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  1. I had a clunk I was concerned was a ball joint, was right over to NorthernMonkeys and checked over on the lift. The amount of cars I see driving around with 1 or even no brake lights, FULL FUCKING BEAM because nothing else works is unbelievable.
  2. K11 continues to behave well into 250 miles done. Just prepping for the mot now as in saving. I know the drivers sill needs a tickle, hoping not too much more.
  3. Another 80 miles down with zero issue from the idle and running side, although picked up a wobble on the rear end, checked pressures and one side was down to 9psi. Set it back to 27psi and back to normal, but suspicious now as the tires on the back are Delinte's with 15k on them, but legal tread.
  4. Visited NorthernMonkey on Tuesday with the misbehaving K11. Turns out the "refurbed" throttlebody is junk, likely something fubared internally, put on the throttlebody that was taken off the car, and replaced the throttle position sensor (was was suspected to have failed) and all is sorted, over 100miles down now, and not a single issue. Lesson learned about bloody refurb units.
  5. 1997 Rover 114 GSi. We had one from a bodyshop in Bury when my old mans company Peugeot was in. Honestly never seen a little car go like that one did.
  6. I think you need to perfect your Alestorm karaoke.
  7. 1. Took it to @NorthernMonkey with an issue of a constantly surging idle which given it was a CVT made it annoying as fuck to drive. He sorted it by cleaning up the throttle position sensor 2. I had ordered by now a replacement refurb throttlebody from the same eBay seller the one on the car came from, given the one on the car had gone 60,000miles without a problem till now I was confident. 3. Issue in point 1 comes back, was near my MOT garage, took it there had the new unit fitted. Now onto the new issue. 4. When coming to a halt from any speed the rpm surges 4 times and ret
  8. Regarding the one a teacher parked into their own car thanks to the dogleg gearbox, it looked exactly like this : That could even be the one, yellow Rochdale council livery, ambulance on the top. We had that for a period inbetween various other rentals before we got a puke green P reg LDV.
  9. I have memories of one of our teachers getting into one of these, (least I am sure it was ) and of course it had a dogleg gearbox (again old memory) so the story goes said teacher went left and forward, and set off. Right into their own car. First time said teacher ever swore infront of the kids.
  10. Well most of DataScan is miles above my head. But a this stands out as strange, car is parked up until Neil @NorthernMonkeycan have a nosey at it. Pasted from the K11 forum PM. Both cold and after a 5mile drive ( uphill that warms it up quick) the O2 sensor is bouncing between lean/rich, and when *(did this when engine was warm)* you take it to 4k RPM once the RPM has gone about the 870rpm idle it sticks to rich, and will hold 4k RPM without too much change, the second you lift off the idle drops of course, and the O2 sensor goes beserk between lean/rich and hopping from 0-80 4 time
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