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  1. Looks like it's got ELF style hub steering/suspension. For our younger viewers this was going to be the future of motorcycling (for a few months in the 80's). ELF Honda Italjet Dragster
  2. A quick google confirms the DS is in the correct livery for Milan, but the most common taxi there was a FIAT Multipla.
  3. martc

    Daft tyre names

    The Achilles - you couldn't make it up! The weakest link in a vehicles safety, comfort and handling is the tyre - both it's condition and quality, so why not name your offering after a well known weakness which led to the downfall of a hero?
  4. I'm surprised BMW didn't tell Rover to delete the indicators completely in order to maintain consistency between the two brands.
  5. The Chevrolet Spark was chosen by the general public (in Korea?) as the replacement for the Matiz. They had a choice of three prototypes - the Beat, Groove and Trax (see what they did there...). The Spark (nee Beat) won with over 50% of the votes. Here's the choices - which would you pick?
  6. Message to BMW Answer = no. I would also like to contend that Toyota have given up.
  7. How long did he have to wait?
  8. It's the new name for Ligier - purveyor of 'sans permit' cars and formula 1 chod since Adam was a lad. The things are literally glued together - watch this video - and marvel at the robots at work. I wonder who's to blame for the fantastic bumper/wing alignment shown at 2:54 man or machine? You can buy one from one of the 45 dealers in the UK - glad to see well known former Reliant fettler Michaels of Selby are amongst them. http://micro-car.co.uk/index.php
  9. I'll start the guessing game - the radiator has the look of a Standard to it.
  10. In the past I was mainly an Italian and/or Eastern Bloc fan (Moto Guzzi x3, Moto Morini x2, Laverda x1, Benelli x1, MZ x 5, MuZ x1, Minsk x1, IZH x1, Jawa x1, Puch x1, Can-Am Bombardier x1 and shudder BSA x2). But my first 3 bikes were Hondas and there was a 400 four later on. Now-a-days due to not being arsed to travel more than 30 miles to buy a bike I'm stuck with the Big 4 and the previous bike was also a Honda. All of my previous bikes, bar the Hondas, had some idiosyncratic trait or other. The Hondas? You climbed on and everything was where you would expect it to be and they worked smoothly and flawless; the build quality was/is second to none but there was absolutely no character. What surprises me with the NC is that it does have character - yes today in 2019 a Honda exists which is more than just a 2 wheeled conveyance. Incidentally, the previous Honda was a CBF600N as featured above. It was plenty fast enough for me.
  11. I'll just park here dear and take a photo of that Avenger with the anti-static strips. It's bound to cause a stir in about 30 years time when some one 'posts it on the internet' whatever that means.
  12. I've got the S version and it's ace - initially you may think it's all a bit too 'Honda' but it'll grow on you; they actually have some character. Mine is quite capable of hustling along if you want, but on the other hand just pootling about can be very refreshing and the resulting MPG is fantastic. The storage space in the 'tank' is a brilliant idea and you'll soon wonder what you did without one. They are the ideal way of getting out of the horsepower rat race. Just let rocket man get on with it and you can relax and enjoy the journey. The tank is a little small, but I'm averaging 72mpg (and most of the time I'm going at the NSL, including motorways) so you can go a fair distance before you need to fill up.
  13. Meitan - didn't know about those until 20 secs ago! Just look at the names of these... the 'push scooter' is probably the most honest name ever given to an ultra- cheap two-wheeler, whilst the 'power scooter' is the least honest.
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