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  1. martc

    Bus Shite

    pedant mode on - Big Ben is the name of the largest bell housed in the Elizabeth Tower - pedant mode off Not Big Ben, yesterday. Little Ben looks at Big Ben, a few days before yesterday.
  2. The danger, the danger he's not wearing any sort of PPE, he can't be a utility worker, I'm sticking with the temperate curling suggestion!
  3. Derek Rickman, 1964. One half of the famous Rickman brothers makers of bespoke frames for motorbikes, which, through complicated pathways, is still with us as 'Metisse'. Rickman also made the well known 'Ranger' range of faux 4x4 Suzuki look-a-likey kit cars.
  4. Glasgow... Queen Street with the Pinkston Power Station cooling tower looming in the background, c1965. Dumbarton Road, Partick 1978. What's that fella doing? Meanwhile, almost directly east as the crow flies, in Newcastle 1979... MOT apprentices look for galloping metal worm under an ADO16.
  5. 1928 Rome 1956 The 1970's when upskirting was the norm, different times.
  6. Miles from the nearest road on the great plains of Hungary, the Papp Lukács brothers lived off the vegetables they grew and the animals they reared. Their way of life was hardly touched by modernity – though they did own a radio, and rode mopeds (Simsons, S50 and S51) to market.
  7. View from a Taxi, Noo Yoik City, late 1970's. Noo Yoik City, late 1970's. Meanwhile... Glasgow 1978.
  8. Croyden 1969, during the infamous 'invasion of the grey Cortinas'.
  9. Igor Akrapovič on his Moto Guzzi. The nosiey go faster boys should recognise the name.
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