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  1. Six grand for this mess? No mention of an identity of any sort, so God knows how it would be registered, if at all. Engine is a straight six with twin SUs by the look of it, Triumph maybe? The chassis it sits on is a mystery; it's big and the wheels have five bolts. FX4 or similar? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/4758574317596796/
  2. I used to have pink plastic floor mats. Unfortunately the driver's side mat has split, which allowed dirt to pass through to the carpet below. That mat was, therefore, pointless. The solution to Katastrophic Kar-Mat Kollapse Gate was to buy a new set. An unrelated trip to B&M to look for a potato peeler was unsuccessful, however did turn up a set of RAC branded car mats. The price was reasonable and they are BRITISH. Now in place. The pink ones were nicer looking, however it's nice to have carpet mats back in the car.
  3. Prizzi's Honda: two skilled assassins, one male one female, are hired, independently, to kill each other. Instead of that they reach an Accord and drive off into the sunset.
  4. Vanishing Paint: a group of Mercedes engineers in the mid-nineties invent a type of car paint that falls of when it gets wet.
  5. MOT passed and car serviced. Advisories issued for broken exhaust hanger and worn bushes in the lower front suspension arms, both issues now fixed; further advisories for a small oil leak and rust on the rear road springs, left alone as hardly seemed worth the worry. Good to go for another year, especially as the insurance has now been renewed.
  6. Let us know how the interview went, won't you.
  7. The draughtsman obviously had a sense of humour. You often find all sorts of little jokes and funny things in these sorts of drawings, which is one of the reasons that I like old books.
  8. Jesus, that's a mess and a shame to see in that state. All the best in regards to fixing it; do it quickly and don't lose interest. I took the easy way out with an accident damaged Fiesta years ago and took the write off cheque. Regrettable as the thing really was in superb condition.
  9. Nothing memorable, personally, a Clio, I think, and an old Peugeot 206. The 206 was a local BMW specialist's courtesy car and was given whilst my far superior*(1) 3 Series coupe was in for something or other. I remember getting about a mile or so in the Peugeot and experiencing the magical state of ecstasy known as 'not driving a BMW'. I sold the BMW shortly after for a pittance*(2), and felt a lot happier. It was the right car on paper in so many ways, but I just didn't like it. Hard to explain why. *(1) it wasn't *(2) it was a black 318is two door coupe on an 'M' reg, it had a manual gearbox, no modifications and was about as clean as such a car in daily use could be. The damn thing, nowadays, would be worth a fortune.
  10. I've met him and Kim Hartman (Helga). Nice people. The Herr Flick glasses are real, i.e. fitted with prescription lenses and worn as part of the actor's travelling clothes. For obvious reasons they don't travel in costume.
  11. There are still plenty of cheap second hand cars, comparatively speaking anyway, but I think one needs to consider what is cheap and why. The answer is performance and prestige stuff and the reason is running costs. Tax is a big one, and also the fact that cars of the past ten years are too complicated for their own good and can be fiercely expensive to maintain. There are plenty of cheap SUVs on the second hand market, but something as simple as changing the tyres on one is beyond the means of the average earner. Ditto things like LED light units, touchscreen controlled heaters, electrically adjustable seats, the infamous diesel filter and so on. A lot of the electronic toys are, ultimately, Chinese rubbish built to last for ten years or so. Unfortunately, when that time is up, the gadgets expire and take the car with them. Older BMWs, Mercedes, Bentleys and so on are something of a bellweather for what is to come at the lower end of the market. They've had all this fabulously complicated technology for years, and they aren't lasting. The knock on is that Vauxhalls and Fords with the same stuff in, as they now have, won't last either. Quality is noticeably going down too, cars of the mid 2000s are nicer, in many ways, than the cheapo black plastic and thin metal one now finds in everything from Dacia to Audi. I actively don't want a newer car, and would pay a small premium for an older one in better condition. I think other people are also starting to feel that way, and prices are holding firmer as a result.
  12. How it should be. One thing I don't like about newer Fords is the shift to red and blue and white and God knows what colours on the dashboard. Ford panel illumination should be green! It's been green since the seventies at least, as far as I know and every Ford has had it. It's part of what makes the car a Ford.
  13. NEWSFLASH! The blue Lexus is still there, but is now upside down.
  14. That's a perfectly valid point. Having re-read it I agree, there does need to be greater explanation regarding what the thing looks like. Thank you. 'Growing Pains', apparently! I've never seen it. Interestingly, Hammer House of Horror came out in 1980 so predates Christine in both novel and film form. Possessed machinery, however, is bound to be a recurring motif. There is, just not in this particular extract.
  15. As regards the character, you are spot on on all counts as regards age, class background and whether or not she is a 'sympathetic' character. The only slight deviation is that she's a director of a family firm with an honest belief that she got there through hard work. What you've said is an enormous compliment.
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