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  1. I miss my 96 420gsi, sticky rear calipers and sagging headlining got on my tits, now I've got the 96 Sigma...... with sticky rear calipers and sagging headlining but with the bonus fk of most bits being unobtanium in the UK. GLWTRover
  2. Probably taste better and more nutritious than a Burger King, if only you could catch one. Available in the Wuhan branch of BK
  3. Plenty of welders in Barrow or there was before Maggie fkd them up
  4. Can't remember whose car or what car, years ago now, a mate had a belt that was badly aligned and chewed belts for fun. Turns out he had the alternator/dynamo mounted the wrong side of the brackets, so ran new belts off alignment, over tensioned, caused stretching, cba to retension to stop squealing, belts jumped off... Might not be the same on yours.... Just saying worth a look 😬
  5. Does that pulley and belt look out of alignment 🤔
  6. Unfortunately I think Captain 70's might be right ☹️
  7. Plenty of room for a third v6 then 👍🏿
  8. What have you got to sell at the moment to achieve that 🤔
  9. Intrigued already, just get it bought anyway, whether it's sensible or financially beneficial is irrelevant 😂
  10. Did they get a triumph badge for spotting the Herald and the 2000 in the picture, if they'd asked her to move a bit they'd have a much better view.... of the cars
  11. Anyone would think you had a Laguna with the amount of tools you carry 🤔
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