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  1. It's a real shame that that P76 is in such a state, didn't look bad in these pictures... although they're from 20 years ago. Chassis number one, aswell.
  2. Funnily enough, I saw one of those Opels in Eden camp museum earlier in the year: Shame my rubbish photography obscures the plaque.
  3. Go these two finished earlier today, absolutely love the colours, especially the Lincoln- in person it has a lovely metallic finish.
  4. Since buying those from my local charity shop, Its sent me down a slippery (diecast) slope. Only bought a few (hundred) more since. Anyway... Here's a piston popper I finished today: Really pleased with it, one of my better restorations
  5. Went to a show earlier, there was a good selection of cars there, but here's the highlights: Range Rover was interesting as it was converted to 4 door in 1988. My favourite of the show was this fabulous Transit clubmobil. Just so cool.
  6. Went into Tesco and had a browse at the matchbox in there, surprisingly there actually was some, but nothing I really wanted- so I had a quick look at the premiums and: It's only a bloody Capri! Didn't think I'd ever see one, really happy with it.
  7. Yes, it is indeed a post war dinky 25E tipper, although it seems to be a mix and match of two of them as it seems to have a later body (no tipping bed) and a earlier chassis (no front bumper and detailing)
  8. To be honest, your Grifo looks immaculate when compared to mine as it's missing it's glass, towbar and a-pillar. Also forgot to take a picture of the stalwart I also got along with the rest. And here are the rest of them- all from the same tub, I'm guessing that someone had a clear out of their childhood collection. Wimpy promotion, although the stickers are almost gone. A pair of 'Hot rod custom' vans by corgi, the black has a plastic base while the blue has a metal one. Siku Merc and trailer still together And to finish off, a group shot of the matchbox from previously.
  9. Bought this lot from the charity shop today: Vauxhall still has its tailgate: Total cost? 10p each. Couldn't he happier, also picked up some other (later) diecasts for the same price but these are by far my favourites. Absolutely not going to sell them.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255443622478?hash=item3b79a05a4e:g:1WwAAOSwuzliNYtp
  11. MOT Jan 2023, £900 BIN, owned by the same family for the last 20 years. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234462552764?hash=item36970ea2bc:g:KH8AAOSwQDViLHLK
  12. Just seen this lovely Renault 5 GT turbo near my house, looked great in person and had the original dealer plates and window sticker- not travelled far from the dealer it was sold from.
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