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  1. Had the same on my red K11 recently and it hasn't blown up yet even with E10 juice 🤞
  2. So shit, the picture didn't want to be seen 🤔🤔
  3. A mate of mine has just bought a place in Spain in the middle of nowhere... I fancy digging myself a cave house and getting away from it all 🤯
  4. What's the betting he wants more than £1234 for it 🤔
  5. In a riverside parking area just off the A29, one wheel up on axle stands, but wheel still on... strange place to leave it
  6. Ever heard of a Zoom function... 🤔 What does it say?
  7. Excellent, I'll go out speeding loads then, no work no pay no 150% fine then 🤔
  8. It's a Citroën... don't they all do that
  9. A mate of mine had a mot at KrapiKwikfit on a group-on voucher for £18.99. His Skoda Fabia is a £600 a year to pass every year.... This year nothing, zilch, nada..... Unbelievable... He didn't even spot the bald tyre and split wiper blade
  10. Tempting but a waste as it just passed its mot
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