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  1. Don't think it's a Dutch transit plate - it doesn't match the following definition (translated ) - Transit or transit registration plate - The transit registration plate is for vehicles subject to registration that do not have or have had a Dutch registration plate and are therefore allowed to drive by road through all countries - in Europe and worldwide. The number plate is white with black inscription. The licence plate consists of 1 number followed by 2 letters followed by a combination of 3 numbers and / or letters. The transit registration plate is valid up to 14 days after issue of
  2. This looks like a staged publicity photo for the RAC. Not Lambretta.
  3. Spitalfields, sometime in the past. The Royal Docks, Silvertown. Sometime in the past. Colne, Lancs, 1978.
  4. I'm always surprised on older bikes how exposed the batteries can be considering that the problems with mixing elastrickery with water is not a new discovery. Most old bikes had at least a cover over the top of the battery to 'protect' the terminals and cell plugs. But modern batteries, like the one fitted to this ace creation, are simply not designed for covering like this. It does look like the original battery was just as exposed as the modern one though...
  5. It was a tie-in with the original Star Trek film - hence the rainbow stripes. This is the only film I've ever watched on one of those really big laserdiscs which rapidly became obsolete when the smaller format was adopted.
  6. USSR in the 1980's, Moscow and Leningrad, photographed by Pavel Kassin http://www.kassinphoto.com/ Soz not car related, but they are eye-catching. And B&W.
  7. You realise, if 'the past' was to be believed we should all be driving hover cars today, not just Invacar owners (from certain angles, and even that's a con).
  8. Brick Lane in that there London. No one seems bothered about the turbo charged Ovlov; it would have caused quite a stir if this was Sauchiehall Street.
  9. Thanks, for some reason I thought when the computerised system started in the mid 70s they only added 'current' vehicles (ie those that were taxed). So if, when you look one up today, they weren't recorded it meant they hadn't made it to 1974 or whenever.
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