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  1. Sticky button, Apply hammer Then petrol Then flame 😬
  2. You are getting good at doing these hideous photoshopped creations 🤢 OMG 😮.... its really a real thing, someone shoot him quick... Oh its from Serbia, someone probably has already 😬
  3. Far enough to get soaked through or freezing, soon be back in the Corsa
  4. How much of a commute has he got or does he stay in the bedroom with his ps5
  5. My garage has a wide-ranging collection of useful shite... but to some people it is just shite😒
  6. This apparently is the garage of a hoarder... Fk off, he can still see the floor!!! I fkin wish, I took 3 pick up truck loads out of my garage and I didn't touch the floor once !!!
  7. Proper Minis are so small they make that single garage look massive 🤭
  8. My nearly Sister in law admiring my 2000e recently customised back in 1987 by MFOOT (massive fk off oak tree) ☹️😭😭😭
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