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  1. Further south than my pics of similar signs at North Dalton and Garton on the Wolds, but that there London is now about 30 miles further away (only 10 miles more nowadays).
  2. OK then, how about Aveling & Porter at Rochester? I'll concede that that's not north London, but what about sarf London?
  3. I live hundreds of miles from that there London, so apologies for the following ignorance - but does Scammel at Watford count as 'London'?
  4. Mr Wardell, who ran 'Wardell's', a haberdashery shop, in Cottingham had one of these, in maroon, when I was a wee lad. I saw it daily and, even though I realised it was a bit special even as a youngster, it became just another car due to its constant presence in my life. No idea how a haberdasher in an East Yorkshire village could afford one.
  5. I think this is somewhere in Italy; not quite my area.
  6. The Avus motor racing circuit opened in 1921. It had a banking of 43° making it the fastest racing circuit in the world. Today part of it has been incorporated into a stretch of the 115 Autobahn on the edge of Berlin.
  7. martc

    Bus Shite

    Muswell Hill 1912 & 2022.
  8. East Brixton station, Barrington Road SW9, 1971.
  9. martc

    Bus Shite

    Day trip for the old folks' home. I bet that's one of those coaches with a massive chrome radiator grille that looks like a butterfly (a Bedford?).
  10. For some reason I was intrigued by this statement- looks like your half right! You can have up to 2 reversing lamps, but only one rear fog lamp. The latest regs are here -https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1989/1796/made Incidentally, if your vehicle was built before 1991 you can have an unlimited number of front fog lights! (but only 2 after 1991, following the 'great blinding' of 1989).
  11. Another thought I had was a Daimler Majestic. Or an Armstrong Siddeley 234? This is them, even if only for elimination purposes.... Daimler Armstrong Siddeley.
  12. On the left - that wide pillar must be a clue - could it be a 1100, but are those in the future? Wasn't there a French car with a large pillar like that? There's a hint of a boot to it. The one on the right is deceptive you can see both Renault 8 or Rolls Royce Shadow in it, but it's not going to be them (too small/time traveller) so, as Mr pastry says it's probably a Standard. All the cars jammed together - could be valet parking. My hire car was parked in a similar manner in Boston USofA. They asked when I planned to be back and roughly stacked them in the order they would be picked up in (see also airport parking). Someone turned up early and there was a lot of maneuvering to get their car out, you know those 3x3 puzzles with 8 movable tiles you shift to make a pattern? well it was like that. And the swearing, in a thick Bostonian accent, was well worth the admission ticket.
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