp/B0114MT9R2 Sorted
  14. I think you should wrap it, the live stream attempt would be hilarious.
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