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  1. martc

    Bus Shite

    I'm totally ignorant about RM's, and fluorescent tubes but... Some RM's went to Canada after service in London some time ago, many have since returned to the UK. Could the one with US tube's be one of these?
  2. Café de Flore on the Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris, 1955.
  3. Sorry no pictures from the '70's; it was difficult enough to find the one I used as an example, being for a B reg carI guess my example could have been from the '80's. I wish I could remember the details of the current Mrs's disc, but I think it was hand written as per the picture. The example I showed has an 'old' look about its design, it doesn't look like it was designed in the '80's, and I would hazard a guess that a '70's one would look the same. It could be possible for the handwritten details to be typed in. Is it possible that prototype 9 was actually owned by the Ministry as, for example, a test mule or demonstrator? May be they bought it from AC and being a prototype it may not have been suitable to pass onto the public but could find use within the Ministry? If it was owned by the Ministry and used only on Ministry business then it would be an Exempt Vehicle and would therefore display the exempt disc.
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