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  1. I must look on Little Tony's page - they've rebuilt the K Series in the kit car some pals are driving to Benidorm this summer on a cheap car rally.
  2. I had a few weeks of little to no progress, as I've been working through my new to me daily XC90 when I've had a chance. I did manage to separate the cab from the chassis, and decided it was worth getting a local fabricator to sort the rusty rear crossmember and few other bits for me, to speed things up. The portable gantry crane made easy work of this job! I'm weighing up whether to get the chassis galvanised at this stage. It's not without its risks, it could warp the chassis. I'll take advice from the fabricator on that, as I may regret not doing it.
  3. I think we might be seeing this again before too long!
  4. My experience of Sierra owners in NI isn't so much drifting or rallying, but 'diffing', a much more culchie, much less skillful version. Look it up, tragic. 😅 No, me neither.
  5. LMC Volvo delivery service thoroughly recommended too!
  6. Ooh yes I know exactly where that is! Absolutely not something I ever want to own but happy to cast an eye over it for anyone who might be keen. Able to help with shifting it post lockdown too.
  7. I think you did yes! Amazing selection of stuff in that shed, in (to my mind) one of the grimmest places in NI. 😅
  8. My dad had a great wee spin in that around the Maze 3 or 4 years ago. Good to see it's still being cherished!
  9. This is an unlikely one but... Anyone near able to collect a panel for my Volvo C202, approx 2m x 1m from Alphen aan den Rijn near Rotterdam and get it back to the UK please?
  10. I have a few ideas for reducing the scare factor - well as much as I can given my arse will be on top of the front wheelarch and in road use it's RWD... The tyres on it are older than me, made in Romania by 'Danubiana' - I googled this brand and found out that even when new they were dangerous. There was never any chance of them staying on anyway! There are a few tyre options around the right size, including the BF Goodrich A/T which I've used on a couple of old Discos in the last few years, albeit in a smaller size, and they've behaved pretty well. No point going for noisy Mud
  11. It's been a busy few weeks, but been chipping away most evenings. Rear body is now gone, and the chassis is pleasantly solid underneath, no nasty surprises, and just a bit of rust on the rear crossmember to deal with. I'll get the chassis blasted in the next few weeks all being well. The cab is stripped now, including the sound deadening stuff on the inside and a fair bit of the paint on the outside. Need to dig the doors out of storage to strip those too. The cab is almost ready to lift - just need to remove the handbrake and gearstick and it'll lift straight off. Waiti
  12. Ah, that photo was April/May last year, so it sounds like it's no longer working.
  13. It's still working! Or at least was a few months ago.
  14. I grew up in Banbridge but I'm afraid I've been in exile in Cumbria for 7 years. I have no idea who the seller is I'm afraid, but now I have a tayto craving!
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