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  1. OK you can breathe again - it passed. (I managed to get it tested this afternoon, when it was warmer, than the planned 9am on Friday).
  2. My motorbike's runs out on the 24th - I had it booked in - cancelled due to the MOT place shutting due to the dreaded lurgy. I have rung around bike MOTers in ever increasing circles and eventually found one 40 miles away that can do it on Friday... HMG website says all vehicles whose MOT is due up to and including the 29th must be MOT'd (unless the owner has the lurgy or is susceptible to it) but on the same page it says you must stay indoors unless absolutely necessary. So why is it absolutely necessary for me to have to MOT the bike as it's due on the 24th, but not absolutely necessary if it was due on the 30th? Did something go wrong at every single MOT station in the country before the 30th of March 2019 which means that this select group of vehicles must definitely be tested? It's not as if the must be tested group runs to the end of the month - which would make sense as they could co-ordinate vehicle tax with MOT exemption starting from the new tax month (rather than the new month plus 2 days which is the current situation).
  3. For DMU470A it's the MU that identifies the issuing council but you're right about it looking like that there London as MU was issued by Middlesex (1929-65) (it was then issued by London (1965-74) and finally London North-East (1974-97)).
  4. It's strange isn't it - we have (had) an active Daihatsu dealer (Maple Garage) near us and the YPV, although rare, was not unknown so I just assume everyone else knows about them. Incidentally Maple are now MG dealers, and along with the newly franchised Broach Hill, have flooded East Yorkshire with MG's so again I am always surprised at people thinking they are 'rare'. We also had a lot of FIAT Ideas around here - again rare elsewhere.
  5. That Sion looks a bit like a Daihatsu YPV.
  6. 'Stop rubbing the car Uri... too late.'
  7. ^^^^ There's quite a lot of sheds and old ruins in those Vauxhall photos. (just sayin')
  8. martc

    Daft tyre names

    HiLo - refers to the air pressure retention in relation to the owners manual. Also, coincidently, the accuracy of the equally cheap tyre pressure gauge purchased at the same time. Or, does it reference the mental state of the owner. Hi cos it's a bargain init M8 saved loadsa bunga, lo when recovering the car from a ditch.
  9. I'm not sure the word 'Endura' (and it's implied meaning) should go anywhere near Ka.
  10. Come on, lets get it over with before we move onto some original suggestions...
  11. Identified by the receding hair line?
  12. The first sign of a downturn in the hipster market following self isolation.
  13. Young lad leaving Woolworths on his new Tomos. The number looks surprisingly like F597NOB but unfortunately for us amateur comedians it is in fact NDB. It popped it's last pop in October 1991 - at about 3 years old 😟 Still is a private plate currently on a silver (what else?) Honda.
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