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  1. Does that mean Sunday then, tf, gives me a chance to sober up as well, let's hope the roffle is rockin for Saturday, gets them monies in
  2. Doesn't need an mot until the end of March, get a few more miles out of them yet 🤯
  3. One more roffdom for me please to complete the trio.... I really want it but where the fk do I put it, already got three on assorted driveways, none of which are mine! Anyone wanting an Aldi 2002 A6 1.8t salon...
  4. Those roadworks at pease pottage are a real fk up, avoid where possible
  5. I'm surprised that the French haven't rioted, blockaded and torched all Dacia or do they consider them French nowadays, I'm sure the police would all rather drive French Citroën Cactus instead of Romanian Dacia
  6. And they all waved at you or were they asking for help
  7. Thanks for reminding me... I bought a Micra at the end of November.... Best do something with it..... one day 🙄
  8. Do you moisture trapped in a dark orifice! Or in your underfelt, take out what carpets and trims that you can, dry em out on the central heating indoors, mop up as much as you can in the car, drive for hours with heaters on full blast and windows open, allow interior to cool down before closing up for the night. Get up in the morning to find exactly the same... Buy petrol and a box of matches, stand well back. Could just be condensation, it's a bitch this time of year 🙁
  9. The owner of those garages must be sitting on a small fortune
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