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  1. It's supposed to be an Aston Martin DB5, going by the tail-lights. We'll probably never know what the car 'is', but best guess is that it's got home made coachwork atop whatever chassis would have been cheap at the time. The proportions hint at front wheel drive so the running gear could be anything from Ford Fiesta to Austin Maxi. The wheels have an air of Ford, whereas the brightwork looks Leyland like. The central instrument binnacle suggests a Mini dashboard. Someone, somewhere has put a lot of work into it, leaving the rest of us to question why.
  2. The K70 appears to have had five bolt hubs, whereas the mystery car has four bolts...
  3. You're mis-remembering; it was Brian Harvey of East 17 and the car was a Mercedes...
  4. I beg to differ. The wheelbase and rear overhangs look all wrong for a VW. The rear wheels are set very far back in relation to the rest of the bodywork; there doesn't look to be room for an engine and gearbox to sit aft of them. My suspicion, then, is that all there is back there is a simple dead axle, in turn suggesting the mystery car is front wheel drive. Something about it is saying 'Ford', but I don't know why. Could there be Fiesta running gear beneath? The body's obviously a custom job.
  5. Following on from the Astra body on a Corvette chassis, here's the 1975 Corvette hatchback. It wasn't an official model, but conversions were done on a semi-official basis on new cars by a coachbuilder. It's rather better resolved, visually speaking, than the German efforts with the Astra and the Porsche estate. In fact, it's a very elegant car.
  6. Do four wheel conversions of three wheel designs count, a la Berkeley and Messerschmidt Tiger? I think there might have been four wheeled Isettas at one time, too. Oh, and have a Fairthorpe Atom:
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284857838834?hash=item4252d9acf2:g:j2IAAOSwFKdiq~uo There's one for sale on Ebay. Perhaps they were an official model, but just not very popular.
  8. I think it's a post-'86 facelift version. There's too much black plastic and not enough chrome for it to be a genuine '83 car in my opinion...
  9. Must have been the one I saw. Thank you and looked nice!
  10. Your Mazda 323f isn't green, is it? I've seen one in particularly good shape being driven round Ipswich, although seem to remember the driver being female. I had one years ago, in silver, that got swapped for a Mk1 Focus.
  11. It's a Vauxhall...
  12. I suppose it's a case of what was cool in the eighties, hatchbacks, falling out of favour now. I remember when we thought saloons were old hat and wanted hatches on everything. Recall, too, that four door saloons were once more desirable than their two door counterparts and nobody wanted estates. For some reason estates are now the must have for the discerning car enthusiast, although I'd rather a hatch or, if needs be, a saloon. Like the Carlton, more to the point.
  13. It's a Toyota MR2, targa version with the tops removed.
  14. Seven grand would buy you a fourteen month self-catering holiday for two in Essex, staying in a self-contained maisonette with two parking spaces, an en-suite bathroom and a rotary washing line. Wouldn't that be better than a Metro?* *I don't actually need a new tenant, but you know...
  15. That's a rare photo of Janette Krankie and Michael Fabricant's 2005 trip to the Worthing branch of Phones 4U. It was a publicity stunt also involving Kiki Dee and Tim Wonnacott, who drove a companion Ford Galaxy got up to look like a bone. Ford and Citroen cars were chosen by Phones 4U as part of their 'No Kia' advertising campaign, something which garnered complaints from the South Korean motor industry.
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