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  1. back on track fixed it got rubber hammer and hammered column to top bingo
  2. abslute pain fit took ages get dash back in screwed cluster back to dash,tried and i treid to fit steering wheel had cut plastic colum that fits to steering wheel,think he sent wrong one oh well its in,bad news ign switch key wont turn,ready smash it up,must done something steering lock not comeing on switch is in the locked postion ,have good look tommorror walked away lol
  3. not done much all done was to get rid off the sticker off dash,am happy nearly bought another one bit saved another fiver to value,
  4. bloke got in touch said he had front set off door cards,so they arrived got to cleaning them and fitting them,yes i know am lucky cause ford did that many trim levels its unreal am that sad its like finding winning ticket old sad git,just got chase my m8 he says he got original steering wheel finsh it off,its added another tenner to value to car lol be 20 when get the steering wheel
  5. just for noel,put original indercaters and grill back on it,am trying to make it stock looking number plates next and got a good boot without the spoiler have get repainted,
  6. missed a good day eddie am about recovered from my night off drinking let me know off next one cant waite,love cars good thing about your car,you dont need a table to sell your goods bonnet well big enougth brill
  7. been bad lad just got in now well oiled been good nite
  8. eddie am out on the lash m8,forgot its my m8 birthday wont be in fit state tommorror havent been out well over year ago,give it miss but up for next one,
  9. about 3 hrs with autoglym in my garage
  10. yes you got the all ok, my cat the same i once went to pick the mrs up he was asleep in back parcel shelf
  11. just cleaned it am going to find out what the best polish for mettillic paint anyone on here got any ideas
  13. yes am getting white and yellow metal ones here set i had on a mk3 cortina
  14. lankytim he is nice chap couldent gone better place he had nice xr4 am happy he happy,he going to do work thats needed.am going to insure cortina tommorror give it good clean,off work this week
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