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  1. Volvo V70 D5 continues to provide sterling service. I am curious if anyone knows of a cheap code reader? It would be handy I think to have around down the line.
  2. I did a buy, Volvo V70 d5, very recent timing belt, stacks of history heated leather. Very happy.
  3. Finally looking like we may have the funds coming together by end of this month to get out looking for a sub £3k automatic car that can handle 2kids (Isofix+about Picasso sized). So much has changed since I was last posting regularly on here. Fresh start?
  4. Reading what happened makes me glad you took the comfortable barge over a contently hilarious TWC. Glad your feeling better, onwards and upwards :D
  5. Could I use a e10 stablizer on 2.0 VVTI Avensis Mk1 to run e10 fuel should e5 be discontinued?
  6. Looking like we may finally be able to go car shopping soon!
  7. According to Reddit it's a wood gas burner used during Wartime shortages of fuel.
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