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  1. New TB unit installed, the gasket took a bit longer than anticipated to arrive. So far it's running far stronger, however has picked up a drone at a certain RPM, so far we suspect a pully or tensioner for the belts.
  2. I dare someone to ask about the shower flow.
  3. @Fumbler Well the hail Mary seems to have born fruit!. A trip to a local scrappies saw a bent K11 Pre-FL donating it's known good TB unit, upon removing my own TB unit we found the problem, the gasket was split clean in two! New one on order and should be here Monday with the known good TB unit being fitted then too.
  4. I'll let you know when it's fate is sealed before the scrap man comes for it. Is some talk about someones buddy trying another TB unit on it for a hail Mary.
  5. Not too sure what too get, will take time to get the money together as well. Going to sorn the fucker end of this month, and likely have it fragged before Xmas to be rid of it, I could put on a spare TB unit i have here, but when @NorthernMonkey had this unit on the car it refused to settle to an idle without hopping.
  6. Micras running rich, refusing to idle when cold or warm RPM all over place even with a known good TPS. I've flat out given up, I will sort out the fucking thing being fragged and give up on cars for a bit.
  7. @dollywobbler or anyone this thing is epic!
  8. Refurbed caliper on it's way to me now to sort the annoying AF brake rattle, also going to have fitted the refurbed column since the U-joint on the column fitted has more play than a 300k mile LDV Pilot's gearchange.
  9. I dare you to get it trailered back where it broke, and call the recovery guy again and record his reaction.
  10. Did a good run before coming home, K11 is not missing a beat. Early days but I think I've won finally.
  11. House has sprung a leak, in the main bedroom, right above the bed, while a repair crew has been tasked will be a few more days until they turn up, fantastic. Luckily unless it's heavily pouring down it stops. MOTHER FUCKER.
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