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  1. Just phoned up my insurer, they came down on their price which shocked me when I mentioned how it jumped £200 over last years price even though I have made zero claims and have earned zero points. It's now pretty much same as last years but has all the added protections and NCB protection thrown in. That'll do me.
  2. Fucking car insurance is due in May, every single quote website has jumped by £200 to nearly £600+ for my fourth year (3years NCB) insurance on a FUCKING K11. I am - close to just putting it on fucking sorn, wont matter using it since we are likely on a distance based lockdown soon.
  3. I gave up being subscribed it's endless fake "reality" show Americana with less and less of the Roadkill crew, Roadkill garage is seemingly done for I know from December to February we did not get a single episode.
  4. MCM used to be good, Moog is just an annoying twat these days.
  5. Where will I go in 2022 when this ends assuming we have a functioning country by then and are alive? Most likely to a distant beach away from popular spots, have a drink and remember those who wont be around by then.
  6. Is part of BX ownership sitting inside the car, going "suspension goes up". "suspension goes down." "suspension goes up". "suspension goes down." "suspension goes up". "suspension goes down." "POP" "Goddamit".
  7. No consequence for being an anti social selfish cunt. Add minimal help or understanding for those with mental disabilities from Joe public & yobbos. Finally add in panic and fear, and you get a boiling pot.
  8. Didn't the Corsa get a 1.7TD lump? Another would be the Peugeot 205 1.9 NA diesel, or if you was posh the TD which probably was amazing to own.
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