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  1. When I worked at the dealer, the R was one of the few models I really liked. I hated the ML and GL it shared oily bits with, but the R drove far better than either of them. R350d in LWB spec was like a roadgoing Intercity 125.
  2. Oooh, mucho jealously. I'd love to have more 1/18 yank stuff; I have a smattering, including; This Pontiac Le Mans SJ 428 by ERTL: This '65 Corvette Sting Ray by Maisto: And, rather smaller and less glamorous, this Pontiac Fiero by YatMing: There are others, but I've not yet pointed a camera at them properly. One I DO like rather a lot, though, and also by Yat Ming, is my Studebaker Golden Hawk, about which I ill-advisedly made a video once upon a time. The 1/18 collection, largely attic-bound, numbers something like 120, all there for such a time as
  3. Providence took me up to the attic earlier, where lives the Big Box of Cars. The last rummage I had is documented here . Not much time to play, so I stuck my hand in and scooped up a random assortment of 1:64s. The Golf came from a primary school bring and buy sale . Would have been 5p or something. It's always been a bit of a favourite of mine, although the shape seems a bit off. It's not as well captured as the Majorette equivalent and it misses that model's opening tailgate (and crossed tennis raquets. Hey, why tennis raquets? Why not golf clubs? Hmm). No suspension, either!
  4. That Granada: "Offers invited" I should bloody well hope so.
  5. Subscribed. At least while the introductory offer is running. Might have to think again when it goes full price.
  6. Not cars, but dreams, I'll never forget the dream I had in the 90s in which my mum was taking me out to buy a Sony Playstation. This was at a point when the Playstation name was being bandied about but nobody had actually seen the finished product, and the machine and packaging that caused so much excitement in my dream were, of course, totally different to the physical example I owned a few years later. In last night's dream, by the way, I kept showing people my impression of David Frost. I don't do an impression of David Frost.
  7. "apparently supposed to look like this -lacquered Rat-look ?" Truth in advertising. Still, no matter how gash he thinks it looks, he still wants three thousand pounds (that's £3,000) for it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-P100-pickup-diesel-turbo-5-speed-sound-and-solid-can-deliver-may-px/133638031849?hash=item1f1d7289e9:g:EwkAAOSwxqZgAOGI
  8. WHOOOSH! It doesn't work, natch, but WHOOOSH nevertheless. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-820si-very-low-mileage-very-original-barn-find/124530018622?hash=item1cfe91493e:g:u8QAAOSwArRgAijk
  9. I did similar in Florida in '93 (and again in '95 and '98). In '93 I took them into school and role-played running an american dealership. Curiously it was around that time that the bullying really went up a gear.
  10. That's... *checks notes*... "hawt". Kind of looks like the determinedly hotted-up versions of (dreadful American malaise-era family dreck like) the Dodge Aspen and Chevy Vega.
  11. Yeah, the Equipe provided a delicious hint that the Allegro needn't be quite the plodder its image suggested. If only they'd pushed a little bit harder.
  12. I just like the idea of a tighter, quicker car with that Hydrolastic ride.
  13. Couple of weeks ago a Twitter conversation erupted in which I whimsically pondered an alternative early 80s MG lineup. By 1982, the MGB and Midget were both dead, but the octagon had been applied to the Metro. So why not try and inject a bit of spirit into the increasingly moribund Allegro? I mean, with the Allegro running an A-Series, in 1982 it was chronologically feasible for BL to slam the MG Metro Turbo lump behind the 'legro's piggy snout, with hilarious results. Well, my mate Russell, who draws stuff and does a really bloody good job of doing so, seized on the opportunity
  14. But, but... how could it possibly die after such a high degree of maintenance as Argos kit afforded it?!?
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