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  1. Ah, that photo was April/May last year, so it sounds like it's no longer working.
  2. It's still working! Or at least was a few months ago.
  3. I grew up in Banbridge but I'm afraid I've been in exile in Cumbria for 7 years. I have no idea who the seller is I'm afraid, but now I have a tayto craving!
  4. Nice purchase! A little bit of de-blinging will make that look even better IMO. I think there's nothing that looks cheaper than a Discovery or Range Rover trying to look younger than it is. Embrace the ridiculous depreciation and revel in its age. I had this similar beast 3 years ago, with (I think) and BRC LPG kit. It worked very well but the 200 mile range (250 on a run) was a little bit tiring. It had about 200k on the clocks, I had it for about 8000 miles in 8 months, I had one breakdown which wasn't even the fault of anything to do with the RR, and had I known more about it at the ti
  5. I can collect and store if you'll otherwise lose it;  so far I've had not mouse danage in my garage

    Delivery by myself is unlikely at least until sometime next year when I hope to do a trip to Scotland again;  maybe there will be a Cannock Austions weeked when I could get it that far;  As I am close to the route to Cornwall maybe a shiter could pick it up from me - or a courier? 

    1. warninglight


      Thank you for the offer! I'm trying to work out a possible trip down that far in the new year myself, will keep you in mind!


  6. Thanks, I assumed I'd need the pedal and possibly the clocks too. Some more progress with the stripdown. The wiring on these is a nightmare, every core is either blue or yellow (very Swedish) with aluminium tags on each end. Of course the tags are now mostly white powder, and with the changes I'm making anyway, it's getting ripped out and done from scratch. The rear body is now liftable, just waiting a reshuffle (and this spare Amazon to be sold) so I have room to move stuff around. Of course nothing can ever be lifted without forgetting something. This time it was a
  7. Anyone down near Bampton/Tiverton in Devon who could get a Volvo Amazon rear seat towards the Midlands or even Cumbria way, anywhere along the M6 really...
  8. I did that on day 1 with a nice new R-Tech MIG and Hobbyweld cylinder. Thought I'd have a play with it, with my welding trolley due to arrive the next day. Didn't last 30 minutes before I knocked the freestanding bottle over, smashing the gauges to bits.
  9. I thought my shite camper plans were a bit out there. Subscribed!
  10. Thanks for swinging by! I wonder if it's being rebuilt - I don't think I've come across it online.
  11. Again, best wishes to Nigel. Autoshite personified! Without a photo posted here from him, and follow up contact over the next year or so, I wouldn't have my dream project in my Volvo Laplander. I hope he's seen that I've finally made a start with it 2 years on!
  12. I alternate between summers and winters on my moderns. Partly to save the diamond cut alloys from deteriorating even faster than they do, and also to avoid cracking a wheel in a pothole caused by frost, or if I was to slide into something fairly slowly. Winters go on steelies. I like steelies. Probably less need for them this year, as I'm finding that I'm not having to commute over the fells at 7am.
  13. How much would it be for a ropey TDI saloon?
  14. My daily 10 years ago. Home made grille muff on! Immensely capable in snow, and easy to catch when it does start to slide. Great fun.
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