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  1. Maurice Roddy was my guess! Hes around Dundalk, one half of Roddy and Rice Renault there. Not sure if it's still going but he had quite a collection of old Renners, and that parts haul looks like one assembled by someone who owns a parts desk! My uncle with the R16 (who sold his R20TX to someone on here last year) knows him.
  2. I think this might be my most obscure one...
  3. Selector rings and sensors are known to go bad too, it's well worth finding what the fault is before playing parts darts with these. The rings can crack, and can be checked carefully with the abs sensors pulled and slowly turn the hubs peeping through the holes for any cracks.
  4. Well bought! Hope you're making progress with the Stonefield. It was gearbox problems wasn't it?
  5. That'll just be snow causing the worrying noise, my xc70 has been doing exactly the same!
  6. That's a Shelvoke & Drewry! Did a magazine feature on a chap in Northern Ireland whose business is hiring out municipal vehicles, and he has a small collection of S&Ds across the years.
  7. I've been considering throwing the Amazon or what's currently left of the Laplander on the trailer and pulling it behind the XC70...
  8. I got my fill last night, I've been to no.3 on here too!
  9. When I used to go out to Carrick in the 1100 of a night it was only ever for a Chinese or a McDonalds, I feel like I missed out! Having said that, I don't think I've been in Carrick for at least 5 years, and I don't think a kebab will be enough to lure me back... So who else is up for a dorty sphincter?
  10. I heard yesterday a large on chips is up somewhere around the £9 mark these days! Still, the odd wet horrible night in my Cumbrian village when I've had a few scoops, I'd happily give £90 for a Sphinx...
  11. Right lads, who's about and when? I'm heading off early on 31st and then back on the 4th and 5th, but I can squeeze a few hours in anywhere else! Anything near boojum or the sphinx in Belfast would be handy as I've been dying for one of each for over 6 months.
  12. I'll be home later this weekend and not back over the water til the 6th. I have a few days away from 31st to the 4ththough. Back quite early on the 4th. No plans made yet!
  13. I've tried to get em to take the DAWB out into the light for a magazine feature for years, but they seem to have no interest. Shame, because I think it's a really nicely done thing and not at all well known.
  14. I had intended on being home this week but I'm stuck in Lancaster uni working on coursework. Will definitely be home for Christmas though! Enjoy the auction folks!
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