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  1. Plenty of ace beige cars in the background of that report. I'd roll in a Karenjy but I'm not sure it would pass the Construction and Use regs. Renault have invested in them - I think they use Regies oily bits. Their strap line is a bit peculiar - 'nous avons raison de croire en l'homme' = ' we are right to believe in man'. http://www.karenjy.mg/en/index I'm sure the bus lickers will be able to identify the migrant in the background.
  2. That makes sense - I bet it'll be on a Kawasaki H2 (they don't do a H41, H1's where made in the late 60's and into the 70's (there was also a H2 from that era)). H2's are horribly expensive, horribly fast and horribly ugly.
  3. H 41 = vehicle details cannot be found using https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/VehicleNotFound?locale=en Whats all that about then? It's surely recent enough to have been in the computerised records?
  4. Citroen's first attempt at testing their anti-corrosion system was not a great success. In fact they gave up on the whole idea of rust proofing...
  5. 36 JMM is on a 2016 Maserati (sad face). But here's some writing about the above (note, on my PC at least, the website is more or less broken, you need to go down a bit to get to the meat) - https://www.newscabal.co.uk/throwback-thursday-1987-the-mitsubishi-debonair-v/
  6. martc

    Home made pick ups.

    It was - it's the 'Jay Leno' limited special edition, admittedly they built it back to front...
  7. OK, OK, steady on lads, back to the real one.
  8. Gummidge (see what I did there?). and Capt Mainwaring (also see what I did?)
  9. martc

    Hairy Pussy

    Sounds like you need that code ASAP and get it tuned into Heat FM - winters a comin'...
  10. No problem, sorry I sounded like I was doubting you...
  11. They definitely were, I part exchanged an original Favorit (in beige) for the VAG'ised version there in the early 90's. If I remember correctly the showroom had about 3 cars in it; it was smaller than Maudsons (were I got the beige Favorit from).
  12. Monument Garage, a Skoda dealer in Flamborough went the same way. Way too small for the enormous VAG empire.
  13. Bugger the E type, just look at the Honda PC50 ridden by Phil Collins* who doesn't seem to be concentrating on the road... (A PC50 was my first piece of motorised transport, and is fondly remembered. Although I don't remember seeing similar sights whilst riding it).
  14. Ducks... But seriously folks I cannot separate these two from this car,they must have wrecked hundreds of them (something copied by the Dukes of Hazard decades later)- And who knew they had one of the first ICE systems in the world?
  15. Whilst trying to find, unsuccessfully, more info about the e-Riva, I came across these absolute monstrosities. Someone must have actually designed them and someone else must have signed them off. They look like a very angry pair indeed. if you want to 'know more' - https://www.mahindrasupro.com/esupro/
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