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  1. I still think those things have a severely fit front end design.
  2. Ha! I meant to take a snap of that after eating a pub lunch there a few months ago, but totally forgot to. I live two hundred miles away, so there's little danger of me passing it again any time soon.
  3. Not just around the corner from the Station Inn in Church Stretton, by any chance?
  4. Properly superb work here, Trig. All kinds of envious here.
  5. "getting rid of this because I need a new one because of uni that’s why it’s cheap..... if you want the sub woofer with it I would have to add on 50 but got the speaker for 140 so it’s a bargain really" I presume he's studying economics.
  6. Appallingly late to the party on this, but I finally got the July meet written and published. Here if you fancy it: (East Coast Retros writeup) Pics aren't up to the standard of, well, any of those on this thread, to be honest.
  7. Recognised that, just never thought of applying the same design to a PS4. Looks great! Given half a chance I'd wood-trim pretty much everything in my living room.
  8. Loving the retro wood trim on the PS4. Not seen one like that before.
  9. Don't suppose the Monterey and Omega brochures are still available, are they?
  10. This was the car I always wanted my dad to buy when I was a kid. Whenever he visited Westwood & Clark in Clacton for parts, I'd always make a beeline for a Scorpio in the showroom, jump in the back and hope I could electrically recline the rear seats. Very much looking forward to seeing this in the flesh some time. Good work. Again.
  11. I'm very grateful for those honest pics of the Vanguards XR4i – I had previously been quite keen on picking one up, but agree with you that the shape is all RONG, and there's far too much curvature to the front plan view. In fact, the whole thing looks like it's been overinflated by a couple of bar. On the other hand, I'm not too disgusted by the wheels on that Granny. Your Minichamps Scorp looks like the pick of the bunch, though. Great find.
  12. My dad's E39 540i header tank split in twain fairly spectacularly on the A12. The cloud of steam that erupted made the whole of Colchester fear that global warming had suddenly arrived to consume them.
  13. I used to pretend that my SuperGTs were sportier versions of the originals. Like, for example, I had the original Superfast Lambo Marzal and the later SuperGT version (which omitted the lower glazed panels), and would treat the latter as my "tuned" Marzal, with its wider wheels, black glazing and lairy paint job.
  14. Quick, and somewhat gushing shoutout to Datsuncog: this is consistently my favourite thread on AS of late, and it's largely down to your fine work. Keep it up.
  15. Pretty sure I saw that, or the dead spit of it, in Richmond today. Sounded hilarious.
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