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  1. I only just became aware of this model after reading a post on Twitter the other day. It really is a lovely thing - especially the detail on the centre console - and certainly not wanting for fidelity against the standards of other 1:24ish models of the era. These certainly weren't of the mass-produced Bburago step of the heirarchy. Very definitely a luxury product. I reckon the little innacuracies (that dash trim, the headlights etc) are excusable; I wouldn't mind betting that the model was being developed before the actual production car hit the road. Perhaps Western Models was com
  2. I'd like to see the word "rare" banned outright from eBay listings. The name/description of the item itself ought to be enough for the initiated to know if it's rare or not.
  3. I really must knock on your door one day and have a go of that; perhaps as a back-to-back with mine. Which, incidentally, has covered about 20 miles this year.
  4. I tend to be pretty unemotional about economy; I average about 35mpg from the A4 and 33mpg from the 825 - both pretty close to the 36mpg figure that was historically regarded as "not bad" when | was a kid. The little 306 manages 45-50mpg. I have been absolutely astonished by the Seat Ibiza I'm running at the moment; one of those 95hp turboed three pot jobs. Filled it up this morning for less than £40 having covered 540 miles on a tank. Petrol-wise that's pretty cheap. It's just the small matter of the £18k investment up front.
  5. Me three. Shunned Tintagel this year, though, because frankly it's exactly the same as it was last year and 3,000 before that. As is the Toy Museum (albeit always worth a visit just to giggle at the pricing) Camped near Looe in our favourite clifftop site, and survived the Great Storm of 2020
  6. See, I like having to tap the fuel gauge like that. Makes it easy to pretend that I'm in a battle-scarred B24 attempting to reach Blighty on a wing and a prayer, rather than in an underpowered 306 about to attempt a hill on the A30 near Exeter.
  7. Can confirm that Peugeot Bermuda Blue is spectacularly rewarding to clean, should you ever need to do so.
  8. If you're still trying to open the key fob, try removing the mechanical key and sliding the spring-loaded nub (that holds it in place) towards the hole, in the direction of the arrow visible in your pic. You should then be able to slide the whole core of the key out from its metal sleeve. Your car was right on the cusp of the facelift; it has some of the later exterior updates but the pre-facelift interior. That stereo was replaced with a version with a colour screen and bluetooth. Amusingly, when I was selling these, two brothers came in and bought a pair of E-Classes at the same time, a
  9. Capri could be a potential mis-build if it still says Ford Mustang on the chassis. Mercury Capri RS had the pinto in turbocharged 2.3 format, as also used in the Mustang Cobra. Not a model I was aware that Bburago made. Rather nice! Good find.
  10. Ah, drat, I didn't find that place when I was there a fortnight ago. I was hoping to find a shop that I remember from a holiday 20 years ago, from which I bought my 1:18 Triumph Spitfire. I found a place that specialises in jigsaws, though, and I'm wondering if that's the subsequent evolution of the shop I remember.
  11. Prelude casting is lovely, and the upgraded wheels really make it.... and overcome the hurdle that has suddenly stopped me buying Hot Wheels 1/64s cold turkey. It's the wheels. They're just too big, and too noticeably so. I mean, I know that post-thin wheel Superfast Matchbox are pretty generous, rim-wise, and perhaps it's me being a snob and stupidly holding onto a "I want models, not toys" mindset, when | should really should grow up and accept them as the collectible toys they really are, but I just wish they were smaller.
  12. Bburago Capri. The wheels actually resemble the pressed steel jobs of the Capri LS more than they do the Capri Injection pepperpots, but, other than the slightly unconvincing rear lights (which are, at least, the right shape), it's rather well resolved on the whole, and the decals are particularly well captured. 1/24 is probably my least favourite scale, but the Norev 1/18 just looked so wrong to me that I couldn't do it. This isn't bad at all, proportionally. Also a pleasingly eccentric subject for Bburago to tackle in 2020, but I'd expect these to sell by the bucketload among Ford
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