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  1. been spending a few quid gritted my teeth bought new webber manual choke and new raditor hoses what difference with the carb tick overs like clock took it down coast rd flew got few waves
  2. here another one i owned and swapped it for cortina i still have today
  3. its like copper met very reliable car
  4. right took mrs to work then took pics off victor estate.its been abandon on a slip rd,why i dont know.left a note see if they want to sell it,granada my m8s been in his lock up got be about 15 years still thier now,old viva is old car i owned years ago.and skoda i use every day had about 4 years been good work horse
  5. down rampside at barrow in furness someone was liveing in metal boat years ago came in with engine troubles
  6. here my old 626 was a brill car and flying mechine,
  7. its spot on triang jones crane kl10-10
  8. this came today got it for really good price treated myself for xmass,image wakeing up as kid opening this beauty i love it and rember local scrapyard up iron works rd haveing one
  9. who rember the brother mcgregor 2 brothers running a car sales forcourt thought it was brill,2 scouser one white and one black love to watch it again rember ford anglia on forcourt i had one at time 80s show
  10. if truck doesent count what about these metal boat get cut up for scrap old pic life boat still there
  11. i was 16 just left school on yts scheme goverment slave scheme,i was on a scheme were i painted central oil tanks in schools got say i had fun and seen all lake district for nothing. me and my m8s all we did was get p***ed all the time and chaseing women and listening to music off the time,i was in to scare and 2 tone music and bought my 1st form off transport a 1965 honda 90 not step through one with chrome tank proper motor bike for £20 .rember being skint liveing on council estate haveing time off my life,boys from black stuff sumed it all up.rember sitting in pub with my grandad my mum and my 2 uncles 3 genrations lol,every body just mixed and got on with it,yes nothing changed we all hated the goverment and maggie rember my grandad saying there special place in hell for her.
  12. stuck skoda in today it passed just old war horse,been all over counrty in it,does like a drink off oil now and again dont worry i have money pit its blue oval
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