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  1. martc

    Sao Penza

    On the North Bank it was this garage at Hutton Cranswick (now a Hyundai dealer), I think it's been rebuilt a couple of times since being the FSO shop and I can't remember the dealers name...
  2. martc

    Daft tyre names

    I had to look up Giti - apparently its pronounced GT. They are a Singaporean company with factories in Indonesia and China and they are building a new one in the USofA. Their test centre is here in Blighty, based at MIRA.
  3. martc

    Sao Penza

    Yup, Station Garage it was, they specialised in the 4x4 models (the original Dusters) and I'm fairly certain that I saw a genuine ARO there as well. I do remember them making it into the Hull Daily Wail when they held a fund raising event for some sort of natural disaster that happened in Romania - it could have been the Vrancea earthquake of 1990.
  4. martc

    Sao Penza

    It was here... just south of Beeford. Notice the Chequered Flag sign? I'm 99% certain that that was the name of the Hyundai dealers (this was at the time when the only Hyundais available were Ponies and Stellars). Also note I've corrected the North Ferriby Skoda dealer to Maudsons, not Maudsley. And, even more off topic, do you remember the Dacia dealer in Little Weighton?
  5. martc

    Sao Penza

    Hull/H*mberside dealer chat - the Lada dealer was Arncliffes and the Skoda dealer was Maudsley Maudsons. I definitely remember an advert in, probably the Hull Daily Wail, for a Sao dealer; I think that the dealer dealt with another lesser known brand which was advertised alongside the Sao, it may have been Kia or Hyundai. What is ringing a bell is that Sao and brand x where both obviously Japanese in origin but from different parts of the world. The dealer may have been out in the sticks (there was a Hyundai dealer in Beeford but I don't think it was them).
  6. T100MOG, if that's the number, is a Morgan 4/4 first registered 26/6/99 according to the MOT checker it's not even had it's first MOT!
  7. ^^^ A Kreidler Florett from the 60's to 70's. Very popular on the Continent due to their 'reliability' and 'build quality' compared to their contemporaries. Unfortunately for them the Japanese had a very different idea about reliability and build quality and Kreidler (along with most other moped only European manufacturers) went to the wall.
  8. Don't buy them from Aliexpress as the Chinese Govt are very interested in the comings and goings of beige chod and no doubt a whole dept of inscrutable mandarins will be tracking you. (copyright the Aluminium Foil Hatted Western Media). I'm probably on some sort of list now as well.
  9. martc

    Sao Penza

    'Sao' was a brand name of Samcor - the South African Motor Corporation, who still exist now assembling Fords (Ford once (still do?) own Mazda). Samcor also assembled the booted Mazda 323 sold as the Mazda? Meteor or Ford Laser in some markets. Automotive Holdings, a subsidiary of Mazda Cars Ltd, imported the Penza; there's an Automotive Group Holdings still registered in Orpington - I wonder if this is them?
  10. Mind altering herbs and mushrooms.
  11. My first proper motorbike was a Neval Minsk 125 which a mate and I picked up in his dads Marina van. We put it on the home made roof rack. I particularly remember when we were hauling it up, front wheel first with me pushing from below, black liquid two stroke oil running out of the silencer and down my sleeve (as far as the elbow)
  12. The Rover was owned by the Chinese and was used to kick-start their burgeoning car industry. (whatever happened to the 'true' stories thread?)
  13. martc

    Daft tyre names

    As featured in 'Sing Something Simple'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYlrgNyGUqI My ears, my ears make it stop...etc etc
  14. Looks like someone at Tatra had a peek at the VW EA128 before coming up with the 613.
  15. What a find! If a vehicles name reflects it's looks Smack cannot be a higher 'compliment'. Or it's a description of the substance abuse the designer partook in before putting pen to paper. It's worth seeing it from different angles... The bloke on the right can't believe what's turned up in his carport.
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