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  1. 101 or at least a note on the windscreen first... there's uneven tyre wear, there's bald and then there's fucking fucked mate change em before you kill someone you fkin dickhead πŸ‘
  2. They do seem a strange fit, are they original wings or a combination of original and pattern, or even two different pattern parts πŸ€” on the white one they seem recessed right back, aren't they supposed to be visible from the side?
  3. I could do with someone to help restore my Sigma, I haven't been fit enough to open up the engine yet but expect it needs a clutch, bearing and maybe a flywheel to start with...
  4. Scrap that and get the background chod instead, even a saggy Allegro is better than that p.o.s
  5. Start again https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/402698117778
  6. What you really need is a set of headlight protectors.... I happen to have a pair, along with a set of genuine Ford front mudflaps bnib. Drop me a line if you're interested πŸ‘
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