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  1. I know the one in Eastergate /Fontwell £££, the one on Ford aerodrome is that new or have I been in a time warp. Nutbourne if its the one I think it is used to be good for old crusty stuff, but then again time warp... Bridges at Pease Pottage can be reasonable but not much old old stuff
  2. Sounds like a good idea, which 3 down your way are you thinking of ?
  3. Haven't seen it for a while but now on a Ford Smax ACR1D no pic coz it was just another bog standard modern Edit... Saw it today 👍🏾
  4. Keep the whitewalls and I'd happily roll in this Cuss me if you want, I think the whitewalls suit it ?
  5. I cracked a lower molar pre covid lockdown, made an appointment with dentist, cancelled because of lockdown, mid July more fell off, two weeks to get another appointment, morning of appointment had raging continous cough start, cancelled just in case of covid, mid August, extreme pain, saw dentist, couldn't remove because of infection, course of antibiotics, last week appointment to extract, not a lot left to grab hold of, 2 minutes of wriggling, yay it's out, I now have no matching molars and three front teeth missing (due to having my face smashed sideways in a bike crash over twenty years a
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