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Daily DeLorean project (now with Jeep Wrangler "spared no expense")


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I've not properly introduced my shite, so here we go.

My daily workhorse, a 2006 Saab 9-3 estate, and my most recent acquisition, a 1973 Ford LTD. The Saab is a six-speed manual with 1.9 turbo diesel, currently 123k.  The Ford is a column shift automatic (three-speed I think, I forget) with 351 cu. in. (5.8 ltr) pushrod V8, current 109k.




Next up, my 1960 Wolseley 1500. It's a four-speed manual with 1.5 BMC B-series pushrod engine. 86k ish (estimated as records indicate speedo change at some point). 



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21 minutes ago, HMC said:

Excuse me whilst I have a crisis! iM sure @Junkman had one of these. (the ford, obvs)

Is that the same model that features in a car chase in Terminator? Even more WANT

Almost the same. The one used in Terminator was a '75 facelift model (different grill and headlight surrounds, different tail lights). 

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43 minutes ago, eddyramrod said:

We have a few Yank lickers here!  Check out some signatures, let them be your guide.  Where in the country are you?  You may find one of us within reach when we are allowed out again!

Yeah, I've noticed a few yank tanks around the forum.

Shropshire. Would like to meet some shiters irl. 

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