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  1. An MZKT-79086 - if Scammel where still with us today I could imagine them looking like this.
  2. A GAZ-59037 8x8 Amphibious Search & Rescue Vehicle. Looks like it's doing it's searching and rescuing in a typhoon, not sure where - the style of the language suggests Vietnam or perhaps Cambodia.
  3. No. 53 Repair & Salvage Unit, Helwan, Egypt recovering downed Hurricanes.
  4. martc

    Bus Shite

    Thanks, you are truly a master of the world of Leyland. I didn't know about DAB until just now, found a few more pics... Here's a native one, sans Leyland badges - operated by HT on a rush-hour commuter limited-stop service to Kokkedal to the north of Copenhagen . Also discovered that the Danes call them the 'ledbus'.
  5. martc

    Bus Shite

    City Clipper, Pond St, Sheffiled, 1990. Looks like it's a Leyland, but that's as far as my knowledge goes...
  6. Mummy, where do baby Land Rovers come from? Produced in 1978, the Laird Centaur was a half-track using parts from both the Land Rover and the Scorpion CVR(T). Laird proposed a number of variants, including Troop Carrier, Artillery Tractor, Anti-Air – fitted with a 20mm cannon – and even a Light APC variant. Ultimately, it failed to attract any buyers as most nations already had vehicles which could fulfil these roles. Half-tracks were also a dated concept, with wheeled vehicles just as capable in the same roles. Seven prototypes were built.
  7. I just love bread-loafs and what a lovely colour.
  8. (at the back? David Arnold film music composer)
  9. EFA, you know who used to own one of these?
  10. It's probably worth more than the bank behind it. The way the press is operating at the moment my comment is probably enough to cause a run on the bank due to 'Banking Crisis'.
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