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  1. I have the Aston. For me, it's the wheels that let it down, everything else is terrific. Interestingly, the overall proportions are possibly a fraction off versus the real Vanquish, but might actually be dead-on for the cars in the film, which had Ford Explorer chassis. Love the Superkings 190E. Never had that one. Same wheels as my XR4i; I once thought they would be unique to that car 'cos they reflected the Ghia / XR4i pepperpot design quite nicely. But then the Jag XJ40 got them, as did sundry truck releases. Surely among the most uncommon wheels that Matchbox, did, though.
  2. Yep, I got the same thing as a subsequent prezzie some years later. Having thumbed Sports Cars to death and lost its front cover, I put sticky plastic on the front cover of Racing Cars so that couldn't happen again.
  3. CAN RELATE! I have a feeling it was one Christmas earlier, but the red version of the legendary Bburago E-Type spelt my introduction to the scale, too. I really, really love it. In fact, if you'll indulge me... So, my parents, and my grandparents, knew I was into cars. Like, really, really into cars. On Christmas morning, I found that year's Observer's book of cars in my stocking. Later in the same day, I also recieved the Collins Gem book of Sports Cars, a miniature tome that took in machines as disparate as the Mercer Raceabout and Lamborghini Jalpa, presented via airbrushed sketc
  4. Monday has become my traditional time to post the fruits of a weekend's attic exploration, so here goes. My 1/18 collection is sufficiently large that some of them are less frequently probed by my inquisitive fingers than others. Some have lurked in boxes since we moved in eight years ago. So, on the promise that "I put one away in its place", today's diecast exhumation is this Volkswagen Phaeton. It's an AUTOart, and that would typically put it way, way beyond my usual collecting scope because £££. However, this one was inexplicably bargainous, bought from the Ian Allan booksh
  5. Only just catching up with this thread; this kind of miraculous resurrection is pretty fitting on Easter Monday, Autoshite being my church and all that. Warm sentiments of congratulation and support from this callsign.
  6. Hello. Autoshite's resident underachiever here. In 2020 I really did very little driving in wonderful old rammle. Up until lockdown occured I had been letting the train take the strain and trying not to think of the kind of exotica I could have bought for the seven bloody grand that my Mistley to Twickenham season ticket cost me. Lockdown put paid to much in the way of motoring adventure, too... when it did briefly ease up around August it was my wife's 306 that did the Cornwall holiday run — essentially as a validatory celebration of overcoming a particularly gruesome MOT fail that
  7. Worth posting a pic of the interior here, because blimey.
  8. Of the Matchbox Ford Pickup I only have "Mountain Man"; in fairly diabolical condition and still complete with honest-to-goodness Frinton-on-Sea school playing field mud in the tyres and grille. Here joined by the Majorette Cherokee (sans tailgate) that I alternated it with in school play.
  9. Utterly superb news. 139/10. This gives me deepcore glee, and it isn't even mine.
  10. The same issue besets our 306 after I "improved" it. The old ones were no longer man enough for the job, so I replaced them with a set of dimensionally identical struts that had, in turn, proven not man enough to hold the boot open on a C-Class Coupé at work. What I hadn't allowed for is that the rear hatch of one of those weighs about the same amount as planet Earth itself, and having a 306 tailgate that doubles as a medieval trebuchet is the outcome. PS. Good luck for Thursday.
  11. Yup, the 208 Turbo. There were 2.0-litre versions of the Lambo Uracco, too, and probably others for the same reason
  12. Yes, but it says 2.8 on the bootlid! Perhaps they round the numbers up in Europe.
  13. Indeed, but it wasn't available at launch and I'm pretty sure this model was offered around that time.
  14. Mr Loverman, SCHABAK Mr Loverman, SCHABAK When we arrived home from our government-sanctioned perambulation yesterday, we were met by an oblong package on the doorstep. "Well I haven't ordered anything", said the steering committee, indignantly, with an "I know perfectly well that's a model car" air if ever I heard one. Can't fault her instincts, though. After precisely 0.8 seconds of oohing and aahing the other day after @Amishtat posted his own, fabulously burgundy example of Schabak's 1:25-scale officially Ford-recognised rendition of the Mk3 Granada, I was al
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