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  1. Want cheap racial stereotypes? The '70's are your 'friend'.
  2. Shamelessly knicked form the Bikeshite thread. Never seen or heard of this one before. It's a Honda Cub EZ90 but not the old grunter your slightly seedy uncle used to ride; that would have been a C90. The EZ90 was made between 1990 and 96; it was sold in the USA primarily aimed at the 'put it on the rack at the back of your motorhome market'. Your uncle the day before yesterday - c'mon son sit on the back an' 'old on.
  3. Tested by Experts. Expert doesn't look too convinced. Today is the hottest day of the year so far. The above is for use tomorrow.
  4. I guess this is the before shot. Before it did the final 'French thing' that broke the camels back resulting in the owner throwing the bleeping thing down the nearest mineshaft.
  5. RV125? Are they the crap VanVans? Only joking, they're a rare example of a Japanese manufacturer doing something quirky and should therefore be encouraged. Good luck with the test.
  6. Personally I am aware of the FSR Tarpan having fought in hand to hand combat with them in several bustling eastern Bloc cities way back in the good old, cold old days. What I didn't know is that a Tarpan is an extinct wild horse that was found in Eastern Europe, the last captive one died in Russia in 1909.
  7. Lenin's back-up plan in case his revolution idea backfired.
  8. Interesting inclusion of a HBOL amongst the Castrol Cares publications, did they have a sponsorship deal with them? I recall that Castrol products appeared prominently in old issues.
  9. It has to have been either a gift or at the least loaned to him via the Embassy (or perhaps the Consulate considering it's registered in Glasgow). It's unlikely that a private one would be owned in the UK never mind used in a parade, unless Winnie had a Francophile chum. But we mustn't forget the Auld Alliance; maybe it was the Glasgow Lord Mayors car and he was cocking a snook to the English?
  10. Believe it or not its either a Renault Nervastella, often used by statesmen, including the President of France. Details here - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_Nervastella Or, when you start to look into big Renaults from the 30's, it could well be a 1936 Renault Viva Grand Sport Coach Decapotable.
  11. How did Honda get away with calling it a Dominator? Norton didn't exist in 1988 (when the Honda was introduced) but someone would have owned the rights to the names associated with it, or did they?... I find it difficult to believe that no-one at Honda was aware of the original Dominator, nor the owner of the name was ignorant of it's use by them. So was the name licenced to Honda? If so the owner was clearly not bothered that the Honda was not a sportster like the original. Coming soon the Kawasaki Wisp (1300cc four with supercharger) and the Suzuki Tina (a fully dressed rival to the Goldwing).
  12. No not that Imp. Note it's cooled by a very 50's 'turbine blower' (no it's not just a fan) and also note it's 'adequate brakes'. The third paragraph sounds a bit sarcastic to me, almost as if the designer and president isn't to be believed. More info here - https://www.undiscoveredclassics.com/forgotten-fiberglass/presenting-the-imp-lost-fiberglass-car-from-the-1940s/ this website could provide enough material to fill several pages of this thread,
  13. You've probably got a higher than average concentration of BMW GS riders in your area.
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