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  1. Mini van , short skirt but a 190e , hard to date that one πŸ€”
  2. I was going to post that last night but passed out for an unexpected snooooze 😁
  3. I'm sure @barrett would love to go and see it for you 😬
  4. You were videoing some woman bending over in Tesco when a fat bloke with a loaf of bread gets in the way ......😯😯😯
  5. Lucky you, I'm dahn sarf and I've been roofing since Monday , factor 30 reapplied 4 times a day , a bit fkin toasted , I'm there for at least another week ☹️ still could be worse , could be thunderstorms....I think they are due on Saturday 😭
  6. Only because he was a fat cnt sweating like a pig glistening in the sun through a crack in the canopy of the thick tree cover . 🀨 He wasn't the only one , why wear black , does it make them look slimmer , no , just makes them one step closer to hospital ,
  7. Cycling twats dressed in black Lycra riding through heavily wooded dark roads with no fkin lights or hi Viz ... Thousands spent on their bikes but probably don't want to fit a couple of led lights because it will add about 2 ounces to their weight ....fkin retards , middle of the road , blind corners ,no fkin road sense and practically invisible and yet they'll blame the car driver 😑😑😑😑
  8. Doesn't make any difference, a piece of paper... Their usually miserable b...... if you go with them or not .
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