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  1. she like mine must be obayed at all cost
  2. these 3 beauts came 2day i wont restore gold cortina and it seems a shame 2 paint the other 2 lol,i love the holden in the loop get restored
  3. got email my insurance ran out,just renewed it £183.57p might have change my classic insurance seems bit steep,just wanted back on the road and been with them years,going for spin later just other bootlid get painted back to stock
  4. no its in a private collection in london,bloke owns a classic car garage called landbeastes
  5. sold this and it was only on few hours i think 80s and 90s are were new money is,i want 105e anglia seen them wanting 1000s years ago be gone but you see same old 60s and 70s cars on ebay,have seen price off old ghetto blasters i wanted one but prices gone mental,
  6. camera crap its sony newish one my phone takes lot better pics but cant down load it,
  7. sadgit time i got excited getting my seats valeted sad i know its my age,going give it good wash brush up,start useing it got it arthur daily sticker in,
  8. thier spot on i have dinky to put them next to each other,had 2 spot on models for a while,you couldent get front grills so i left them,blue one had front grill new windows and back bumper wasent worth expense but i got soft spot had do them,
  9. been busy in my chop shop did 2 tv cars saints volvo was going saint matchstick figure on the bonnet but i leave as it is and herbie other bog standard other vw donor car,aston i bought finshed but i did jensen,2 austin 1800 and morris 1100.just got to detail them,
  10. spotted today at morcoombe car park what a beast luv it
  11. bought these for old cortina off course tax holder will say tax in post
  12. got my 12 months ticket had guy at mot station trying to buy it lol,
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